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HI RI and others! <3 i hope it's okay to send a request! i don't /think/ you guys have done this before but ? ?? i sincerely apologize if i missed it. BUT it's actually my birthday today, so maybe some super fluffy HCs/scenarios/what have you for MC's birthday? ;w; just w/e RFA would do for it, be it a party or quiet day in. you don't have to do everyone if you can't/don't wanna, honestly as long as seven is involved i'm happy! thank you guys so much for your amazing work<333

omg vesp you know i’m weak for you bab ;^; I received your request at like, midnight, but I tried my best!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I adore your art and you’re always so sweet (and oops I just realized I still haven’t replied from weeks ago I’m bad at that aAAH) AND I’M SO SAD I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOUR BDAY SOONER ;v; I’m also so damn honoured you’d request here ;v;

Oooooh Happy Birthday! Dropping in to collab because I wanted to give you birthday wishes as well. I would offer fried chicken and beer, but that’s out of the question atm. Tehe~
I hope you got to spend a really happy birthday! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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A Birthday Date - 707 x MC [Fluff]



MC : Guys? Are you there…?
Yoosung : Oh, hi MC! I just logged out of LOLOL to check the chat room for a bit. What’s up?
Jumin Han : Good evening, MC. Did you need anything?
MC : Ah, well, I was just wondering if any of you are free tomorrow?
Jaehee Kang : Hello, MC. Mr. Han has a full schedule, while I might be working till late into the night.
Jumin Han : But if it’s urgent, I can always have Assistant Kang clear my appointments in the afternoon.
Jaehee Kang : (╬ Ò﹏Ó) Mr. Han!
MC : Oh no, Jumin, it’s fine, you don’t need to do something that extreme ;;;;
ZEN : Hey~ Mmmm I have a rehearsal in the morning, but I don’t know if my manager has anything planned for the afternoon. Is there an occasion tomorrow?
Yoosung : I’d love to accompany you, but classes go on until 7pm tomorrow. Oh! Could it be your birthday?
MC : ….. yes. (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
ZEN : Happy Birthday, MC! (◕‿◕)♡
Jumin Han : It’s in my calendar, but I seemed to have missed it. I’m sorry, MC. And Happy Birthday. (♡˙︶˙♡)
ZEN : LIES. You totally don’t have it written down, Trustfund kid! (#`Д´)
Jumin Han : I do, you can even ask Jaehee.
Jaehee Kang : ;;;;;;;
V : Hello. Happy Birthday, MC. I’m quite busy as well, but if you want to celebrate, I could make time for you. (´• ω •`)
MC : You don’t have to, if you guys are really busy though! Your greetings are enough for me. I mean, we can always celebrate for another day, right?
Jumin Han : But wouldn’t it be less special if it’s not on the day itself?
V : That’s true.
MC : But I don’t really want to bother, so… also, it’s so sudden, so it’s okay! ;;;;
Jaehee Kang : Oh, MC. I would like to spend the day with you as well if I could… but as it is, I could only also wish you a happy birthday.
Yoosung : Seven’s not around, but have you tried asking him yet?
MC : He might be busy. He’s not answering calls atm. Oh, but it’s getting late, I don’t to keep everyone up! Good night!
Yoosung : Good night, MC!!
ZEN : Sleep well, jagi~
Jumin Han : Good night.
V : Night.
Jaehee Kang : Good night, MC. Don’t stay up too late. :)

You hadn’t expected to be woken up on your birthday so early in the morning on a summer day, let alone by your doorbell… Who could it possibly be, anyway?

Still a bit grouchy and dazed from sleep, you lazily headed to the front door and was surprised to find Seven outside your door with a bouquet of roses and a sleek box in hand. He was dressed casually, unlike the last time you had seen him at the RFA party where he wore a suit. His red hair was slicked to the side neatly, a silver earring sparkling on his exposed ear, and a boyish grin was stretched across his lips.

“Happy birthday,” he greeted you, his gaze gentle for a moment before taking in your appearance. A chuckle escaped his lips. “You look like you just rolled out of bed.”

“I just woke up!” you admitted with a light blush on your cheeks. You reached out to take the bouquet from his hands, smiling slightly. You hadn’t received many bouquets in your life… You took a whiff of the roses’ scent… only to realize it was made of candy!

“I figured you could still eat it, in case you weren’t a fan of flowers,” he explained when he noticed you stare at the roses. Seven handed you the box as well. He winked as he said, “Hurry up and get ready for our date!”

You stared at him questioningly, a bit confused. Rather, how did he know it was your birthday anyway? He hadn’t spoken up last night on the chatroom… Then, it dawned on you that he worked in the hacking profession, after all. Your smile widened as you thought of how sweet it was, for Seven to drop by in the morning just to take you out. You were already happy enough that one person remembered… and even more pleased that it was Seven, of all people.

He waited patiently in the living room as you tried to rush through your morning routine, not wanting to take too long. When you opened the box, you found a cute, black satin dress inside, and you realized it was meant for you to wear today.

You quickly slipped into it, slightly worried if it wouldn’t match you, but when you checked yourself out in the mirror, you felt more than satisfied with what your reflection showed. Damn. Who knew Seven had an eye for picking dresses? (Oh my god, but of course, he does cosplay, after all…)

You practically twirled out of the bathroom, eyes shining as you showed off the dress. You were beaming as you thanked him, “It fits me perfectly! Thank you so much for my birthday present!”

Seven stuck out his tongue playfully. “That’s not your present, silly. I’ll give it to you at the end of our date today, okay?”

He held out his hand, gesturing for you to take it, and then led you out the door. A blush rose to your cheeks. He’d said it again. He was calling it a ‘date.’

Actually, the two of you weren’t going out. At the same time, Seven often made jokes about these things, too… You didn’t know if you should get your hopes up or not. As far as you were aware, you had a one-sided, small crush on Seven. Ahem, emphasis on SMALL… After all. But you didn’t know if he felt the same, even though there were so many instances that it seemed like he liked you back…

“Are you okay with me taking you out today?” Seven asked you as he guided you to his car.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well… you might have wanted to spend the day with other friends. And everyone else in the RFA is busy today… S-sorry that it’s only me.”

“I’m happy that I can spend my birthday with you,” you admitted quietly, then put on your seatbelt as he started driving. He didn’t comment on your response.

Gazing out the window, you took in the scenery. It was the usual city scape, but it wasn’t too sunny, with clouds lazily rolling across the azure sky.

“So, where are we going?“

“I was thinking of taking you to an amusement park first, but do you want to go anywhere? I’m up for ideas,“ he glances slightly, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he beamed at you.

“Seven, you do know that I’m wearing a dress, right?“

“Oh, don’t worry about that. There’s a cap and a denim jacket that’s big enough that you won’t get too hot,“ he tries to reach for said items with one hand on the wheel, but you stop him when he swerves just before you almost collided with an oncoming vehicle.

“I-I’ll get it, just please, focus on driving!!!“

“Ahaha, alright, alright.“

Your first destination was a trendy cafe that was well known for its artsy cakes and tasty breakfast sets. The shop interior had a cute but homey vibe to it, cream-colored walls painted with sunflowers, while the glass panels were decorated with yet more flower doodles. It also featured a teak wood flooring, and a vase of summer flowers adorned each table.

“Wait here,“ he says as he leads you to a seat by the window, in which you decide to watch the people outside as Seven orders your food.

He returns after a while, slipping a strawberry frappucino and a cake in front of you. The cake was the size of a cupcake; it had a blue to purplish mirror sheen to it, a sprinkling of edible silver glitter, while three yellow candy stars and chocolate bark graced the top of the confection.

“Seven, this… this…!“

“… is not your present. It’s brunch cake, so eat up!“

“Brunch cake? You’re feeding me cake for brunch?“

“Why not? It IS your birthday.“

“For real?“

“Nah. I ordered something else, but they’re bringing it after a bit,“ placing his hands under his chin, he avidly watches your reaction as you go from awestruck to confused, to wanting to just stare at it.

“Can I at least take a picture first?“

“Go ahead~“

The food arrives after a few minutes, and the two of you bond over a conversation about common interests, with him making exaggerated gestures, making you laugh at his antics. Brunch had gone longer as expected, but it never seemed as if it did.

Not soon after, you arrive at the amusement park, with you making a beeline for the roller coasters and other attractions, skipping the horror house despite him trying to convince you to enter it.

There were times when either of you would unconsciously touch each other; an arm around your shoulders, you clinging onto one of his arms, handholding… it just felt natural.

You stayed on until the theme park’s stage performance and parade, singing along to songs that you knew the lyrics to, and then making up weird lyrics on the ones you weren’t familiar with.

There was a fireworks display at the end, and you just couldn’t help but look in wonder as they bloomed brightly under the night sky. You’ve seen countless displays like these your whole life, but it was the first time that you watched it alone with someone you liked.

Seven watched you as your eyes shone in amusement, memorizing each and every expression that crossed your face. He had come close to confessing to you many times throughout the day, but he held back, knowing that today was all about you having fun on your birthday.

The confession could wait for another time.

“Hey. You want to see something cool?” Seven asked, one corner of his lips quirked upward as he side-glanced at you while driving.

He didn’t actually wait for you to respond before he pressed a button, and a screen in the car roof slid aside, revealing the stars glimmering in the night sky. That was surprising– it was summer, and it was rare for stars to be so bright at this time of the year.

“On our next outing… we could go stargazing, if you want to,” he murmured softly, the tips of his ears red. He was blushing, and he sounded almost insecure as he’d asked you that– did he think you didn’t like him? Was he really that oblivious?

You stopped looking up at the stars, instead leaning closer towards Seven. “I’d love to,” you replied, making sure he caught your gaze. You resisted the urge to also say, because I love you.

The car slowed to a stop, and you turned your attention outside to take in your surroundings. The… beach? At this time of day?

Nobody was around… Not to mention the fact it was a private beach.

“Um, Seven… I don’t know if I want to be breaking laws on my birthday by trespassing a private beach,” you brought up to him, nervous.

He looked at you like you were crazy, and threw his head back in laughter. “Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t make you do that, not tonight, at least,” he winked, “Do you trust me?”

You nodded without hesitation. No matter how casual and joking he acted, you knew he was a serious man with good morals in the end.

He pulled out a blindfold from the backseat, then held it towards you, indicating for you to wrap it around your eyes. Once he made sure that you couldn’t peek out from the blindfold, he turned off the car engine, got off the car and walked over to your side to help you out.

Although you trusted Seven, you were still a bit scared because you couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. “S-Seven…?”

You heard him chuckle, “Shh, just trust me.”

You felt yourself walking onto the beach sand as your shoes sunk in with each step, and the distant sound of waves rolling ashore made its way to your ears. Seven suddenly stopped in his tracks and moved behind you, untying your blindfold which slipped away as– BOOM!

An involuntary gasp escaped your lips as the noise startled you, and your eyes raised to the shining fireworks overhead which spelled: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Five figures splashed in the water, jumping out from hiding, revealing Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, Zen and V. They were soaked, but had huge grins plastered on their faces as they waved to you, screaming “happy birthday!!” and “you’re getting old, MC!”

They walked over to you, and Seven threw towels at them, with Yoosung complaining to him that he was freezing because you guys took too long to arrive.

“I-I thought you said you were busy?” you stammered, feeling touched that they had organized all this. (You were sure that those fireworks must have been expensive AND difficult to set up… )

“We’re never too busy for you, jagi~” Zen chirped, grabbing a gift bag from the sand. “I hope you like your present!”

You accepted it with a smile, and peeked inside the bag. “What is it?”

“I got you a blanket! Ahaha, I know it’s not much, but you’re always complaining about having stiff shoulders since you’re so busy…”

Yoosung pushed Zen aside with a huge rabbit plush toy in his hands. “Well, I got you something cute,” he bragged. “Although, it’s not as cute as you, of course!”

Zen clicked his tongue at the younger boy, annoyed with his interruption.

“Behave! It’s MC’s birthday,” Jaehee scolded them, huffing. She turned to you with a pleasant smile, softly saying, “Happy birthday, MC.”

She handed you a carefully wrapped present.

“It’s a planner that doubles as as sketchpad,” she explained, “so you can jot down your ideas whenever and wherever you are.”

You thanked her, and then Jumin walked closer, grabbing your attention with the bag in his hands. You recognized the brand immediately, and your eyes widened, knowing it would be pricy.

“I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at my private beachhouse. The others worked hard to keep it a surprise. Anyway, I got you a pair of red stilettos. It’s not much, but I do believe in the saying that great shoes will take you to great places. And of course, I only want the best for you.” He smiled warmly, handing you the bag.

You turned to V expectantly, who had a self-satisfied grin on his face.

“Look!! Isn’t it so cute~?” he said, excitedly holding out a cactus with multiple buds in a cute pot.

You didn’t actually know what to do with the cactus, but you thanked him anyway… It was a very V-like gift.

“I’ll start preparing the food!” Yoosung suddenly exclaimed, running off to the car.

Jaehee and Jumin offered to help, while Zen and V began setting up tables and seats.

Seven tapped you lightly on the shoulder, the moonlight shining down on his rouge locks. The dark of night made the atmosphere intimate between the two of you, and you felt your cheeks heating up as you kept staring at his face, admiring his long eyelashes and piercing eyes.

“I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, have you?” he teased, raising an eyebrow.

You shook your head, not trusting your voice to answer him.

He reached behind his back and held out a small box, and for a moment you wondered if he would propose, but you reminded yourself you weren’t even in a relationship and mentally punched yourself for even considering it.

You slowly opened the box, which revealed a sterling silver necklace with a winged moon pendant. You glanced up at Seven, who was staring intently at you for your reaction, and you quickly looked away, feeling embarrassed by his gaze.

He noticed the way you averted your eyes, and he laughed quietly in amusement. His fingers made their way under your chin, tilting your head upwards so you were forced to look him in the eyes.

“For my final birthday present to you… would you mind if I gave you a kiss?” he whispered.

You felt your eyes flutter shut in anticipation, and his face drew near your own… It shocked you a bit when his lips brushed softly past yours, and you expected more so you leaned in further, only to be met with the feeling of air.

Opening your eyes in confusion, you noticed how Seven was smiling mischievously again.

“Now now, MC, not when the kids are here~”

You remembered that you were in front of everyone in the RFA, and immediately backed away from the redhead, your cheeks redder than his hair. As you tried to escape him by moving closer to the others, his hand caught your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.

He moved past you, murmuring softly in your ear, “Let’s continue on our next date, okay?”

He cast a meaningful gaze as he jogged over to the others, leaving you to stand there on your own, a big smile spreading across your face. ‘Next date,’ he had said. Seven had basically confirmed that he liked you, and that filled you with a relief like no other.

You had received a lot of gifts today, but this simple fact was a much better birthday present than all of them combined.

Hey, Jealousy

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Hey, Jealousy- Auston Matthews 

Description: Moving to Toronto to work for the Maple Leafs was terrifying- until you landed Auston Matthews as a boyfriend. Your first fight with Auston is about jealousy- he’s jealous of your male best friend. You decide to elicit some jealousy yourself, by wearing William Nylander’s jersey and flirting relentlessly

Warnings: SMUTTTT, swearing, fighting

Word Count: 2,531

Author’s Note: Y’ALL it’s my first but certainly not last Auston Matthews smut! I had so much fun writing this. I don’t have any more specific players in mind for my next story, so PLEASE send me requests! I hope you guys love it, leave me feedback if you’d like! 

6 months ago:


This was it; you were giving up your normal life in a small town to make it big in Toronto. You had dropped everything to work in the front office for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a job you were dreaming of since you were a kid. You always watched hockey with your parents and brothers growing up and the Maple Leafs were your #1. Upon joining the team, you got to meet everyone, including all of the players. You were the youngest staff member in team history (which was super intimidating on its own) and you were all alone in the big city.

When you met all the players, everyone was impossibly nice and supportive. A few of them even said it was “badass” that such a young person was part of the staff. A handful of players stuck around and offered to show you around the city, since it was still offseason. Mostly the younger ones. But it was Auston Matthews who immediately caught your eye. He was hot as fuck, not in an obvious way, and his body was bangin. You could’ve sworn you saw him staring at you a few times, and then looking away whenever you caught him. All the guys were flirting with you that night but he was so sweet with you, pointing out all of his favorite landmarks and telling you stories of the team and memories him and his family have made here since he got drafted. You two just naturally clicked in a way that you had never felt before.

At the end of the night, the team had said their goodbyes, but Auston stayed behind to walk you to your door and say good night. He also asked you to go on a date with him and see where it went. You weren’t supposed to get involved with anyone you worked with, but you thought ‘fuck it’ and said yes.

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I meant to make this post when my blog turned 1 but I just made a little post saying thank you to some mutuals so I wanted to do one for every blog I follow and that makes this site from hell actually fun, it took me 2 months but it’s finally here. I’m really lazy and this was a lot of work but I did it!! I’m really thankful that I met such wonderful people and that you guys actually put up with this mess of a blog and me lol. If your url is bolded it means we’re mutuals and i love you very much!! We might not talk much or at all but I want you to know that I appreciate all of you, I’m just bad at talking to people and keeping conversation sometimes. Even if we’re not mutuals I want to thank you for having great blogs and always bringing nice and positive things to my dash. This is kind of a follow forever for my sideblog too I guess ( @jeoninluv ) This is the second part because tumblr didn’t let me do it all in one

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Reflex [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can you do either 13 or 15 with the batboys please and also congratulations, your an amazing person and I love you. Keep up the amazing work love!”

A/n: Okay so this is another one of the drabbles from my 1,400 milestone that turned into a real fic. I don’t know if this will happen with all of them. It just depends on what my brain comes up with. I hope you guys all enjoy this!!

13. “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!”
15. “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”


It felt strange and wrong, you didn’t know why you were doing it back. Realizing what was happening you quickly pushed him away from you. “Dick what the hell?!” You yelled, still feeling the sensation of his lips on yours. Dick looked taken aback, he’s had feelings for you since before you were dating Jason. Though he was too late to ask you out fore you had already fallen for his brother.

“I-I don’t know. I just…” The kiss fresh in his mind he remembered how you kissed back. “You.. You kissed me back.” He stared at you. “What? No I didn’t! I’m with Jason why’d you kiss me?!” Quickly changing the subject back to him.

“I-I’ve had feelings for you for a long time and I guess I just couldn’t stop myself. It’s just when you called me saying you were lonely…” He explained as you listened. “I’m lonely because Jason, my boyfriend - your brother, has been away on a mission. That doesn’t make it okay for you to do that!” You we’re so confused, Dick is your friend. But now learning all this and for him to do that. It had your mind in a tizzy.

Dick took a deep breath, “But you did kiss me back. You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” He was just as confused, you kissing back gave him hope, false hope. “I.. I don’t know why I did, it was reflex I guess. I’m so used to kissing Jason it just happened. I don’t have those kind of feelings for you Dick… I-I think you should leave.” Avoiding his eyes you gestured to the door. He heaved a sigh, sadness in his entire aura. “Okay” he sighed before turning to the door.

Though before he left you called to him. “And Dick.” He stopped, “please don’t tell Jason about this.” He could hear your voice break slightly. “I won’t.” he responded before exiting the apartment.

Rubbing your face you sat down on the couch, holding your head in your hands. “How did that happen?” Pinching the bridge of your nose to hold back tears. “What am I going to tell Jason? He just got on better terms with his family, this would ruin all of that.” Whispering to yourself before growling as you fell back on the couch. Staring up at the ceiling you came to a conclusion, “I guess I just can’t tell him. I can’t risk his relationship with his family.”

When Jason came home from his mission, it didn’t take him long to notice something off about you. You would shy away from him when he tried to kiss you. You wouldn’t engage him like you used too. It was odd. It seemed like you lost your spunk and always had something clouding your mind.

He tried to bring it up multiple times to get you to talk, but you evaded him every time. Though this time he was getting his answers. You had tried to evade him again, but that just led to your current situation.

Jason was laying on top of you, having you pinned to the couch. “I’m not letting you up until you tell me what’s wrong.” You struggled against him more, trying to push him off, but to no avail. “Jason Peter Todd you are about to be very single if you do not get off me.”

Jason only pinned you down more. “[F/n], I’m serious.” You looked him in the eyes, “So am I Jason. Get off!” Growling at him, though he didn’t move an inch as you tried to struggle against him more.

“Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.” His tone was stern. You were growing more frustrated, looking up at him. Why’d he have to be so damn strong? “I don’t want to talk about it Jay.” Finally you stopped fighting him. Visibly upset now. Seeing this he crawled off you and pulled you into a hug. “You can tell me anything doll.”

“But you’ll be mad.” Muttering into his jacket, holding him tightly. He sighed while holding you, “I promise not to be mad.” He pulled back to meet your eyes, cupping your face in one of his hands. You sniffled and wiped your eyes, “Dick, he… When you were gone, I got lonely and asked him to come over. I guess he got the wrong idea because he… He kissed me. And I don’t know why, I guess it was just reflex because I’m so used to kissing you, I kissed him back. I thought you’d think I was cheating or didn’t love you if I told you.”

Jason visibly tensed, you could basically hear the anger begin to boil in his chest. “He did what?!” His teeth clenched as he growled. “You promised not to get mad.” You took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Looking up into your eyes, he took a deep breath. “I-I’m not mad at you. I trust you and I know you’d never cheat on me. I just… Dick knows we’re together, that we’re in love, so why would he even think about it?”

Your thumb ran over his knuckles, “Don’t blame him. I should’ve shut down any sort of advances. I guess I just didn’t realize them because we’re friends. I’m sorry Jay.” He let go of your hand and cupped your face in his. “You don’t have to apologize.” Whispering before kissing your forehead. “I’ll talk to him about boundaries and everything later.”

Nodding you turned your head to kiss his palm. “Just promise me you’ll try and work it out. You just got back on good terms with Bruce and everyone. I don’t want to be the reason you broke away from them again.”

He sighed and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips. “I promise, doll.”

Thank you for allowing me to take the time I needed at the end of last year to step away from all the craziness. I’ll admit, I was worried that people would get upset with me. But what I saw was that instead of getting upset, literally every single one of you wrapped your arms around me and showed me how unwavering your love and support is. I’m so happy that I was able to come back to writing music more energized and inspired than ever, and to be able to give my all and more, to this new chapter. Sorry Not Sorry is the first of many songs that I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear all of them. I hope this song makes you get off your seat and dance like you never have before. This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a fucking savage!!!  

electrostatic potential (30/?)

ten/rose. adult this ch.
another one down guys! more notes on ao3. thanks a million to amber for the literal HOURS of her time she dedicated to helping me with this and making it better.
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
this chapter on ao3 | back to chapter 1 on ao3

The Doctor is quite familiar with the concept of adaptation. Living creatures adapt to their environments, even when surrounded by distressing stimuli. Desert dwellers learn to survive sweltering summer days; the metabolic rate of most species slows in response to a scarcity of food; a person with chronic disability learns to live with it.

So, too, the Doctor has learned to live with the unrelenting threat of mortality.

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Hey there guys… So… just a bit of stuff on my mind. I’m sure I won’t say this exactly right, but I’m going to try.  

I know some of you might be feeling angry, scared, frustrated, horrified, saddened and a bunch of other emotions considering the events of the last week in America and Spain.  

I hope you will continue to write.  Write your feelings and fears into words, creating sentences and paragraphs and works that can transcend the hate and violence - if not for others, then for yourself.  Words have meanings beyond the page.  They can heal your heart and give you strength - they can heal other hearts and give them strength too.

Your words don’t have to be shared. They can be just for you… to create your own space that’s safe.

And if your writing is an escape, that’s okay too.  Some people need that - need to step back from so much… reality.  Don’t discount your words.  They have value in whatever form you need them to be… journaling, short stories, opinion pieces, news articles, blog entries, novels…  

Words can inspire as much as they can cause fear.  

And if anyone supports hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, extermination, genocide, ethnic cleansing or the like… you are free to unfollow this blog. 

Take care of yourselves and each other.

‘’Thank you for allowing me to take the time I needed at the end of last year to step away from all the craziness. I’ll admit, I was worried that people would get upset with me. But what I saw was that instead of getting upset, literally every single one of you wrapped your arms around me and showed me how unwavering your love and support is. I’m so happy that I was able to come back to writing music more energized and inspired than ever, and to be able to give my all and more, to this new chapter. Sorry Not Sorry is the first of many songs that I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear all of them. I hope this song makes you get off your seat and dance like you never have before. This is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a fucking savage!!!’  

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Hello ~ Can I request sfw & nsfw headcanons for Kuroo and Suga with a chubby s/o ? Your blog ist awesome keep up the good work 💪💪💪

Thank you, love! I really appreciate your support!

And I hope that you enjoy these, Anon! I tried to make them a little different from other ones I’ve done.


Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Legit, this guy is the master of making someone feel like a million dollars with a single look. And it doesn’t matter where they are - at home, the mall, that random friend he made at work who they have an awkward dinner with - he’ll be giving them those eyes that say they’re everything to him.
  • Have I ever mentioned that he’s a back pocket kind of guy? Like, he’s always got his hand shoved into their back pocket; literally always. And if they don’t have pockets then he’s got his hand very secure around their hip.
    • Lol, I feel like this was something he had to learn how to control around their parents. Like, it’s such a habit that he doesn’t even think about it when he shoves it back there and gives a squeeze and their dad is just like ‘excuse you?’

Sugawara Koushi

  • Ooooooooh, he would love them so freaking much! Like, just cuddled all the time and he’s totally a sucker for hand holding! He loves tracing the lines of their palm and rubbing his thumb along their knuckles and kissing the tips of their fingers!
    • Seriously, I just think this kinda goes with him peppering them with affection in general. Like, he’ll start at their fingers and starting kissing up their arms and nuzzling their shoulder with his nose.
  • And he always says the perfect things. They’ll be getting dressed in the morning and he’ll be situated on the bed helping them with what to wear. “Oh, that makes your hips look marvelous!” Or “Jesus, you make me wanna take off all those clothes you just put on.”


Kuroo Tetsurou

  • God, he loves them all sprawled out before him. If they just waited on their bed with nothing on for when Kuroo gets home he’ll just lose it the moment he steps through the door. They’ll barely have time to get a hello out before they were being pressed into the mattress by him.
    • And he loves the feeling of their body entirely pressed against his own. So, even though it sounds vanilla, he’s all about missionary or having them ride him with their chest pressed against his own.
  • His hands are never still - ever. He’s always grabbing at them - their thighs, this hips, their waist - wherever he can grab onto. This is one of those guys that needs something to hold when he’s sleeping with someone, and there’s much of them to keep his hands occupied for hours!

Sugawara Koushi

  • Yes, this boy can definitely get all kinky and steamy, but I think he can also flip the switch and be super sensual. And he takes his time with it. So when he sees that they need special lovin’, he’s all about taking his time worshipping every single part of their body.
  • But, as I said, he is very dirty. And he loves their body, so he for sure will tie their hands above their head while they’re laid out on the mattress and he’s at the edge of the bed as he’s pounding into them!
    • He just freaking loves looking down at the way their body moves, he never removes his gaze from them. Hell, he probably BEGGED to take a video so he could see all those details over and over again!

Hi friends!

It is currently Friday, 18 August at 8pm my time. I am planning to work on quotes on Sunday, and I am hoping for submissions, especially Gryffindor submissions from you guys!

(I would take Slytherins too, but, like, not as many of them.)

Please head to the link above and submit!

Thank you!!

xo Carmen

So I have a few things I need to get fixed around here, mainly hardware things, including the hinges on my computer ( which have gone long unattended ) my mic, my mouse, and a handful of other things that one would generally need money for.

So in short ? No stream tonight.

Buuuuut… commissions tomorrow. I’ll have a post up sometime in the afternoon Saturday, with my prices and examples of my work. Hope you guys are looking for artwork ! Ahehehe… ahah… hm.


I’m sorry @tidusyumemiru and @samurulantis / @cynicaldjinn but you fell victim to my chibi practice today. I am so slow and i need so much more things to work out regarding my art, plus i make really noob mistakes in PS and filesaving lately… I hope i didn’t miss so much with the details, i tried ti sheepishly dig through your blogs for references…  But i hope you guys at least like them!

Thank You

Note: Thank you guys for being patient. We’re sorry about not posting any reactions or mtls recently so I hope you guys enjoy this as our apology.

“Hurry up!”

“Oh come on, you know I can’t run as fast as you Woojin.”

“Fine I’ll slow down.”

The two of you were heading to the practice room and you had no clue on why. Woojin seemed excited so you just decided to play along. As you got closer to the room, you realized that it was way quieter than it usually was. Too quiet.

“Woojin why did you drag me here?”

“Uh um we’re working on a dance piece and wanted your opinion.”

“If the other guys are here than why don’t I hear anyone or any music.”


Woojin looked at you nervously before his eyes lit up.



Before you knew it, you were picked up and thrown over a broad shoulder. You immediately knew who it was.

“Kang Daniel I swear if you do not put me down right now you’re going to regret it.”

He didn’t answer you and just continued to carry you to the practice room. Once you guys arrived, he placed you down gently and motioned for you to open the door. You looked up at him confused, but did it anyway. The room itself was completely dark as you stood in the doorway. You squinted your eyes not the darkness , but couldn’t see anything so you took a step in.


You jumped in fright as the lights turned on and the rest of the boys all jumped out.

“Thank you for being there for us along the way. We hope that you continue to be with us for a long time.”

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YEAH ! GUY today i have created a child of a ship. the ship is Jadex x Kaii

you can meet pixect !

  1. Pixect :
  • Age : 13 years
  • Gender : male
  • race : skeleton
  • Hobby : Exploration, he like to travel and discover without fear of risk
  • For him, the life seem to be a video game this is why he is not afraid by the risk
  • Power : he doesn’t have it
  1. Design :
  • These glasses have a design similar to that of his dad but he can use them to work
  • His coat contains pockets that he made himself for preserved tools or others with him
  • this simple weapon is o giant spanner he finds while searching for material for him
  1. His sexuality :
  • Bisexual
  1. He like :
  • Chocolate
  1. He hate :
  • This is the look of other people
  • This is what he hate the most but also what he most fears
  1. His family :
  • His brother : Yong
  • He love him very much and he knows very well that Yong is blind and for this reason he tries to take the best care of him so that he goes well in the best world
  • His parents : his dad Kaii and his father Jadex
  • When he does not have I do not know where, He spend time with them either by playing video gams with his father or by helping his dad in the construction of invention

i hope you like him ! ^^

Jadex belong to @aruisperfect

Kaii belong to @fhqathen

Yong belong to @milkymf

Pixect belong to me

Art by me


Oh hey, a BETA!
Not for the video I told you I was gonna work on, but it’s something~

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Donald was 100 percent done in the first episode "I just wanted a job to provide for my family and I almost got killed today" Also hope you are doing well!

Who wouldn’t be 100% done?

I mean, imagine getting a new job, only to find out your great uncle, which you entrusted your nephew/sons too, had taken them on a dangerous adventure behind your back? and then find out the guy you’re working for is your great uncles arch nemesis and he wants to kill all of you.

I know I would want to pass out after all that!

also I’m doing well, thanks for asking!