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What’s a One-Sided Friendship Called?

Request: “Hello! Your writing is so beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a newt x reader to the song "Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran where the reader has always been there for newt, comforting him and one day she’s had enough of him swooning over Leta and Tina?“

Word Count: 2,749

Pairing: None

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

You fiddle with your quill, trying to remember what word you’re thinking of and only half listening to Newt’s swooning.

“She doesn’t fear them. Not one. She asks me about them.”

“That’s nice, Newt.” You mumble, still focused on your essay.

He laughs to himself. “Even after her hair caught fire once.”

“Mmm.” It’s on the tip of your tongue. You close your eyes and try to picture it.

“Are you listening?” Newt asks, hand drifting to tug on your sleeve.

The word disappears. You let out a long sigh, opening your eyes to look at Newt. His hair hangs in his face, messy from a day of field work. Dirt streaks over the freckles on his left cheek, and an inch-long cut runs along his jawline. Still, his eyes are bright and animated, waiting for you to respond.

Looks like you won’t be finishing your essay tonight after all.

You lean back against the couch in your common room. “Of course. You were talking about how Leta’s the best person you’ve ever known and you would do anything for her because no one else could ever compare.”

Newt winces. “Is something wrong?”

“No, Newt. By all means, continue swooning.”

“I’m not swooning.”

“All you do is swoon, Scamander.” You say as you lean your head back to rest your eyes.

“I have other cares.”

“It’s creatures and Leta. I don’t even fit into that mix anymore.” The words are bitter and twist your mouth into a frown as they come out, but they’re true. Newt talks about his creatures or talks about Leta with you. You can’t recall the last time he asked how your day went or what you were working on. Still, he’s your best friend and when you open your eyes to glance at Newt, regret fills you. He’s staring at his hands, voice quiet when he responds.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader finds Bucky’s journal in her apartment after he broke up with her. Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,477

Warnings: Depression, Language probably, idk

A/N: It’s named Adagio because I listened to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings while writing this. Such a beautiful song. Also there are two BuckyNat quotes, they were too beautiful I couldn’t resist. Hope you’ll like the story :)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“You should find a new secret place for your diary, miss.”

The repairer’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him and frowned as he waved a small book in the air.

“I don’t have a diary.” You extended a hand in his direction and took the book.

“Well, it’s what was blocking the vents. Should work now.” He closed the vent grill and climbed off the chair.

All your attention was focused on the small leather-bound book in your hands. You didn’t flinch when the repairer announced his ridiculously high price, you only made a noise of agreement and walked him back to the front door without taking your eyes off the book.

Once he was gone, you walked over to the kitchen and put the book on the counter. Carefully, you opened it to a random page.

Cursive letters, clear handwriting, nice loops, a bit in italics. You would recognise Bucky’s handwriting anywhere.

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Hurt Me, Cure Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a toxic relationship but they can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Pinch of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @paigeinastory‘s “Country Song/Sentence Prompt Challenge”. I got the song “Playing with Fire” by Thomas Rhett ft Jordin Sparks. I also got the quote “The pain burns yet we always come back for more.” I hope you guys like this one!!! *hides face* also, special thanks to my boo @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for making the aesthetic for my fic!!

Hurt Me, Cure Me

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Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @frickfracklesackles‘ Natalie’s 1,000 Follower Celebration Movie-Trope Challenge! CONGRATS GIRL, you deserve it! Go give her a follow if you haven’t already! For her challenge, I picked a character (actor in this case!), trope and a movie quote! Prompts are below and quote will be bolded in the fic. As always, I love feedback so much and my tag list is open; send me an ask if you want to join. :) I hope you like this! Also thank you to @avasmommy224 for reading this and giving me your opinion! It helps so much you have no idea :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 4,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Angst (a tad), mentions of cheating, I don’t want to give too much away!!!

Trope: 12. Meet actor on vacation and become lovers

Movie Quote: m. “Marriage! The end of spontaneous sex, traveling by yourself, and buying whatever you want without having to ask permission. Right?” - How To Be Single

Song Inspirations: “I Want You” by Kings of Leon, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” by Adele and “Rich” by Maren Morris

Originally posted by mishasminions


Honey. Moon.

Who the hell came up with that word anyway? As I’m sitting here on this charter bus that’s taking me to my resort hotel, I’m watching about three newlywed couples about to get it on on the nasty, itchy seats that probably haven’t been cleaned in years. Rolling my eyes, I decided to grab my headphones out of my carry-on and shove them in my ears before I said something to them.

I decided to look up where the word ‘honeymoon’ came from before I had to witness post-marital bliss conjure right before my eyes.

Typing quickly on my phone, I could feel the bus pulling to a stop, but I wasn’t paying attention. It would be at least five minutes before I was able to get off this godforsaken bus anyway. Why did I choose a seat in the back again? I’ll never know.

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Nobody But You

Prompt: @jordanbella asked: Hi I hope you’re doing well!!!! If it’s not too much to ask I was wondering if you could maybe write a one shot with either Steve or Bucky based on this quote, “It’s all about the one face you look for in a room full of people.” Thanks so much !!!

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 985

Warnings: alcohol

A/N: just a little Steve x Reader oneshot. thanks so much for this request! it was a cute one. and we all know i’m gonna pick steve for everything. haha. i hope you’re happy with how it turned out!


Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

Tony was all about parties: extravagant, loud, and long lasting. Most of the time afterwards you woke up with a headache and aching abs from all of the laughing. There were always more people there than you felt like you’d come to know in your entire life time, but Tony was a big personality. It made sense. You tended to gravitate toward a certain few people, Natasha being one of them. She’d taken you under her wing since you’d joined the Avengers. And you were more thankful for her than you could ever express or explain. And with Natasha came Clint. And with Clint came Wanda. But you didn’t mind. They were a good group to associate with. And they’d all make sure you had fun, like they always did.

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Drunken Mistakes

Summary: Dean gets mad at reader one night when he has had too much to drink

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 6,044 (this one ran away from me a little)

Warnings: mentions of cheating, physical fight, implication of smut? or soft smut (idk what to call it)

A/N: Okay so this is my entry for ‘Michelle’s 2K follower challange’. Congrats @luci-in-trenchcoats​ on 2k and I hope you like this. Quote I got “Your problem is that nobody hates you more than you do”. I hope you guys like this, first time writing in this ‘x reader’ style so feedback would be much loved

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Dean x female hunter, reader insert

Warnings: SMUT/NSFW text (if you’re not 18, come back when you are!), mild canon typical violence, adult language

Word count: about 2,100

A/N: Hey y'all!! Sorry it’s been awhile, writer’s block has been killing me! But hey, here’s a little something I finally got around to posting! Hope you enjoy it, cause I spent way too much time trying to get it finished!

This was written for two challenges! The first is for Jenn’s Birthday Challenge! Happy birthday @avasmommy224!! Here’s your SMUT, my quote was, “We must all face the choice between what’s right and what’s easy.”

The other challenge is Katie’s 1K challenge!! Congrats on the followers milestone @casbabydontgoineedyou! My quote was, “Just let it be, we’ll figure it out later.”

Be sure you’re following these two amazing writers, they are totally worthy of your attention!!

Here’s my masterlist for more stories!



You were sure he’d be furious. You’d jumped in and now you were a bloody mess. If history had taught you anything, it was that Dean Winchester was going to be livid with you. You’d never hear the end of how reckless and dangerous your actions had been, even though you’d saved his ass. Fighting with each other, both of you spewing venomous words, at each other’s throats for hours, was the only way the two of you knew how to release your frustrations and break the always building tension in your friendship.

When Sam had yelled that he needed more time to find the artifact keeping the ancient vengeful spirit around, you dashed into the grand hallway of the mansion where the older brother was being tossed around like a rag doll. The ghost suddenly appeared above Dean, her white Victorian dress billowed around her as she plunged her hand into his chest and he screamed out in agony. Instinctually, you yanked the iron candleholder off the wall and swung it unceremoniously through the woman’s torso and she vanished momentarily.

“Hurry it up, Sammy!” you yelled over your shoulder, before you were violently throw by an unseen force into the wall. The impact was severe enough to shatter the large stained glass window above. You threw your arms up to cover your face and the shards showered down on you, nicking your exposed skin.

The malevolent spirit reappeared, rushing forward, her hands closing in around your throat. She slid you up the wall, fingers crushing your windpipe as your feet dangled inches above the ground. The sound of Dean screaming your name was starting to fade as the blackness began to creep in the edge of your vision. Just as you were about to lose consciousness the ghost erupted in a flash of sparks and flames before disappearing altogether. You came crashing back to the floor, gasping for air.

“Son of a bitch…” Dean was rushing to your side, kneeling haphazardly over the broken glass that surrounded you. “Dammit, Y/N, I thought I told you to stay with Sam…” he said, examining you.

“Yeah, and let you become ghost chow? You’re welcome…” your voice was hoarse, but still forceful. You knew he wasn’t a fan of bringing you along, the two of you spent almost as much time fighting each other as you did fighting evil, but frankly you didn’t give a rat’s ass what he thought. You’d been hunting long before you met the Winchesters and Dean’s shitty attitude wasn’t going to stop you now.

Rather than arguing with you, as you expected, he simply grabbed you by the hands and stood, pulling you up with him, “Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up.” His unusual calmness made you worry. Fighting is what you and Dean did best and you weren’t used to him conceding this easily.

Once on your feet, you winced painfully as a sharp pain pierced your left side. You lifted your shirt to find a large piece of glass embedded at least two inches deep into your skin right below your last rib.

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Keep Going

Originally posted by deadinside-muser

This is for my hoe @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ Orion’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge. I got the quote ‘Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living’-Princess Mononoke. Not sure if I asked for a specific gender or even a specific pairing, but I went with Dean x Reader. Hope that’s ok!!

Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Ellie

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)


Warnings: Angst, broken Dean, mentions of character death, neglectful John, sadness. Fluff and hope at the end!! Sorta depressed Dean I guess? Not specified, but you could take it that way.

Word Count: 1423

Summary: Y/n sees the changes in Dean and tries to understand what’s going through his mind.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this quote kinda screamed it. But there’s fluff too, so yayyy!! Also, this is kinda AU I guess. No specific AU, just a non hunting world. Hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53 @salvatorexwinchester @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer @mypeopleskillsarerusty0203 @greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons @plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56 @scorpiongirl1 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @squirels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999 @cubs2019-blog @lucifer-in-leather @p–trick


You saw what was happening with him.

The way he’d barely speak anymore. His eyes always tired, bags growing as his hair became a mess.  

He barely shaved. He’d spend longer than usual in the shower. He wouldn’t look at you or Ellie.

You knew he was a mess.

Why? There was no reason.

Not really.

This was just Dean.

He’d always been this way.

Take away the bubbly, sweet, slightly cocky mask he wore, he was just a damaged and hurt little boy.

You knew he blamed himself.

He blamed himself for everything.

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Go Howl at The Moon

Request: “Heyy i love your writings and i was hoping if you could do Sirius Black x reader, where she’s a total badass who smokes but really cute and smart, and once they’re at a party or sth and he follows her when she leaves to smoke and its really sarcastic but end up making out or smut idk thank you<3<3"

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k


Originally posted by novecientosonce

End of year parties always got a little too rowdy. The obnoxiously loud music was getting to you, the room cast in a haze as you made your way to the door. Your fingers fidgeted with pulling out a cigarette from your packet, clumsily grasping as it fell. A swift hand caught it before your mind could even register that it wasn’t between your fingers.

“These things kill you, you know.” Sirius noted, his deep smirk fading in and out of view as you swayed.

“The sooner the better.” You said, snatching it from his hand. “A shorter life means less encounters with you.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, opening the door for you, then dramatically presenting it to you. You shot him an annoyed look, as you let the cigarette hang from your lower lip. The freezing cold air greeted you, your body having been getting used to the heated house you’d been drinking in. But whenever you had alcohol, there was always this unexplainable craving to smoke something. Maybe it was because sometimes you needed to have an excuse to leave the party when you got overwhelmed by the amount of people you were around.

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It’s Too Late

Title: It’s Too Late

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 555

Summary: The boys and the reader are hunting and things go south

Warnings: swearing, character death, this is a sad story!

A/N: This is my fic for Becka’s Birthday Challenge! @beckawinchester HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!! ❤ My prompt is: Quote -  “What am I going to do? I don’t want to lose him!”  / Place - Dark Woods. Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

Originally posted by impalaimagining

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anonymous asked:

you used my favorite quote in your last zen thing and I'm loving it

I’m lovin’ it *insert McDonald’s golden arches*

okay but if it’s the “I hope that when you count the stars you begin with yourself.” THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVES TOO!!! 

I pictured Seven saying it at first but then later changed it to zennyyy~

Building The Boat...

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this one. It was tough to write actually, I couldn’t get into the flow but I hope you all like it. It’s definitely not my best, I enjoyed the concept and writing it though.

Requested by: Anon - “hey can i get some gibbs x daughter!reader stuff? maybe with 64 & 80 from your list? it can be like, after a close call on a case (for gibbs) or something and the reader can’t sleep? sorry for the long request, and sorry if it’s too specific p.s i love your writing x"

Word Count: 933

Pairing: Gibbs x Daughter!Reader

64. “Talk to me.”
80. “Teach me?”

You turned over in bed for the hundredth time, what felt like the hundredth time anyway, you were sure that it was more than that. You couldn’t stop playing the events of the last few days over and over in your mind, it had been terrifying, the explosion outside the naval yard, your father and his team getting caught up in a firefight with a bunch of terrorists. Of course, you knew it was his job and said job came with the risks but when you were there, in the middle of it, ducked behind a car with your father over you? That was scary.

Moving over to the other side of the bed you reach out for your phone, a present from your Uncle Tony, much to your Dad’s dismay, Tony, however, thought that the teenage daughter of a federal agent needed a tip top phone. You knew the ulterior motive though, it had the best GPS, a tracker fitted. You didn’t mind, you found it endearing that they wanted to know you were safe all the time. Not that you were, the close call earlier today hadn’t been the first and you could bet your super phone on it that it wouldn’t be the last.

Checking the time, it was a little past one in the morning. You knew you wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon. Pushing back the covers you slip out of bed and move over to the window, pulling it closed you scan the front yard for a few moments. Your phone buzzes in your hand, some notification from social media, bringing you out of your daze.

You padded down the hall, carefully and quietly opening your father’s bedroom door. Of course, he’s not there, where else would he be? You close the door and head downstairs to the one place you knew he would be.

Gibbs was working on his boat. Moving the sand paper block back and forth with the grain and bend of the wood. He heard the basement door open and didn’t look up He had a few scrapes and cuts on his face but other than that, he was in the clear. He didn’t need to look up, he could already tell it was you, the way to turned the corner to come down the stairs was always the same.

“Dad?” You call quietly, your bare feet shuffling from the bottom step, over to where your father was stood.

Gibbs placed the sand block down and wiped his hands on a rag while he stood straight, giving you a small smile, “Hey kiddo. What are you doing up?”

You shrug, pushing yourself up onto the stood in the corner of the work surface, “Couldn’t sleep.” You mumbled and move a few stray strands of hair from your face, watching him take a sip of the amber liquid, you scrunch your nose up, glancing at the pile of tac nails on the counter that was once in that jar he was drinking from.

“Yeah?” He asked and leant against the counter, “Anything on your mind?” Gibbs asked, tilting his head at you.

You shrug again, your eyes going over each scratch and cut on his face from the explosion.

He nudged your shoulder gently with his own, “Talk to me.” He murmured.

“It was close. Today. With everything.” You told him and look down at your lap, “It could have been a lot worse.”

The senior field agent gave a long, steady sigh and moved to wrap his arm around your shoulders, inviting your head to naturally rest against this shoulder, “You’re right. It was close but I’m alright. And you are too.” He said into your hair, pressing his lips to your hairline, “I’d never let anything happen to you, [Y/N].”

You closed your eyes, smiling when you got a whiff of wood and that old aftershave he always seemed to wear, “I know you wouldn’t.” You whisper, “It was just scary.”

It was quiet between both of you, enjoying the little moment between father and daughter before you slipped off the stool and gestured to the boat, “Can I help?”

Gibbs let out a low chuckle and placed his glass of bourbon down, “You wanna help?” He asked and you nodded with a grin, “Well alright then. Grab that sand block there, now remember, with the grain, down go against otherwise you’ll just scratch the wood.”

“Really? Sanding? Can’t I do something more…in depth?” You ask, poking the sand block before nodding to the drill, “What about this? Can I use this for something?” You ask, picking it up with a grin and laughed when your father’s eyes bulged.

“Whoa there, do you even know how to use that?” He asked with a slight chuckle and came up, taking it from your hands, “I was going to wait until tomorrow because I thought you were asleep but I have to drill some holes, here, here, and here…” He said, showing you where the marking’s where on the wood.“

"Teach me.” You said and bumped your hip with his, “How hard can it be? You pull that trigger thing,” you say pointing to the trigger on the drill, “and you drill.” You shrug but watch your father’s stare never waver from you, “What?”

“It’s not that simple, [Y/N], it takes a gentle but stable hand so the drill doesn’t stray, knowing the wood you’re drilling into..”

“Alright, alright, alright, just…teach me.” You laugh and wave him off, “Come on.”

Gibbs rolled his eyes, you were certainly his daughter, impatient as he was.

Tag list: @imagicana @lestradeslover @octxgonxl

We are now taking suggestions for theme ideas!

For the next five days (so from now until May 19th), we want you to send us any ideas you have for the themes/prompts of next Stormpilot Week! Just send us an ask, and then we’ll gather up all the ideas and have everyone vote for their favorites. After the votes are counted and the themes are announced, the preparation for Stormpilot Week can begin!

To give you an idea of what the themes can be, here are the themes from last Stormpilot Week:

Day 1: Modern AU / Historical AU
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Day 6: Any AU
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We will be repeating the Any AU day and Fanwork appreciation day, and we will accept submissions to repeat prompts from the last week, but it’d be great to have some interesting new themes to work with, too!

Please send us any ideas that you have, or any questions you want to ask us! We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

@outside-the-government - Welcome to the fandom! I absolutely ADORE your fic about Leonard rescuing the reader from a crippled starbase. Your writing is incredible! I’m so excited to get to see more from you. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones in your contest, too! I’d love to see a fic featuring Bones and the reader inspired by the quote “only the wounded healer can heal.” :)

Word Count: 3361 (WTF?!)
Author’s Note: This totally got away from me. I hope you can see the connection to your requested quote - it feels a little tenuous, but it really is there…

You drew in a deep breath before stepping into Medbay. You’d just transferred over from Yorktown, and you were nervous. Doctor McCoy, the CMO, was the most frightening son of a bitch you’d ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Everything about him terrified you, from his intense stare to the way he quirked his eyebrow, like everyone in the room was an idiot. You’d only encountered him the one time before, but you weren’t likely to forget it. At least you’d won that battle…

One year prior…

“What the hell kind of sad excuse of a Med Clinic is this?” You heard him muttering under his breath as he looked around, holding a makeshift dressing against his friend’s head. The tall man was easily identifiable as a doctor, even without the telltale Science Blue top. His attitude alone was enough to make you want to choke. The truth of the matter was, it was an exceptional Med Clinic. The best on Yorktown, and second in stats only to the MedBay on the Enterprise. So the condemnation made your hackles rise.

“What seems to be the issue, gentlemen?” You asked as you approached the pair. The doctor was scowling. His friend, a definite hotty in Command Gold, was squinting through a sizeable lump forming around his eye. He had blood seeping from under the compress, and his nose was bleeding. As a quick assessment, you’d guess bar fight.

“The man’s bleeding!” The doctor barked. “Can’t you see that?”

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Dont you dare tell me about a perfect world when I have seen
I have seen bruises on naive skin
I have seen slaves to their substances
I have seen empty eyes draining faces
I have seen scars littering flesh
I have seen young girls with broken bodies
I have seen disturbed men ruining innocence
I have seen grown women spreading terror in children eyes
I have seen fathers loathing their kids

Don’t you dare tell me about a perfect world when I have seen
I have seen teenagers wishing for death
I have seen bones being sold to maintain a living
I have seen hearts being torn to pieces by so called lovers
I have seen tears spilling out of the kindest orbs
I have seen hate rapidly taking over skeletons

Don’t you dare tell me about a perfect world when I have
I have shattered and gathered myself more times than I can count
I have sheltered my soul from demons invading my head
I have given my all to people who only wanted to toy with me
I have broken too many vows than I should have
I have hurt people who deserved the best

Let me to tell you about a perfect world that doesnt exist but I have dreamed
I have dreamed of rays brightening the horizon
I have dreamed of grins spreading over lost faces
I have dreamed of vanished darkness and a starry universe
I have dreamed of
And hope.

—  ladispxxte 
I grew up…I had my heart broken, hated my body and cried more times then I’d like to count, but here I am. I survived and I know I still have lots of growing up to do, but I think I can survive that too…

Requested:  If its not too much of a bother can i have #55 and #84 for the drabble game with jungkook please and thank you. (I hope i dont come of as rude i love your blog.)

You didn’t come off rude at all:) Thank you for requesting♥ I honestly LOVED writing this, I was so excited when I saw those two quotes being requested so thank you so much

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 778

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.”

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.”

You aren’t simply a good friend, you have become part of my soul. We’ve been through so much together yet you’re so oblivious to the obvious signs. When life became a storm you were the boat that kept the salty water from entering my lungs. You were always there for me as I was for you. We said we’d always be there for each other and neither of us has broken that promise. You were love when I needed it and I thank you for that. You may have been the love when I needed it but it had stayed with me. I’m hopelessly in love with my best friend and it’s eating me up inside.

You flung yourself on Jungkook’s bed once you entered his room, him following you soon after landing right beside you.

“I honestly hate you.” 

“No you don’t, you love me, you can’t hate me.” Jungkook laughed staring up at his ceiling along with you. If only he knew how true those words really were.

“Well I wish I could. I wish I could hate you, I really do.” You say bluntly, so much emotion behind those words yet Jungkook never caught on. He sat up leaning on his elbows and looked down at you.

“What’s wrong? Why so mean today?” Jungkook’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he looked over your features. He noticed the cold look on your face, your eyes boring into him and he couldn’t be more confused. You just rolled your eyes and sat up, pulling your hair up in a high ponytail, back facing Jungkook.

“I’m not being mean.” You simply say

“Then what’s wrong.” You took a deep breath in and closed your eyes.

I’m in love with you.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” You stand up patting your back pockets in search for your phone. You noticed it’s lying on Jungkook’s bed. Reaching for it, it get’s snatched away and held in the hand of the boy in front of you, eyebrows not knitted anymore as he has a hard stare held on his face.

“You’re not getting your phone back until you tell me what’s wrong.” Jungkook now stood up, his height now towering over you as he took a step closer, you took a step back on instinct. “Why would you want to hate me? We’re best friends (Y/N). You know I love you-”

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.” You snapped, eyes angry and frustration was soon filling in them but most of all hurt resignated in them. Jungkook was able to see that right away.  

“What are you talking about? Of course I love you (Y/N).” Jungkook took another step forward which you took another step back, legs hitting his dresser  blocking you from moving back anymore. Seeing his opportunity Jungkook took another step towards you, arms on each side of you resting on the dresser completely blocking any move for escape. 

You lowered your head, staring at your now more fascinating fingers than looking at the boy who was so close to you. You closed your eyes and took in a big breath slowly letting it out.

“You don’t love me Jungkook…not in the way that I love you.” 

Jungkook’s eyes broadened, body becoming numb and rigid as realization came flooding in. The looks, the way your cheeks would flush whenever he looked at you for too long, you were always there for him and did whatever you could to make sure he was okay, But you were just being a good friend..right? 

Your head was still down, fumbling with your fingers. Jungkook stayed right where he was, hands sliding closer towards each other until his arms were wrapped around your waist. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat from the sudden contact of skin. All Jungkook could do was stare, stare at the girl who he’d grown so close with. How could he have not seen the signs? How could he be so unaware of everything that was presented to him? He backed his head up a little but still keeping a hold on your waist and keeping a close distance between you two.

“Look at me.” His voice was deep but it came off in a whisper. 

You raised your head, eyes going to his. He saw the fear in your eyes yet you couldn’t determine the look in his. It was something you’d never seen before when he looked at you. It was unknown and foreign yet you welcomed it. His hold on you tightened as he brought you even closer, lips only grazing each other when he spoke.

“I love you too.”

More notes about writing Cole

I’ve seen some really well-written breakdowns of Cole’s character by @theindomitable-ladymal​, @littleoddstar​, and @rederiswrites and I guess I just wanted to chime in some extra things I noticed, too.

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