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The uprising by “power” of Laxus and the Thunder Tribe!! The decision of the fight involving the Guild’s strongest… Battle of Fairy Tail!! // chapter 535 


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Hey hey hey hey, how bout trans Ravenclaws?

  • ravenclaw values itself on being an accepting community but, inevitably, you’re still going to meet some dicks
  • people who want to try out their potions on you to see if they can make you ‘normal’
  • people who are uncomfortable sharing a dorm with you
  • people who pull pranks on you for being different, just like Luna
  • and it can get you down. it sucks being mistreated for something you can’t help and you don’t understand how people could be so cruel
  • but then you stop and start to notice the others, the ones who don’t make faces of disgust when you walk by
  • they come and sleep on the sofa beside you when your room mate relegates you to the common room and you count the stars on the arched ceiling
  • they force you to tryout for the quidditch team because you’re a natural and it’ll be a great excuse to laugh at people who try to find a problem with you playing on a mixed gender team
  • they spend months working on a potion to change your hormone levels so you can finally feel more comfortable in your own body
  • they cheer as you enter the yule ball, pulling your hands to the dance floor and complementing your dress robes
  • when umbridge arrives she’s having none of it and point blank refuses to use your preferred pronouns
  • and one day you’re making out with your girlfriend in the corridor and she tries to give you detention because ‘boys and girls should not get closer than six inches’
  • and in an inspired stroke of wit you tell her ‘but I thought you said I was a girl’
  • it was a moment that will go down in hogwarts history
  • almost as infamous as ‘there’s no need to call me sir, professor’
  • almost

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