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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

You know what would be a great thing to happen in 2017? Season 2 of Class.

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Puts hand over eyes from behind guess who for dianakko if you are still accepting prompts

“Guess who ?”

Diana smiled. Even though a pair of hands covered her eyes, it was easy to tell who was behind her, probably displaying a huge, bright grin, waiting for the blonde to give her answer.

“Hmmm… This voice reminds me of someone… Someone who has a bad habit of sleeping in and arriving late in class or, even worse, to a date with her girlfriend.”

Diana muffled a laugh, having no trouble imagining the girl behind her pouting before yelling :

“Hey ! I’m not late this time !”

Diana couldn’t keep her laughter in any longer and started to giggle, turning around in her girlfriends’ arms and tiptoeing to lightly kiss the girl’s pouting lips. The brunette relaxed almost immediately and put her arms around the other witch’s waist to bring her closer and deepen the kiss. When the two girls parted, they were panting slightly, but their eyes sparkled just like the first time they confessed their feelings to each other.

Sighing contentedly, Diana hugged her girlfriend tightly and rested her head on Akko’s chest. During the first months of their relationship, Akko still was the smaller one of the couple and used to do this all the time, but since the summer vacations of their second year, the Japanese girl had grown to be taller than her girlfriend and now, Diana was the one to enjoy the softness and warmth of her lover’s chest.

Akko returned the hug, kissing her girlfriend’s temple before nuzzling her cheek. She had waited a whole week to be able to hold Diana like this, there was no way she wouldn’t enjoy every second of the embrace to the fullest. Their final exams before spring vacations were only a month away, so it became difficult for the two lovers to spend time alone since they did everything, even their homeworks, with their friends. It allowed the nine witches to get better faster than they usually would, but it also meant a total lack of privacy. So Akko decided to ask Diana out on a date, before the desire to kiss and hug her girlfriend drove her crazy.

The two girls stood there, in the cold air, for a while, but neither of them shivered, their shared warmth being enough to make them feel comfortable despite being in february. After a few minutes, they pulled away, just enough to share a look and a smile. They leaned in for a quick kiss before letting go of each other.

“So, asked Diana, how does a breakfast at Billy’s sound ?

- Fantastic ! Oh, I saw there’s an exposition of this artist you like near the square. Wanna go see it when we’re done eating ?

- I would love it.

- It’s settled then !”

Akko beamed at her girlfriend before taking her hand and leading her to their first destination. Diana followed with a smile of her own, squeezing lightly the brunette’s hand. Each and every day was full of excitement as long as Akko was there and the blonde was determined to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

30 Days of Rhett and Link: Day 1: Favorite Episode

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Oh boy, I definitely can’t pick a single favorite episode, I don’t think. But my top 5, in no particular order, are probably…

(Keep in mind this is only counting the main episodes. If I included More episodes, they’d be the only ones on the list lol)

1) Face Morphing Experiment

I really like experiment-type episodes, and this one is super interesting- and super Rhinky. I mean, they stare into each other’s eyes in low lighting for like half the video. Come on. And the experiment actually works! 

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2) Feel & Squeal Challenge ft. Hank Green

The speed round at the end of this one is the best. They’re hilarious together and Hank is freakishly good at it! 

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 3) Wal-Mart Taste Test: The Game

This is an oldie but SUCH a goodie. For some reason Rhett adding all the ingredients to the blender at the end gets. me. every. time. 

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 4) 5 Weird Ways to Start a Fire

I mean, obviously. WHAT THE CRAP, GUYS?!?!?! WHAT THE CRAP!!???!!! 

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 5) New Slang You Should Know (GAME)


Did someone say lowkey dads? I love the ridiculous explanations Rhett comes up with, and to be honest they just look really good in this ep. (The More for this one is also one of my favorites)

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I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know what you think of these eps and if we have any of the same favorites!

I have a full list of favorites here, which also includes my favorite GMMore episodes:


hurricane || mulan! shidge au

and there’s a storm you’re starting now 
and there’s a storm you’re starting

Summary: Five years ago, humanity found itself at war with an adversary it never could’ve prepared for: the Galra Empire. Lives were lost, blood was shed and while alliances were formed with the inter-system Galra Rebellion, even the smallest victory came with a price.

For Lieutenant Colonel Takashi Shirogane, that meant sacrificing his own team and losing an arm in the process.

For Katie Holt, it was her brother Matt returning home critically injured from a suicide mission and their father being presumed dead despite Matt’s insistence that he was still alive.  

For the rest of the world, a mandate that required one able-bodied person, preferably male, from each household to enlist in the Galaxy Garrison to join the battle and serve the Rebellion.

Determined to find her father and avenge her brother, Katie makes the decision of the lifetime: take Matt’s place in the Garrison posing as the youngest Holt son Pidge Gunderson-Holt, and hopefully reach into the ranks high enough to be sent off on a rescue mission.  

It seemed simple enough.

Never before had she been more wrong.

so this is still just the summary but i really wanted to share this with all of you as a holiday gift. i’m currently still drafting out the whole story and doing a little world building and idea vomiting, but i really do intend to post the first chapter before my holiday break ends in january. 

also title and lyrics are from hurricane by halsey. and yes, chapters will be inspired by halsey songs and lyrics coz i’m halsey trash

happy holidays everyone and merry shidgemas!