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another part for the baby shinichi au, this time with ‘ellery’ making himself a nightmare for haibara to look after so she’ll hurry up with her antidote. this is probably right after she tells him he’s better this way because at least now he can’t run off and reveal his identity to people (plus he’s still ticked off about hattori being the one to name him after his favourite writer, how dare she allow that to happen)


Miraculous Ladybug - Final Showdown

Adrien Agreste has always worked to keep a schedule. Even when he is late, it’s planned, he has a reason, he is prepared. 

Just once, Adrien Agreste was nearly too late. Just once, Chat Noir was completely unprepared.

Running, leaping, falling, and praying, Chat Noir flips over a building turret, hoping, needing to not be too late. The people of Paris see a black blur streaking towards the Notre Dame, or they would have were they not fleeing in fear, away from the vaunted cathedral. 

He’s opposite the Notre Dame, the only thing in his way the glittering Seine. Most days, he would be fascinated with its beauty. Today, all he can focus on is the whirl of reds and blacks and purples, clashing in a horrible dance atop one of Paris’ most coveted tourist spots. 

Just for a moment, the dance slows. Just for a moment, Adrien sees his ethereal Ladybug. 

Bruises of every color litter her skin, her flashy crimson suit worse for the wear. There’s blood flowing from her left ear and Adrien feels a fury rise in him, realizing how close Hawkmoth was to stealing the Ladybug Paris treasured. With the fury comes a crushing sense of guilt. Here a villain with aspirations of world domination, a man who craved nothing but the downfall of the admired teen superheroes, a monster, had been planning his great finale. 

And, where was Adrien?

In Spain, on vacation, enjoying Nathalie’s lilted Spanish and the cacophonous streets of Madrid. 

He had been taking a jovial stroll in the Plaza Mayor while Ladybug, sweet Ladybug, was calling out to him, asking for help from her other half, trusting him to be there. 

Adrien remembered, seeing her face plastered across an LED screen, “Una tragedia en Francia.” A tragedy in France.   

He had run. Ran and leaped and fallen and prayed.

Please. Please let me not be too late.

Now, Chat Noir zeroes in on his partner, using his baton to leap the Seine and skirting up the side of the Notre Dame with ease, landing a flying kick to Hawk Moth’s chest as the corrupt Miraculous holder gets a little too close to Ladybug for his liking. 

With the villain busy reeling, he whips towards his beloved where she’s frozen, startled. Then she’s moving, but not in a good way. Up close, he can see it’s much worse than he’s thought originally. She’s bruised, bloody, and beaten, and she’s tired. He can see in those beautiful blues how exhausted she is, having to transform and release over and over and over again. Over and over with no one to help her. Because he wasn’t there

She moves, and Adrien watches as Paris’ femme fatal collapses on herself, fatigued muscles finally giving out. No doubt, she’d been running on adrenaline for quite some time now, and he was her relief. The energy she had been forced to maintain drained out of her and then she was falling, but this time, he was there to catch her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeats it like a mantra into her hair as he holds her to him as gently as possible, “I wasn’t even here, wasn’t here to support you, to fight with you, to protect you when you needed it most, I’m-”

“Shh, kitty, don’t apologize.”

The world around them is burning but she is calm and collected. She is a hero.

“But I have to. I wasn’t here, Ladybug, and now look at you, you’re hurt, you’re-”

She cuts him off a second time, and this time she’s smiling. Her lip is split and there’s a scratch across her cheek but she’s smiling.

“Listen to me,” her hands come up to cup his face, “This is not your fault. Okay? It’s not. There is no way you could have known, Chat Noir. I was just lucky enough to be around.”

She laughs then, rusty and mingled with a cough, but there’s love and trust and happiness in it and Adrien kind of really wants to cry. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and there’s a final showdown taking place on the Notre Dame. Just a few miles away, civilians are enjoying the Louvre without much cause for distress. But to Chat Noir and Ladybug, their whole world is this ancient Gothic cathedral. Everything ends here. The big boss battle, as Nino would call it. Except this is real life and they don’t respawn if they die. 

“It’s going to be okay, kitty. I know what’s going to happen, what you have to do, she told me, Tikki told me. It won’t be easy, but you’re going to do it Chat Noir. Paris needs you to. I need you to. I believe in you.”

It’s fond and confusing, but then Ladybug is closing her eyes and Adrien feels the panic rising in his throat. No, no, no, not her, not her

There’s a soft glow at her feet, and Adrien watches, unable to move, as Ladybug becomes Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A small part of him is glad, glad its her, he had begun to see the signs and hoped against all hope it was her. Wonderful, clumsy, kind-hearted Marinette, with a penchant for sass, though only around his alter ego. There had been something so Ladybug about her, and as he had become closer to her as both Adrien and Chat Noir, he had become almost certain. 

Now, Chat Noir wishes it wasn’t her. Wishes it wasn’t Marinette’s body he was holding in his arms. The panic consumes him until his ear flutters, and he hears the telltale thump of her heartbeat, and relief slackens his body. His attention is taken by a weak squeaking by his ear, and he turns to see a wide-eyed, beat up looking, crimson Plagg. Marinette’s kwami. Before he can speak, she’s cutting him off. In a different situation he’d laugh at how alike both kwami and holder were. 

“There isn’t time to explain, but Marinette most likely told you something. Her body can’t take another transformation, but I have just enough energy left for one more. You need to let me into your Miraculous. I know it sounds crazy, but this is what Chat Noir and Ladybug were meant for. This is the power of the two most powerful Miraculouses.” 

It’s a lot to take in and Adrien honestly doesn’t understand, but he nods, setting his shoulders. He will avenge Marinette, and he will beat Hawk Moth. For the both of them. For the world.

He holds his ring hand out to the tired kwami, who takes a deep breath before diving head on, into his ring. For a moment, she simply disappears. Then Adrien feels it, the soft tingling and a buildup of, of something, a feeling. His suit begins to change, ebony fading to a pretty violet, golden whorls interspersed evenly. He feels his claws grow sharper, metallic gold, and gauntlets rise to encase his forearms. His baton alters as well, the ends tapering off to a point. At his hip, rests a yo-yo, similar to the one his partner is famous for. 

As the transformation completes, Adrien recognizes the emotion welling within him. Protectiveness. Ladybug is creation, Chat Noir is destruction. Together, they are protection from all evils that threaten the people they love.

Light glints off the tip of his gauntlet as Adrien Agreste storms towards the moth who flew too close to the light, eyes blazing gold.

author’s note - so while i do think it’s probably going to be mari who does the whole chat noir/ladybug combination jazz and i love that, i think it would work really well for adrien too? we’ve seen the lengths he has gone to to protect ladybug(he died for goodness’ sake) and i thought it would be interesting to write! thanks for reading :)

Suga’s selca fanart~
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Request:Do you think you would be able to write a scenario similar to the yoongi one you just wrote but with taehyung instead?^^ like the gf has the same body type but she’s not insecure she just find loose clothes comfy and one day they go clubbing and the gf gets hit on a lot??? If its too similar to your last one i completely understand,, thank u

Genre: Fluff

Member: Taehyung

Word Count: 1,304

a/n: Again, I am posting this SUPER late and I’m so truly sorry!!…. I hope it satisfies what you imagined anon… HUGE thanks to @mino-ism for helping me finish this!

Originally posted by holykyungie

You welcomed Taehyung with arms wide open. Pressing a kiss to his lips as his damp fringe stuck to his forehead and sweaty clothes stuck to his body. You pulled away and congratulated the rest of the group on winning an award for their comeback excitedly. Staff hugged the members and clapped, cheering and whistling. Tae hugged you from beside you and you could feel his hand trembling, making you glance up at him and give his side a light squeeze. He met your gaze and raised his eyebrows, a cheeky grin across his lips. You grinned back and realized he was probably a lot more thrilled and happy than he was able to express. The adrenaline of winning the award and the dance still running through his veins and doing little to help the immense satisfaction his body was not able to show.

“We should go out and celebrate” one of their managers suggested, making you and Taehyung break away from each others gaze. The members cheered in agreement and quickly the stylists urged them to change out of their stage outfits and into more comfortable clothes. You followed Taehyung to a corner of the room which was secluded and surrounded by a curtain. “I’m so happy right now” he said, removing his shirt which ruffled up his hair. You took his stage outfit into your arms and smiled, “You deserve to be happy right now, you all do” you said, making Taehyung nod and continue to change.

When he was done and was told that the celebration would be at a club, the two of you departed together to your apartment so you could change as well. Once in your bedroom, you changed out of your clothes and Taehyung’s eyes wandered in your direction. You searched through your closet for something to wear and stumbled upon a dress you remembered only wearing once. You scrunched up your nose at the memory but before you could hang it back, Taehyung spoke, “Wear that one! You look hot in it” he said, making you turn to him as he winked.

You snorted and took another look at the dress. It was short, and tight, and it sparkled. You liked it, but after wearing it that one time, you could only remember how it felt like wearing it, not why you hadn’t worn it again. You shrugged and nodded “Okay” you replied, quickly bringing it over your head. When you were wearing it, you looked at yourself in the mirror and chuckled, “Oh wow I forgot how tight and short it was” you said. Taehyung watched you from behind and grinned, “I like… short and tight” he said, wriggling his eyebrows and making you guffaw.

The two of you and the group lingered around the VIP booth that had been reserved. The music blasted loudly through the venue, bouncing off the walls and rumbling in your chest. Staff and the members danced and laughed, including Taehyung and you. However Taehyung seemed to be too caught up with Jungkook, the sound of their laughter barely audible over the crowd and the music.

You drank with Namjoon and their manager, joking and swaying to the songs surrounding you. The club was packed and you didn’t know how long it had been but you definitely felt buzzed. You danced slightly more clumsily which made you a bit dizzy. You felt a hand on your waist and you turned your head in the direction of its owner, suddenly your surroundings spun and you leaned into Taehyung’s chest.

He held onto your waist tightly and buried his face in the crook of your neck. You held onto his shoulders as he swayed the two of you slowly. “We should go!” you managed, but doubted Taehyung heard what you said. You felt him place a kiss to your neck and another up your jaw, bringing you closer to him and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled away with a puzzled expression but smiled nonetheless. When you met his gaze, you were taken back by the glare he held. Your smile faltered as you mouthed a ’what’s wrong?’. Taehyung crashed his lips into yours so suddenly, you had to take a hold of his shirt to prevent you from stumbling back. His kiss completely stole your breath away, but it was so unlike Tae you felt a bit of concern rising in your chest.

When he finally pulled away, his gaze wasn’t as intense as before. You asked again, this time audibly and quite loudly to make sure he heard, “Tae, what’s wrong?” He didn’t answer and instead laughed teasingly as he grabbed your hands and put them around his neck, bringing you dangerously close to him. You took this as a signal that he had one too many drinks, so you clutched his hand tightly and began weaving your way out of the crowd, Tae stumbling behind you.

“No babe, let’s stay a little longer” you heard Taehyung exclaim over your shoulder, but you kept pushing your way out of the crowd until you reached a more secluded area of the club. “No Tae, I think it’s time to go home. You’re drunk” you stated defiantly, but immediately regretted using such a stern tone when you saw his face. Tae looked at you with eyes full of worry, the playful look that adorned his face just a couple minutes ago completely vanished. He let go of your hand and brought a hand to his hair, brushing out of his face before hugging you again. This time though, his hug was soft. He rested his neck on your shoulder and rubbed your back. “I’m uh- not drunk, just… never mind. You’re right, let’s go home” he whispered into your ear.

At this point, you were lost and genuinely confused at your boyfriend for behaving so strangely, but regardless you said your goodbyes to the group and climbed into a taxi. The car ride was silent, the atmosphere stiff, and while you knew something was wrong with Tae you decided to wait until you went home to talk about it.

Settled into bed, you rested against Taehyung, your head settled on his chest. You could feel him tense up beneath you yet he held you closer than he did on other nights. “I’m sorry I was acting so weird earlier. I probably ruined the night didn’t I?” he asked, finally breaking the silence. “You didn’t, but what was that about? You’re never like that” you replied. He sighed deeply before replying “It’s just, you looked so nice, and I was with Jungkook being dumb, and I left you with Namjoon and you should’ve seen, the way he was looking at you”. You stared at Taehyung, dumbfounded for a few seconds before bursting out into a fit of laughter.

Taehyung sat up and narrowed his eyes at you, “Why are you laughing? It’s not a laughing matter!” he scolded, but you only managed to snort and press your lips tightly into a thin line. “Sorry” you squeaked, and Taehyung covered his face as you sat up next to him, “I thought you liked me in revealing dresses?” you asked teasingly.

Taehyung grunted, “I do! But clearly so does Namjoon” he blurted and you grinned. “Yea well, I don’t like Namjoon so, nothing to worry about there” you countered, lying back down as Tae did the same. “It still sucks that other guys look at you that way…” Taehyung commented, making you turn to him, “Hey, first of all, Namjoon was drunk, and second of all, you’re my boyfriend and the one I’m interested in, so stop thinking about it” you replied.

“So now spoon me because I want to fall asleep already” you added and Taehyung gladly did so with a chuckle.


Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.


my body is a cage - my miranda/jack fanmix for @meflashfanwork
(I’m early but you know, MEA at the end of the month!)


for @erughostcat who does the cutest miri/jack fanart and who is a good friend, the kind that always makes you laugh when you feel down (sorry if this mix is a bit angsty!)

Of ex-boyfriends and voodoo dolls

Hi! @hades-helm-of-darkness! It is I, your backup gifter for the @pjosecretsanta2016 since unfortunately, your original gifter had to back out of the project. So here I am. Ah, I had been thinking of creating a Christmas themed fic at first but then realizing that the celebration is way pass due, so, I opted for something else instead. Still hoping that you’ll like this little something I wrote for you. Sorry, this is a bit late too…

Also, Solangelo cause its the easiest for me to write.

Summary: There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding, really, because as far as Nico knows, he can’t curse people with voodoo dolls. Doesn’t matter now, he got a boyfriend out of it.

Will Solace is a good boyfriend, he was understanding, caring and yes, admittedly jealous on occasions but, all of those within a certain kind of basis. Will Solace is a good boyfriend. An ideal one. Probably far too good that his now ex-boyfriend had ended up getting bored and dumping him for someone else.

‘It’s not you, it’s me’

Cliche breakup line from the movies that Will never would have thought would be delivered to him. And he had started wondering, where had he gone all wrong?

“It’s been a month-

-and three days!”

“Not relevant, Leo” Rachel spoke before focusing her attention back to Will “As I was saying, it’s been far too long, Will. Give yourself a chance to heal and move on from that guy.”

“Not the easiest part, Rachel.”

“Whoever says it is?” Rachel countered “But, you’re not going to get somewhere if you don’t help yourself take that first step. Seriously, you’re way much more than this mopping, pathetic guy we barely recognize.”

“Fine” Will finally contemplate “But what do I do?”

“Why don’t we start by getting some revenge on a certain douche?” Lou Ellen closed the book she was reading, finally deciding in joining the current conversation “So, any of you ever heard of Nico di Angelo?”

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Xander was led through the castle corridors by his retainer, his wary frown deepening at every passing moment. “And you gave this order to the chef because..?” “Things have become too dreary as of late, milord. I thought perhaps I could liven our spirits with something everyone loves: food,” came the all-too-casual reply from Laslow. “Back where I’m from, we celebrate all we’re thankful for by gathering our loved ones for a huge banquet.” The prince was sure the creases upon his forehead would become a permanent fixture, but he declined to inquire about Laslow’s mysterious home, or how he could introduce such indulgence from it to a kingdom with scarce food supply to begin with. Instead he hmm’d, and continued to follow his merry subordinate down to the kitchen.

As they neared, Laslow began to brag more of what awaited for his prince to see: pheasant, chicken, pig, beef, a cauldron of soup, fruits and vegetables, pies, and so much more. He detailed how the chef had said they would make this a dinner to never forget, and guessed that the cooks must have worked all night and day to bring each meal to perfection. Laslow’s eagerness to show off the awaiting layout was contagious; the stolid prince himself was becoming interested to see this for himself.

Their shared anticipation screeched to a halt, replaced instead with a perturbed curiosity as a booming sound came rattling from the kitchen entrance.


The two shared a look before hastening to the archway. What they found was.. a whole mix of words, honestly. The kitchen looked absolutely ransacked. Cabinets were flung open, their shelves either bare or littered with empty bottles and bags. The countertops were a mess of food scraps and stains, plates and sheets strewn across them or else shattered on the floor. The cauldron was tipped over, only a small trickle of broth emerging from it. The large pantry was open to reveal it too was now barren of any sign of food or ingredients, only the empty shells of sacks, boxes, and barrels remaining. The main counter near the middle of the room was no better; the pans where the cooked fowls and pig were to be now only containing bones stripped clean of meat, indicating it was hit by the same disaster.

And said disaster was plopped down on the floor resting his back against it, the location of all the food that had disappeared resting between his sprawled legs in the form of a huge, gurgling orb. The belly looked unreal, so big and round that it would fit better on a monster thrice its current owner’s size. But that was not the case, made evident by how utterly engorged the glutton was, tongue hanging lazily from his mouth as he panted, each intake of breath making the tight mound swell only a centimeter under his gloved hands. His shirt and vest (and, if they’d been visible, pants as well) were long since rid of their buttons, now useless cloth lying over the top sides of the mound.


The wolfskin’s lowered ears perked at the sound of his name, and his head turned accordingly. His eyes were half-lidded, mind sluggish, and it took him a second to register it was Laslow who called to him - his liege, still struck speechless, standing next to him. “Oh..” He was interrupted by a soundless hiccup that made his torso jolt back and enormous belly jostle, a slight whimper tailing the act. Apparently just forming words was too much trouble for his system right now. “oof… Heya~” Even caught red-handed like this, Keaton could not be dissuaded from his pleased state; looking like the cat that got the cream was more truth than idiom in his case.

Silence would have fallen once more, were it not for the wolf’s stomach still busy processing its insane load. It gurgled and churned, glorped and whined, like a muffled factory overloaded with work. The wolf’s hands rubbing on either side seemed an effort in futility. Laslow and Xander, still caught in shock, were occupied with trying to piece together what happened. Apparently the wolfskin had caught the scent of all the food being prepared, enticed down into the kitchen by the succulent smells that poured forth like a torrent. If the smell enchanted him, the sight of it all must have driven him mad with hunger, awakening his inner beast as he lunged forth and crammed the nearest morsel in his maw. And from there he just.. did not stop. Anything edible was chewed, slurped, or otherwise gulped whole in the one-wolf rampage. A night and a day’s work, all consumed in what could have only taken an hour or so.

That just left one question. The architect of such an arrangement surely could not have left their work unguarded. Again it was Laslow who voiced their shared concern. “Wait.. where’s the chef?”

Keaton’s stomach rumbled, as if triggered by the word. The gastric sounds reached a fever pitch before ending in another loud, drawn-out belch from the unabashed glutton. He licked his chops, contented smile growing a tad, and gave his drum-tight gut a light pat. It was then that the two other men noticed the white hat and slightly torn apron resting next to the wolfskin. No further investigation was needed, much less desired.

Another extended pause, and then the two men at the entryway diverged in action. Where Xander remained planted in place, disturbed beyond measure, Laslow walked over to the immobilized wolf and kneeled down to join him in rubbing the churning mass. While Keaton certainly appreciated the extra pair of hands, the prince gave him a bemused look. “What are you doing?” Laslow returned the look with a defeated shrug, as if his hands were tied in the matter. “Well, it was my idea in the first place, so.. I guess this is my responsibility.”

He turned back to the wolf, rubbing his ridiculously packed belly with extra vigor. “At least someone got to enjoy the feast, huh?” Keaton could only make pleased sounds, tongue again flopping out of his mouth as another burp worked its way up his tired throat. Xander, meanwhile, resigned himself to be the one to have to clean up the bizarre mess these two made.

Holy god I actually did something on time.. barely! This time picture and a drabble! \o/  HOPE EVERYONE HAD A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



Hi :-) So can i have a Daryl x reader where they are friends since before the apocalypse and they have feelings for each others but are too shy to say it ? And Daryl is jealous because she is getting closer of Shane and one day while looking for Sophia they argue and admit their feelings ? ( With smut if you want ) Thank you a lot I love your imagines !

A/N: ugh I wrote this and originally it fit the request really good but I accidentally deleted it. I about shot myself and I veered a little off in attempt to actually write it. I hope you like it anyways! (No smut but sometime in one of the upcoming ones) KM SO SORRY ITS LATE I PROMISE ILL WROTE THE OTHERS SOON

Song: bad_news by Bastille


“What the hell is your deal?” You asked Daryl harshly.

He scoffed and turned to you with piercing eyes. “Go back to Shane! Yer bangin’ him anyway!”

“You know just as well as I do that that isn’t true! What the fuck is your damn problem?” You were fuming at your best friend who was being completely unreasonable. He got close to you and spoke in your face, putting up his dominant front.

“Do I? I ain’t dealin’ with yer shit no more! You were my problem but not anymore!” He turned away from you and started to walk off when you spoke, so quiet he could barely hear it.

“What-what does that mean..?”

“Exactly what it sounds like.” And with that, he left you outside of your tent with your thoughts to go to the city and find his brother. You were aware of a tightening feeing creeping up in your throat and blurriness finding its way in front of your eyes.

You knew that he didn’t mean anything he just said to you and he’d come running back and saying sorry when he got back but that didn’t mean the words didn’t hurt.

Daryl met you in a restaurant, managing to rescue you from a perverted customer. You instantly attached to him and became extremely close and somewhere along the way, you fell in love. It was him who was at your door at 2 AM when screams and sounds of destruction were closing in. He held his crossbow and shoved a gun into your hand and dragged you to his bike and headed for the mountains along with his older brother. Daryl was protective and rough around the edges but you cherished every part of him, knowing he was the only thing you had left. You always thought the feelings were unreciprocated, one way.

Shane had just asked you for help and often confined in you about Lori after Rick showed up. You were always willing to listen, wanting to help everyone. You always give your food to the kids if they were still hungry or took a double watch if someone was tired. In all honesty, you didn’t dub your behavior as unusual; your father raised you to be selfless and giving, something he always was. Daryl hated Shane, more so after he put him in a headlock, giving him a severe headache the day after.

You couldn’t believe what Daryl said. Accusing you of sleeping with someone was absurd. You had boyfriends before Daryl came around but they were all jerks and cheaters, leaving you single for the better part of your college life.

You shook your head, trying to get what he said out of your thoughts as the sounds of an engine roared to life. The heavy weight of worry made its home deep in your heart, sinking to the bottom like a stone. Walkers crawled the big city streets and just the mere thought of the man you loved stepping a foot close to it created a wave of anxiety, images of his bloody body appearing in your mind. It wouldn’t be the first time he came home drenched in blood.

Sure, you were mad at him for saying what he did, but you forgave so easily especially when he comes to you with guilt glistening in his blue eyes. He was so insecure, always doubting himself, causing him to lash out and voice what he thinks others believe. He always apologized and ended up beating himself up about it; you just came to terms with the fact that he was like that because of his past. Daryl was always on the defense, protecting himself from things that weren’t meant to harm him. You were the first to see the scars on his back, not even his brother had seen them.

You could remember him yelling at you then storming out, leaving you in tears because it was the first time he’d ever done that. Hours later, tear stains along with smudged makeup painted your pillowcase when he returned. As soon as he saw your puffy eyes and trembling body beneath the covers, self loathing claimed his mind, you could see it. Daryl turned around and took his shirt over his head to show you why he was the way he was. You cried while he held you and vice versa. You were devastated to find out the truth but grateful he trusted you enough. That was the day you first started realizing how deep in you really were.


The campfire warmed your skin and brought smiles to the faces of those around it. It was Amy’s birthday, everyone telling stories and just enjoying the moment absent from terror. Carl and Sophia were beside you as they both reminded you of your long gone siblings.

Amy got up to leave, everyone’s eyes shooting to her. “I have to pee. Jeez, you try to be discreet around here.” The group chuckled, even bringing you out of your paranoid haze you’d been trapped in ever since you started to overthink. Daryl being hurt flashed before your eyes, him being bit, a walker. You couldn’t stay calm.

A scream pierced the air. Then another. Then everyone was screaming.

Amy was outside of the trailer, a walker biting into her neck. Her sister jumped up and ran to her bleeding body. While this was occurring, walkers appeared from the forest, biting people as they went. Screams rattled the night as well as gunshots.

You jumped up and pulled your gun from your back pocket, now in defense mode. You pushed the children behind you and took down every walker that got near you.

In the chaos, you managed to see Carl darting to his mother, catching the attention of a few walkers.

“Shit!” You yelled, pulling Sophia by the arm to the trailer. You shoved her inside and gave her a spare knife. She looked at you with fear heavy in her eyes and sobs coming from her mouth. “If anything tries to get you, use this!” You slammed the door shut and ran to the other child. He was still running from the walkers and despite how much you screamed for their attention, they were not giving up.

An idea sparked through your head, though you weren’t thinking of the consequences due to the adrenaline pumping in your blood. You grabbed your main knife from your belt and slid it across your forearm, hoping the smell would attract the undead.

You screamed at them once again and they veered their attention from Carl to you. He ran to his mother and she was yelling something at you but your ears were filled with the sound of your rapid heartbeat. Again, you decided to do something potentially stupid and ran to the middle of everything where adults were fighting and others were being bitten.

The knife once again slid over your arm, more crimson running down your fingertips. Walkers that weren’t occupied with feeding on the bitten were now after you.

You sprinted quickly to the woods, hoping to draw them away from the attacked campsite. Groans could be heard from behind you, getting closer and closer by the second. Your strength was running out; the cuts still spilling blood weren’t exactly shallow and it made your head spin.

Eventually you reached a point where you couldn’t run anymore. So you turned toward the fifteen or so walkers in front of you and raised your gun, shooting the ones closest to you until the ammo ran out.

Your knife was the only thing left. You stabbed one after the other, careful to dodge those lunging after you.

While you were pulling the knife out of one, another jumped on you, pushing you to the ground. You struggled against it, thinking of what Daryl taught you.

You held it back with all your strength as it tried to snap its teeth into your face. Just as it was about to sink into your flesh, it fell limp. An arrow was in its skull.

Gunshots rang beside you and you didn’t bother getting up, knowing your dwindling adrenaline wouldn’t aid you in the process. The body was lifted from you and you were met with blue eyes just as you closed yours.


As Daryl pulled in, walkers were eating people and attacking the living. Gunshots rang out and echoed into the night, drawing more and more of the dead to them.

He jumped from the car as well as the other men, bringing his crossbow up and taking out the closest to him. He takes them down one after the other, making his way towards the middle of the chaos.

“Daryl!” His head whipped to the voice. It was Lori who was behind Shane along with her son.

“It’s (Y/N)! She’s in the woods and a bunch of walkers followed her!” She was yelling overtop of the loud sounds of death and destruction but Daryl heard every single word.

He took off sprinting into the trees, searching frantically for you, the only one he cared about. He finally saw a crowd of walkers. You were in the middle fighting them off, blood covering you. A walker fell onto you and was trying to bite you and as soon as he was close enough, he took it out. Daryl quickly killed the other ones by means of stabbing and shooting, going over to you after they all fell.

You were covered in blood and your eyes were glazed over before your eyelids covered them. He picked you up and ran back to the camp where the gunshots ceased.


“What happened to her?” Daryl asked while you were unconscious in your tent. He had bandaged your arms while muttering apologies for everything he said even though you couldn’t hear him.

“She saved Carl,” Lori said, emotion thick in her voice. “Walkers were chasing him and she– she cut herself to drawl them away. Then she did it again in the middle of everything to get them away from all of us.” Tears were running down her face as she recalled the traumatic events only an hour prior to the current conversation.

He cursed under his breath. How could he have not guessed? You were naturally like that and he knew it.

Rick came over to him and put a hand on Daryl’s shoulder. “(Y/N)’s a brave girl. I owe her, we all do.”


A pounding in your skull woke you up. Opening your eyes almost made it worse.

You were in your tent, night still in the air. You sat up, almost falling back down because of the dizziness flooding your vision. Bandages were wrapped around your left arm, blood soaking through them.

Then, the zipper on the tent was undone as Daryl unzipped it. He was covered in blood, mirroring you, and looked exhausted.

“Daryl,” you breathed out. He came inside and closed the tent back up before pulling you into a tight embrace. He burrowed his face into your neck and breathed in. Tears found their way to your cheeks.

“Don’ do that again. Stop bein’ so damn selfless,” he threatened, half growling. He pulled away and took your arm. His thumb brushed over the bandages and he looked you in the eyes with a hard stare. “I can’ lose ya.”

You put your hand on his cheek and he leaned into the gentle touch, an unusual thing for him. Tears kept their steady flow down your face. You were happy but a larger part of you was devastated at the loss of everyone.

Daryl could see exactly what you were thinking. He always did. “C'mere.”

He took you into his embrace, just holding you and whispering into your ear. “I need ya…. I- I…”

“I love you too, Daryl.” You whispered back, knowing what he was trying to say. He squeezed you lightly and held you for the rest of the night, protecting you from the terrors outside.

I think I might be officially the first one to produce a Masterly group photo– so here it is, after over two stressful weeks of planning and people not showing up and my mom having to go find some open-minded neighbors to take their place. Whew.

It should be fairly obvious to tell who most of them are (I hope), but:

Back row (L->R): Wines, Spices, Fires, Pages, Iron
Front row (L->R): Cups, Mirrors (in “reflection”), Stones, Hearts/Apples, Candles (behind Veils, giving it the bunny ears), Veils (not wearing its veils the way I instructed but I guess it’s too late for regrets now)

This is one of the social goals for the Sunless Skies kickstarter (link here)!! Hopefully the people who are collaborating online to make group photos will have an easier time of it than me. Considering I had to throw together all the costumes myself, as well as organize the shot, instruct people on how to wear their hoods, rearrange furniture, keep morale up, and restrain my brother from throwing off his robe every five minutes and running around the house screaming.


Also know as Imagine travelling with the Company, and Legolas stalking you because he likes you. 

A/N - First of all, I’m sorry its a day late. Well two days late. I finished it last night and was too tired to check through it so I did it this morning on the way to Manchester. I appear to be obsessing over Legolas at the moment (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Yes, its in third person again I just couldn’t get second person view to co-operate with me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) Constructive criticism welcome. 

Words - 1,866
Paring - Legolas Greenleaf x Reader 

Legolas knew there was something special about the human when he first saw her. For one, she was fighting amongst dwarves, which was almost unheard of. Secondly, she was beautifully feisty especially when she was defending her friends. Thirdly, she saved his behind from one of the monstrous spiders of Mirkwood. That was the reason he often found himself volunteering to guard the prisoners, much to his father’s dismay. He even found himself giving her more food than her fellow captives.
Even then, the odd little human didn’t pay any attention to him. Sure, she smiled in thanks when he gave her food but other than that she didn’t seem to know he existed.
It was insulting really. A prince shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to be noticed by a mere mortal.

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Late Night *REQUESTED*

In which Harry comes home late and finds his lovely girlfriend already asleep.

A/N: I know, I know.  I promised you a smutty oneshot co-written by harryandmesohappily and ITS COMING I PROMISE.  However, I just couldn’t hold off on posting this.  Someone requested it and it was just too cute not to post. Told from Harry’s POV so a bit different from what you’re used to from me.  Hope you enjoy, babes! xxx

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Coming out - a difficult way to happiness

Hello, I am working for this nonprofit called LGBT Initiative. An organization aimed at promoting a general wellbeing among the community!
We are working on a new project called “This is who we are”. As part we are collecting coming out stories to create a multi-collaborative book, to help other with acceptance. Every story is unique and someone somewhere who is struggling with acceptance may be able to relate to your story. Just like the videos on Youtube our goals are to show people that it is scary to come out of the closet because of fears what loved ones and friends might say or do. But reading other peoples stories and hearing how they were able to overcome those fears and show people who they are is truly inspirational. We are here to help others with accepting who they are and not waiting till its too late to come out. As well as try to show that this isn’t a choice its just Who We Are.

I was just hoping that you might consider submitting a story if you have one, or even just sharing our link with your followers. Lgbt-initiative.org/this-is-who-we-are

(I do not own this text!) Source: lifedhistoria