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BTS Reaction: Their Girlfriend Being 30 cm Shorter Than Them

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How would BTS react to you being easy shorter like 30cm shorter, please?

Jin: This boy loves it. You being so small would bring out his motherly nature and would be so protective over you. God have mercy on whoever tried to hurt you because he won't 

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Suga: He wouldn’t show it as much in public but on the inside he would love it. Being short himself, he would understand how annoying teasing can be and would most likely avoid it, showering you with cute compliments instead 

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Namjoon: He would feel like a giant compared to you. He would see you as this beautiful delicate flower he must protect at all costs and would be so overprotective. 

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J-Hope: He’d be one to let you know, he loved your height every minute of the day. Constantly complimenting you and fangirling so hard when you struggled to reach something

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Jimin: as someone who is very short he’d love the fact that you were shorter than him. He’d feel more masculine and powerful, and would tease you playfully 24/7.

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Taehyung: He adores it. He’d especially love having you in his arms at night, him being the big spoon. Don’t even get me started on the amount of piggy back rides this boy would give you on a daily basis.

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Jungkook: The biggest tease of them all. He’d low key love it and that’s why he teased you so much about it. The type of guy to put things you need on the top shelf on purpose just so you’d ask for help.

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN. AKA THE DAY BEFORE INUVEMBER (except Inuvember technically starts the 2nd but who cares!) This is for Ashley kaaaagome, who really wanted more Inuyasha Halloween stuff! Hope you like it! If you do, please check my page for my art giveaway/commissions!

Also Inuyasha is a half-werewolf that Witch! Kagome has broken out prison.
I love yall ♥

You’re such awesome people to have around and you’re all so sweet and supportives. It’s so great, it really feels nice.  (๑˘︶˘๑)
I just wanted to say it. For once.
I aint the more talkative type to you most of the time, sorry for that. ;v; 

I got more ask to reply but I’m gonna call it a night for today, so I’m gonna reply quickly here, I hope you won’t mind.

Anony > Hey you proposed me one of your hearts! >u<

@catcherofforgottendreams @summerfred1516 Ghhhh ♥ Thank you so much for thinking so!

@askunderfellanything NEVER LET ME DOWN CUZ -YOU’RE -  COOL

Sorry not Sorry?

I’m not going to post any names. I blocked the person and I hope they blocked me as well. I’m sorry if my religion bothers any of you. 

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I’m Wiccan and I’m not sorry for my religion.

 I’m a proud Witch and your opinion won’t change me back to my old ways. I’m not sorry for who I am. If you have a problem with me then unfollow me. I haven’t done anything to you except post imagines and other random stuff.

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630 away from 4,000 followers!! Thank you all so much :,)

What i hope happens in s13
  • Castiel: *comes back fron the dead*
  • Castiel: *gets a papercut,but heals immediately*

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Fic promts, (you definitely don't have to do all of them! Or any lmao, they're just stuff that came to me) Buffy coming out to Giles, Elanor attempting to put on one of Tahani's dresses and getting confused, Jenny won't stop punning and it annoys everyone but Buffy

thank you SO much alex!!! i went with the first one bc i need some father-daughter feels in my life.

Willow did a way better job of coming out, Buffy thinks. Willow came in and stumbled through a shy, half-terrified explanation of what was new in her life, and she cried a lot at the end but at least she was direct. Buffy has been sitting on Giles’s couch for ten minutes, completely silent, just kind of hoping that Giles will somehow magically guess what she wants to tell him.

Giles, of course, is freaking out, because Buffy’s pretty sure that he’s never seen her be this quiet for this amount of time unless someone’s died horribly or something. But he’s too British to admit that he’s freaking out, so in the ten minutes that Buffy’s been sitting on his couch he’s started aggressively stress-cooking, clattering around the kitchen with the radio on.

“Everything all right in there?” Giles calls from the kitchen, his voice an octave higher than usual.

“Uh huh,” Buffy manages, and slumps back into the couch.

She’s really glad that no one else is here. Giles is the first person she wants to tell, because she’s not sure how completely-gay Willow is going to react. Willow’s exclusively into girls…as is Giles, actually, oh my god why did Buffy think this would be a good idea he’s going to think she’s weird and does he even know that bisexuality is a thing? He’s so old and so British and Buffy’s freaking out—

Giles comes back into the living room and sits down next to Buffy. “There’s something in the oven,” he says vaguely. “It’s dinner, I think. I haven’t been paying much attention.”

You idiot, Buffy thinks to herself, you broke Giles. Great job. Desperate for some semblance of comfort, she makes a strangled noise and moves forward, hiding her face in Giles’s shoulder.

Giles stiffens. Buffy figures for a second that she’s maybe made things even worse then they already are. But then he reaches over and places an arm around her shoulder, tugging Buffy into a clumsy hug. “I-I don’t completely know what’s bothering you,” he says awkwardly, “but—I’ll do what I can to fix it, all right?”

“That’s not—” Buffy sniffles, hugging Giles as tightly as she can. He makes a strangled noise and she remembers, belatedly, her Slayer strength. “Sorry.”

“Quite all right,” Giles wheezes.

And maybe it’s that that makes Buffy say what she does, then, because if Giles is still hugging her after she nearly broke his ribs, maybe he won’t stop hugging her if she comes out to him now, right? So she says, “Giles, I like girls.”

Really,” says Giles, and then he smiles with some relief and hugs Buffy significantly less awkwardly. “Good lord, Buffy, didn’t we already go through this with Willow?”

And boys,” says Buffy, looking up at him and feeling somewhat injured at his presumption. “Like, you know, in a bi-type way.”

Giles’s smile fades a little. There’s a terrifying moment where his expression is unclear, and then he says, “I’m going to tell you something that I trust you will keep in complete confidence.”

Confused, Buffy says, “Okay.”

Giles winces, pulling back a bit. “Um,” he says. “Well. The thing is. Ethan and I.”

Buffy maybe didn’t get the best grades in algebra, but she still knows how to put two and two together. She feels all the apprehension and sadness dissipate, replaced by sheer incredulity. “You and Ethan,” she says. “But—you and Ethan, do you mean—”

“Romantically.” Giles looks very embarrassed. “Yes. What, what I’m trying to say is that—I might understand your circumstances significantly more than I do Willow’s.”

Buffy looks at Giles and then she just hugs him really hard. Screw Slayer strength.

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Hey That weird anon from question about Tumblr friend here Well... I've got a situations where I tried to keep in touch with someone from tumblr and ended up being rejected 'cause "Lmao I won't be friends with someone who's not good at drawing."... It wasn't just one situation ya know, that's why I was asking about that before... Sorry for being annoying shit

I think that person rude. Maybe that person, friend’s standards are drawing skills. I don’t think it is right to make friends on such a basis with personal thoughts. I hope that you will not be hurt by those people. 

that person missing something important. You will develop, and that person will not see it at all. Do not pay much attention to those people. There will be better people around you. I hope you have a good day :) 

I’m kind of annoyed that every discussion on Osakabehime I’ve seen is just 90% people screaming at her, calling her dogshit because she’s not the Quick-Merlin they were hoping for.

For one thing, Merlin is stupidly broken, horribly designed (gameplay wise he fucking broke so much of FGO), and should never, ever be the inspiration for another servant. 

And another thing, we finally have a Caster-like support who WON’T get fucked by Riders. 

Do I wish the numbers on her NP would be a little higher? Sure. I love Quick and I want it to be viable. But this attitude of comparing every new servant to Merlin is so sickening.

okay I have a Dodie gig tomorrow which I’m seeing with one of my best friends so I’m so excited! Hence I won’t really be on here for much of tomorrow, nor the Monday, due to travel arrangements. I hope you’re all doing okay

Keramisa dislikes tall asura.
Brokko dislikes being critcized.
Put these two in one lab…

Currently they have to share a lab and work on the same project. The atmosphere in the lab is very tense and unpleasant, but somehow they are working even better than before.

Usually Brokko is polite and charming, but he just explodes in silent rage and hatred the moment he sees the necromancer. He can’t even explain what exactly annoys him so much. Same goes for Keramisa.

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43 & 44 (writer prompt)

43. Are you an avid reader?

I WISH my attention span has taken a huge dip in the past few years, so a lot of the times when I read, i end up staring blankly at the page bc of some anxiety-depression trance idek its annoying. That said, i have taken up reading books again in the past few years after reading nothing but visual novels (and ffxiv lmao). I’m a lot slower than I used to be bc of reading speed and time spent per day, but I find it easiest to get through Hobbes nowadays. I started Brideshead Revisited and ohhhmygodiloveit but I made it 1/3 of the way and the tone change + amnt of exposition is putting me off;;

44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

I havent gotten too much feedback for the past several years except in class but that’s only amounted to ‘stop using big words’ ty classmates so uhhh jillian once said that nolanel’s level of observation hits the harry potter level, so I try to be more careful to balance the setting/action with how Nol is feeling so that he doesn’t leave important holes.

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I hope this isn't too much to ask for since I'm a new follower of your blog and all, but could you make a fic about Eren and Mikasa's wedding day? It'll be AU with the whole wedding jitters and vows and a really bomb ass wedding place? I really hope I won't be wasting your time on this one. :( More power to you! :)

I should be so ashamed that this basically a 7.8k story full of nothing but complete and utter sap but still sorry, not sorry. I finally got to write the big wedding piece I always wanted to (so never a waste of time, writing requests never is :3), and what better than for my sweet babes. Thank you so much for this request! I loved writing every bit of it :D

“Eren, will you stop fluttering around and just stand still for two seconds.” Armin didn’t sound actually annoyed, more amused than anything probably considering he was the one leisurely sitting down on a stone bench.

“I’m just trying to see whose here, that’s all,” Eren shrugged. It wasn’t a complete lie after all; he was peering around the gardens, especially where all the seats were lined up in rows, to see who had shown up already. He recognized a good amount of people between friends and family but some people he was pretty positive him mom invited without telling them because he had no idea who they were.

Armin looked down at his phone. “Well, there’s still plenty of time for more people to show up so either go over there and talk to them or stay over here and calm down.”

“I am calm.” Eren cleared his throat but his hands were fidgeting with the way the long sleeved button up was rolled up above his elbows.

“You are not.”

“I am!”

It was Jean who laughed this time from his spot on the opposite stone bench from Armin. “What? You nervous she isn’t gonna show up?”

“Obviously she’s already here,” Connie rolled his eyes from the other side of Jean, causing him to elbow Connie in the side for missing the point.

Armin snorted. “Don’t antagonize him, Jean, as tempting as it might be.”

“What the hell kinda best man are you?” Eren crossed his arms against his chest. It didn’t calm his pulse down at all.

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So basically I was bored and I decided, hey, what’s better than making character-inspired cupcakes? Also I draw the line at five different flavours so that’s the reason there isn’t no Thea or Laurel or anybody else (don’t murder me okay I’M ONLY HUMAN).

…I’m never doing that again.

Note: I have a more or less shitty reasoning behind each one (Sara’s probably the lamest I’m sorry Sara) but there is a reasoning. I actually (over)thought these, probably.

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Oh god I hope this isn't one of those questions you constantly answer. I've been looking through all the asks you ever answered, and I haven't seen a question like this yet, so hopefully it won't annoy the bejezus out of you. Can I print out your Valentine's cards to give to my friends? I'll keep your url on all of them so they all have proper credit. I just love them so much.

Heck yes you can! I answer it publicly once a year so WORRY NOT.

Good luck with your friends. I hope they don’t realize they hate you in 2015. Sometimes friends do that! Don’t get too comfortable! Enjoy!


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Lately I've been sad and upset because I also want to meet you, but sadly
I don't have that opportunity yet.

It's almost another year since I realized that I liked you. In my spring.
You are my spring after a sad and cold winter. Like the rainbow after a storm.
I know that probably you won't remember this on the Meet and Greet, but for
me was the best night of my life. I received a beautiful gift from you in a hard
time of my life last year, and I thought miracles exists. "There's still a hope".

I don't think I deserve to meet you and want a little part of you like just a smile,
but I really wanna do it. I want to reach you. Until that day, I'll keep annoying
you on twitter like I always do. Thank you so much, my snowflake.
When I feel you, it's a warm feeling.