hope it gets a 2nd season

I’m fucking furious again because someone posted a screenshot from netflix’s spain facebook page when they say shit like “we’ll learn from our mistakes, this won’t happen again, we hope you’ll find other series to love like this one” and this is what everyone answering has to say and it makes me fucking furious 

Because yeah, shit like that can happen. But it didn’t happen once, it didn’t happen twice, it happened THREE TIMES. IN A MONTH. 

Marco Polo was their 4th most expensive show, it had a diverse cast, 0 promotion for season 2 and it was cancelled. Sense8 was their 3rd most expensive show, it had a diverse cast, 0 promotion for season 2 and it was cancelled. The Get Down was their 2nd most expensive show, it had a diverse cast, 0 promotion for both part I and II and it was cancelled. 

It’s not a mistake if you make it three times in the same month with almost the same reasons and tell me once again that it will never happen again. It will. Because someone up there can’t take their head out of their asses and see that there is a problem and it’s not about the viewers. 

When the girl you’re crushing on hugs you unexpectedly.

Can I just say this is so refreshing. I’m so used to seeing stories about lesbians going after “straight” girls and those girls are usually with a man or about to get married. It’s nice to see the self proclaimed “straight” girl crushing hard on the lesbian for once and questioning her own sexuality without a man in her life that makes her miserable or pushes her over the edge. It’s nice to see two WOC in love and one of them (as far as we know) is religious.

The show itself is breaking a lot of tropes like the mean boss lady trope, the competition between women in the workplace trope, sleeping with a colleague to get ahead trope etc… This show is quite refreshing and I do like all the characters so far. I’m not going to get my hopes up too too high (cuz we all know what happens) and hopefully they will be renewed for a 2nd season.

Okay, I am NOT OKAY

Attack On Titan Second Season is coming out tomorrow, after four years of waiting, it’s finally happening… We are finally seeing that wonderful animation again, we are actually getting that second season that we’ve been waiting for.. AND IT WILL HAVE ONLY 12 FREAKING EPISODES?!? FOUR YEARS OF WAITING AND HOPING, SO MANY STUFF HAPPEND IN THE MANGA AND WE ARE GETTING ONLY TWELVE EPISODES?? ONLY TWELVE? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS A LITTLE UNFAIR? give this a note so i can see how many people agree

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Could you explain me how much is important for the Atleti fans Fernando Torres?

Ok, sit down and relax because I feel like this is going to be a long post.

First of all, we need to travel back in time. Year 2000, for the 1st time in 97 years of history, Atleti gets relegated to the Second Division. Only 4 years earlier Atleti had won the ‘doblete’ (winning Liga and Copa in the same season) so Atleti fans found a relegation not only surprising, but extremely sad and disappointing. 

Despite Atleti’s efforts on convincing people that the relegation wouldn’t last for long, only one year (”a little year in hell” like their TV spot said), it didn’t happen. That first year in the Second division was really hard. There was a lot of new players, some others who had no idea of how to play against small teams. Atleti started that season with 3 defeats. It was a tricky season and for maximum drama, Atleti finished 4th (Only three teams went up to the first division) with the same points than the 3rd and only 1 point away from the 2nd. Atleti had won the 4 last matches (by 1-0 all of them) but that wasn’t enough.

You can imagine the frustration and anger from the fans. During that season, there was only one thing that brought hope to them. There was a 17-year old boy playing in Atleti’s youth teams, who played those last matches. The experts said he would be very good. That guy even scored in one of those 4 matches and made the team win one match. 

Fernando Torres.

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Got any anime recommendations that aren't over the top/edgy/moe? Something someone who's not a huge weeb would enjoy. I've already watched Mob Psycho and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

Ahh I’m glad you liked Mob Psycho too! I really hope it gets a 2nd season eventually since the manga gets really REALLY intense

as for recommendations

Space brothers:

My all time favourite anime, it’s a slice of life, heartwarming and overall feel good show but at the same time it’s very mature and realistic. All the characters are adults which is super refreshing too! It’s got its dramatic and serious moments too but honestly everything about it so well fleshed out and written that you get attached to all of the characters even the very minor ones. I don’t think I’ve seen something that’s made me feel so hopeful about the future haha

Also realistic and well researched depictions of astronaut training which is nice because I love space 


I post about it quite a bit in here because after space brothers, it’s my 2nd favourite anime of all time haha It’s a really good thriller anime and I don’t think I’ve seen any other show that has genuinely grabbed me as much as this one, it feels less like you’re watching an anime and more like a mystery movie

Guillermo del Toro wanted to make a live action adaptation of it but I don’t really know what happened with that in the end tbh

Ping Pong the Animation:

Now I have to admit the artstyle for this one is very unconventional and might take a bit to get used to but it is REALLY GOOD, even if you don’t like sports anime (which I don’t like much either), the anime is more of a coming-of-age story that uses ping pong to push the narrative and the ending nearly made me cry tbh the characters are all lovely and it has good music too!

Cromartie High School:

This is a high school comedy anime but centered around young delinquents and honestly it’s just….special, it really made me laugh more than anything else..it kind of hard to explain this anime so I’ll just leave this picture of it


Most people I know have already watched this one but it is also a very good action thriller, im sort of running out of time to write these so I’ll just say please check it out HEHEH


NU'EST W “If You” place second on both the Gaon Download and Digital Chart for last week👌

Reminder that this was only a special single with Zero permotion, yet it still managed to get 2nd (only after exo). Pledis were testing the waters, I hope the company gets the message, that Nu'est needs to have many comebacks now.

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Since you basically predicted all bnha season 2, now that season 3 got confirmed, can you tell me please what are they going to animate? What are your thoughts on future season 3?

Hello!! I’m glad you asked this question

But first I want to address the number of episodes and date. While we’re sure there will be a Season 3, we’re not given a date or length of the Season yet. Although there is an interesting fact to note: the timeslot BNHA airs in (5:30 pm JST) is usually reserved for 2-cour anime, so it’s pretty much guaranteed S3 will also have 24-25 episodes. Unless something else happens, like a change in timeslot (again) or special exception.

As for the date, well, if Bones is not rushing the anime, then at most we’ll see it in Summer 2018 (July) and that’s already pushing it. For reference, both S1 and S2 are Spring anime (aired on April for their respective years), but I think S3 will be a Summer anime. Maybe even Fall (October) since Bones is already busy with Mob Psycho 100 S2. But we don’t know how Bones are handling it in the background. Maybe they’ve already been working with S3 all this time so they can air it on Spring too. I just hope they won’t rush S3!

Anywayyyy, let’s assume there’s still a possibility that S3 will only have 12-13 episodes.

  • 1st cour: Chapter 70-95. Summer Camp Arc and ends with All Might saying the iconic “You’re next” line, AFO getting put into Tartarus, showing Stain is also there, and All Might announces his retirement to Izuku while they’re hugging at the beach. If ever S3 is only 13 episodes I think this is a good stopping point (and cliffhanger) for the next season. But if not, this will still be halfway through the season.
  • 2nd cour: Chapter 96-121. Starts with All Might’s official retirement announcement, getting into the Dorms, covers the entire Provisional License Arc, includes part 2 of that fight with Izuku and Bakugou. From what I’ve seen most assume it would end there (Chapter 120) but I think they will adapt a little of 121 as well, juuuust before Aizawa punished them with house arrest. But the gist of the ending will still be the same, which is the part 2 fight™.
  • Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, Bones can also adapt the rest of 121 as an “after credits” scene, with Aizawa doling out punishment, 1-A shocked at the two fighting, and Principal Nezu welcoming everyone into the 2nd trimester and teasing the “original” OFA candidate but I think that’s too much of a cliffhanger lol

So yeah, if there’s a Season 4, it will begin with the introduction of the Big Three. Basically, the entire Season 3 covers the whole summer timeline in-universe, so it would be really appropriate to start S3 in Summer 2018 lmao (I really don’t want them to rush it)

Telltale probably thinking we weren’t gonna like Javier Garcia: Ok so we can introduce this new character tell his story and that would be that yeah? We can get rid of him?

Us at the end of season 3: Hope you enjoy having 2 main character fuckers Javi better keep showing up and he better be A O.K. along with Clementine.

Telltale: We have…. We have been greatly mistaken this did not go as planned.

Your Anger is NOT Valid

One of the things that pisses me off the most in the Voltron fandom is the rabid shipping war that has gotten 10x WORSE

Before, everybody was excited because we were finally getting more material after almost a year long hiatus and everyone had their hopes up to ridiculously high levels. People’s headcanons went wild with assumptions and they assumed that DreamWorks Animation was stalking the Voltron tumblr tags for ideas. But that’s not the case at all. 

During the “Go Lions” podcast interview with Tim Hedrick and Mitch Iverson, two of the head writers for the series, they comment that the fans have very minimal influence on the show due to how tight the production schedule is for the series. So they literally work on a episode all the way up till the day it’s supposed to be shipped out. 

That means they already have planned story arcs, character arcs, and worlds planned out for the series in their own “Voltron Bible” as they describe it. 

People who’re pissed right now are the ones who believed the most that their slash ship and headcanon was going to get canonized in the 2nd season of the series. Which is already a stupid thought process considering DreamWorks Animation hopes to produce around 78 episodes of the series all together. So there’s still plenty of time for the series to flesh out ALL of the characters and relationships. 

I’m not saying it’s not OK to be upset that your ship didn’t get any moments together or your #NOTP got more moments than you, but the extent these motherfuckers have gone to express that anger is absolutely fuckin ridiculous. We’re talking harassment, we’re talking call outs, we’re talking tagging hate purposefully in the ship tag they hate. We’re talking about people becoming complete pieces of shit just because they didn’t get their way in a series. 

Newsflash children: not everything has to go your way just because you scream about it loudly on tumblr. That’s the literal definition of entitlement

In my opinion season 2 of Voltron was GREAT. We had world building, character development, relationship development, and we got a lot of answers to the questions we asked in season 1. So DreamWorks Animation gets a passing grade from me and honestly the people who’re upset about the new season can shut the fuck up. 

Pro tip for SoS games! Rather than trying to fertilize every 3x3 square in your field, just pick 1 square to fertilize every day (I usually pick a corner square). At the end of the season, you can take the crops from that particular square to the seed maker. Then when you plant them again, not only will you start out with higher quality seeds, but you will also be able to start the process over, and raise the quality even more. Or if you grow them in a greenhouse, you can keep fertilizing that square until you reach maximum quality, and then use the seed from that to replace the lower quality crops. It really saves on time and energy. Hope this helps!

[edited 05/24 11:35 a.m.] I need to add something to this since it’s getting attention. In my personal experience, I did this my first year but also I combined this action with a seed maker + the power circle: Maiden with Shield.

Now in my 2nd year, I use the liquid fertilizer and the cellar (but I think this might work too outside the cellar, with the seasonal crops each season, I don’t think in 31 days you will have 5 stars crops, but you will have better quality crops by the end of the season, that’s for sure). And with the Maiden with Shield, I finished raising the star rank of all the crops + flowers available in 3 seasons. I think that’s pretty fast.

In the cellar I started with Spring, Summer and Fall crops, I planted one (1) square of each crop and flower. Just one because (ex.) Summer is the season with most crops and it will take space. You will start raising 1 stat at a time with the 3 cellar rooms, like this you will not need more than 1 watering can (but I do recommend the capacity is at least at lvl 4 and range 3X3). Start with color, since most crops (Seasonals and all year) have this stat, and keep watering them and replanting them (with help of the power circle I mentioned earlier) and in no time you will have that 100% in the color stat. Repeat this action with all the stats, by the time you reach the size stat, the all year crops will not need more fertilizing (well maybe you will want another watering can for those crops, I just keep using the liquid fertilizer because I don’t care at this point about wasting it. Maybe you will feel the same, maybe not). For the winter crops just wait until you have maxed out the Spring or Fall crops and change the sun.

Okay, now some misc. info. DON’T waste materials in the super fertilizer. Use the “mega sparkly/sugary/juicy/uniform fertilizer”, do as I explained. Also, do a lot of “weeding” part-time jobs and/or plant softwood/hardwood trees. And I think that’s it. Hope this help too :D -Admin Alex

Effortlessly - BUGHEAD fanfic - Chapter One


There are three things you should know about Betty Cooper. One, she always puts the needs of others above her own. Two, she has been in love with her best friend since she could remember. Three, she has a hard time letting people in.

And when you combine those three things, you get Betty Cooper sharing an apartment with her one true love’s girlfriend across the hall from the man himself and his friend who uses sarcasm whenever he gets the chance but somehow manages to sneak his way into her world with his sweet, knowing smiles and clever insights.

And while Jughead Jones came into her life, slowly, gradually, he burst into her heart unexpectedly and suddenly.

A/N: Hello! Welcome to my first Bughead fanfic! Just a few things I’d like to say before we start.

1st: English is my 2nd language and I don’t have a beta so if you find any mistakes please alert me so that I can fix that! Criticism is how we learn. Also if you find that I’ve written you’re instead of your or than instead of then please, please let me know because that is one thing that I cringe at!
2nd as I’ve said this is my 1st bughead fanfic. I have only seen season 1 once so the characters might be a bit OOC, please point those instances to me so I can develop their characterization better in the future.
3d Feedback is what gets me going so please, do communicate with me so that I don’t get lazy. :)
4th Also posted on AO3.
5th I hope you enjoy!

                                                   The beginning 

One of the downsides of always putting other people’s needs above your own is getting the short end of the stick most of the time. Betty had been put in situations where she put someone else’s wants, needs and desires above her own more times than she can remember. Whether it be something small, like agreeing to go out for hamburgers instead of pizza just because it was that time of the month and her friend was craving it. Or something bigger, like spending her one free afternoon watching after her nephew and niece just so her sister could for a little while take a break from being an adult. Betty Cooper has put the needs and wants of others above her own more times than she can remember, but never did she do someone a favor that was this big or that would cause her this much pain. And standing in front of her new apartment, ready to knock and wait for the next four years of her life to open, she started to comprehend the enormity of the decision she has made. She almost banged her head on the wall and asked herself why she had agreed to move in across the hall from the love of her life with his girlfriend. But before she could do that Veronica Lodge opened the door, squealed and pulled her into their new home.

“You’re finally here!” Veronica exclaimed and clapped her hands together.

“As promised.” Betty mustered up a smile, one that was most definitely not natural but was over the years perfected as though it was.

“Wow, Spain really agrees with you! I may or may not be a little jealous.”

“Nothing to be jealous of really. Just beaches and pretty boys.” She winked, letting her smile widen a little. Veronica laughed and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Oh, I’ve missed you, Betty Cooper.”

“I’ve only been gone for two months, V.”

Veronica smiled smugly “My point exactly.”  

Betty let her friend pull her to the couch. And Veronica was her friend. She truly was. And she could talk to her about everything, everything but that one small thing. That one small thing that in fact wasn’t that small, but huge, enormous, sometimes almost bigger than any other part of her life. Archie Andrews and her feelings for him were hers and only hers. Not one person knew that Betty Cooper, his best friend and a girl next door, was deeply and devastatingly in love with him. No one but Betty Cooper herself.

She has seen girls come into his life and then leave, sometimes even faster than they came. And when Veronica came on that faithful night into Pop’s and asked if the onion rings were any good, she wasn’t really worried. But then, then she saw it. The twinkle in Archie’s eyes, the twinkle that she hasn’t seen before. Veronica Lodge came into Pop’s that night, all pearls, charms and smiles and settled into their lives permanently.

At first she didn’t care. She told herself that the black haired girl would be just like all the others. But days passed and then weeks passed and then months passed and suddenly everyone knew that Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews were, well, Veronica and Archie. And Betty was, still, just Betty.

The worst thing about it all was that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t resent Veronica because as abruptly as she came into Archie’s life, she came into Betty’s too. Slowly but surely she gained a new friend, a good friend and she was mad with herself when those little, sneaky thoughts of jealousy filled her mind when she saw her friend hold the hand of a boy who was supposed to be the love of her life. Her boyfriend. Her partner in crime. Her endgame.

The worst thing about all of it was that no matter how much it hurt her to see them together, the thought of him being unhappy pained her even more. So she kept smiling, while her heart cried. She kept laughing while her heart ached. And when Archie came, all bright eyes and excited smile into her room and told her that he had found two apartments, across from each other all she could do really, was smile herself. And when he told her that she and Veronica could share the apartment across from his and his friend’s all she could do was smile even wider because that is who Betty Cooper is.

She is that one in a thousand people who is willing to put other people’s feelings before her own. Because above everything, Betty Cooper is caring and nice and good.

And that is how she ended up, once again in a place where she didn’t want to be and in a situation that she couldn’t get out of without hurting the ones closest to her. And once again she smiled the smile that no one could tell was fake and danced as other people played.

“So, how many guys did you meet?” Veronica asked, a wicked smile on her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Just one.”

“Oooh, is he a Danny to your Sandy?”

“Something like that.” He was more like a Joey to her Phoebe.

“Tell me—”

And before Veronica could finish the sentence, the door of the apartment opened and Betty turned to see a redhead that made her heart hiccup.

And this time, the smile on her lips was real and for a moment, one moment she forgot that all that could come out of this living arrangement was, in fact, heartbreak.

“Betty! You’re home!” Archie exclaimed and before she grasped what was happening he was pulling her off of the couch and crushing her in a hug.

But she didn’t mind. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer and she breathed in and with a smell of him came a sense of home. Because everywhere Archie was, for her was home. And then he was letting go of her.

“Man, I have a feeling I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Yeah, same here, Arch.” She smiled widely before sitting back down, her heart racing.

“Hey, babe.” he turned his attention to Veronica, placing a chaste kiss on her lips before sitting down in a recliner across from them. “So, how are you? How was Spain?”

“I’m… good. I’ve missed being home as fun as it was across the pond.”

“She was just about to tell me about all the guys she’s met before you burst in here so rudely!” Veronica said, throwing a, how fitting, a throw pillow at her boyfriend. Archie caught it and laughed.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m not here to bother you. I just wanted to see if you needed anything cos’ I’m going to the store, but since I’m not wanted here I’ll be on my way.” He got up, still smiling before walking to the door. “I’m so glad you’re back, Betty. We’ll catch up tonight at dinner.”

“We need some milk!” Veronica yelled at the door as he closed it.

“Should’ve taught of that before you were rude to your boyfriend!” and with that he was gone, leaving Betty with an even bigger feeling of longing in her heart.

“So, dinner?” she snapped out of her taught, turning back to her friend. “We’re having dinner?”

“Yes.” Veronica perched up on her seat, smug smile spreading on her lips. “Archie decided he wanted to cook you a welcome-back-meal.”

“Oh, man.”


And they laughed, ease finally washing over her.



Betty stood in front of what would be her room with only her purse in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. She opened the wooden door and was met with green walls and dark brown floors. There were two windows, one on each of the outer walls. Sunshine was lighting up the dust that danced around the air. There was a work desk under one window and a bed under the other. The only other thing inside was a huge white closet, spreading over the smaller wall.

And so she dropped her one bag on the bed and moved to look out of the window. It was a good view. She could see people walking down the street, everyone engrossed in their own lives. Across from their building was a small coffee shop. It looked nice and cozy, perfect for writing from what she could see. She would definitely go there when she settles in.

“Do you like it?” Veronica asked behind her, anticipation present in her voice.

“Yeah,” Betty replied, smiling over her shoulder “I like it.”

“It’s just like in the ad. If you don’t like it we can switch rooms.”

“V, calm down.” She chuckled, looking back down on the street. “I like it. It could become home.”


“Yes.” She turned back to her friend, rolling her eyes at her worrying and drawing out the ‘e’ in yes. “ Stop worrying. I’m not gonna turn on my heel and walk out.”

“I just want you to love it here.” Veronica replied sheepishly, spreading her arms out for her friend to take them in hers.

“It’s going to be great. I promise.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to leave you to start unpacking, or well, unpack that one bag…” Veronica stopped talking as if she’d just realized something. “Where are your things? Why do you have only one bag which is not even a suitcase and why am I only noticing this now?”

“My dad is driving up here tomorrow.” Betty chuckled shaking her head.

“With your mum?” Veronica asked warily, her eyes widening a little and lips morphing into a grimace.

“Yeah right. That would be a special kind of disaster.”

“Things are still bad?”

“A bit better, but, yeah, bad.” Betty sighed and sat down on her bed. “I’m so glad I went to Spain. I’m happy that I moved from all the chaos.”

“I’m sorry, B.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to it.” She shook her head, before smiling a again. “Now, leave, I have some unpacking to do. If I don’t start now I might not finish until tomorrow.”

“Uh, so glad you’ve still got your humor.”


She ran her fingers through her hair, tightening her ponytail before walking out of the bathroom.

“Ready, V?” she looked at Veronica who was rummaging through their fridge and laughed “What are you doing?”

“I” Veronica replied, her speech slurred because of something she was chewing “am just making sure I don’t starve to death tonight if this turns out like that dinner we had after graduation.”

“That is not a bad idea. Give me some of that.” Betty took the cherry pastry her friend offered her and went to look at her phone.

5 missed calls.

7 messages.

Her mother was on a roll.

“Let’s go.” Veronica said, opening the apartment door and walking out in the hallway, knocking on the door across from theirs. She turned to look at Betty with a wide smile on her red-rimmed lips. “I can’t believe all three of us are living in the same building. This is going to be awesome!”

Just as the word awesome was leaving her lips the door was swung open revealing a grinning Archie.

“Hey, baby.” He bowed down, kissing his girlfriend softly and Betty looked away, trying to ignore the painful pang settling in her chest.

“Yeah, this is going to be awesome.” And all of a sudden she could imagine the next couple of years. Archie and Veronica kissing. Archie and Veronica holding hands. Archie and Veronica whispering to each other. Archie and Veronica having sleepovers.

And Betty.

Betty, making up excuses not to go to movies together because all she’ll be able to think about are Archie’s arms around Veronica.

Betty, crying herself to sleep, like she did that night when she saw them kiss for the first time.

Betty, spending her college experience pining over her best friend her who looked at her even closely to the way he is looking at the girl in front of him

And then, after the pain in her chest there is anger.

She is angry with herself. She is angry with herself because she is letting this ruin her college experience. She is angry with herself because she is in love with this boy who never looked at her that way, but still she somehow finds reasons to hope.

Sometimes she wonders if maybe, just maybe there was a time when he liked her, loved her the way she loves him. Because there was a couple of times when he would look at her and his eyes would turn soft. There were times when she’d look at him and he was already looking at her. And she can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe there was a time when Archie Andrews loved Betty Cooper the way she loves him.

Sometimes the not knowing is her biggest regret.

Archie moved out of the doorway, holding the door wide open and she walked in, curiously looking around the apartment.

It was a bit smaller than theirs, but it had more windows. Sun was still streaming in through the pale blue curtains and she wondered if it was this bright inside even at night when the only source of light are street lamps.

She could smell the food and her stomach growled a little making Archie and Veronica look at her with raised eyebrows before laughing.

“What? I haven’t eaten all day.” She mumbled, smiling despite the rosiness coloring her cheeks.

“You’ve come to the right place then. You should see what I have in store for you.” Archie smiled widely and waved his hand, showing them to sit.

They walked towards the small, plastic dining table. Both girls exchanged glances, their eyebrows raised.

“That’s Chinese food.”




“Let me get this straight. I have been gone for two month and I come here and am promised a home cooked meal and I get take out?” Betty asked, trying to contain her laughter.

“Well, if you like burnt chicken you can help yourself. There’s still some left in the trash.” Archie mumbled, sheepishly looking at her and scratching the back of his head.

“Well, Archiekins, you really outdid yourself this time.” Veronica laughed alongside Betty, shaking her head.

“Yeah, yeah. I’d like to see you make something Ronni.”

“Oh, don’t be mad at me! I still think it’s adorable how you keep trying.”

Archie only smiled before calling out: “Jughead, dinner!”

Two minutes later the door behind their backs opened, then closed and Betty turned, her gaze meeting with that of a boy who she didn’t know would eventually make her heartbreak less painful.

Chapter 2

A/N: Here you go! I hope you liked this! Did you like this?
Please let me know down in the comments or message me!
Some questions to help you collect your thoughts and let me know what you think!
1: Do you like the plot line?
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CW Superheroes are Back! Part 1

The CW returned this week with all new episodes of new and old shows and I was super (no pun intended) excited to pick up with all new episodes of the legends of the superflarrow universe. Check out my reviews on Supergirl and Flash below!


After the emotional season finale last year, we all knew that Kara would be experiencing a lot in the 3rd season, and we were correct as the show began with a sad dream sequence involving Mon-El and Kara’s mom, Lara. [I think it’s fantastic that yet another alum of the Superman universe is on Supergirl–Erica Durance Smallville’s Lois Lane–but I like how we’re not addressing the change in actress at all.]

I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since the finale, but everyone looked so different. It might just be because it has been a while, but Melissa’s hair definitely got blonder. (It always looks so good. I wish I could pull off some many of her hairstyles as Kara Danvers.) I loved seeing all members of Team Supergirl again and was very happy that James Olsen even made multiple appearances. Last season, despite his new role as Guardian, there would be several episodes at a time where he was just missing and no one addressed where he was. In the boardroom I couldn’t help, but notice a little connection between him and Lena when they backed each other up on Supergirl. Could they possibly be setting up something there?? Am I reading too much into this?? (Probably.) But she did just buy CATCO, so the two can possibly have more screen time together….We shall see. 

Kara’s focus on only being Supergirl this episode and leaving Kara Danvers behind was very reminiscent to some of the other superhero plots we’ve seen on other shows in the past. Oliver Queen on Arrow only being the Green Arrow. It seems like a plight that each character must undergone and I’m interested in seeing how Kara experiences it, seeing as how she has been such a positive hero in the past. 

I understand why Kara was feeling the way she did, but was happy when she had some consoling by J’onn. Everyone had been pestering her about her feelings and he was the first person I thought of that she should talk to. He has experienced something extremely similar. I’m glad that conversation happened even if it was super short. J’onn had a strong father figure role, yet again, this episode. I love how Alex asked if he will walk her down the aisle. :)

While there were mixed reviews on Mon-El last season, he was always one of my personal favorites (and I was on the Team Karamel ship). So, it was great still seeing his name as a series regular, and I love how he was the one to get through to Kara to, “WAKE UP!” I can’t wait to see where he’s been all of this time later in the season. 

Maggie and Alex’s talk about their wedding made me really nervous for how things are going to go. On shows we’re never allowed to have anything nice, so I’m crossing my fingers that it is smooth sailing. They deserve to be happy. I also thought I heard that Floriana (who plays Maggie) isn’t a series regular, so that worries me (but I might be wrong–Let me know.)

Talking about things going wrong, we got a first look at the new villain, Reign, who doesn’t know who she is. That is going to be an interesting character arc for sure!

Favorite quote from this episode (paraphrasing):  Alex and J’onn- Don’t cry or I’ll cry and then people will know we actually can cry.

The Flash

How crazy is it that we are already in the 4TH SEASON!!! Time is racing by…(okay that pun was on purpose) :)

The beginning, when we saw Team Flash minus its lead hero, felt a lot like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Buffy left and the Scooby Gang were fighting the bad guys. It was interesting to see Iris step up and be the leader back at STAR Labs. Loved seeing Cisco (or should I say Vibe) getting in on some superhero action out in the field. Also really enjoyed Joe’s shades. Iris sleeping on the couch made my heart break. The team felt really small compared to where we were last season. I was kind of sad that Harry wasn’t around. I hope we see him soon.

I was happy Barry was brought back in the same episode. I thought we were going to have to wait till like the last 5 minutes or till the 2nd ep. I also like how they made him in a different state of mind, but feel like his recovery was too fast and he can’t be 100% back. It seemed too easy and I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to Barry later in the season as a repercussion.

I’m excited this season’s big bad is actually not another speedster, but I’m going to have to do some research on who he is because I don’t know much. 

Caitlin! At first I thought she was taking a drug to suppress Killer Frost and the guy who interrupted her and Cisco at the bar was her dealer. Then I thought she was a part of a gang. But I was shocked that she’s got a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Super intense! I’m hoping we gain some backstory in flashback form for what happened with her these past 6 months. 

The parallels this episode to the pilot were FANTASTIC! I had just rewatched the first episode recently, so it was even more satisfying. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Cisco and the twizzlers, plus Caitlin asking him to pee in the cup. Too good!

I also really enjoyed all the new STAR Labs merch. There was a towel that Joe used when he gave Barry a shave and a white tee that Wally was sporting. Very nice. 

My favorite quote this episode was a tie between: “This house is bitchin.” (So funny) and the comment Cisco made about Caitlin liking urine. 

Stay posted for my CW Superhero Reviews Part 2 involving Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.


I wasn’t going to comment on the whole is he/isn’t he our Shiro debate, but after watching episode 6 again I had to add my thoughts. So here we go.

1st picture: Shiro comments that he’s trying to get rid of his weird headache. (Could this be our Shiro and they have implanted something in his head?)

2nd picture: Black lion not accepting Shiro. We’ve seen black allow Keith in when Shiro needed help, but then accepted Shiro back in after. Black isn’t going to let just anyone pilot him as we saw when the others presented themselves in hopes of being the next black paladin.

3rd picture: Shiro telling Keith to lower the shield in order to fire the gun. First Shiro would never tell them to lower a shield. When they fired the gun in season two there was no talk of lowering the shield and if Voltron is as advance as we are told he wouldn’t have to lower a shield in order to fire a weapon

4th picture: Lotor knows what they are going to do. How does he know? Are Shiro’s thoughts being transmitted the instant he thinks them? Is Lotor able to plant thoughts in Shiro’s brain? This goes back to a possible implant and the weird headache.

5th picture: Keith was already thinking that something is off. Now in the moment he pauses, he senses the incoming attack and moves Voltron out of the way. (Were his galra senses tingling?)

So my thoughts are that this may be our Shiro, but they have done something with his mind. We aren’t given a timeline and we don’t know how much time has passed between the end of season two and the beginning of season 3.

The other thing I noticed is that Shiro’s eyes keep changing. Look at our Shiro’s wings, his wings are pointed enough to stab meat for a kabob. But during this episode his eye lines/wings are still reading the menu!

Finally, we all know that Dreamworks loves to drives us nuts and leave us hanging and I could be completely off the mark! But this is my thought in the subject.