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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader finds Bucky’s journal in her apartment after he broke up with her. Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,477

Warnings: Depression, Language probably, idk

A/N: It’s named Adagio because I listened to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings while writing this. Such a beautiful song. Also there are two BuckyNat quotes, they were too beautiful I couldn’t resist. Hope you’ll like the story :)

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“You should find a new secret place for your diary, miss.”

The repairer’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him and frowned as he waved a small book in the air.

“I don’t have a diary.” You extended a hand in his direction and took the book.

“Well, it’s what was blocking the vents. Should work now.” He closed the vent grill and climbed off the chair.

All your attention was focused on the small leather-bound book in your hands. You didn’t flinch when the repairer announced his ridiculously high price, you only made a noise of agreement and walked him back to the front door without taking your eyes off the book.

Once he was gone, you walked over to the kitchen and put the book on the counter. Carefully, you opened it to a random page.

Cursive letters, clear handwriting, nice loops, a bit in italics. You would recognise Bucky’s handwriting anywhere.

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Story of Another Us

Word Count: 3286

A/M: A story about the one who got away. I got inspired to write this from a prompt post with the quote: “I never should have let you go”. Also I think about the song Story of Another Us by 5sos a lot with this, so I’ll say it’s inspired a bit by it too cause I titled it and why not. It’s an awesome song. There is a Part Two to this, so I recommend you read it because it’s the conclusion of this story. And as always, hope you like it, tell me if you do Xx

You stared at your feet as you waited for the coach bus to pull up. You still had a ways to go to get home. One that was still a two hour bus ride away from where you stood. You waited alone looking carefully through the thick fog that surrounded the place to see if anyone was nearby. But no one showed up. The strong and cold moisture in the night air filled your nose and stuck to your skin and hair. You just hoped the bus would come soon. 

Luckily a moment later you saw something break through the fog. Headlights of the bus shone on you as the bus pulled up to the curb directly in front of you. You moved to the side watching as three people walked off, and saw as they quickly disappeared into the fog. 

“Getting on?”, The driver asked as he called for your attention. 

“Yeah” You answered, climbing up the steps. You asked him if this was the bus that went to your destination, and he nodded giving you a tired smile. His salt and pepper hair and beard aged the man, and you wondered how old he was. He seemed the age to retire, yet here he was driving a coach bus at 1 in the morning. 

I guess work isn’t done for everyone,  you thought to yourself.

You walked carefully down the narrow aisle of the bus, with your back pack on your back  you didn’t want to accidentally hit it on any chair or person. 

You looked to the people who were on the bus, all of them either sleeping or watching a  movie on their phone. You looked for an empty two seater to occupy, and found one three rows from the back. The back of the bus from what you could tell was completely empty. You rushed to it and sighed a sigh of relief. 

You were finally going home

You lazily rolled your head to look out the window. With the dark sky and thick fog you could barely tell what it looked like outside anymore, as the driver had driven away from your stop. 

You thought of what you wanted to do. Nap? Play a game on your phone? Watch a movie? Listen to music? 

You reached for your headphones in your pocket and unravelled it, as you planned to figure out what you wanted to do when you plugged it into your phone. But as you did, you heard your name be called by an unfamiliar voice across from where you sat. 

You were startled with surprise, not recognizing anyone on the bus or even know there was anyone in the seats behind you, you didn’t expect your name to be called. 

You turned around and in the seat behind yours, in the row across, you found a face you never thought you’d see again. One you hadn’t seen in years. 

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Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @frickfracklesackles‘ Natalie’s 1,000 Follower Celebration Movie-Trope Challenge! CONGRATS GIRL, you deserve it! Go give her a follow if you haven’t already! For her challenge, I picked a character (actor in this case!), trope and a movie quote! Prompts are below and quote will be bolded in the fic. As always, I love feedback so much and my tag list is open; send me an ask if you want to join. :) I hope you like this! Also thank you to @avasmommy224 for reading this and giving me your opinion! It helps so much you have no idea :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 4,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Angst (a tad), mentions of cheating, I don’t want to give too much away!!!

Trope: 12. Meet actor on vacation and become lovers

Movie Quote: m. “Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, traveling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?” - How To Be Single

Song Inspirations: “I Want You” by Kings of Leon, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” by Adele and “Rich” by Maren Morris

Originally posted by mishasminions


Honey. Moon.

Who the hell came up with that word anyway? As I’m sitting here on this charter bus that’s taking me to my resort hotel, I’m watching about three newlywed couples about to get it on on the nasty, itchy seats that probably haven’t been cleaned in years. Rolling my eyes, I decided to grab my headphones out of my carry-on and shove them in my ears before I said something to them.

I decided to look up where the word ‘honeymoon’ came from before I had to witness post-marital bliss conjure right before my eyes.

Typing quickly on my phone, I could feel the bus pulling to a stop, but I wasn’t paying attention. It would be at least five minutes before I was able to get off this godforsaken bus anyway. Why did I choose a seat in the back again? I’ll never know.

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Drunken Mistakes

Summary: Dean gets mad at reader one night when he has had too much to drink

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,044 (this one ran away from me a little)

Warnings: mentions of cheating, physical fight, implication of smut? or soft smut (idk what to call it)

A/N: Okay so this is my entry for ‘Michelle’s 2K follower challange’. Congrats @luci-in-trenchcoats​ on 2k and I hope you like this. Quote I got “Your problem is that nobody hates you more than you do”. I hope you guys like this, first time writing in this ‘x reader’ style so feedback would be much loved

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Hurt Me, Cure Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a toxic relationship but they can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Pinch of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @paigeinastory‘s “Country Song/Sentence Prompt Challenge”. I got the song “Playing with Fire” by Thomas Rhett ft Jordin Sparks. I also got the quote “The pain burns yet we always come back for more.” I hope you guys like this one!!! *hides face* also, special thanks to my boo @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for making the aesthetic for my fic!!

Hurt Me, Cure Me

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“Everyone, at some point in their lives, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world, and that nobody loves them now and that nobody will ever love them, and that they will never have a decent night’s sleep again and will spend their lives wandering blearily around a loveless landscape, hoping desperately that their circumstances will improve, but suspecting, in their heart of hearts, that they will remain unloved forever. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to wake somebody else up, so that they can feel this way, too.”

Lemony Snicket

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Dean x female hunter, reader insert

Warnings: SMUT/NSFW text (if you’re not 18, come back when you are!), mild canon typical violence, adult language

Word count: about 2,100

A/N: Hey y'all!! Sorry it’s been awhile, writer’s block has been killing me! But hey, here’s a little something I finally got around to posting! Hope you enjoy it, cause I spent way too much time trying to get it finished!

This was written for two challenges! The first is for Jenn’s Birthday Challenge! Happy birthday @avasmommy224!! Here’s your SMUT, my quote was, “We must all face the choice between what’s right and what’s easy.”

The other challenge is Katie’s 1K challenge!! Congrats on the followers milestone @casbabydontgoineedyou! My quote was, “Just let it be, we’ll figure it out later.”

Be sure you’re following these two amazing writers, they are totally worthy of your attention!!

Here’s my masterlist for more stories!



You were sure he’d be furious. You’d jumped in and now you were a bloody mess. If history had taught you anything, it was that Dean Winchester was going to be livid with you. You’d never hear the end of how reckless and dangerous your actions had been, even though you’d saved his ass. Fighting with each other, both of you spewing venomous words, at each other’s throats for hours, was the only way the two of you knew how to release your frustrations and break the always building tension in your friendship.

When Sam had yelled that he needed more time to find the artifact keeping the ancient vengeful spirit around, you dashed into the grand hallway of the mansion where the older brother was being tossed around like a rag doll. The ghost suddenly appeared above Dean, her white Victorian dress billowed around her as she plunged her hand into his chest and he screamed out in agony. Instinctually, you yanked the iron candleholder off the wall and swung it unceremoniously through the woman’s torso and she vanished momentarily.

“Hurry it up, Sammy!” you yelled over your shoulder, before you were violently throw by an unseen force into the wall. The impact was severe enough to shatter the large stained glass window above. You threw your arms up to cover your face and the shards showered down on you, nicking your exposed skin.

The malevolent spirit reappeared, rushing forward, her hands closing in around your throat. She slid you up the wall, fingers crushing your windpipe as your feet dangled inches above the ground. The sound of Dean screaming your name was starting to fade as the blackness began to creep in the edge of your vision. Just as you were about to lose consciousness the ghost erupted in a flash of sparks and flames before disappearing altogether. You came crashing back to the floor, gasping for air.

“Son of a bitch…” Dean was rushing to your side, kneeling haphazardly over the broken glass that surrounded you. “Dammit, Y/N, I thought I told you to stay with Sam…” he said, examining you.

“Yeah, and let you become ghost chow? You’re welcome…” your voice was hoarse, but still forceful. You knew he wasn’t a fan of bringing you along, the two of you spent almost as much time fighting each other as you did fighting evil, but frankly you didn’t give a rat’s ass what he thought. You’d been hunting long before you met the Winchesters and Dean’s shitty attitude wasn’t going to stop you now.

Rather than arguing with you, as you expected, he simply grabbed you by the hands and stood, pulling you up with him, “Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up.” His unusual calmness made you worry. Fighting is what you and Dean did best and you weren’t used to him conceding this easily.

Once on your feet, you winced painfully as a sharp pain pierced your left side. You lifted your shirt to find a large piece of glass embedded at least two inches deep into your skin right below your last rib.

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Keep Going

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This is for my hoe @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ Orion’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge. I got the quoteLife is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living’-Princess Mononoke

Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Ellie



Warnings: Angst, broken Dean, mentions of character death, neglectful John, sadness. Fluff and hope at the end!! Sorta depressed Dean I guess? Not specified, but you could take it that way.

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Y/n sees the changes in Dean and tries to understand what’s going through his mind.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this quote kinda screamed it. But there’s fluff too, so yayyy!! Also, this is kinda AU I guess. No specific AU, just a non hunting world. Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @salvatorexwinchester @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @mypeopleskillsarerusty0203 @greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @scorpiongirl1 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @squirels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick


You saw what was happening with him.

The way he’d barely speak anymore. 

His eyes always tired, bags growing as his hair became a mess.

He barely shaved. 

He’d spend longer than usual in the shower. 

He wouldn’t look at you or Ellie.

You knew he was a mess.


There was no reason.

Not really.

This was just Dean.

He’d always been this way.

Take away the bubbly, sweet, slightly cocky mask he wore, he was just a damaged and hurt little boy.

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anonymous asked:

I'm fairly new to your blog but I love it!!! do you know of any sleepover aus or like spin the bottle type fics??

Thank you sweet! Enjoy!

Spin the bottle:

Feeling Alone by tuanpark:

Summary: Harry and Louis are broken up. But it’s Niall’s birthday party, and they don’t want to ruin it for the boy. So the only solution is to pretend they’re still together, right? It all gets very complicated.

Word count: 12,860

We’ll stay quiet underneath shooting stars by styleztomlinson:

Summary: "For all that Harry hoped that the bottle would land on Louis, he doesn’t know how to react now that it did. He always wants to kiss Louis, has to bite his lip to stop himself from being too obvious nearly all of the time. The fact that he is this close to actually getting to kiss him now sends butterflies flying around in his stomach, hope blossoming in his chest despite the fact that he should probably know better.“

Word count: 4,918

Close to You by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate):

Summary: Louis took a deep breath and spun the bottle. Harry could barely look, pondering in the back of his mind the consequences if he were to leap to his feet and run off home. The bottle stopped, and Harry looked down.
“That’s typical!” Louis laughed. “That’s how destined I am to be single, forever.”

The bottle was pointing back at Louis.

“Kiss yourself!” Christine laughed.

“That’s not pointing at you!” Said Oli, who had come back in and was nursing a beer from the doorway. “It’s on Harry.”

“It’s not.” Harry said quickly.

“I mean, at any rate, Harry was the last person it pointed at before you.” Stan said to Louis. “Kiss Harry.”

“Isn’t the rule to spin again?” Harry said, swallowing.

“Come on, get on with it!” Stan rolled his eyes.

Louis turned to Harry, giving him a reassuring smile, and moving his mouth close to Harry’s ear.

“Don’t worry, lad. It’s me. It’s just a kiss, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Harry mumbled.

Harry has been in love with Louis since, like, always, and nothing can stress him out like a game of Spin the Bottle and getting locked in a cupboard.

Word count: 4,547

A Love That Feels This Right by DontLetHimGo:

Summary: As always, the classic high-school rumour mill is never completely reliable. Sure, there are those stories that fly around that turn out to be true—like the one about Niall getting with a model at a party a few months ago (which Louis still struggles to believe)—but this ‘rumour’ has so many versions, and none of them are actually right. 

The Sixth Form AU where Louis is the footie team captain, Harry is head boy, and no one at school has any idea that the two of them are in love.

Word count: 13,692

And maybe I’ll get drunk again (to feel a little love) by samemistakes:

Summary: “You seem like the withdrawn type, Harry Styles.” 

Harry briefly wonders how the other boy knows his name, but he doesn’t ask. He sees the dare in Louis’ eyes though. 

“Do I?” he responds instead, causing Louis’ grin to widen again. 

“Indeed,” he says, and then he’s sliding down until he’s sitting on the cold stone, patting a hand on the ground next to him, beckoning Harry to take a seat.

or, niall has a party and everyone gets drunk and they play truth or dare. harry likes blue eyes.

Word count: 4,878


2:00am cuddles by larryaresoulmates:

Summary: "What could I do without you and your awesomeness in my hopeless attempt of life?“ Harry asks dramatically.

"Exactly. My friendship is the only valuable thing in your life young Harold.” He says trying to sound serious but a giggle escapes his lips. Harry laughs with him.

“You’re insane.” He says ruffling Louis’ hair. “Thank you so much for coming over, I really didn’t feel like spending the night all alone.”

“Wouldn’t miss a chance of hanging out with you love.” He brings his feet up to the couch and hugs himself, resting his chin on his knees.

Word count: 2,804

Faking It by TheCellarDoor:

Summary: A uni AU in which Louis has been Harry’s best friend since he offered him cubed fruit on the playground, and they spend more time cuddling in their dorm beds than they do apart, but it’s not like that. Or is it?

Aka Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.

Word count: 46,173

Give Me A Try by rainbow_kings:

Summary: AU where Harry is absolutely, hopelessly in love with his best friend, Louis.

But Louis is dating somebody else.

It takes them a while to figure it all out.

Word count: 28,146

Weigh Us Down (We’re In Love) by orphan_account:

Summary: Harry’s eyes widen slightly at that. “We’re friends?”

Louis nods eagerly, smiling even wider. “Of course we are! You’re like, my first ever friend here. We just moved in, you see. Did I already tell you about that? Anyway! Maybe you can stay for dinner and I can show you my toys?”

Harry smiles. “You’ll let me play with you?”

Louis nods again, excited. “Of course!” He looks thoughtful for a moment, and then he’s slipping off the couch and crouching in front of Harry. “Oh, and Mum always kisses my wounds after she fixes them up. It makes me feel loads better all the time, so.” He leans forward and puckers his lips, pressing them over the bandage on Harry’s knee.

(harry and louis first meet when they’re eight and ten. this is their story throughout the years.)

Word count: 23,798

never wanted you to steal my heart by shoulderbladesarewings:

Summary: The grass was so green and the sky was so blue, when did the colours go away, when did the snow stop, when did Harry’s eyes become stars? Pink and white marshmallows roasted brown on candles; green and blue bruises appearing magically on their legs and arms, tender to the touch; sunburnt skin and bleached-blond hair and everything was so goddamn bright and beautiful.

Harry and Louis have always been a pair- joined at the hip since the Styles family moved into town when Louis was at the tender age of 5. Somewhere along the line, Harry’s feelings develop into a more-than-platonic kind of love, especially when Louis gets his first long term girlfriend.

Word count: 9,577

down by the lake

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Angst
⇢ Location: Lake.
⇢ Quote: “When the house gets too quiet I just sit by the water and try to not think about anything at all. It doesn’t really work most of the time though.”
Word count: 1.9k
A/N: This is my contribution to the kwriters kollective july challenge, with this month’s theme being picnics and lakes. I hope it doesn’t read as messy as my thoughts were when I wrote it.

Yoongi looks out over the lake, trying to catch any sign of you. A soft breeze brushes over his skin. It’s the middle of the night but somehow he just woke up alone, your side of the bed already cold to the touch. He should be used to it by now but he can’t help but feel a little lost each time it happens.

He doesn’t bother to get dressed. Instead he makes a cup of tea, pinning the thermos under his arm after shrugging on his coat. It’s spring, but the stars have chased away any warmth the sun provided earlier that day. His eyes scan the outskirts of the lake one last time until they settle on your huddled form, gaze strained on the still water before you. Yoongi blows a breath of hot air into his palms before approaching you.

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*pokes in*

Hey there everyone! 

[[uh this counts as fall now right?]]

Welp - here’s just a small update for this blog and such so…

Good news: 

I’m pretty much off of hiatus? 
I mean - the issue is that I have different set of things to do so me being active is gonna be lower than how it was the past few months plus…

So I say I’m not on hiatus, but instead just… I’ll be posting art and such when I can.

It will be more doodles and pencil sketches now than before just due to how much time I don’t have now to art. 

But - that doesn’t mean I’m not drawing some bigger things though! I am doing some other projects when I can - and if I can get further with them, I’ll show them on here! ^^

Oh! Another thing I want to do is to reblog more fan artwork.

I have been… really bad at keeping up with all of the fanart for PJ, Blue Screen, and others lately, and I am really REALLY sorry about that. I am so awestruck to the amount of artwork of characters I have designed…it’s just crazy still for me, but I haven’t been showing that on my blog…so I hope to dedicate some days to just… spamming this blog with reblogs of all of your amazing artwork and crafts? (If that’s cool with people!)
I have a whole list of art from the past months (maybe a full year?) that I had always wanted to reblog but could never find the right moment to. 

Maybe I can dedicate a day or two out of the week to reblog that! I’ll be putting all of this under the tags ‘#7reblogs’ and ‘#7queuesup’ so if you would want to block them, then you can! I think maybe doing Mondays and Wednesdays will be the plan. I’m not exactly sure how to do this - starting from older links, or just searching under the tags or dive back into the mentions… but I’ll figure it out! ^^

But man - things have been getting a lot busier for me, so answering asks, commenting, and other things will take longer than how it had in the past. 

And while this update is now getting super long… I have a few other things to mention:

  • To the first place winners of the 5000 raffle - yep! I haven’t forgotten! There were some things I had to prioritize earlier and now, when I am able to - I’ll be working on your prizes! I might have to change from a full digital drawing to a mix media drawing (lineart on paper, color and rest digitally?) if you are fine with it! I’m still debating on how to get the prizes out quickly, yet not removing the quality of the pieces…So just - thank you three for being so patient with me.
  • Speaking of followers… how in the world do I have over 6000 of you here?!? Gosh I am speechless. While I won’t be able to do another raffle for a while, I still want to thank each and every one of you for sticking along with me here! ^^

And… yeah. Time to resume the normal…ish routine! 

With… time delays… but still resuming!

~7goodangel (Skie)~

anonymous asked:

olay so i was just reading a post and apparently someone dreamed obama said "to become god is the lonliest achievment of them all" and while cackling with laughter i immediately thought of Ryan so maybe either sky factory gods au or a greek mythology ryan au with that quote? and him saying it to perhaps gavin or to the whole crew? (i live for freewood and ot6 lmao but any ships/combos are fine!)

sky factory and freewood. you got it!

word count: 1200+

They don’t know it begins. At one moment they were not, and at another they are. They are there and each of them comes with a desire, a spark within them that compels them to perform a certain act.

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“Welcome welcome and hello everyone! I hope that you all are ok, dears!~”
“My name is Adler Robert Johnes, and he’s my adorable mate, Alpha! Finally we’re part of the Time Mansion too; we come from the special arc "Through the Magic Door” of “Sinners: A Legend Through Time”

“To celebrate our join and to celebrate the 303 marvellous people who supports this blog, our friends and our creators, we’ve organized an ART RAFFLE”

“Rules are simple:
To partecipate like and reblog this post saying "Open Gates”, so we’ll count you in! like AND reblog together will give you 2 chances for win! and also you MUST follow this blog, and don’t unfollow us after this!“

"The First winner will win a full body, the Second an half body, and the Third three head shots with three different expressions. for the number of characters and limitations just ask to the mun!”

“You’ve time until Halloween, so partecipate!”

@outside-the-government - Welcome to the fandom! I absolutely ADORE your fic about Leonard rescuing the reader from a crippled starbase. Your writing is incredible! I’m so excited to get to see more from you. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones in your contest, too! I’d love to see a fic featuring Bones and the reader inspired by the quote “only the wounded healer can heal.” :)

Word Count: 3361 (WTF?!)
Author’s Note: This totally got away from me. I hope you can see the connection to your requested quote - it feels a little tenuous, but it really is there…

You drew in a deep breath before stepping into Medbay. You’d just transferred over from Yorktown, and you were nervous. Doctor McCoy, the CMO, was the most frightening son of a bitch you’d ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Everything about him terrified you, from his intense stare to the way he quirked his eyebrow, like everyone in the room was an idiot. You’d only encountered him the one time before, but you weren’t likely to forget it. At least you’d won that battle…

One year prior…

“What the hell kind of sad excuse of a Med Clinic is this?” You heard him muttering under his breath as he looked around, holding a makeshift dressing against his friend’s head. The tall man was easily identifiable as a doctor, even without the telltale Science Blue top. His attitude alone was enough to make you want to choke. The truth of the matter was, it was an exceptional Med Clinic. The best on Yorktown, and second in stats only to the MedBay on the Enterprise. So the condemnation made your hackles rise.

“What seems to be the issue, gentlemen?” You asked as you approached the pair. The doctor was scowling. His friend, a definite hotty in Command Gold, was squinting through a sizeable lump forming around his eye. He had blood seeping from under the compress, and his nose was bleeding. As a quick assessment, you’d guess bar fight.

“The man’s bleeding!” The doctor barked. “Can’t you see that?”

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It’s Too Late

Title: It’s Too Late

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 555

Summary: The boys and the reader are hunting and things go south

Warnings: swearing, character death, this is a sad story!

A/N: This is my fic for Becka’s Birthday Challenge! @beckawinchester HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! ❤ My prompt is: Quote -  “What am I going to do? I don’t want to lose him!”  / Place - Dark Woods. Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

Originally posted by impalaimagining

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anonymous asked:

you used my favorite quote in your last zen thing and I'm loving it

I’m lovin’ it *insert McDonald’s golden arches*

okay but if it’s the “I hope that when you count the stars you begin with yourself.” THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVES TOO!!! 

I pictured Seven saying it at first but then later changed it to zennyyy~

“I mean whatever” || Hongseok

Group: Pentagon

Member: Hongseok

Genre; day at the park fluffy goodniess,

Word Count: 763

Request:hello! can i request a fluff scenario where hongseok dating a tsundere x) fyi tsundere is (quoted from wiki) “a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time.” i hope this is not too complicated >< thank you so much!!

A/n: Thanks for this request, It wasnt to confusing I am literally a tsundere myself I am super tsundere with my old S/o so I got so into this character. I love tsundere type stuff!!!

Originally posted by j-miki

A warm heat rose to your cheeks when you remembered the time Hongseok asked you out.

It was a moment in time when he asked you out. Hongseok and you were forced to go to the convenient store (after losing a straw draw) for the rest of Pentagon they made sure to make the list long filled with drinks and snacks on it. On the way back Hongseok stopped you and he breathed in suddenly. Putting his head down and swallowing. 

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I wanted to post about my new RedBubble account I’ve been working on recently. Not too long ago a friend of mine got into a road accident and ended up with some nasty financial crap over his head. I’ve wanted to support him at least a little since he’s always been the best to me and was there for me when I needed him most. There’s not really much way I can do that, but I figure I could put any proceeds from this kind of thing towards helping him. It won’t be much, but it will be something and it goes to a good cause. So that’s why I set out to make some content for this.

Plus, you guys get some “merch” from it too, so…!

There are a few works there already, ones you all will have already seen… but there are also a couple of new things too…

I’ll be doing this too… I’m going to try and draw “canon style” versions of certain pieces of art. So you have a choice on style!

Some might take longer to do than others, haha…

But yes! This exists. I hope you guys like the art, really! And thank-you all for your support. If you have any ideas for “blog quotes” to make an image for (all Matsus count!) or a concept you like the idea of, mention it and you never know…

(Side note; The “Draw Me Like Your French Girls” works are marked as “mature”, purely because they are… him in his underwear. If you’d like the direct links to them, you can find them here;


https://www.redbubble.com/people/chochomatsu/works/27875844-chochomatsu-draw-me-like-one-of-your-french-girls-matsu-style-ver )

anonymous asked:

Why, I'm so sick of being sick and perpetually suffering from sickness, can I get one of the papayas to help comfort me or heal me in my time of need? (Just a short dabble or writing will do, I would be eternally greatfull) Thank you.

Gosh I can relate. I will definitely write ya a drabble dear. I hope you’re feeling better now.

Word Count: 318

Soft Edge sighed as he looked at the thermometer.

 "Looks like you have a fever again. Luckily its still relatively low.“ He hummed, trying to look on the brighter side of things. It wasn’t his strongest suit but he was getting better. You let out a low groan, kicking the blanket off only to become too cold after that. Soft Edge rolled his eyes, a smile on his face as he put the blanket back on you. "Keep the blanket would you love?”

“But I feel like I woke up in hell…” You whined. He let out a soft chuckle.

“That’s the fever dear, not the blanket.”

“The blanket is in cahoots I tell you. Cahoots.”

“Cahoots with who dear?” Soft Edge asked to humor you. He was busy preparing a wet rag in the bowl he’d brought with him. Room temperature. Ice cold water would make it worse.

“The devil!” You whined. He couldn’t help but smile, finding your words amusing.

“Dear, I believe that require the blanket to be sentient.” He said as he placed the rag on your forehead. He grabbed another one to dab at the rest of your overheated body. You stare down at the blanket, a look he can’t quite name on your face.

“Maybe it is sentient…” You whisper softly. Soft Edge couldn’t help but snort. He gave your cheek a kiss before he started to wash your neck. You let out a sigh, leaning into the touch.

“Try to get some sleep dear. You’ll feel better soon.” He said as he put the wash cloth aside. Soft Edge leaned down pressing a small kiss to your nose, and you stared up at him sleepily. The medicine he’d given you earlier was starting to kick in. Of course it didn’t kill the fever completely and therefore you still felt miserable.

“Stay and cuddle?” He smiled gently at the request.

“Of course.”