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“Show me instead." 

i say this every time, but seriously… read @tyranttortoise‘s Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady. this latest chapter is one of only innumerable reasons why it is forever in my top favorite fics, period.

… and talk about seeing fireworks with a kiss. <333 honestly red is my eternal weakness, and i’m not even mad about it.


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VLDWhumpas Day 11: Pneumonia

I’m literally struggling to keep my eyes open, but there will be a Day 11!


Post-College AU– Pre-Klance 

“Dear Guy from Apt. 3-B, 

It appears you’re sick.”

Lance pauses– pen hovering over the word sick. If anything, ‘sick’ is the understatement of the century, if the coughing alone is anything to go by. 

It started a week ago– that much Lance can remember. He bumped into the guy in the hall, and boy, did he look rough. Lance never caught a name– not when he was too busy practically gaping at the flushed cheeks glowing a deep red against pale, almost ashen, skin or the slick sheen of sweat coating sunken features. He only managed out a weak “uh, you okay?” before the guy shrugged with a harsh cough and sidestepped around to get to the stairs. 

The days to follow were rough; Lance just barely caught sight of the guy slipping out of the apartment complex in a leather jacket– long, unruly hair pulled back against the sharp winter breeze. It was at the same time everyday; they always just missed each other, with Lance returning the apartment building as his neighbor left, but Lance still saw the guy stalking down the snow-covered sidewalk with hunched shoulders and a popped jacket collar. 

While they never came face-to-face, Lance could hear every hacking cough. He could hear every groan of discomfort, every stumble to the bathroom for a glass of water. He could hear it all, and frankly, he was worried, even if he didn’t really know the guy. 

He meant to mind his own business– it’s something Hunk has been berating him about for years, but last night… Last night was, well, quite scary actually. There was more coughing then there was silence, and at one point, Lance was sure he heard the dull thump of a fall, followed by more barking coughs that left Lance wincing while remaining wide awake– just in case. 

After that, he knew he had to do something, so he figured a note– it’s not too pushy but still enough to let the guy know he’s here. 

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