hope it gets a 2nd season

Okay, I am NOT OKAY

Attack On Titan Second Season is coming out tomorrow, after four years of waiting, it’s finally happening… We are finally seeing that wonderful animation again, we are actually getting that second season that we’ve been waiting for.. AND IT WILL HAVE ONLY 12 FREAKING EPISODES?!? FOUR YEARS OF WAITING AND HOPING, SO MANY STUFF HAPPEND IN THE MANGA AND WE ARE GETTING ONLY TWELVE EPISODES?? ONLY TWELVE? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS A LITTLE UNFAIR? give this a note so i can see how many people agree

Pro tip for SoS games! Rather than trying to fertilize every 3x3 square in your field, just pick 1 square to fertilize every day (I usually pick a corner square). At the end of the season, you can take the crops from that particular square to the seed maker. Then when you plant them again, not only will you start out with higher quality seeds, but you will also be able to start the process over, and raise the quality even more. Or if you grow them in a greenhouse, you can keep fertilizing that square until you reach maximum quality, and then use the seed from that to replace the lower quality crops. It really saves on time and energy. Hope this helps!

[edited 05/24 11:35 a.m.] I need to add something to this since it’s getting attention. In my personal experience, I did this my first year but also I combined this action with a seed maker + the power circle: Maiden with Shield.

Now in my 2nd year, I use the liquid fertilizer and the cellar (but I think this might work too outside the cellar, with the seasonal crops each season, I don’t think in 31 days you will have 5 stars crops, but you will have better quality crops by the end of the season, that’s for sure). And with the Maiden with Shield, I finished raising the star rank of all the crops + flowers available in 3 seasons. I think that’s pretty fast.

In the cellar I started with Spring, Summer and Fall crops, I planted one (1) square of each crop and flower. Just one because (ex.) Summer is the season with most crops and it will take space. You will start raising 1 stat at a time with the 3 cellar rooms, like this you will not need more than 1 watering can (but I do recommend the capacity is at least at lvl 4 and range 3X3). Start with color, since most crops (Seasonals and all year) have this stat, and keep watering them and replanting them (with help of the power circle I mentioned earlier) and in no time you will have that 100% in the color stat. Repeat this action with all the stats, by the time you reach the size stat, the all year crops will not need more fertilizing (well maybe you will want another watering can for those crops, I just keep using the liquid fertilizer because I don’t care at this point about wasting it. Maybe you will feel the same, maybe not). For the winter crops just wait until you have maxed out the Spring or Fall crops and change the sun.

Okay, now some misc. info. DON’T waste materials in the super fertilizer. Use the “mega sparkly/sugary/juicy/uniform fertilizer”, do as I explained. Also, do a lot of “weeding” part-time jobs and/or plant softwood/hardwood trees. And I think that’s it. Hope this help too :D -Admin Alex

Your Anger is NOT Valid

One of the things that pisses me off the most in the Voltron fandom is the rabid shipping war that has gotten 10x WORSE

Before, everybody was excited because we were finally getting more material after almost a year long hiatus and everyone had their hopes up to ridiculously high levels. People’s headcanons went wild with assumptions and they assumed that DreamWorks Animation was stalking the Voltron tumblr tags for ideas. But that’s not the case at all. 

During the “Go Lions” podcast interview with Tim Hedrick and Mitch Iverson, two of the head writers for the series, they comment that the fans have very minimal influence on the show due to how tight the production schedule is for the series. So they literally work on a episode all the way up till the day it’s supposed to be shipped out. 

That means they already have planned story arcs, character arcs, and worlds planned out for the series in their own “Voltron Bible” as they describe it. 

People who’re pissed right now are the ones who believed the most that their slash ship and headcanon was going to get canonized in the 2nd season of the series. Which is already a stupid thought process considering DreamWorks Animation hopes to produce around 78 episodes of the series all together. So there’s still plenty of time for the series to flesh out ALL of the characters and relationships. 

I’m not saying it’s not OK to be upset that your ship didn’t get any moments together or your #NOTP got more moments than you, but the extent these motherfuckers have gone to express that anger is absolutely fuckin ridiculous. We’re talking harassment, we’re talking call outs, we’re talking tagging hate purposefully in the ship tag they hate. We’re talking about people becoming complete pieces of shit just because they didn’t get their way in a series. 

Newsflash children: not everything has to go your way just because you scream about it loudly on tumblr. That’s the literal definition of entitlement

In my opinion season 2 of Voltron was GREAT. We had world building, character development, relationship development, and we got a lot of answers to the questions we asked in season 1. So DreamWorks Animation gets a passing grade from me and honestly the people who’re upset about the new season can shut the fuck up. 

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"Still, something tells me that thinking the average YOI crowd will discover the wonders of more introspective plots is just me having too much hope towards them." - I'm afraid your average YOI crowd will have trouble getting their heads around the subtle levels of gayness presented in 91d. I mean, there are no kisses or wedding rings, or even pole dancing in 91d. If anything, they'll end up worshipping cort/avi as the inferior version of vict/uuri.

Also, it’s kind of funny how they recommend Haikyuu!! as a replacement for YOI, when its 1st and 2nd season aired (and became ‘tumblr famous’) long before YOI, while its 3rd season aired alongside it. It makes me believe that a great deal of the YOI crowd wasn’t even into anime all that much before YOI happened (but then they heard about the 'canon gays’ and latched onto YOI as if it’s a second coming of Jesus or something).

You do have a point, anon. Maybe the Hidden 91d Gayness ™ could be understood on its own; I mean, a lot of people (including me) could see it and I’m not some interpretative genius or essay writer. However, for someone who’s a big fan of YOI, especially when the two shows are being compared, it’d be easy to miss those hints after having been confronted with the YOI type of bait. 

As for Haikyuu; I haven’t seen it, but I’m aware that it’s been tumblr famous for some time now and it did weird me out to see it on the list. I tend to have the same mindset a lot of times, it’s a bit like the ‘baby boomer complaints’ kind of thing (it reminds me of that for some reason, hhahahahha). It’s like a lot of people only latched onto anime recently because of tumblr. Not that I’m some long-time senior anime geek (they didn’t even let me watch it as a kid, rest in peices) but what pisses me off is when people who just came in act like their range in genres is the broadest possible one and thus YOI is the pinnacle of everything on earth and the etalon to which other anime should be compared. Also, a lot of them will complain about ‘problematic’ things without knowing how the subculture works, it’s the same people who call out fujoshis. They weren’t here when anime or yaoi was ‘cringy’ and made for ‘fat losers and basement dwellers’, nor do they try to understand how those communities were back in the day. 

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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the 3rd season skipping 5 years. It seems like a lot of miss opportunity and character development. It makes the fans wonder about a lot of things and is grounds for a LOT of unanswered questions. And I know the 2nd season kind of focused on Bart and Jaime's relationship, but I hope we get to see how their fairing now and if their still as close as they were in the past.

yeah that’s pretty much how I felt about the timeskip between seasons 1&2. I was really iffy about it at first but once I accepted the timeskip I got really invested in the plot and new characters (mainly Jaime and bart lol) so hopefully that’ll happen with season 3 as well

and same there was a big focus on them last season so I’m not sure if they’ll get as much screentime but at this point I’ll honestly take whatever I can get lmao

US Nationals and Canadian Nationals

So now that they are over I would like to extend my congratulations to all the skaters and here were the highlights

Welcome to the US National ChenpionShibs, Asian Americans dominated the field with this fabulous lady skating an incredible short program and fiery free skate. 

Congratulations Karen Chen on her gold medal and her first US Nationals title

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Congratulations to my boy Nathan and his gold medal and first US Nationals title along with becoming the first skater ever to land 5 QUADS IN THE FREE SKATE AND 7 OVERALL EVER and take gold with a MASSIVE lead and 318 points. This kid is only 17 and doing all these quads a year after hip surgery, seriously one to watch out for in the coming competitions and seasons. I was literally breathless and shaking the whole way through both his programs

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Now onto my loves, a huge congratulations to Maia and Alex Shibutani for defending their title as reigning US Ice Dance champions and their second US nationals gold medal. These two are a huge inspiration for me and are the new torch carriers of an incredible era for Ice Dance, not only in America but also around the world. These two are definitely ones to watch for the coming Olympic season

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I didn’t get a chance to watch pairs this time but congratulations to Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier on their Nationals win

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As for Canadian nationals

Congratulations to Patrick Chan on his 9th National title, PChan’s short program is one of my favourites for the whole season

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congratulations to Tessa and Scott for their 7th National title, so much love for these two, their free dance is stunning!!

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Congratulations to Megan and Eric for their 6th straight national title,

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and congratulations to Kaetlyn Osmond for her 3rd national title, seriously a wonderful skater

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Other highlights for me were Mirai Nagasu’s extraordinary short program and record breaking score (seriously I love Mirai Nagasu so much and I want her to be happy, I would sacrifice so much to see her happy) and Tessa Hong and the way the crowd rallied behind her when she struggled during the free skate, she is only 14 and i’m predicting great things from her. 

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As for the men, oh god I have adopted so many new sons (if you ever hangout in the sywtwfs live chat this is a running joke that I have to many sons) Jimmy Ma, Vincent Zhou (2nd place baby), Sean Rabbitt (and that little butt slap), Antony Cheng and MY SON Elladj Balde (I love him very much and I hope to see more from him this was a painful nationals to watch for his fans I just want him happy). 

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In other news, I am now the Vice President (one of the) of the Antony Cheng fanclub and Chairwoman of the Jimmy Ma fanclub. Also Joe Johnson is adorable and the jj style in the K&C killed me haha.

I’m super excited for the rest of the season and I’m currently working on getting all the asks answered.

Here’s to an awesome Nationals season!! and congratulations to all the new stars (I loved Nathan before he was famous and I am so proud)

(Carl Gallagher)

Request: Hi um can you do a Carl Gallagher imagine #14 please thanks btw I love your account

Pairing:Carl Gallagher x Reader


A/N: This might suck because I’m only on like season 3 of shameless but I hope you guys still like it. and thank you very much, I’m glad u like it.

I was at my locker getting ready to start 2nd hour. I looked across the hall to see if my boyfriend was here, but as usual he wasn’t. Carl Gallagher wasn’t the type to go to school or get good grades. That’s why people find it surprising when they hear that we are a couple. I was the opposite, I went to school, got good grades, and wanted to go to collage. Most people around here didn’t.

I checked my phone and there was no calls or texts. I sighed, already knowing who he was with. He was with Bonnie. I don’t mind him hanging out with her, I really don’t. But the fact that he avoids me makes me upset. I don’t think about it as I go through the day.

~Time skip~

I finished my homework and my parents still weren’t home. I tried texting Carl but of course he didn’t answer. I was really getting fed up with this whole thing. I walked out my front door and started heading over to the Gallagher’s.

I kept on thinking of what I was going to say to him. It was pretty quiet, all I could hear were my feet on the pavement. I opened the gate and continued up the porch steps. I knocked on the door, Fiona answers she smiles at me.

“Hey Y/N”

“Hey Fiona, is Carl here by any chance, I haven’t seen him around”I ask.

“Yeah he’s in his room, just go head up there” She says steeping aside to let me in, I smile as I walk in. I was about to head to the stairs when Fiona stopped me,


“Yeah Fi?”I ask.

“Can you watch out for him, he’s been getting into a lot of trouble with some bad people” She said, you could see the desperation in her eyes.

“Yeah I will, Don’t worry” I say trying to send her a reassuring smile before heading up.

I get to his door and take a deep breathe before lightly knocking on the door. I heard a “Go away” from Carl which he did every time. I open the door to see his back facing me.

“Hey” I say quietly with a hint of awkward. He immediately turns around, I take a notice that he’s shirtless. “Hey..”He says trailing off.

“Can I come in?” I ask, looking down at my feet.

“Yeah, come in, sit down” He said while moving some off his dirty clothes trying to make the room a little neat. I come and sit down on the his bed, he does the same. I didn’t want to start an argument so I just started with simple.

“I haven’t seen you around, how you doing?” I ask biting my tongue mentally face palming on how stupid it sounded. “I’ve been doing fine, you?”

“Good, I guess” I said making it get into an awkward silence. I avoided eye contact. 

I bit my lip before just bringing it out there, “Okay to make this easier I’m just gonna get to the point. Are you okay? Is something wrong?” I finally looked at him, he had his eyebrows furrowed.

“Nothings wrong Y/N, why would you think that?”

“Because you’ve been avoiding all my text, calls, you haven’t been in school either”

“I’ve been hanging with Bonnie” I roll my eyes, standing in front of him, “I know, but can’t you tell I’m worried. I call a bunch of times, send a ton of text, and you can’t even answer me, saying ‘I’m fine Y/N’, like are you for real!” My voice getting louder with each word, it shocked Carl, never had I once yelled at him.

“Why does it matter to you?” He said standing up looking down at me.

“Because I’m your girlfriend, and I care about you, your family and I are worried about you!”

“Just admit it, you don’t care, your jealous because I’m spending time with Bonnie, Bonnie is right, you are a jealous bitch!” He burst. I was shocked and hurt.

“Fuck you Gallagher, if this is what I get for caring about you, then I’m done” I said wiping my cheeks. My hand was on the knob, “What do you mean by ‘your done’?!”

I turned around mad, “I mean, we’re done.” I said, and the look on his face went from regret and then to hurt. I turned around and jogged down the stairs. Fiona stopped me as I was about to open the door.

“Hey,Y/N, what happened, whats wrong?” She said.

“Nothing” I said as I walked past her and out the door. I heard yelling inside. I opened the gate and started to walk to my house, letting the tears fall. I heard a door slam, and fast heavy footsteps behind me. “Y/N, wait!” I just keep on walking.

Carl ran in front of me grabbing my shoulders. “hey hey” He said whispering. I tried to turn my head, to avoid his stare. He lifted my chin up, “Hey, I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry” 

I tried to walk past him, “Y/N, I’m sorry,I shouldn’t of said all those things, I know you care and I care about you a lot. I love you! ” I looked up shocked. We never said that to each other. He cupped my cheeks, “I love you, and I’m so sorry” He says. I sniffle, “You what?”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N, I’ll scream it to the world. I don’t care if we’re young, you make me a better person by each day and I just disappoint you and I’m sorry, but I do love you”

“I forgive you” I said smashing my lips on his feeling fireworks. He smiled into the kiss making me giggle, “I love you too” I said staring into his beautiful eyes.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Like I said, I’m not caught up. I have nothing against the charter Bonnie, I’ve never actually saw an episode with her, but I’ve heard of her so please bear in this imagine.


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Spring Season | Final Impression

Spring Season is really over. I still remember how much I was waiting for this season and how I couldn’t wait anymore and now it’s really over. I have to say that the season was just as great as I expected it to be. So many great shows, so many suprises and yes some of my favorite anime were in this season. Since Winter 2013 I was following every season and this might not have been the best one but definetly the season I was looking forward to the most.

Hibike! Euphonium

And to start with my most favorite Hibike Euphonium was my number 1 of the season. Hibike was one of the shows I definetly wanted to watch since it’s from Kyoani but to be honest I didn’t expected much. I kinda expected something similair to K-On but rather bad. I also have to say that even though I like Kyoani I wasn’t really happy about their latest anime.

I mean what did we got ? Amagi Brilliant Park was nice but turned kinda okayish in the second half. Free… is Free, the second season of Chuunibyou sucked hard, Kyoukai No Kanata was okay, Tamako Market’s movie was better then the anime and yeah then we have the first season of Chuunibyou which I really liked. So it has been years since the last show I really really liked from Kyoani. So of course I didn’t had high expectations. But luckily I got suprised. Not only is it way different then K-On it ended up being a masterpiece.

First an anime about a bandclub is something which rarely happens and I think this is also the first anime about brass instruments. What I really liked about this show was the pretty realistic potrayal of the band. The personalities of the characters were really good and also rather unique. Sure you usually get stereotype characters in Kyoani anime but this time it was different. Every character was important and unique. Be it main character or only a side character. Also good to see was that they all had more sides to their personalities which many characters lack mostly. With Kumiko as the main character she definetly is one of my all time favorite character.

Her personal struggle, her attitude really everything was great. Let me not even start to talk about Reina.

The plot was really good. I expected a light plot for this anime and yes it kinda is at times but overall it can get pretty dramatic and shows us that life can be pretty hard. If you wanna make good music you have to work hard and even this is not enough sometimes as someone else can still be better then you. Here I have to praise Kyoani again. The love in the details. The way they are potraying the characters practicing was brilliant. The characters are practicing. Practicing at lunch, at home, at night basically when ever they can to improve.

The soundtrack of this anime was amazing too. The music was beautiful and even for some one who has no idea about music you could tell if someone was playing an instrument better then someone else even if it was only slightly better. Again the love in the details. You could hear every little mistake they made or if they improved and seriously I could talk the whole day about how great the musical aspect of this anime is.

Since it’s Kyoani of course I expected good no great animation. But holy cow this was beyond good. I think this is their best work in terms of animation and it was easily on movie level and definetly not something they would usually show on TV. The freaking love in the details lol. The way the water is animated, crickets, scenaries, body language everything works damn good.

Before I forget. Many people actually only watch the show because of Kumiko and Reina. Since Kyoani likes to show them together and makes the viewer feel the yuri between them . But honestly this is definetly not the reason why you should watch the anime. Watch it because it’s a masterpiece.

(the relationship between Kumiko and Reina is just a plus lol).

So yes definetly my favorite anime of the season.

Actually I planned to write only short opinions about the anime but this was kinda long lol.

Plastic Memories

If I would describe Plastic Memories in two words then it would be wasted potential. Now I don’t say Plastic Memories is bad. I actually really enjoyed it but the wasted potential is a fact you can’t ignore because it could have been so much better. The problem I had with Plastic Memories is that it didn’t know what it want to be. A story about the future and how androids would work in our society ? Something similair to Eve no Jikan ? etc etc. but Plastic Memories ended up chosing the weirdest route. The romance route. Now after the first episodes you would expect something way different. Sure I saw it coming a romance between them but dayum the whole setting didn’t mattered at all in the second half. The whole focus changed to the romance between them and this was something I found really dissapointing because Plastic Memories had the chance to be a very impressive anime. This way it’s still good and a cute story but far away from being as good as it could be.

Arslan Senki

Look I really want to like this but I can’t. I don’t know if my expectations were just too high or something else but it is very hard to make myself watch the latest episode every week. But when I’m actually watching it it’s not like I dislike it. I just find it very boring and incredibly slow paced. Let me quote ANN “The Heroic Legend of Arslan continues to be a bizarre mix of strengths and faults.” and this is exactly what I would say too. The concept is good, the story is interesting and the setting is nice too but so far it’s just not really exciting. The story is pretty similair to Akatsuki no Yona which I actually really enjoyed. Overall not a bad show but I do hope the second half gets better.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada was just the way I expected it to be. A decent anime which is fun to watch. Not more not less. I kinda liked the concept and general idea of the anime. It’s unique and I honestly wouldn’t mind another season. I heard the manga is better though so let’s see maybe I read it.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season

I say it again. I don’t understand what’s so great about this anime. The animation is awesome but I found the story rather boring and the only characters who are actually cool are Lancer and Saber. That’s it. But oh well I’m finally done with this anime. (That opening though. Epic as hell.)


Another decent anime. I don’t really have much to say about this one. You won’t miss anything if you don’t watch it but I’m happy I did. It had some great episodes and overall managed to be a nice anime.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

This was one of the anime I have been waiting for in the Spring Season. I really liked season 1 so I expected this season to be just as good but I was wrong. This season is so much better then the first season that I started loving the whole series. This is after Hibike my favorite anime of the season. But why is this season so much better then season 1 ? First the animation. Now that I compare both seasons I realize how much better the new animation is. Every character looks better then before and also the general animation is more fluid and more detailed. The other aspect is the story. Some people were saying it’s too dramatic but I really enjoyed the drama. I liked the development of the characters and how their relationship kept changing. The ending was kinda mean lol so I hope we get more at one point but this anime really impressed me overall.


It’s all about Hestia. I think the most people know how much hype Hestia made in Japan and in the internet. Everyone loves Hestia but what about the anime itself ? It’s decent. At first I expected it to be a Sao clone. Sure it has nothing to do with gaming but the whole dungeon thing kinda reminded me of Sao. But it stands on its own feet and was an entertaining anime. Definetly wouldn’t mind another season.

Shokugeki no Souma

Not gonna lie I can’t believe how much I love this anime. I love it so much I actually started buying the manga for it. It’s entertaining, it has great characters and it keeps making you hungry lol. I’m gonna write more about it when it’s actually finished though. But so far fantastic.


Very very very dissapointing. I know that Nisekoi barely moves forward with the plot. Obviously otherwise it would have ended ages ago. And I actually don’t really mind those random chapters/episodes but this season was very boring. The whole season was a filler and a bunch of random episodes. And again I don’t really mind usually but the episodes weren’t really good either. First I don’t really like Chitoge so the episodes with her were okayish and there were quite a lot of episodes foccused on her. And the characters I actually like Marika, Tsugumi and Onodera didn’t really got that much screentime. I also had high expectations on Haru but she’s not really that great either.

Overall a very dissapointing and random season.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me

Just as random as Nisekoi was the second season of Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me. But if you liked the first season you will like this season too. I’m sad we didn’t got to see the baby though so bring on the third season.


Wow. The hell happened to this anime in the second half ? It suddenly started getting pretty good. Something I wouldn’t expect at all from the first few episodes. I mean it’s not like I enjoyed this anime a lot but it did got quite interesting in the second half and was actually worth watching. So if you dropped this anime after the first episodes you could give it another try. It’s not that bad actually.

Kyoukai no Rinne

I love Rumiko and I liked all her shows so far and Rinne is also one of them. The beginning was kinda weird (okay all Rumiko anime and manga are weird) but now after 12 episodes I’m really enjoying this anime as it’s really typical Rumiko. The characters and the dialogs are just as absurd as you would expect it and that’s what I want to see.

Ore Monogatari!!

Suprised Madhouse picked a romance anime . But what is not suprising is that the show is really good. Very entertaining and kinda different romance story. But just like Soma I’m going to write more about this after it’s finished.

Kekkai Sensen

Why is the whole Gintama cast (voice actors) in this anime ? After watching the first few episodes I know why. Because the characters are also a bunch of weirdos. And that’s the strongest part of Kekkai. The crazy characters are just hilarious. Specially Zapp is great. In every episode you will see the characters being in crazy situations and everytime when the City is exploding you keep wondering why the hell does anyone live there. The anime is still not finished since the last episode got delayed so I’m still waiting for it. For everyone else who didn’t watched this. This anime is pure entertaiment.

Owari no Seraph

It can’t get more generic then Owari no Seraph. But being generic doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means it’s very predictable and has elements you saw in different shows already. So basically to stand out it needs to have something unique. It doesn’t actually lol but it’s still not a bad anime. I can see why people would love this but I’m not the biggest fan of this show. Still kept me interested enough to make me want to watch season 2.

Assassination Classroom

I’m really sad actually that this anime ended. It was a great anime and stayed good till the end. It had some good character development, it’s funny and the anime overall is unique. Can’t wait for the new season in the Winter Season. I’m not sure if I can wait this long though so I might start the manga soon.


My favorite anime returned do I even have to say something ?

Next week Shinigami Arc. Do I even have to say something ?


More anime I finished but I don’t want to talk about because I’m too lazy or it was too bad:

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Urawa no Usagi-Chan


Houkago no Pleiades

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku



Vampire Holmes

Show by Rock

Triage X

anonymous asked:

Despite a few reservations, I'm actually excited for season 7. I'm hoping that Henry and Lucy tracking down Hook, Regina, and Rumple and restoring their memories. I don't think we'll see all three of them in the same introduction episode, but they'll probably each have an episode introducing them and showing the beginning of their cursed lives.

I can see that happening, but knowing A&E, they’d probably jam pack the episode with their cursed introductions and the 2nd episode will be working to get their memories back or something like that.

New curse, new city, new identities. So original lol


I just wanna say I’m thankful for Kim Taemin for making me happy and laugh because without him the show would be missing something…… and I really, really, really hope he gets well soon and debut. This boy became my 11th on my 2nd top 11 list and that’s a hard thing to do. Please please please don’t forgot the precious Kim Taemin and wait for him like I will. 

(The news hit me so hard that I actually cried…someone please dm me and comfort me, I just cannot atm) *this is how I reacted* & to protect identity, stuff has been crossed out - Rachele is me btw

The Assassination of Vanessa Ives by the coward John Logan (and probably David Nevins).

Commence rant.

First I’ll say PD has been my favorite show for the past 3 years.  In a time where all my friends and people can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, I couldn’t get enough of Penny Dreadful.  The characters, the dialogue, the darkness, the strangeness, the cinematography, the performances, there was so much to adore.  I started watching when it originally aired and been with it since, drawn in originally by it’s amazing cast.

Right of the bat this whole situation smelled fishy.  Who doesn’t announce a final season?  Why was so many things left up in the air?  Enter David Nevins.  President of Showtime.  My theory and it’s starting to catch on with others is that the show was cancelled halfway through production, thus Logan and co. had to makeshift a finale.  Just look how rushed these last two episodes felt, as if they threw out S3′s original trajectory and had to cram in a contrived finale.  Logan was trapped in a corner.  I’ve read their post show interviews and they come off really strange, and I called bullshit.  Logan seems to be saving face when he said this was the plan all along, if it was then why was it so rushed and unsatisfying?  Logan has proved with the first 2 ½ seasons that he’s a great writer, letting things build slowly and naturally.  Not so much for the two parter.  Seriously though, if you watch The day Tennyson died and then watch Blessed Dark the trajectory is so off!!  He brought in new characters that added to nothing when in the past new characters always got more meaningful screentime.  Characters that ended up leaving no impact.  For example, Jekyll looked to be fully fleshed out in the first 3 episodes only to become Victor’s 2nd fiddle waiting for his dad to die so he can be Mr. Hyde!!  What!?  This is what I believe to be tampering of sorts by Showtime.  If this is true about a rush to the end, it’s yet another thing that makes no sense!!  In a world full of streaming services and cancelled show pickups, I don’t get why they didn’t stay the course and hope for a season 4 pickup on Netflix, which already has a bunch of Showtime shows by the way.  Again this whole bts drama with Showtime is just speculation by myself and some others I’ve seen online, but seems completely plausible.

Ok now, the episodes.  Even if the mid production cancellation conspiracy is true, it doesn’t explain the mess it ended up being.  Though feeling rushed I liked Perpetual Night!!  Catriona fucking up vamps, kaetenay’s unnerving werewolf reveal, Billie Piper killing it again with another epic Lily monologue etc.  I was like alright we’re building to something great!!  Then The Blessed Dark happens.  Most everything and everyone is left up in the air, which for a series finale is the opposite of what you want.  The opening title sequence was haunting, but I thought, ‘oh fuck this is probably the end!!’  Getting cancelled etc.  Again why would you blindside your fan base with that!?  It was one of the many reasons I couldn’t fully get into the episode, I was instantly bummed by the probable end.  We have some great scenes sprinkled throughout with the supporting cast, but the problem everything was so conveniently solved.  Having been released by Victor, Lily’s story is easily dropped, her girls are gone, and Justine is suddenly dead.  Her wrath isn’t unleashed on Dorian.  She kind of accepts it and Dorian monologues in what I feel could work as a proper ending for him.  Jekyll takes off saying I have land and money now bye Vic, uh ok.  John Clare is forced into a ultimatum after having basically one scene of happiness.  And man, the series big bad, Dracula was wasted and just vanished after everything.  Uh one of main reasons for the conflict and torment of Vanessa is just gone!!  Hey Logan, the villain is still alive and we never got our Wolf of God vs. Dracula!!  The show leaves everyone in basically worst shape than when the show started, they all have unnecessarily depressing endgames.  Everything rushed, most everything unanswered, and nothing cathartic about any of it.

Now for our queen, our sweet Vanessa Ives.  The phenomenal Eva Green was only in only 2 fucking scenes and the Mother of Evil amounted to nothing!!  She got bit, causing the pestilence and then regretted it, I don’t get it!!  She knew Ethan was on his way, why let herself get bit.  In Ebb Tide I understood it, but after Blessed Dark it was cheap plot device.  First she accepted herself, then basically instantly regretted it.  Enter Ethan.  Meant to be her lover (the lovers), her protector, and basically her soul mate in every sense of the word.  It’s revealed that he’s supposed to give her peace by killing her!?  Fuck that!!  If that’s the case why not just kill her at the end of Possession!!  What happened to 'you will not die while I’m here, you will not surrender while I live’.  Vanessa was always a complex character, full life and fight regardless of her curses, vulnerable, kind, strong, and full of faith in God but more herself.  The finale undermines all of that.  She can’t take it anymore she wants to save everyone from harm, but would mean her death, which on paper kind of makes sense.  But when this is all done abruptly and in one scene it’s more cheap and out of character.  Logan says her dying is going back to the light.  Um, how about fighting for herself and her family is going back to the light instead!?  The best female lead in a genre show in recent memory is cut down by going the easy way out.  Which once again was out of character.  When Ethan started the prayer ala Possession I was so excited because I thought he was bringing her back so she could face Dracula, nope just a comfort before her unnecessary death.  This character deserved real happiness with her family not with her God.  She deserved life.  Ethan and Vanessa deserved to be together, to rise together.  And my prediction was Malcolm would sacrifice himself to ensure that, to save his daughter, like what he was too late to do for Mina, which was brought up with Dracula by the way.  Wolf of God amounted to nothing, Mother of Evil amounted to nothing, and Ethan and Vanessa never got a real shot.  Reminder this was their only real scene together this season!!  She dies and Logan doesn’t pull a Buffy.  She is at peace in the most unsatisfactory and typical way.  Maybe she should have taken Lucifer’s offer at the end of S2.  Ugh, Lucifer wanted to treat her better than what Logan did here.

Vanessa and all the characters were meant for so much more.  There was so much potential for the future.  Lyle setup S4 with the mummy, pre cancellation idea methinks.  Nobody ever knew Victor was resurrecting people or knew about Brona/Lily which was rubbed in our face with an Ethan and Victor hug.  Was Seward connected to the cut wife, was Catriona a time traveler, was Kaetenay the true Apache, where the fuck is Dracula??  Notice how these questions were for all the new characters?  Why did every character have to have a depressing as shit ending?  Most importantly why was Ethan the Lupus Dei and why was Vanessa so special to the fallen angels??  Never to be fully explained.  Amun net??  Lilith??  We’ll angrily never know.

This was my favorite current show, I have the blurays, I have a t-shirt, and even have a sweet little Vanessa magnet on the fridge, and this surprise and rushed makeshift ending leaves a bitter taste, when a good dramatic finale should be bittersweet.  The show featured some all-time great characters and interpretation of those characters, along with all-time great episodes.  The ending is not what the characters or we fans deserved.  I pictured adventures and mythological backstory in Egypt for S4 and Lucifer in his physical form bringing hell to earth for S5.  Something that will never happen.  Another great show cut down before it’s time.  I have a ton more to say, but I’m tired and genuinely sad.  Logan and Nevins fucked up when we needed them most.

Vanessa we love you.

Dedicated to fellow dreadful @noonestillalive and the best penny dreadful blog on tumblr @penydreadful