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It was the Hound’s voice she heard, a cold rasp, metal on stone.

for @gameofshipschallenges ‘until hell freezes over’ event

Bestfriends - Tate Langdon Smut

Requested: kinda ish but i kinda changed the plot bc the idea of best friend tate makes my vagina hurt (send me more requests)
Type: fluffy smut
Summary: you’ve recently moved into “Murder House” and quickly become very close with your neighbor Constance’s son, Tate. au where you’re having a sleepover with bestfriend!Tate when you accidentally make him hard and end up having hot sex with him

!!!!IMPORTANT!!!! this is predeath Tate, so he’s alive.
✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀
Moving into a new town, new house & new school seems scary, but not as scary as finding out you’re living in the acclaimed “Murder House.” The good thing that happened sine you moved in was Tate. He was your neighbor’s son, an from the moment you first saw him when you were helping yoour mom unpack the moving truck, you had to admit you had a little crush on him.

…Or, maybe not so little. Okay, so you had a huge crushon him. The first time you saw him, you guys had very awkward eye contact, before he smiled as his cheeks flushed bright red. He started walking over to you and asked if you needed help unpacking.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you, but I’m sure you’ve got other things to do. I wouldn’t wanna bore you with this junk all afternoon.”

Tate laughed and introduced himself. “I’m Tate, I live next door.”

“Y/N,” you replied with a smile.

Tate immediatey turned towards the truck and grabbed a box with your name scrawled on the side in Sharpie. “So, Y/N, why don’t ou show me where your room is?”

The two of you had spent the day bonding over your shared music taste, and even when the unpacking was finished, you and Tate ended up having so much fun that neither of you wanted him to go.

And, lucky enough, you had a couple classes together in school. Which was great for both of you, considering that Tate didn’t have a lot of friends either (which you really didn’t understand). And now, here you were, two months later, and the two of you were inseperable. So every day the two of you would walk to school, eat lunch together, and then walk home together. And on most days, you’d go to one of your houses and do your homework together. The two of you would sit together and listen to bands like Nirvana and Blink-182 while you did your homework. Occasionally you’d even end up in a position that most people would call cuddling– sometimes just sitting with your arms wrapped around each other or laying with your head in the crook of his neck, or even spooning. But so far the two of you were just friends. And although you maybe wished it was more than that, you didn’t want to push anything.

Today, Friday, Tate met you at your locker after your last period. “Hey,” he smiled, leaning up against the wall. “Do you wanna go to mine today? My mom’s out of town with some guy this weekend.”

“Sure. Can I spend the night? My mom’s working late, and I’ll be bored without you.”

Twenty-ish minutes later, the two of you arrived at Tate’s house. You laid back on his bed while Tate put in a movie. He danced goofily on his way bak to the bed as the opening music came on, and you let out a giggle and opened your arms towards him in a “stop being an idiot and come cuddle with me” gesture.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A while later, your eyes slowly cracked open, and you turned in Tate’s bed to look at the clock. 7:30. ‘We must have fallen asleep during the movie,’ you thought. You probably weren’t going to go back to sleep soon, but you figured you may as well change into what you were going to sleep in if you weren’t going anywhere in between then. You glanced over at Tate, who was still passed oout on the bed and shrugged. He wouldn’t mind if you changed in here, rght? I mean, he is asleep after all.

You pulled one of his T-Shirts out of his dresser, and started undressing yourself. Just as you pulled off your jeans and unclasped your bra, Tate rubbed his eyes and slowly turned over.

“Oh, shit, sorry,” you said quickly, holding the T-Shirt in front of your chest. “I thought you were asleep.”

“I-I, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stumbled with his words, but you just giggled in response.

“Don’t worry about it.” You turned to face the wall, and pulled the shirt over your head. It went down to about mid-thigh on you,so you skipped pants. You walked back over to your side of the bed, and climbed under the covers. “Spoon me.”

“Um…” he looked nervous, but you weren’t sure why. You’d had sleepoers before, and you usally slept in jut one of his shirts if you were at his house. Plus the two of you cuddled all the time, so you weren’t sure what the problem was. “Uh, o-okay.”

You turned away from him, and he put his arms around your waist but didn’t let his body touch your backside. You frowned, and scooted back until your back was flush against his chest. “Oh my god, wait, do you have a boner?”

You turned around so you were facing him, laughing a little bit. “Stop laughing Y/N, it’s embarassing. Besides it’s not my fault the girl I have crush on decided to get almost naked right in front of me.”

You cuddled in closer to him and put your arm around his waist. “Just shut up and kiss me already.” You whispered. Tate slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to yours softly. His hands tangled into your hair and a few minutes later, the two of you were having a full out makeout session. You straddled him, careful not to break the kiss, and noticed his boner was even more prominent now. “Do you wanna… you know?”Tate bit his lip. “I do, b-but only if you want to. I haven’t really, um, done this before.”“Me neither,” You responded shyly, “but there’s no one else I’d rather be with for my first time.”

“Me too.” Tate smiled, letting one hand rest on your hip and the other one push a strand of hair behind your ear. You pulled your (well, his) shirt over your head, and you could feel your cheeks flushing. Even though he’d seen your bare chest just a little bit earlier, it was only for a second, and no one else had ever seen you like this before.

One corner of his mouth lifted up in a smile, “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” You leaned down to kiss him in response, tugging at the bottom of his shirt as a hint that he should undress too. He gingerly lifted you of of him and placed you gently on the bed. He stood up to undress, so you slid your panties off and tossd them with the rest of your clothes.“Oh, wait,” Tate mumbled, reaching into his nightstand for a condom.

“What, you expected this to happen?” you aske with a laugh.

His face flushed and you could tell he was embarassed as he answered, “Well, no, I-I just have the ones they give you at school… You know, just in case.”Once Tate was sully naked and had the condom on, he climbed on top of you, careful not to hurt you, and lined himself up with your entrance. “Are you sure you still want to, baby?”“Yes, I’m completely sure.” You assured him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.

Tate planted a kiss on the tip of your nose, and then started pushing into you. “You doing alright?”“Mhm,” you replied. You’d expected it to hurt more, but it was just kind of uncomfortable at first. “You can start moving.”

Tate started slowly, scattering kisses all over your collarbones and breats as he went. You could tell Tate was holding back so as not to hurt you, so you let out a quiet moan to encourage him. His eyes widened a bit and he bit his lip as he started to quicken his pace. You could feel a buzzing feeling start in the pit of your stomach, and you bit your lip to try and keep quiet.Tate must have noticed, because he mumbled, “Don’t hold it in, baby. I wanna hear all your pretty sounds.” 

Feeling your orgasm close, you reached down to your clit, and let out a loud groan. Tate started going harder and faster, noticing you were close, and you . “Cum for me, princess.” Soon after, Tate moaedn against your chest as he released into the condom. The feeling made your nails scratch down his back and your toes curl as you came right after.

The two of you laid there together for a few minutes, sweating and panting, and not sure what to do next. He rolled off of you, pulled the cover over both of you, and wrapped his arms around you. Tate turned onto his side and rested his head on his hand. “You feel alright?”

You smiled and tunred to fac him. Never been better.”“Good.” he responded. You cuddled into his chest, breathing in his scent, and closed your eyes.

“I… I, um…” you barely heard Tate say. You looked up at him, confused. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Tate.” you smiled. “Now go to sleep, we gotta get up bright and early for a round two.”

hi guys !! im not sure if this is quite what you wanted but im not v good at wrting fluffy smut bc im a kinky little shit lmaooo anyway i hope this was ok!! and guess wHAT! IM FINISHING UP PART 4 OF KIDNAPPED RIGHT AFTER THIS, ITS TAKEN 6 MONTHS TO GET AROUND TO IT LMAO BUT ITLL BE POSTED TONIGHT! (if u wanna know when its posted u can turn my notifs on or shoot me a message and ill message u when i post it!!!) xx -l

Never let Robin pick places to have fun.

Also he drunk as fuck

Also part of my Little Bird Lost AU I’m collabing with @sarai377 and honorable mention for @f0ffff with the ideas.

Happy Shay Patrick’s Day Y’all!

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happy birthday to our precious human bean do kyungsoo!! i wish you good health and lots of happiness, and i hope you’re having a wonderful time on set filming today 😊💕

Chilaquiles for Two.

Happy Valentine’s Day @blackcanarydinah! I had so much fun writing up your prompt and bugging you weekly, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!! :D Sorry for posting this so early (7AM est) Gotta hop off to work and didn’t want you to wait ‘til I was home! ENJOY!

Her prompt: anything as long as its fluffy. I just want a fluffy fic that aggressively ignores the movie canon. 

Summary: Echo Base reminds them of home, not the one they’d come to find in each other, but the one’s from where they were born. Cassian from Fest and Jyn on Vallt. Their morning’s have finally become routine, until one morning Cassian wakes a little too hungry, and decides to share a piece of his past with Jyn.

Tags: AU - Everybody Lives, Fluff, Sharing a Bed, Established Relationship, Kissing/Neck Kisses, Cassian + Jyn actually don’t mind the cold of Hoth for once, Cassian is the best cook in the galaxy (Diego Luna said so, it’s canon).

Word Count: 2620 ——————————————- Read on AO3

If there was one thing about Hoth that Cassian enjoyed, it was how it reminded him of Fest.

There was a time in his life when that would have been a bad thing, the memories too dark and clouded with guilt to smile back upon. But twenty years had passed, and there were plenty more deeds to clutter his mind. With each passing day on Echo Base, new memories of his home world would flood his thoughts, his dreams — if he was lucky enough to have those. Hoth was icy, cold, and sparsely populated. The same could be said about Fest, at least the parts he remembered. There weren’t many children around on either, and the nights were long, only bearable by sharing body heat with another.

Cassian’s eyes were trained on the ceiling of their quarters, wide awake, Jyn’s steady breaths the only noise he could hear. Just like the morning before.

Alright, so maybe there were two things about Hoth that Cassian enjoyed.

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mxelia  asked:

Hey! I'm usually just an observer of the studyblr community, as my school life is NOT pretty enough for that,,, but I was wondering, since I know you talked about revision a lot in your advice post, my school is in the US and we focus more on homework instead of revision, but honestly, I feel like revision is more useful for me, especially now that I am consuming so much studyblr media. Could just give me an overview/crash course/general guide on how to revise and its merits and such? Thanks!

okay here’s helena’s crash course guide for revising! this is late bc i needed a laptop and i was in belgium when i got this

what is it?

simply, revision is revisiting topics previously learnt, and refreshing your knowledge on the subject. revision also tends to be self led, rather than being set specific tasks by teachers

why do it?

revising during the year makes preparing for exams easier. by frequently revisiting the subjects throughout the year, you can better your knowledge and understanding of the subject (and it makes it a hell of a lot easier when preparing for exams)

types of revision

there are three main types of revision:

  1. note-taking/note-making
  2. memorising
  3. practise questions

note taking/making: this is making notes from your previously made notes, and condensing them, only focusing on the important parts and what you know you are not as strong on.

note taking can be in many forms, such as:

  • spider maps / brain storms
  • cue cards / revision cards
  • timelines
  • annotations
  • mini revision booklets
  • rewriting and condensing older notes

memorising: used for learning facts or key points + vocabulary and key terms. 

mnemonics are useful for memorising points, as well as flash cards and tests such as apps like quizlet and gojimo

practise questions:this is finding past papers and answering the paper under test conditions (ie without any help and in the certain amount of time). there are hundreds of past papers available online (free!) for every course, which can help you learn how the questions work and the kind of answers the examiner will expect. dont skimp on the marking either, spend time looking through the mark scheme and where you went wrong/ right and why. look for what the examiner is looking for and learn what they will allow/disallow as it can be the difference between grades 

it can also be helpful to find out what type of learner you are (there are seven):

  • visual (spatial)
  • aural (auditory-musical)
  • verbal (linguistic)
  • physical (kinesthetic)
  • logical (mathematical)
  • social (interpersonal)
  • solitary (intrapersonal)

here are some quizzes to find what type of learner you are, here and here

general tips from mama helen:

  • a big mistake that people make is revising what they already know or find easier, rather that what the struggle on or find more difficult. revision is meant to help you improve your weaknesses, not your strengths.
  • start revising the oldest stuff first bc i guarantee u remember next to none of it
  • make em colourful and shit if it helps, but if it doesn’t not waste time making ur notes pretty if it doesnt help and nothing goes in
  • small amounts of revision frequently are better than large amounts every now and then
  • keep ur revision separate from ur class notes, so its easier to revise as everything is in one place, and not spread out through ur class notes.
  • u cannot revise too much
  • test urself and test friends
  • teach friends stuff if it helps
  • even if its over skype or something and they aint listening
  • hell teach ur dog
  • practise practise practise
  • remember revision tends to be self led, so only you know how much u know and dont know and how well you know stuff
  • to help with languages, watch films/tv in the language (bonus points if u dont have the subtitles with your first language!)
  • its never too early to start revising pal

okay thats me done peace out homies i hope this helps a bit and i didnt just babble nonsense

helena (uglystudies)

So i know people are super depressed over these new revaluations from chapter 88. And I’ll be honest i was too for a little while, and because of that i tried to think of any glimmer of hope that could put not only my mind, but everyone else in ease.

Then i remembered something. Something really important that i think people are forgetting.

When Keith Shadis explained his backstory, he clearly states that he first encountered Grisha twenty years ago. If we go with what the timeline is set, the time Grisha first came to the walls and the time he died while giving the shifting powers to Eren, is well over 13 years. Way passed the apparent 13 year life expectancy of a shifter. And we know that grisha inherited Krugers titan abilities immediately after he asked him too, yet during those years he was inside the walls he showed no signs of deteriorating health and was able to live long after the 13 years he was expected to die.

Now you might be saying, “ Maybe Yams made a mistake” But did he really? He doesn’t really make mistakes when it comes to chronological events.

My point is, we still don’t know a lot about titan physiology, and its too early to count out favorite shifter characters as dead without any hope of surviving. If anything these two examples are proof that there is still hope.

I hope i put some people at ease ^_^

I hope its ok to start that monster au a day early,, im just v excite and like kinda wanna yknow draw some stress relief and such cause i havent been feeling too good anyway

Any posts/reblogs of the event will be under the tag ‘mutante’ if u wanna either track it or blacklist whichever hoo boy

Changes to the blog will be made for the event soon !


Imagine Altair Giving You a “Present”

This ficlet is a birthday present for Talia AKA Mama Bear of fablesfromthecreed (April 25), without whom this blog wouldn’t have been created. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the AC fan community!
Suggested listening (No, it’s not hipster music this time.): Beats Antique – “Battle”

Y/N woke up this morning to find a note where Altair should have been. She took a glance at the note, and saw that it was encrypted in a code only a few Assassins understood. Of course, she was one of them, and this note was intended for her. It took her a few minutes to decrypt it.

“I have a present for you. It is at the top of the highest tower in Masyaf,” the note read.

It didn’t take her long to get to the tower. She looked for a door that might lead to a stairway to the top. It was locked. She looked around, and saw that there was a sturdy rope hanging from the top window. She cursed a little, but agreed to climb the rope that was most likely put there by Altair. Actually, trained by the very best, she could have climbed the tower even without the rope, but then she’d still prefer to stay on the ground. Whatever Altair prepared for her, it better be good, she thought.

Finally, she’s inside the highest room of the tower. The first thing that greeted her was the heavy aroma of her favourite hash incense. Though she wouldn’t admit it to Altair, it made her forget how tired she was from climbing. (Also, this explained why her incense was nowhere to be found yesterday.) She looked around, and found that the floor was strewn with cozy-looking carpets and pillows, and among them was Altair himself.

“You could have met me on the ground,” she said, feigning annoyance.

“Yes. But the view wouldn’t be as breathtaking,” Altair nodded toward the window.

He was right. She looked outside the window and saw the whole of Masyaf below. It was the wind, however, that truly made it special. She closed her eyes and listened to its free motion that couldn’t be heard down below.

After some minutes, she turned back to him and said, “So, you told me you had a present for me.”

“Yes, and here he is,” he said with a playful smile that was reserved for only those he adored.

Inktober 20th: Happy (although a bit early for you) birthday @pmcrunchwrap!!! :D

Not sure when it’s midnight for you so I’m posting this on my midnight hah.. Bit nervous seeing as you asked me to surprise you with something Natsume Yuujinchou and I really really like Misuzu and I have no idea if you like him too? Because if you don’t this is kind of a crappy birthday gift.. ^^;

GOT7 reaction to the girl they like being 16

absurdhoran said:

Can you do got7 finding out that the girl they like is 16?? By the way you are my favorite blog and I have you on notifications!!! Love you!!!!!!!

Aww really you do ^_^ well at least you’ll know I’ve posted this as soon as i do ^_^
I hope you like it absurdhoran, and thanks for the request :) 
Sorry it took so long


JB would instantly be devastated, he never realised, there were so many clues too. the 7 year age gap would be fine for married couples, but dating in his early twenties would be stressful. but for him he would see that point and look forward to the social acceptance. knowing that its wasn’t over because of this.


he was shocked with big age difference, it made it more stressful for mark. even though it wasn’t anything to break up over, it was still a matter that weighed on him. especially in korea, with so many minor laws, it would make it hard for the two to go to event together, and this is what he thought about a lot.


Jacksons is the type to say ‘age is just a number’ ‘if i like her then thats that’. but with a slightly bigger age gap of 6years, he’d think about it a lot. not to say it would discourage him right away, he’d just need time to process it.


he’d be a little shocked. jinyoungs types tends towards a more mature, nearly noona-ish. so with the girl being 6 years younger, might give a different fell. though over time he’d try and make sure this doesn’t happen, but initially he’d be shocked.


like seriously this guy has the cutest puppy, and treats her like a princess, of course his younger GF is going to be smothered and babied. its in his DNA to be cute protective.


Oppa obsessd bambam, would enjoy the age difference, with the 4 years its not too big of a gap to raise eyebrows. however the aegyo battle between the two would be interesting to watch, to which point he’d finally get to pull the older/sexy card.


also loving the oppa-ness, he’s all about the age difference. he gets to be the stronger oppa that protects his GF, and he loves the cute innocent vibe that she has.

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even tho its too damn early for winter holiday headcanons, heres a fluffy domestic batjokes one anyway, because Im gay
imagine joker coming over to help decorate cookies or smth and after all the kids have gone to sleep joke just sort of. Gently creeps up behind Bruce and coaxes him into a slow dance to old holiday music before bed
(Joker tries to dip Bruce and Bruce screams because he thinks J is gonna drop him) (he does but only bc Bruce is flailing)

Wisdom Teeth

1.      littlebreadstickmoose asked:

Can I get a samxreader fic where the reader just got her wisdom teeth out and she’s all happy on laughing gas and she tells Sam how hot he is and how she’s had a crush on him forever ect.

Word count :2048

Authors note : sorry its taking so long to post .I’m hoping to be posting more frequently .Thank you for all the support I can’t believe how much my blogs grown .I hope you enjoy I feel like I need to improve in my samxreader fics .What do you all think?







It was way too early to be up but you had the dentist appointment today .You slowly got out of bed you shut off the your alarm on your phone .you made your way to you’re the bathroom brushing your teeth mid-way you heard a knock on the door .You went to your door thinking it was way too early for this .Once you opened the door you saw the guy you’ve had a crush on since you met him no one other than the infamous Sam Winchester .You were shocked to see Sam he seemed way too happy for it to be too early.

    That’s not what shocked you the most though  .All he had on was a towel around the waist .He had just recently showered water was dripping from his hair .You got really nervous all of sudden it was hard enough to see him with clothes on now without them made it almost impossible to not just grab him and kiss him .You could clearly see how fit he was and it took everything to distract yourself so you just looked at his hazel eyes .It only made things worse because the sun from your window was hitting him right in the eyes causing his eyes to almost change color .what were you thinking so you looked lower to his upper chest only to see his peck flex .You had nowhere else to look but down only to see that all you were wearing was your underwear and a tight shirt  .You hid behind the door realizing that you were practically naked in front of Sam a little ashamed because man was Sam in good shape and you had always been shy about your body .You had to take control even though it was practically impossible .

“uhh hey Sam um what’s up.” you could tell Sam was acting a little weird to .I mean you two were standing practically naked in front of each other .

“uhh no I Just wanted to say to be ready in a half hour so were not late for the dentist .”

“Uhh I thought Dean was taking me.”

“Well how long did you think that was going to last he woke up half an hour earlier throwing me the keys saying that there’s no way in hell he was taking you this early and then he went back to bed .No way you’re getting him up either if he let me drive his precious baby that means he’s serious.”

“Wow I should have expected this.”

“Yeah I’ve always been the morning person anyways plus it’s no big Deal.”

“Sorry about this so I guess I should start to get ready.”

“Yeah me too ill wait for you in the car.”

“Ok Great thanks again Sam.”

He walked away and you closed your door .You thought to yourself I’m going to kill Dean .Now Sam gets to see me drugged saying stupid stuff and overly swollen cheeks wonderful .You started to get ready legging boots and you wanted to be comfy but there could be chance of blood and well you didn’t want to stain any of your shirts so you went to Deans room you put on a tank top then you headed to Deans room .You slammed the door open and walked in only to see Dean Wake up pointing a gun at you .

“What the hell Y/n .”

“That’s for not taking me and I’m taking your favorite shirt just so I don’t stain mine with blood. OH and I Our Deals off no homemade pies for a week.”

“Y/n I’m sorry it’s just I’m tired and I really don’t want to go to the dentist.”

You walked up to his bedside and grabbed him by the collar.

“Dean we had a Deal for god’s sake I was going to clean your weapons for a week and get pie yet you couldn’t wake up for a couple hours for my wisdom teeth removal. I’m mad and I will hold this against you .What’s nice is Sam’s doing this for free yet now he has to see me totally drugged and disgusting .You know why I needed this and now my nightmares coming true .”

You headed to his closet and grabbed his Army green shirt.

“y/n that’s my favorite one .I’m sorry but  If I’m totally honest I kind of wanted this to happen .i mean come on you’ve been in love with Sam forever being alone with him will help don’t you think . I kind of wanted to see how it was going to go .”

You looked at dean while you put his shirt over you tank top.

“I’m going to kill you when I’m no longer drugged and you’re going to find yourself a new best friend that helps you when you get drunk.”

“Y/n you can’t stay mad.”

You stormed out.

“Watch me.”

You headed to the car you saw Sam sitting in the driver’s seat .you smiled at him and he smiled back at you .Man his smile always made you feel better .you went up and sat in the passenger seat.

“So Dean told me where the dentist is are you ready?”

“Not really I’m ok with the whole surgery the dumb drug aftermath scares me .Can I just say now I’m sorry for everything I say.”

He laughed “Its ok I won’t judge you I’m a really bad drunk too.”

You both laughed.

“Man it feels good that we don’t have to listen to Deans singing and music.”

You laughed at Sam’s statement. You both laughed and talked on the way to the dentist .once you arrived you went up to the front desk with Sam they took you while Sam waited in the waiting room. Once the surgery was over you saw Sam walk in to the room he talked to your doctor .you had absolute no idea on what was going on and the cotton in your mouth felt weird.

“Hey Sammy “you got out of your chair and you went to hug him .you held on to him for a little too long you moved your hands on his back going a little too low at one point causing him stiffen .He was shocked to see you like this he didn’t know what to do .He didn’t know if it was the drugs or maybe you being honest .He couldn’t help but enjoy he liked you but he never thought you liked him back.

“Uhh y/n you ok?”

“Yeah just peachy I got a great feel.”

He laughed a little the doctor said

“Your girlfriends probably going to be like this for a while your either very lucky or not.”

You laughed “I wish I was his girlfriend I mean look at him and ive been in love with him since forever. He’s hot but no I can’t tell him doc though because then that’d be embarrassing so shhh lets keep it between us .”

The doctor laughed at your statement just by the fact that Sam was the one holding you up clearly being able to hear you .You yet oblivious to anything you were saying .Having no memory you of much of anything you looked up to see Sam.

“Oh hey Sam when did you get here shh doc don’t tell him.”

The doctor informed Sam of what he had to do .

“Ok so her cotton needs to be changed for the next half hour she has to eat soft food and she’s going to be weird for a while from the anesthetic.

“Doctor did you know me and Sam kill monsters for a living of course Sam looks a lot better doing it .”

“Ok I should take her home now.”

The doctor looked confused and a little shocked but laughed.

“Ok ghost busters you can both leave.”

You both walked out Sam helped you in the car.

“So y/n I know you’re drugged but do you really think I’m hot.”

You looked at him “You weren’t supposed to hear that shhh.”

He laughed “Ok then I’m Dean not Sam so tell me“

“No your Sam your hot Deans just goofy .You have the nice hazel eyes that make me like you even more every time I look at your eyes .Oh and the body I always check out when we go on hunts .I mean I’ve liked you since forever.” you giggled more you heard your stomach growl a little bit after “I’m kind of hungry Sam and for food not you for once  .”

“Let’s get Dean to buy you some ice cream then.”

“Yay ice cream I knew I liked you for your brains too.” He smiled at your statement.

“You have to change your cotton though.”

“Ok Sam anything for you.”

You slowly changed your cotton. Sam drove you to the bunker first. he didn’t want to leave you alone in a car for too long so he decided Dean could go get the ice cream while he took care of you at the bunker. .When you arrived Sam helped you to the couch .Dean came up to you

“ how’s it going druggy .”

“Hey you’re the guy I helped when a girl kicked you out in your underwear after having sex.”

“Y/n shut up”

It was too late though Sam heard you.

“Really Dean “

“I’m going to go get y/n her ice cream and we’re never talking about this again.”

Sam laughed “Oh we totally are.”

“Sam come sit with me I miss you.”

Dean looked at Sam shocked when he saw Sam smile more than usual when he went to grab a blanket to cover you and grabbed ice for your chipmunk cheeks.

“Sam what did she tell you.”

“She’s drugged Dean nothing she probably meant.”

Dean walked back up to you.

“Y/n did you tell Sam you liked him?”

‘No just the doctor shhh or he’ll know.”

“She told you didn’t she.”

“You knew “

“Yeah she got drunk one night I just can’t believe it happened like this.”

Sam looked like he got mad. ”You knew and you never told me for god’s sake I never thought I had a chance .you’re a jerk I told you I liked her and you knew and never told me or her.”

“Hey you both told me to stay quite so I did.”

You couldn’t control how you were feeling so you started to cry.

“Don’t fight please “you felt tears falling down your face.

They both turned around shocked .They both didn’t know what to do you never cried .sam took care of the situation.

“Y/n its ok we’re not mad Deans going to go get ice cream for you.”

You sniffled a little . ”Oh ok get my favorite Dean “

“I will “


“You started to get sleepy though but you didn’t want to sleep alone .

“Sam I’m tired .”

“Then let’s go to bed”

“Ok you went to your room your bleeding had stopped so you removed the gauze .Sam was right behind you helping you .You decided you didn’t want to sleep in your own room though so you walked out Sam was confused on what you were going to do .You stepped in his room and went to his closet you took off Deans shirt and your tank top and grabbed one of Sam’s you put it on while Sam was standing behind you .you slipped it on and smelled it .After you put it on you took off your boots then your pants and you went to Sam’s bed .you pulled Sam behind you .you both lied in bed he gave you more ice to put on .He lied down next to you and you put his hand around your waist .


“Yeah y/n?”

“I love you always have. “You giggled after

“Me too y/n “

“I Feel like a marshmallow man hehe.”

“You’re the cutest one I know y/n “

You couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re the hottest friendly giant I know too Sam.”

You started to fall asleep feeling Sam kiss you on your forehead .You fell asleep not knowing what was to come when you woke up.

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Fic: All Cats Dance

A present for foreverautumnblog! Since you sent several prompts, I did my best to roll them all up into one story because I’m a sucker for pain, apparently. For those interested the prompts were: dancing, realisation of feelings, touching, childhood friends, and non-traditional meeting before meeting them in person. Whew!

What follows is 6k of fluff, some of it literal. No warnings, other than for sugar.

When Eren was small, he discovered a miserable-looking kitten by the side of the road and took care of him for a while. The story behind the kitten and his owner was a sad one, and he’s heartbroken when both eventually disappear. All of which is totally unrelated to the fact that, years later, his mysterious new neighbour has started playing weird music on the roof of their apartment block every night.

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dude normally i would have absolutely no problem with these posts at all

but i keep seeing ones like these that are getting more and more general? 

and i’m getting sick of it.

like i saw one that said “why do white people wear shoes inside” kind of thing and let me tell you, where i live, doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, asian, or fucking technicolor, we do not wear shoes inside. even some of the rich of the rich don’t wear shoes inside, it’s too fucking hot to wear shoes inside. 

i don’t know, but most of these ‘white people’ posts seem more relevant to class then race. like wearing shoes inside, eating dinner early, “multigrain” bread, whatever other white people posts, i associate with rich people rather than just white people as a whole kind of thing. 

yo middle class and lower don’t even bother with that bullshit. 

and the point is these jokes are just becoming tired and desperate and i would usually hope, like most stupid tumblr jokes, it will die out- but seeing as its tied in with social justice on this website (aka, “white tears” or w/e) i don’t have high hopes for it dying anytime soon.