hope it's not hideous!


It’s weird, isn’t it? I’m from Mars, you’re from Venus. I do things, you worry about them. I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.


First nakama and first ally…?

I don’t know I literally just wanted to draw these three together

Fairy Tail Chapter 444: “Emperor Spriggan” Review

I’m back!

Juvia Cover: (SHIP!!)

Everyone is getting safely on the boat:

Natsu and Wendy are sick again:

Cute Lucy and Natsu moment:

Everyone is teleported underwater:

The temple becomes a Submarine: (Natsu and Wendy get sick)

Enter Sorano the Spy:

Everyone’s reactions: (Gray being naked)

Sorano and Lucy: 

They move to Makarov!:

OMG It’s Makarov with a beard:

The King is returning: (Let’s met this guy already!)


Chapter 445: “Hideous Fairy”:

Overall Chapter:

I hope you enjoyed the review and chapter