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”but it felt like,,,nozomi chan wanted me to do this~”


💕🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @katakurii !!  🎉💕 hope you’re having a good one, i’m keeping up the tradition of drawing you egoraka at the very last minute

idk why egor allowed akabayashi to handle a sharp object Very Close to his face but seems like he did a good job, look at him proudly admiring the super smooth fruit of his labor ✨

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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Be my valentine?

parring: Draco Malfoy x reader

request: can i please have a draco malfoy imagine where the reader is Harry’s (twin??) sister but was placed in slytherin.  maybe hate each other at first and then like each other?

requested by: @imagineall-thefandoms


A/n: I didn’t make any valentine imagines so I did this one hope its good? it’s my first Draco fic. Feedback appreciated! enjoy!

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You sat by yourself in one of the booths in the Hogwarts express, after you said your goodbye’s to the Weasley’s.

The Weasley’s were like Family to you and your twin brother Harry.
You closed your eyes, trying to get some sleep before you arrived at Hogwarts.

You heard the door of your cabin open and someone walked in. You opened your eyes and saw your best friend Hermione, she put her luggage on top of her seat with a huff.

“Oh hi there Y/n, did I wake you?” You smiled and shook your head. “Where are the boy’s?” You asked looking out of the window.
“Boys? I thought they were with you?” She pointed at the luggage that was placed on top of your seat.

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sounds of thedas: FERELDEN

the people are proud and rough, the forests deep, the fields wide. the very hills themselves torn by war, both civil and foreign, and even in summer the night’s chill can only be chased away by a warm fire. but to many this country is home, and they will do anything to defend it.

featuring tracks from clash of the titans, robin hood, stardust, ori and the blind forest, how to train your dragon, the eagle, & dragon age: inquisition


ACOWAR and Last Names

Okay so this has been going around a lot, for good reason. I have a few theories and ideas that will be explained below the break as to why SJM chose to leave them out (other than not having any picked for them yet), save for Lucien’s. And because there will obviously be spoilers, read more

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Stitch stimboard! 


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Superhero Soulmates AU

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

Superman ✧ Physical Empathy Link ✧12345
Flash ✧ Tracker ✧123
Red Hood ✧ Timer 12
Batman Subconscious Link ✧1

Physical empathy link 
     You don’t feel their pain but your body wears your soulmate’s wounds and scars. You heal when your soulmate heals, but your soulmate heals only if you heal.

Emotional empathy link
    You feel what they feel.

    There’s a countdown for when you’ll meet your soulmate.

     There’s a measurement for how far/close your soulmate is.

Mortality Link
      When you’re 18 you only continue to age once you meet your soulmate. Some heroes and villains take advantage of this opportunity for immortality.

Subconscious link
    You and your soulmate share the same dreams lucidly.

Conscious link
    You and your soulmate have an involuntary telepathic connection.

Double vision
     Your right eye sees what your soulmate sees. In this special case eye-patches are worn to prevent double vision. Some people cover their left eye and watch the world through their soulmate’s eyes.

Identical birthmark
     You have the same birthmark.

Memory link
     Your past memories change to include your soul mate in your happiest moments, as if they’ve always been there, up until the moment you finally meet your soulmate.

Other Half
     A small memento broken in half is found in the blanket you’re wrapped in as a newborn child, and the other half belongs to your soulmate. Losing this memento will rid your chances of finding your soulmate. There have been rumors that criminals steal mementos and sell them in the black market, altering fate.

Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Title: Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Requested by: fuckyeahhyugiohyaoi

Genre: Friendship/fluff/humor

Rated: General

Words: 2.937 (I got carried away, sorry haha)

Note: Not beta’d.

Note2: Following this post, so read it first, please >D


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Takao is a reliable guy and Satsuki is a smart girl

#evil masters strike again

I got an email today.

(I already knew this because I was notified a few weeks ago but it’s something else to get the nice letterhead email with official looking layout and footers and whatnot.)

Buy the book when it comes out. It’s for charity.