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neil and andrew’s first kiss is so important

it’s andrew giving in to an impulse he’s been fighting off because he knows deep down kissing neil would not be anything like kissing roland. because he cares about neil and he hates it but he knows that there’s no turning back now

it’s neil figuring out that he really does want this but still unsure if it’s worth the risk

it’s andrew saying ‘tell me no’ and neil not saying anything because he’s kind of in the middle of a crisis and he wants to kiss andrew, he doesn’t want to say ‘no’ but he can’t say ‘yes’ yet either

and it’s andrew pushing neil away even though he doesn’t tell him ‘no’ because he didn’t say ‘yes’ either and he knows that even if he had neil isn’t in any state of mind to be able to give consent

that kiss on the roof is the start of everything and andrew is terrified of falling but he’s really too late to stop it 


if your feelings are still what they were last april, tell me so at once. my affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.

For @twenties-sweetheart, Parker/Hardison in A3. Thank you for prompting me! Someone hire me to design wacky but in-character iconoclastic T-shirts for fictional characters.


shades of byun baekhyun

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At a party Raven notices that Speedy is following her and when he does pass by her he "accidentally" touches her butt

Roy had been following her from room to room all night, and she would have to be completely oblivious to not notice the way the corner of his lips curled up into that practically wicked smile. She growled under her breath and walked away, feeling his emotions push at her again as he chased her into the kitchen.

Raven whipped around and glared as he entered the space, his smirk falling from his mouth as he realized what kind of trouble he’d just gotten himself in. She watched him swallow nervously and shift his weight from foot to foot, still trying to smile that smile that made all his other female friends swoon. Raven wasn’t buying it.

“Care to tell me exactly what you’re doing?”

“Would you believe-”

“No.” Raven raised an eyebrow. “You’ve been following me all night, giving me side-eye and trying to get me to dance, Roy… I don’t dance.” She huffed out an annoyed breath and continued to stare at him. “So what exactly are you doing?”

His look of fear transformed into a strange sort of reserved nonchalance and he smiled again. “Just admiring the view.”

Her eyebrows knitted together. “What?”

Without warning, he reached out and grabbed a handful of her ass, dragging her tightly against his body. Raven’s nose flared and she glared at him. “Harper, you have two seconds to remove your hand or I remove your head.”

His smirk widened. “That’s not what you said last night…”

Raven just blushed.


What was your first impression of him?

I guess I fell in love at first sight. ‘Jesus, this must be fate…’, I thought.

New York New York by Ragawa Marimo

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