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It felt so good for Kira to be actually able to play for once without having to worry to leave, escape or hide. After her mum and aunties had defeated the neo’s including PT Westmoreland, everything had settled down a little bit. The only tragic thing missing in their lives was: Mrs S. Kira was having such a hard time with the loss of her grandmother. Sometimes she still cried about it. Siobhan basically raised her as well, it was like a second mum to her.

At the moment, the girl with long curls was making a nice drawing for on S her grave. They visited her now and then, even when her mum had such a hard time going to the graveyard. Most of the times she visited with Felix.

A big heart with a lot of kisses was being drawn onto the white paper. Kira’s feet were up in the air while she laid flat on her stomach. She raised her head and looked around to see where her mother was. “Mum?” She asked, sitting up: leaving her pencils on the ground. Her facial expression had turned from calm to alert. “Mummy?!” Her head started to pound as she felt her body becoming heavy. Her pupils looked big. Something was wrong. Was it gonna start all ovet again?


Dan was walking home after spending his night at the bar, he was a little bit tipsy so he didn’t notice the suspicious guy that was following behind him. Dan took out his phone to see what time it was as he suddenly felt somebody put their hands on his shoulder, pushing him against the wall as the guy started demanding for his phone and wallet.

Back to Black ||friendlyneighborhoodspidey

It had been perhaps two or three weeks since Norman’s funeral, and things were starting to settle into some form of normalcy again. Granted, there was no need to continue looking over her shoulder when she visited New York, which was a great relief to Starfire, albeit a bit strange. As far as Norman’s death went, Starfire only cared for Harry’s emotional condition… And even then, she chose not to think of it too much.

Things were calm now, and she was thankful.

Of course, her teammates had given her a rough time about what had happened. Why hadn’t she said something? Why hadn’t she come to them? She’d apologized of course, and after a ‘team meeting’, things had been smoothed over. While they were hesitant about letting her go back to New York alone, they relented, and soon enough, Starfire found herself waiting for Peter at their usual meet up point.