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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1661

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, the usual…

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A/N: I’ve been listening to a lot of Twenty Pilots lately… Don’t know why that was important but… Anyway, I hope y'all like this one! I will really try to post a lot more. Love you guys!


To be blunt, having a twin sucked ass. Well, with your experience it did. At least you were the older one, which had to count for something. Ok so there was a two minute difference between the two of you, but you used the leverage when you could. 

 Reggie was always a little asshole, even when the both of you were kids. He always stole your toys out of your hands claiming they were his. And he was the perfect golden boy in your parents eyes. His arrogance only sky rocketed with their parental encouragements. 

He was always very popular in school. Had the coolest friends, was part of all the sports teams, and when he came of age, dated the prettiest girls. You on the other hand were always different. 

You preferred reading and staying indoors rather than playing with everyone else. Of course your parents still forced you to try out for sports, (you soon enough became partial towards softball.) 

 Your stupid brother and his rather loud reputation never meant well for you. Everyone knew he had twin, but never bothered to really get to know you, always assuming you were like your brother. 

Nonetheless, writing was your specialty. You always had a way with words. You knew from an early age you wanted to major in some sort of English profession, whether it be teaching it or writing it. In fact, that’s how you ended up meeting your current boyfriend Jughead Jones. 

At first he was skeptical of you, but once the both of you clicked, it was one of the best things to happen to both of you. Thinking back on the whole start of it all always brought a smile to your face. 

“Ok girls, I’ll see you guys next practice.” You had hollered over to your teammates before swinging your backpack over your shoulder as they all shouted their own farewells. You left the school grounds and decided to go to Pop’s. One, because their food was amazing and two, you were hoping you could get some work done in the usually peaceful setting. 

 You made the effort to walk over there even though your sore limbs protested greatly. Once you got in to the beloved Diner, you went up to the counter and ordered your usual before going to find a seat. 

 As you walked through the small building, your eyes locked with stormy blue ones for a few short seconds. And in that short amount of time you were intrigued. He watched you with a weary stance, as if he were mapping out your every move before you executed it. 

You’d seen him before. Jughead Jones, he was in your English class. But you never talked, just silently drifted off into the lesson given that day. With a split second thought you decided to approach him as you waited for your food. 

“Hi.” You said hesitantly, immediately beating yourself up on the inside for making a fool out of your self for coming over. Hi? Really, that’s all you could come up with? You reprimanded as you stayed silent and watched him. 

 Of course all that had happened in a moments thought and he actually replied quickly. “Hi.” He said with an unsure look. You looked around and noticed he had a laptop out that he was typing in, taking up your interest you decided to try and make conversation out of it. “What are you doing?” You asked as you nodded over at his device. 

He looked to see what you were referring with a quickly glance and replied with a short worded answer. “Writing.” You grinned, you had a passion for the subject. Deciding to trust your gut, you sit yourself in front of him and smile brightly. “What are you writing about?” You asked. He still looked unsure of you, although, these types of looks weren’t unusual when you met new people. Mostly because Reggie and his erratic behavior met them first. 

 "Why do you want to know?“ He asked with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, I love writing. I hope to have a career to do with the subject one day.” You answered as you messed with your fingers over the table. 

 "Hm.“ He said in thought. “What?” You asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess I just figured that the twin sister of the oh so famous Reggie Mantle would be more.. well, Reggie-like.” “Well, I play softball if that’s what you mean. But otherwise I’ve always been the more soft spoken one I guess. My brother is just a real pain in my ass all the time.” You huffed as you crossed your arms. 

 "Interesting.“ He looked at you for a few seconds, considering whether he could trust you. He smiled when he saw the genuine curiosity in your eyes. "Well if you must know, I’m writing a novel.” “That’s awesome! About what?” You asked. “Riverdale.” “Well that was descriptive.” You retorted as he cracked a grin. 

 Your food finally came out at that time, your fries looked exceptionally delicious. “Wanna share?” To which he grinned. 

 That encounter alone sparked on many more encounters after that. After meeting up 5 more times after that first one, he asked you out. You obviously hid it from your brother, neither of you could even imagine the torment that would come. 

 The both of you had been together for a little over 6 months now. A whole summer had passed and the two of you were still going strong. When sophomore year started, softball started again too. 

 He always went to your games and was the cute supportive boyfriend. Whenever you made a home run he was always right there for you. And it wasn’t like your brother ever went to your games so you never had to worry. 

When you had started dating Jughead, his three other friends adopted you in their group and they were all for your secret relationship, never bringing it up when Reggie was around. Archie came close a couple times to spilling the beans but Betty and Veronica usually kept him in check. 

 It was a particularly sunny day when another softball game had taken place. It was the final game of the season, which meant your parents were obligated to come too. However, this meant they were forcing Reggie to be “supportive” of his sister. Of course Jughead had come to watch. 

You were the best pitcher on the team so that was the position assigned on the field for you. Before you ran out with your teammates, you gave Jughead a quick kiss, promising to see him afterwards. You didn’t realize your brother had come to your game until your eyes had met when you made it to the pitchers mound. 

He smirked but applauded with everyone else, cheering you on. The first batter on the other team made it to the plate and hit the bat against the ground a couple of times before getting into position. You smirked and readied your arm before pitching. 

 The game lasted a couple of hours, your team winning by a home run (that you had made). Your entire team was hollering as was the crowd. Your parents told you they were proud of you and that’s when you noticed Reggie was missing. 

 "Hey, where Reg?“ You asked your parents. Your mom wasn’t paying attention to you as she typed away on her phone. "He went to talk to someone I think.” Your dad said before leading his wife away to the car. 

 You shrugged before going to find your boyfriend. When you found him, you realized he wasn’t alone, Reggie was with him. “Oh god.” You muttered under your breath as you approached them. 

“Oh, hey sis. Good job on your game.” He said before continuing his malicious staring at Jughead. “Reggie, what are you doing?” You asked. He turned to you again. “Just finding my answers from this little freak here.” He turned back to Jughead who only looked at him with a pissed stare. 

 "So, are you gonna answer my question? It was you who killed Blossom huh?“ "I didn’t.” Jug spat. “What’s it to you anyway Reggie? Just leave him alone.” You said as your eyes met Jughead’s a couple times. “Because my coach has been non-stop breathing down my neck thinking it was me! I figured I can try to catch the person who did it so he’d leave me alone. And I bet it was him.” Reggie stayed as he looked at Jughead.

 "Reggie stop. Leave Jughead alone, he didn’t do anything.“ You said as you tried to shove Reggie away from him. "Oh, so you’re friends and with the little freak. Wouldn’t put it past you, you’ve always been weird. You know, I wonder if it was you that killed him.” He said. Your jaw dropped. 

“What the hell Reggie. Are you really accusing me of murder!? Murder Reggie, that’s insane. And besides, you know I was at an early softball practice on July 4th. And Jughead and I met up right after to hang out so why don’t you take your stupid accusations somewhere else.” You snapped at your brother. 

 "Why are you protecting him? This little geek is just a stupid nobody that nobody likes.“ He growled. "I like him! Reggie, he’s sweet, and funny, and caring… and all the things you aren’t!” He stopped and stared at you analyzing your words carefully. 

 "Wait… are you two… oh no way.“ His eyes widened as he looked back and forth between the two of you. "Back off Reggie.” You spat as he his shoulders slumped and he walked off giving you one last glare before disappearing around the corner. 

 You grinned as you looked over to Jughead who was in shock. “Well, so much for not telling him.” He commented with a sly smirk before wrapping you in his arms and congratulating you on your win.


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Word count: 566

Early tags: Klance, Klangst, slight Langst, angst, already established Klance

For Klance Week 2017, day two!

Keith walked around in circles, pacing. “There has to be a better way,” he muttered to himself, shaking his head ever so often. They both knew it was a bad idea, a very bad one.

Lance put his head in his hand, rubbing his forehead with his palms. “Look, we’d already decided I would go. Allura can take over the blue lion and then some day maybe we’ll run into each other,” Lance told him, a sad smile on his face.

The plan was terrible but it was all they’d got. One of them were going to be captive by purpose and try to destroy the galra from the inside. They weren’t able to tear it down from the outside so they had to do it from the outside. Lance was the first to volunteer for the mission, he had insisted on it though even after the entire team told him not to.

Keith slammed his hand against the wall. “No! You’ll die and do you know how long it took until I saw Shiro again?! A year! A year and who knows what will happen to you! I can’t lose you too. I can’t.” Keith kept his head down, not wanting to look at Lance. The team let them talk this out, knowing that the two might have some problems to work out with this plan and hoped that they would eventually find a different way, one that wouldn’t involve losing their friend.

A sigh escaped Lance’s lips. “Keith, I’m going on that ship. We’ll meet again. I promise. How can I leave you behind?” Lance watched Keith, knowing what he was going to say next.

“But what if you die?… I’ll never know and I’ll be here waiting for someone who isn’t even alive anymore…” His voice cracked as he said those words. Lance instantly got up and went to comfort him.

Keith buried his face in Lance’s shoulder, wrapping his arms behind his back. “Then that would be my fate.” Another sigh escaped from Lance. “Mi amor, I would always return to your arms. Only for you would I come back.” Lance rubbed the back of Keith’s head, tangling his fingers in it as Keith found comfort in him. “It’ll only be for a while. Everything will be fine, okay?”

“Please don’t forget me. Please don’t forget us…” Keith told him. Lance nodded.

“I’ll never forget you guys.”

The cell door swung open, a familiar figure with brown hair matted with dirt, sweat, and blood stuck out. Keith was the first to recognize them. He ran over to where they were. “Lance?” he said, worry filled his voice. He brought his face up, searching and hoping this wasn’t a dream. Lance had gotten thinner than before, his face sunken in.

He opened his eyes, the bright blue they once were, were now faded to a stark blue. “Keith?…” he said weakly, his eyes brightened as he recognized Keith. He managed a small smile at him. Keith’s eyes filled with tears as he dove to embrace Lance, a sob escaping him.

“I told you I wouldn’t forget you,” Lance said, putting a weak hand on Keith’s back and rubbing circles. The team left to give them their moment, they knew how long Keith had been waiting for this moment. Keith was overjoyed to see the one he loved alive. Alive and in his arms.


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A few months after the Cullen family moved to a new place, the ‘children’ had noticed something different with the matriarch and patriarch of the family. They seemed… happier. Not that they weren’t happy before. It was like they reached a whole new tier of happiness that others thought impossible.

They just didn’t know why.

When Edward tried to read their minds, he had only gotten thoughts concerning each other. When Alice tried to see the future, all she saw were Carlisle and Esme. Nothing that could hint at what could possibly make Carlisle and Esme so very happy.

Until they brought a human home, cheeks flushed and heartbeat going wild. “What if they don’t like me?” They heard the human whisper from within Carlisle’s mercedes.

“They’ll love you almost as much as we do.” They heard Esme reply.

You were a pile of nerves as you reached the Cullen home. Here you were, with your lovers about to go meet their immortal family. You could definitely rule this as one for the books.

As soon as you stepped into the house you were pulled into a freezing hug by a black blur. “Welcome to the family, Y/N!” You pulled away to see a short girl with a black pixie cut.

“You… are Alice, right?” You asked sheepishly, remembering how Carlisle and Esme described each of their family members. This girl very much fit the bill of Alice Cullen.

She nodded with a wide smile. “Yes! We’re going to be great friends.” You looked at the rest of the members of the Cullen family, matching each description to a name.

“Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper. Am I right?” You pointed out each vampire and said their names, then looked up at Carlisle and Esme for confirmation. They both nodded, which brought a smile to your face.

“So you’re mated to both Carlisle and Esme?” Rosalie asked with a skeptical look on her face. She didn’t want to draw any attention to her family, which was understandable.

You nodded and looked back at your lovers with a small smile. “I hope you guys allow me to be a part of your lives… I’d be honored to join your family.” You spoke shyly, still nervous because hell, they were vampires that were quite older than you.

“I’m all for it! One question though.” You looked at Emmett, still slightly intimidated by his size.


“If Esme is our mom and Carlisle is our dad, what are you going to be when you’re one of us?”

Carlisle and Esme both chuckled. “Y/N will be Y/N. That’s all they need to be to fit in with us.”

Mistakes and Erasers (Part  2) | Jeff Atkins

Summary: After a campus party you found yourself awake in another bedroom that isn’t yours. Naked.

Warning: Mature Language.

Note: The amount of feedback and love I have received from you, is incredible. I can’t believe you guys loved the first part so much. I didn’t want to upload this part so soon, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to thank you for the lovely messages! ♥ You made this week much more bearable. 

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‘Why won’t you answer me, Clay?’ you muttered under your breath. Since you came back from your late-night adventure you tried to reach your best friend, but he wasn’t answering. Clay always knew what to do. He was the calm one. He was always the one with a plan. With a way out. While you were surrounded with chaos. And ‘idiot’ was engraved on your forehead. As if on cue, your phone started buzzing and Clay’s name appeared on your screen.

‘Why weren’t you responding?’ you muttered. Instead of Clay, you heard other people mumbling words you couldn’t quite understand and the aggravating sound of a coffee machine in the process of making coffee which made you realise Clay was in the middle of one of his tutoring sessions at Baristas, the most popular coffee shop on campus.

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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to you being emotional on your period


Anon: Nct 127 reaction to you being really emotional on your period

Hope you enjoy this :-)

edited note: i literally just realised that i added ten to this for no apparent reason im killing myself for not noticing B Y E


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Honestly, he’d be scared of you. He wouldn’t be great with advice or comforting you; feelings aren’t his forte. However, he’d still want to help you and try to make life easier for you. Without speaking, he’d let you cuddle into his chest and cry and rant, rubbing your back, just letting you get all your feelings out, until you had no more tears to cry and no more words to say.


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Johnny was be a very big fuss-pot whenever you were on your period. He’d basically be your knight in shining armour, and not once had managed to offend you or do something “wrong” whilst you were on your period. He knew exactly what to do and say, and would always be stocking up with pads, tampons, bath bombs and chocolate - out of his own money too! - because “it’s the least I could do for you”.


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(this was my fave era for tae okay srsly wtf omg)
If ever you said something to Taeyong remotely rude or insulting on your period, Taeyong would always be offended - if though he knew you didn’t mean it. He wouldn’t be able to stop feeling upset, and would probably mope around with you, steering away from you most of the time, until you realised why he was like that and apologised. After that, he’d be very caring and always be cooking you meals to help with the pain and emotional overload.


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It’d be normal, expected also, for you and Yuta to constantly be teasing one another and joking around. However, on your period, of course, you were more emotional and sensitive, finding his words more malicious and harsh, than Yuta ever intended. You’d start crying, and yelling at him, making his eyes widen to shock and raise his hands in defence. At first, he didn’t have a clue why you were like this, but quickly he learned the cause and would comfort and calm you down.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Would be the type to give you a lot of advice and emotional support during your period. Unlike the others, his words had a greater effect on you over his actions. To be honest, I wouldn’t know how to physically help you, leading to you barking at him to do certain things for him all the time. But he’d give great motivational speeches basically, and you’d always end up crying in his arms because his words would mean a lot to you.


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Expect a lot of dancing and aegyo from this guy lol. He really wouldn’t know what to do with you if you were very emotional or sensitive. Even if you were upset or sensitive after he brought you chocolate and sweets and everything you asked for, he’d end up crouching in front of you pulling some cute or silly faces to try and make you smile/laugh. He’d also start dancing in hope that you’d join in and stop being very stressed.


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Jaehyun would know that the best way to help you was to let you stay in bed, wrapped in his arms, all day until you had the will to leave the confinement of your room. He’d bring you food and films, anything you asked for, he’d bring and he wouldn’t try to question you in anyway. He’d run his fingers down your sides and kiss your cheek, telling you about his day and your shared future, which would make your heart flutter and cheeks flush slightly.


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WinWin would try to be the best boyfriend ever whenever you were on your period - well, and also all the time as well lol. He’d imitate the actors in dramas and films, buying you flowers, chocolate, food, tampons and pads, movies and sometimes even jewellery. You’d always tell him that he didn’t need to do that, all whilst crying your eyes out because you were sensitive and thought it was too cute, but he’d just shush you and cuddle you, not saying much.


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Mark would have no clue what to say or do. It’d break his heart to see you in your state, and how he didn’t know what to do to help. Eventually, after a few months, he soon learned that it was just better to get you food and hug you a lot, rather than say anything. Not that he didn’t mind though.


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Obviously, Haechan would be the one with the least experience when it came to emotional girlfriends on their period. In fact, he’d secretly dread your period every month, when you’d be super sensitive and one wrong foot from him, could end up with a slap or harsh insult from you. He’d always end up calling his older members, begging for help and advice as they just laughed at him and inexperience.

Make Sure To Be Bored More Often ~ Harry Styles Smut

Warning Smut

This is my first smut so bare with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN so go ahead and request anything you want.  Feedback is great so please do sent some either on this or over ask/message.  I hope you enjoy

You were bored.  Beyond bored you were so close to going out of your mind.  Harry had just come back from a meeting which he had been at all day while you lay there watching reruns of Once Upon a Time, which has been your addiction since Harry had come back from America and had introduced you to it.  The whole fact it was based off Disney characters and other fictional childhood favourites made your day.  But, again after watching 10 episodes none stop even this began to bore you.  So, an idea came to your mind.  Harry’s fans adored you considering you were the only girl out there that had not broken his heart or used him for fame like a lot of his past girlfriends.  Following this you had a few followers of your own which lead to you doing what you did next.

It was 9 in the afternoon and considering Harry was in the bath relaxing after the day he’s had you decided open yourself to have a live stream.  Thinking that the fans would be able to keep you company while your boyfriend was busy was probably the best idea you had, had.  So, tweeting out on your phone that you were going to have a livestream in 10 minutes you then made your way up to your bedroom to get your laptop and set it up on your counter in the kitchen. Loading up twitter your livestream began and quickly your views went into the thousands.  

“Hi everyone” you laughed as the views increased every second.  “Okay I am going to try my best to look at everything you are sending to me but this is going a lot faster than I thought it would so it may take me some time, and I am sorry if I do not read your question as there are a lot of you.”  You hated letting them down, knowing that you used to be exactly like them when their tweet may not get answered by their favourite.  “Ah okay I have a question here from Alexa.  Lovely name by the way!  How’s your day been?”  you read out what was tweeted to you seconds ago.  “I am doing very well thank you just waiting for Harry to finish up in the bathroom so we can watch a movie, tonight we have decided on Space Between Us, my friends will not shut up about it so I think it’s time for me to finally give in and watch it.  Of course, I am dragging Harry into watching with me!”  Your happiness grew by the second, and honestly you were so glad that you had decided to do this.

Around an hour had passed and you decided to end the stream and go and check where Harry was you were beginning to miss him. “Okay guys, I think this is going to be the end of the live stream.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you have a lovely night and I will hopefully do another one of these again soon with Harry maybe next time.  Good Night guys.”  You smiled at the camera before ending the livestream all together and turning your laptop off.  Just as you were about to call Harry’s name he came down the stairs with a few blankets and the movie you brought earlier this week.  As soon as he saw you his face lit up like it always did when he looked at you.

“Loved the live stream babe” Harry said while coming over to you and giving you a peck on the lips.  

“You watched, you could have come down and joined in.  You should have seen how many people thought I was joking when I said I was living with you. Next well have people saying were broken up” I joked even though I know there will be at least one person who says that.

“Sure, they will baby girl.  Anyway, will join you next time I was just taking care of something that would not be very PG for the livestream” Harry winked at you while his hand was down his joggers indicating to you what he meant.  You almost chocked on your own spit when that came out of his mouth.  You were slightly annoyed though it had been weeks since you two had had sex considering how busy he has been with his album, then interviews and traveling around American for a brief time.  This then meaning by the time he got home he was too tiered or “we’ll have sex tomorrow I swear” which never came.  But, you just rolled your eyes.  You needed tonight to be the night that the dry spell ended finally.  But, he was not going to get it that easily, of course a little teasing had to be in play.  

So, you went and got everything organised for tonight you put the pillows where you live them and what would be best comfortable for you and Harry and then got the blankets.  You hated England weather ever since Harry had come back from LA and had told you how perfect it was there.  It had been so hot the past few days, you literally could not sleep without a fan, now I had to go out with a coat on because it was too cold out.  How that happened i will never know.

You then went and put in the movie, you were so excited about watching this movie.  You had seen the trailer and almost cried from just that now having the movie you made sure to stock up on tissues.  You made yourself comfortable and then Harry made his way into the living room with just his joggers on.  How is this boy walking round like that when its 6 degrees out I will never know, but you were not going to complain?  He made his way to you so you could snuggle into him when you watch the movie. This was the one thing you loved most about watching movies with Harry and that was just being able to have him there to hold and having him stroke your back was pure bliss.

The movie was around half way through when you started your master plan, you were loving this movie so far but having Harry next to you shirtless was enough to drive any girl insane.  “Babe I am just going to go and get changed I am a little too warm in my jumper” you said innocently messing with your jumper sleeves trying to act as though you were too warm.  

“Do you want me to pause it?”  Harry asked as you made your way out of the room and towards your shared bedroom.  

“No, its fine ill only be a second” you admitted while rushing off to get changed into something you knew would fluster Harry just the slightest.  You did not want this to make him want to rip your clothes off but you also did not want him not to be a little flustered.  You changed your jumper for a tank top and made sure to take your bra off so your boobs were fully ready to be exposed and correct by Harry’s tender touch. You then put on some female boxer briefs so they were a little shorter than your PJ shorts and they made your bum look incredible.  You made your way back into the living room making sure to bend over just before you sat down to pick your phone up off the table, this receiving a sigh from behind you.  

You then straddled over Harry to get over your side of the sofa. “What are you doing Y/N, how can it take you this long to get back next to me” Harry began to stretch out as soon as you lay down again making sure to have your boobs level with his face.  

“I was just getting something sorry for taking so long” you rolled your eyes at this knowing full well Harry hated when you did not take him seriously sometimes.  His eyes looked you up and down before coughing and looking back at the movie.  You knew you were affecting him slightly and this made you so happy.  You subconsciously started to stroke up and down Harry’s chest while watching the movie, you knew he liked you doing this and you also knew it gave you a chance to accidently knock your hand over the waist band of his sweats and ‘accidently’ knock his dick.

Harry then turned around and snuggled into your neck, you checked the time to see that it was already 11 at night.  Knowing Harry was likely to be becoming sleepy you pushed his head up to meet your face.  “Y/N can we watch this movie tomorrow I want to sleep” Harry sighed.  Before he had chance to open his eyes you quickly planted your lips onto him feeling him groan underneath you.  The kiss turned heated a lot quicker than you expected and you pushed him sideward to that you could straddle him.  His eyes lighting up at the sight of you.  “Well it seems like I am no longer as tiered as I thought I was” you laughed at his comment become going down to kiss along his jaw while also grinding on him.  All you heard were curse words coming from Harry’s mouth which made you even more wet than you already were.

Harry’s hands began roaming your body and he began to pull off your boxer shorts.  This made you stop what you were doing to stop him.  “No Harry, you made me wait weeks for this so that means you will be waiting a little longer to see what I have.” You smirked loving being in control for once.  All he could do in return was groan as he was in pure bliss knowing that after so long this was finally going to happen.  You kissed your way down his chest slowly down to his ever-growing erection.  You slowly pushed down his sweats and began licking up his shaft.  You then began to push him into your mouth as much as you could, making sure to use your hand on what you could not fit in your mouth.

“Fuck Y/N this feels so good I have missed your mouth so much baby girl” he said while you bobbed your head quickly up and down his shaft.  You loved pleasing him but once he came in your mouth and he came down from his high, you decided to let him take control.  You enjoyed it when he did all the effort just to make you feel good and he hated to admit it but he loved being dominant and having you be a whimpering mess underneath him.  He quickly flipped you onto your back and pumped himself a few times to make himself hard again, “Y/N I fucking love you” he said with a groan as he made his way into you with a groan.  He began slow, making sure you felt every part of him, then he did what you loved most. He quickened the pace and began slamming into you.  

All that was heard throughout the room was moaning and slapping of skin to skin as he pounded into you with all his might.  “Ah fuck Harry that feels so good” you shouted as he pulled your legs up to his shoulders knowing you were both close.  He began to do a figure of eight in your clit so that you would follow him in your climax.  

“I am close too baby” Harry whimpered as he pounded into you the last few times you both got overcome with ecstasy.  Harry pulled out of you as you adjusted with the feeling of not having him inside of you, and you both came down from your highs.  “That was fucking amazing” Harry sighed as you looked over to him with a smile.

“Tell me about it”

“Make sure to be bored more often” Harry laughed as you lay down to watch the final scenes of the movie.

rozasalavisa  asked:

Hi!! I'm so happy you reached 2k (you deserve way more 😁) I was wondering if for the drabble thing you could use 25 and 40 with panicky please? It's more than ok if you don't want to do it! Keep up the good work, love reading your stuff 😚

25. “You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!”

40. “Say it again, I dare you!”

Requested by @rozasalavisa

The sounds of Bucky giving orders at the new recruits made you smirk softly, sitting in the corner of the training room sharpening your knives you observed the small group of New Avengers hopefuls as they paired off sparing with each other. Bucky stalked between them, snapping to improve their technique or to widen their stance. You placed your knives down on the bench next to you as you watched your boyfriend in action. It had taken a lot of convincing from Steve and yourself that this would be good for him, that his acquired skills could be used for good. 

“When you’re out of the field there are no second chances, there’s no time to think about your next move. It must be instinct, otherwise, you’re dead” you snorted at the hard tone in Bucky’s voice. Although you agreed with what he was saying, at the same time you knew the other side to him. The kind, gentle side that brought you coffee in bed this morning. The caring boyfriend who loved you and put up with your weird habits. 

“Ok take five, we’ll go over your weapons handling” You stood to make your way over to the scowling ex-assassin. 

“Imparting some wisdom babe?” you smiled as his face soften hearing your voice as he turned to face him

“Well seventy years I hope something rubs off on these punks” you chuckled softly rubbing your hands up his arms. 

“As much as I love this tough guy exterior, you know you’re not as scary as you think you are” the low rumble from Bucky’s chest made a few of the recruits turn in your direction, eyes wide as they regarded the two of you. 

“Say that again, I dare you”  Bucky’s voice was deep and threatening, but the twinkle in his eye and the small upturn in the corner of his mouth betrayed him. Standing on your tip toes you pressed your mouth to his ear. 

“We both know I’m the one giving the orders around here soldier ” with a graceful twirl you strutted away from him, swaying your hips as the recruits and Bucky watched you go. 

“What are you all staring at, ten laps of the room now!” You smirked as the sound of Bucky’s bark sounded from behind you. 

"Exactly what are you seeking from my son?”

Or, Joaquin meets Kevin’s dad.

@ihavenocreativitysonousername requested “Joaquin meeting Kevin’s dad OR Kevin meeting the gang OR both”

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Pretty fluffy, some momentary angst

Warnings: mentions of guns, gangs,and parental death

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I would like to note that all of Joaquin’s family history in this has been completely made up by me and is complete headcanon.

     “Kev, are you sure about this?” Joaquin asked nervously, shifting from one foot to the other. He was standing outside of Kevin’s dad’s truck which was parked in Kevin’s driveway. He could feel sweat growing on the back of his neck, underneath the collared shirt Kevin had insisted he wore. “I’m just, well, I’m not really the kinda boy that people bring home to meet their parents. And, your dad is a cop.” It wasn’t that Joaquin didn’t want to formally meet Mr. Keller, in fact, it was exactly the opposite. Joaquin wanted everyone to know that he was Kevin’s boyfriend. He wanted to be Kevin’s official boyfriend, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, Joaquin was worried that Sherriff Keller wouldn’t be a fan of his son’s gang member boyfriend. Kevin went out of his way to make his dad happy and not to disappoint him in any way. What if Joaquin was a disappointment? Joaquin wouldn’t want Kevin to choose between him and his dad.
    “Joaquin, chill out okay?” Kevin chuckled at the other’s nervousness. “It’s gonna be just fine, I promise. My dad isn’t completely oblivious, he is a cop, and he probably has an idea of who you are.” Kevin knew that his dad had seen him and Joaquin together at Pop’s, he’d seen them kiss behind the shed in the Keller’s backyard, and he had definitely seen Joaquin hastily sneak out of Kevin’s bedroom window.
    “He has an idea of who I am, and that should calm me done?” Joaquin exclaimed.
     “Yes. Because my dad knows not to judge a book by its cover. He has a gay son, you may remember.”
     “Yeah, a gay son who is dating a gay Southside Serpent. I’m sure that’s all he could hope for.” Joaquin was aware that he was overacting slightly, but this could really make or break his relationship with Kevin.
Kevin sighed, a little exasperated by Joaquin’s anxiety. He brought his hands up to cup his boyfriend’s face, slowly leaning in and giving him a gentle kiss.
     “You look fantastic.” Kevin grins, giving Joaquin an appreciative once over. “You are a kind, funny, and smart guy. I see it, and I’m sure my dad will as well.” Joaquin smiled, a blush rising up his neck onto his cheeks. “Let’s go, you ready?”
     “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Joaquin sighed, taking Kevin’s hand and following him up to the front door. Kevin opened the door and Joaquin was hit by a fantastic aroma. Whatever Sheriff Keller had made for dinner, it smelled fantastic. Kevin voiced Joaquin’s thoughts.
     “Wow Dad, that smells incredible. What is it?” Kevin’s dad was leaning over the stove, stirring something in a pot.
     “Well, we’ve got ham and rolls on the table, and now I’m just finishing up the garlic pasta.” He wiped his hands on a towel that was hanging over his shoulder before turning around, seeing Joaquin face to face for the first time. “And, you must be Joaquin. Kevin, actually, has not told me much about you.” Joaquin shook Sheriff Keller’s hand, trying to exude confidence while being respectful.
     “It’s, uh, it’s nice to finally meet you sir.” Joaquin stuttered out, any semblance of confidence gone as soon as he opened his mouth. Kevin, sensing the slight rise of tensions, spoke up.
     “Dad, is the pasta ready yet? We could sit down for dinner and talk some more.”
     “Sure, son.” Sheriff Keller responded, but waited for a minute before taking his eyes off of Joaquin and returning to the pot on the stove. As the sheriff finished the pasta, Kevin led Joaquin into the dining room where they began to talk in rushed whispers.
     “Does your dad always carry his holstered gun around the house like that? Or am I receiving special treatment?”
     “That’s just for you, I think.” Kevin admitted. “Uh, Joaquin, there is something I forgot to tell you.”
     “What?” Joaquin exclaimed, his nerves causing his voice to rise from a whisper.
     “Shh, calm down. It’s just that I just realized, I’ve never brought a boy home to meet my dad, serpent or otherwise.” Kevin felt slightly embarrassed at the admission that he had never had a real boyfriend before. “So that might be why my dad’s being weird, not the whole serpent thing.”
     Joaquin went to respond, to comfort or to freak out Kevin didn’t know, but he was cut off by the entrance of Sheriff Keller.
     “The pasta is ready, let’s eat.” He said hastily and with no welcoming tone. Joaquin sat down with a rushed and nervous manner about him. Meanwhile, Kevin sat down with the casualness of someone who had been eating at this dining room table all of his life. The food was spooned onto plates and quickly enough Joaquin was sitting in front of a plate full of delicious food; it was something he hadn’t seen in a while. Joaquin was speechless, staring at the pile of food and listening to Kevin and his dad share the stories of their days. He didn’t even notice when they stopped talking until Kevin kicked him under the table.
     “Ouch.” Joaquin exclaimed before looking up from his plate to see that both Kevin and Sheriff Keller were staring at him. “I, uh, I’m sorry I got distracted, what?”
     “My dad asked if you liked the food.” Kevin clarified, looking slightly concerned. Joaquin looked back down at his untouched plate before responding.
     “Um, it looks fantastic. It’s been a while since I sat down to a home cooked meal.” Joaquin confessed, but immediately regretted reminding the cop in front of him that he came from trailer trash. To avoid the momentary silence, Joaquin picked up his knife and fork and began to cut into the slice of ham on his plate. Sheriff Keller broke the silence,
     “So Joaquin, tell me a little about yourself, and exactly what you are seeking from my son.”
     “Dad!” Kevin gasped, and if Joaquin was right, kicked his dad beneath the table. Joaquin finished chewing the ham that was in his mouth. “You don’t have to answer that Joaquin.” Kevin stated.
     “No, no it’s fine Kev.” Joaquin wiped his mouth quickly before answering. “Uh, I moved to Riverdale when I was about four with my older brother. He used all of his savings to buy us a trailer on the Southside. Um, after that, there isn’t much to tell. I don’t really play any sports, I’m not an art person really. I guess I’m kinda into photography.” Joaquin shrugged, not really sure how else to describe himself. “As for the second part of your question, I don’t know if seeking would be the right word. I’m hoping to form and maintain a loving relationship with Kev.” Joaquin had shed some of the nervousness from before settling into the conversation. Sheriff Keller seemed happy with the answer, but had a few more questions for Joaquin.
     “And you are a serpent yourself?”
     “They are the only family I’ve ever known sir. But no. I’m not a serpent yet, and recently I’ve been hoping to do something with my life besides gang activity.” Joaquin was telling the truth. After spending time with Kevin and hanging out with kids on the Northside, Joaquin wanted to achieve something in his life bigger than what the serpents could provide.
     “And how do your parents feel about that?” Sheriff Keller asked, very nonchalantly. At the mention of Joaquin’s parents, Kevin sat forward and reached for Joaquin’s hand.
     “Dad, seriously.” He hissed, but Joaquin nodded gently.
     “Kev, seriously, it’s okay.” Joaquin reassured. “Uh, my parents died in a car crash before we moved to Riverdale, sir.”
     “I’m sorry, kid. I didn’t know.” Sheriff Keller seemed taken aback. Joaquin shrugged. It really was fine, he had never really known his parents anyhow.
The night continued with more surface level, but amiable conversation. Joaquin finished his meal and spent the rest of the night holding Kevin’s hand and enjoying the overall feeling of family. As the night came to a close, Joaquin shook Sheriff Keller’s hand before Kevin walked him out.
     “Well, that went well.” Kevin smiled, fiddling with the lapels of Joaquin’s jacket.
     “Yes, I would say it did. You’re very lucky to have a dad that accepting.” Joaquin leaned into Kevin’s touch, leaving mere inches between the two.
     “I am. Very lucky, I have a dad who is super accepting and now I’m standing, alone, with my very hot boyfriend who I’ve been wanting to kiss all night.”
     “Oh yeah?” Joaquin goading, bringing them closer.
     “Yeah.” Kevin mumbled, their lips almost touching.
     “And what are you gonna do about it?” Joaquin began to tease, but was interrupted by Kevin pressing their lips together. Joaquin, still high off of the success from dinner, felt as if he was suffocating from happiness. This was too much, he shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of something as perfect and sacred as this. Kevin finally pulled away, resting his forehead against Joaquin’s. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.” Joaquin admitted when he regained his voice.
     “I completely agree, Joaquin. This is pure bliss.” Kevin mused, kissing his boyfriend gently.

Hit me up if you have prompts, ideas, want to beta, or would like to be tagged in my future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics.

Also, if you guys want it, I might write a sequel of this were Kevin meets Joaquin’s brother and maybe some of the serpents.

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The Good

*The Good* The Bad The Dirty

Genre: Fluff / Angst / Trigger Warning ( It gets more angtsy as the chapters progress )

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Synopsis: A King would never hurt his queen unless a reason is present. Prior to that, until death do they part.

Yandere!Yoongi AU

Word Count: 1833

Note: So basically I, Admin kai, was listening to these songs, and suddenly had the urge to make a scenario with that name and title. and all I knew was that I wanted it to be an angst. And Admin Kat wanted to make a Yandere AU. So why not…

Originally posted by stuffskpopsiatcs

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Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au)

Word Count: 2546

Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks

Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit tho)

Author’s Note: happy valentines day! i hope yours is better than mine. enjoy some soulmate fluff ;)

Song Featured: I’ll Take Care of You 


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Wanna One as Princes [Part 2]

Originally posted by lookgoodkpop

Once again, I am back with the second part of this series and for some reason, this was a little harder to write. ^^;; I’m not sure what happened, but the ideas did not flow as well so I hope that this does not become an awkward read. D: Nevertheless, I tried my best to capture their characters in real life and put them into my writings, and with that, I wish you guys a happy reading experience from the second part to this request by @theresnowarinbasingse

PART 1: Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo

Kim Jaehwan:

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

  • Another prince who nobody would have guessed either that he was part of the royal bloodline.
  • Often gets mistaken for a typical government official or a scholar, because he always carries this book around in his hands.
  • The lowkey prince who is often found in the city centre reading his book (I wonder what) and listens out for the problems in society.
  • Puts in his input into political conversations while reading and nobody knows who he is, apart from the fact that he’s someone whom they always see at the fountain and is “extremely smart”.
  • Reads the people’s letters sent to him and combined with whatever he has heard or seen on the street, he gets quick and efficient work done.
  • The people are relatively happy and peaceful, but they are a little sad that they can never thank the prince himself. (He was right under their noses the entire time)
  • Not only wise, but extremely talented.
  • Participates in talent shows that the community organises and everyone knows him as a “Vocal God”
  • Always gives his winnings to others under an anonymous tag or charity.
  • Terrible at combat and would probably suit the marching band more but tries his best anyway.
  • When he likes a girl, he would be THE cheeseball and make use of his vocal talents to express his love for her.
  • Depending on his mood, he would either set up a stage in the city centre or give her a personal performance when the two are alone.
  • Probably leads to a quick mutual kiss or just two blushing beings waiting to make the first move.

 Kang Daniel:

Originally posted by kimdcnghyun

  • Carries a noble aura, so people can suspect that he’s of royal descent.
  • Is often seen walking with a skip in his steps and a bright smile on his face, occasionally waving to the people of the town.
  • Everybody knows him as that smiley noble whom they can trust and be comfortable with in sharing their problems and concerns.
  • Champions for the rights of animals and is always seen with a pouch of food for stray animals. (Probably started an organisation for their protection too)
  • Effective and efficient solutions to rectify the people’s problems, but it does not go without some effort from society themselves.
  • Fosters a close-knitted, peaceful, hardworking and resilient society where everyone stands together in the face of adversity.
  • Another all-rounder; looks exuding charm, great personality, talented in both sports and arts (namely ball games and dance) and obtains scholarly achievements.
  • Good combatting skills and can handle a range of weapons in practice, and definitely in battle.
  • Confessions to a girl he likes would probably be the cheesiest, yet cutest thing EVER.
  • Will not say it openly but will show it through his actions (the way he treats you, buys you random gifts etc.) and also the type to lend you his 60cm wide shoulders to lean on.
  • Will probably take his girlfriend stargazing to say, “I need the starshine in your heavenly eyes after the day’s great sun.” and would later say, “I like this, don’t you think? I like…. us.”

 Park Jihoon:

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

  • Blessed with good genes and a mature aura, everyone knows that this boy has to be a part of the royal family, because there’s no way not to be for his case.
  • Doesn’t really carry any fixed expression when he walks around town, but it tends to be gentle and a little awkward when people bow and greet him out of respect.
  • But still bows back awkwardly anyway and pulls off his signature small smile that makes the girls’ hearts flutter.
  • Older citizens fawn over him and tend to pass him home cooked food whenever they see him around, invites him over for meals and basically treats him like their own son.
  • They would naturally open up to him and he would take all their concerns to heart, mentally taking notes while his bodyguard also listens in to take them down physically.
  • Doesn’t speak very much, but provides comfort and security with the people he interacts with.
  • Will go back to the palace almost immediately with a troubled heart, but a determined mind, to sort out all the troubles that his people face, while comparing notes with his personal bodyguard.
  • Might seem like a gentle being who can’t kill a fly, but he does not tolerate incompetence when it comes to settling societal issues (has probably fired a few government officials)
  • A little on the naive side sometimes, explaining the need for a bodyguard to prevent him from making rash decisions.
  • His community is hardworking, honest, peaceful and grateful towards their rulers.
  • All in all, he is a gentle and quiet being, serious with his work, has a soft spot for the children and the elderly and always attains top grades with ease.
  • Is a little clumsy with the sword because of his relatively small stature (and the lack of strength), but has an affinity with the bow & arrow and throwing knives, utilising them with deadly accuracy.
  • His bodyguard still tries his best to tutor Jihoon with the sword, and thankfully, he is getting better (as long as he works a little more on his upper body strength).
  • At this point, he sounds like a tsundere, but he actually does show it when he likes someone with the way he behaves and acts around her.
  • Would think he’s obvious with his crush and doesn’t feel the need to say it, until friends start commenting why they are not together and the reply is because they have not talked about it.
  • When he realises this, he would talk to the girl once the two of them are alone to his favourite hilltop, overlooking the scenery of the town and say, “If only I knew that all I needed to do was ask, we would have started dating a long time ago.”

 Park Woojin:

Originally posted by ichnite

  • If everyone in the list was mistaken as either a scholar or a noble, Woojin would be none of those.
  • He would be assumed as a lost and awkward teenager trying to find his place in the world because of his naturally shy behaviour.
  • Doesn’t really appreciate crowds so he’s not found often in the bustling city centre and is instead found in the outskirts or the quiet side lanes when he wants to find his quiet time out of the palace.
  • Quite a naive boy, so his personal bodyguard always ensures that he is kept safe and unharmed, especially when he’s accidentally approached by gangsters for trespassing their self proclaimed territory.
  • Luckily, he knows how to defend himself with hand-to-hand combat (to everyone’s surprise) and can probably handle a group of 5 men on his own.
  • Hears and learns a lot more by spending his quiet time outside the palace, especially when it comes to the people and writes them down in his handy notebook (before he forgets) and comes up with a plan there and then on how to solve it.
  • People often see what he has done for them and wonders who is the kind soul; suspects it’s the royal family’s doing but are equally doubtful because they rarely write about their problems and the family is hardly seen out of the palace. 
  • Woojin will be sitting in a nearby corner, listening to the people reacting to his doings with smiles and shouts of joy, bringing a smile to his face and a sense of relief, before continuing on his way.
  • Also has a soft spot for children and would often play with them if they follow him around; always has snacks hidden in his outfit and gives it to them.
  • Is adored by the older community too and receives treatment similar to Jihoon (I mean, he’s a literal bean)
  • Kind, gentle and shy, but gets things done quickly and efficiently (also to everyone’s surprise); exudes quiet maturity, is well read with the country’s politics, laws and appreciates the finer things in life (especially the Arts)
  • Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but hates the use of weapons due to his nature of preferring to avoid conflict using such deadly weapons; is trying to build up on his confidence and courage but finds it extremely difficult at times.
  • His quiet nature carries on to his love life too, but eventually opens up to show more of his playful side when he knows her well enough and knows that he would not be judged for just being himself.
  • Leaves subtle hints here and there (plays with her hair, giving compliments, crafting gifts) but these are hard to notice for her, and he eventually gets frustrated.
  • Thankful for his supportive friends but freaks out and blurts out “I like you.” instead of that entire paragraph that he had prepared beforehand, but the girl won’t mind and if she was exactly like him, the response would either be “I like you too.” or a shy kiss on his cheek.

And once again, that is all for today! :) I know this was posted a little late but it is 2am where I am now and I would just like to apologise for the inconsistencies in lengths. ;; Might do an edit to this list when I can but I hope that it brought a smile to all your faces as you imagined the Wanna One members in royal garments and being all prince-like. ^^ Will hope to post Part 3 tomorrow and that will contain the final members Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi and Lai Guanlin! :)

Requests will still be open for this week so do drop in an ask or a message to see more lists like these! ^^ Hope to see more of you guys there and thank you once again for taking the time to read these! ^^ 

Jughead & Reader: Unrequited Love

Summary: Although you pretty much kept to yourself and rarely spoke to Jughead and his friends, they asked you to help them during an investigation. During your little mission, you and Jughead kiss which makes you think he likes you. But in the end you find out that he doesn’t feel the same way.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: The Song That Everyone Sings - KJ Apa

Sitting at lunch, minding your own business as you listened to The Wombats and read The Island of Doctor Moreau, someone sat down across from you. Surprised that someone would join you at lunch since you normally sat alone, you cautiously lifted your head. 

Jughead Jones looked back at you with an amused expression that gave you butterflies and red cheeks. You pulled the headphones from your ears right as he greeted you. “What are you listening to?” He asked.

It was a shock he was even talking to you so it took you a few seconds to think of a response. “The Wombats,” you told him, wondering if he knew who they were. 

“Oh, cool,” he said, a little impressed with your music taste. “I’ve heard some of their stuff. I like them.” You really didn’t know how to respond because you were still surprised he was sitting so close to you. Jughead continued, “So I was wondering if you wanted to help me with something.”

You sat up straight, giving him your full attention because you were incredibly interested. “Sure, anything.” You blushed because you sounded so eager. 

He smiled, making the butterflies in your stomach multiply. “Meet me after school and we’ll talk, okay?” He got up from the table and let without waiting for an answer. 

“Hell yeah,” you said under your breath as you daydreamed about what he could possibly want from you.

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 17

Just going to leave this here quickly because I’m so close to just falling asleep. My eyes are most probably closed whilst typing this message so sorry for errors.

Thank you for keeping up with this story it’s much appreciated!

Btw do you guys like the way the story progresses? I feel like something might be a bit repetitive but I’m not sure what…

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17 - Here  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

The day after your confrontation with Na Young, you attended school as usual. However, this particular day you had no lessons as your whole year would be having career and future workshops for the whole day.

You found yourself sitting behind Jungkook as you were waiting for the briefing to end. When it did so, he quickly spun around in his seat whilst some of your class left the room to meet up with their friends.

“We’ve never really spoken about it but are you planning on going to university?” Jungkook leaned back in his seat at your question and let a half smile take over his lips.

“I’m not sure, I guess it just depends how well music goes for me. What about you? You’d better go University. I want you to be the best you can be. And even if that does sound cheesy it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.” You had heard this many times from your family but when Jungkook had said it you couldn’t stop your face from growing warm.

You didn’t attempt to cover your face from his now growing smirk and knowing eyes. You just allowed a small grin to spread on your face and held his gaze despite how hard it was to do so.

“Don’t worry, I plan to go to university. I’ll become the best I can be, for you, my family and myself.” He suddenly grabbed your hand and leaned into your face.

“Great and then we can get married.” Well, you were certainly not expecting those to be his next words. Your grin dropped from your face and your hand began to push his now invasive head away, the red that overtook your face growing a darker shade.

“What’s wrong, you don’t want to?” The dejected look that he held was enough to make you stop your actions. Your eyebrows shot up and you wrapped your arms around him bringing him into a tight hug.

“No, that’s not it! I didn’t mean to upset you!” All was silent and you thought you had successfully cheered him up. That is until you felt his body shaking against yours. At first you had thought he had started crying but the muffled laughter made your eyes narrow and you pushed him back by his forearms. Jungkook burst into full blown laughter and you mustered up the last bit of dignity you had to glare at him.

“I can’t believe you made me feel bad like that! Oh my gosh, I’m going to pull your front teeth out if you don’t stop laughing. ” His laughter only grew louder and you huffed, turning away and pulling your phone out of your school bag.

‘Hey Areum, are you in your class right now?’

You received a reply in a matter of seconds.

'Yep. Come over, I need to talk to you.’

Standing from your seat, you glared down at Jungkook’s trembling figure once again before you turned and walked straight out of the classroom.

Heading straight for Areums classroom, the distant shouts of your name from Jungkook made you speed up in order to avoid him catching you. You made it to your destination before Jungkook had found you and you sat down on the desk beside Areum.

“Hey, Areum. How are you on this fine morning?” She giggled at the overly exaggerated joyful tone you were using and you glanced around the room.

“Is Na-”

“Oh, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Did you see her after what happened at the hospital?” When Areum referred to your encounter with her, your eyebrows unconsciously furrowed and you shrugged your shoulders.

“She just up and left. Why?” Areum bit her lip in contemplation and sighed a couple of  seconds later.

“Nothing, she’s just not in. I found it weird since she was super excited for today and she wouldn’t stop talking about what they had planned. I guess she’s just sick…”

You hoped she was sick. Sure, she had been a bitch and ultimately gotten Taehyung seriously hurt but you definitely didn’t want her to get into any trouble. You weren’t that cruel.

“Do you think… she might not be in because of those guys?” By 'those guys’ you had obviously meant the rival schools gang and a worried expression decorated Areums face.

“Let’s not jump into any conclusions. She’s most probably sick.” Slowly nodding, your name was suddenly called from the doorway. Hye Mi stood at the entrance of the classroom, a small smile on her face.

“Why is Hye Mi smiling at you?” Before you could answer Areums question, Hye Mi started towards the both of you, carefully tending to a bag at her side.

“Hey Areum. Hey Y/N. I just wanted to say sorry for how I’ve acted these past years. To both of you. I totally understand if you don’t want to accept my apology but I needed to get it out there.” She lifted the hand that clung onto the bag and held it out to the both of you. Areum eyed the bag cautiously whilst you took it out of her hand gently.

“It’s not much… My parents run a bakery so I brought you cakes and pastries as a gift. I… genuinely hope you enjoy them and don’t worry, I haven’t spat on them or anything.” You allowed a toothy grin to grow on your lips and Areum let a soft smile take over her face which in turn caused Hye Mi to sigh in relief.

“I thought you guys would throw it back at me or something. If our roles were switched, I would without a second thought.” Areum was peeking into the bag when Hye Mi spoke and lifted her head at her last sentence.

“No offence, Hye Mi but I’d expect nothing less from you.” Hye Mi nervously chuckled at Areums remark and you silently watched the exchange.

“I hope from now on we can be friends or at the very least acquaintances.” Just after Areum had agreed, Hye Mi was suddenly pushed into her desk by another student. The girl who had just collided with her scoffed at Hye Mi’s hunched form and placed her hands on her hips.

“Watch where you’re going, dumbass.” Hye Mi seemed to snap at that moment and whipped around in a blink of an eye. She began raising her voice which eventually caused an argument to ensue.

“Who the heck are you anyway!? Don’t tell me to watch where I’m going when I’m just standing in one place.” Giggling beside you caught your attention and you watched as Areum tried her hardest to stifle her laughter.

“Well, at least she’s nicer.” You couldn’t help but agree.

Hye Mi was slightly nicer and deep down, you were glad. You couldn’t deny that you kind of missed being friends with her. It would take time but maybe soon you would be able to call her a friend once again.

“I knew you’d be here!” Jungkook’s voice came from the doorway of the slightly empty classroom and you groaned to yourself.

Let the teasing continue.


Towards the end of the day, you had had almost enough of Jungkook’s rambling of the future. He continuously mentioned the topic of marriage even going as far as jokingly going down on one knee. He didn’t have a chance to get a word out since you abruptly slapped him upside the head.

You were currently sitting in your last workshop beside a sleeping Jungkook, who had grew tired of teasing you after your attack on him. You were awaiting the end of the day since you had promised Taehyung you would take him home along with the boys.

A crumpled paper fell upon your desk causing you to glance in the direction it had come from. You made brief eye contact with another student, Beom Soo. You didn’t really know much about him except that he seemed to be sought out by many girls in the school the reason being that he was apparently 'mysterious’.

Probably the most predictable reason ever.

Peeling open the note, you were met with a message that made your eyebrows shoot right up.

'I can give you the attention you deserve. Just send me your number Y/N.

Beom Soo’

Well that’s a first. You had thought Jungkook was intimidating enough for people to not even think about staring at you for too long but Beom Soo was on a whole other planet. You mentally gave him points for his confidence.

His number was neatly written underneath his message. You chanced another look at him to find him staring back at you with an almost straight face, the only change in expression being the slight tug at the corner of his mouth. A couple of seconds later, he returned his attention to the front of the classroom.

Before you could think of a suitable way to reply, the note was suddenly   plucked out of your hand. Around five seconds later, Jungkook shot a dark look in the direction of an unaware Beom Soo and grabbed a pen from your pencil case, scrawling down what seemed to be a number at first glance.

It was only when he began scrunching the note back up again that you had made sense of his rushed handwriting.

'It’s double 0 fuck right off before I snap your neck.

Jeon fucking Jungkook.’

Throwing the note back at Beom Soo, it landed directly in front of him and Jungkook rested his head on his desk, closing his eyes again. Beom Soo smirked at you before reopening the note and reading it. Moments later, he slowly crumpled it up again and eyed the figure beside you. When you turned to Jungkook, you were pleasantly surprised to see the deathly stare he was giving Beom Soo, who had now focused his attention back to the talk that was currently being given.

Needless to say Beom Soo wouldn’t even breathe around you for the rest of the school week.

“Fucking loser…” You weren’t going to act like you were annoyed at his actions because first of all, it was Jungkook and it was expected considering the reputation he had and second of all, you liked that he was somewhat jealous and protective of you. It was more preferable than having a boyfriend who could care less who flirted with you.

Moments later, the teacher concluded his talk and made brief announcements before he dismissed your class for the day. You stood from your seat and grabbed your school bag, nudging Jungkook.  He slowly pried himself off the desk and stretched his limbs before he just about collapsed on you, resting his head on your right shoulder. Sighing, you twisted him around and pushed him towards the door, guiding him out of the school.

The walk to the hospital was looking longer than you had previously thought it would be.


By the time you did arrive at the hospital, everyone had already gathered and had begun discussing what would happen with Taehyung.

“Well he’s definitely not going to school for at least the next two weeks.” Namjoon had a tone of finality that left no room for Taehyung to even think about arguing and Seokjin nodded his head in agreement.

“Sorry Tae but I agree with Namjoon on this one. We can’t risk you getting any more injuries.” Taehyung huffed and gathered his belongings from the bedside table beside him.

“How would I get more injuries? I don’t understand.” Yoongi scoffed from his seat on the armchair and took a sip of water, watching Taehyung with an eyebrow raised.

“Did you seriously just ask that? You know what, reflect on your life and then answer that yourself.” Taehyung pouted at Yoongi’s response and you chuckled at their exchange. You could definitely see where the boys were coming from. Just last month Taehyung had almost crashed through the glass door of Namjoon’s apartment complex.

Honestly, he was a hazard to himself.

“Just because of that, I’m not sharing my snacks with you.” Taehyung stuck his tongue out at Yoongi whose reaction was a dirty look.

“I didn’t want them anyway, you’ve probably salivated over all of them. It would be dangerous to even think about eating them at this point.” Yoongi had no remorse at all, not that you were complaining. In your opinion he had one of the best senses of humour and you welcomed it with open arms.

Hoseok made a disgusted face and side eyed the bag of snacks Taehyung had mentioned beforehand.

“Really? I was looking forward to some of them…” Hoseok’s comment made Taehyung grin and he held out the bag towards him.

“Forget Yoongi! He’s just jealous. Don’t worry I’ll share.” Jungkook stepped forward and peeked into the bag alongside Hoseok.

“Tae, I’m pretty sure these are all finished.” Taehyung frowned and glanced down into his bag, sticking his hand in and rummaging around.

“No way… I thought I left some?”

Leaving the chattering group, you stepped towards the window overlooking part of the city. The explanation Taehyung was currently trying to make over the missing snacks made some of the tension in your body leave. He seemed to be healing well and his joyful demeanour had not faltered in the slightest.

Things were beginning to take a turn for the better and you hoped it stayed that way.

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 6

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.6k+

Warnings: Fluff.


Title: Supernatural Live

A/N: Really hope you guys like. If so, please leave some feedback? xx


It was the second time you and Jensen have made the same sequence. The both of you would ran from one of the stores and hop quickly in the Impala, then Jensen would take off in a hurry. He parked the car back to the main mark.

“This time is just the take off, Jensen,” the director spoke through the walkie-talkie.

Jensen grabbed the device that laid in the middle of you. “Got it,” he said and placed the walkie-talkie back in the middle of the seat. “Can you pass me the gum?”

You hummed a ‘yes’ and grabbed the pack from the car’s compartment in front of you. Before giving one to him, you took one for yourself and grinned when Jensen clicked his tongue playfully. As you both waited for the director’s call to drive off, you glanced at the fans standing across the street. All quiet and observing their favorite show in the making.

“Do a dramatic exit,” you said with a half grin, and playful eyes, “Make em’ laugh.”

Jensen grinned as he took a photo of the fans. “A fishtail?”

“Yeah,” you nodded as excitement.

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Break or Punishment?

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,372

A/N: In the fandom I know it’s popular for Namjoon to be very dom, but I think it would be possible for him to be one of those subs that is tough looking but not extremely dom at all. So, I wrote a whole sub!Rapmon fic for this! But in my own experience, you can’t judge anyone by their appearance. That’s also why I made the (dom) reader wear pink. I hope you guys like it!

The rain was pouring down hard that night as you brought your hard-working boyfriend Namjoon some green tea. After stretching, yawning, and pushing his hair back he took the tea from you. “Thanks babe.” He sleepily smiled at you.

You put down your tea and carefully sat on his lap and snuggled your head on his shoulder. “Y/N, I still have work to do…”

“It’s past midnight,” you began stroking, or more like poking his face, with one finger, getting in the way of his tea drinking. Ceasing the poking after poking his dimple, “Namjoon don’t you think you should take a break?”

The tea fogged up his glasses and he blinked sleepily behind the lens. You giggled at him.

“What?” he wrinkled his nose at you.

“You’re just so cute.” You suddenly grabbed his face and quickly kissed his lips then went back to leaning on his shoulder. He pretended like that didn’t happen because he was still thinking about work but as he continued slowly drinking his tea you noticed his arm tightening around you.

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Seeking Roommate for Apartment in Brooklyn

Kind of loosely based on this anon request, but I tweaked it a bit (sorry anon!):

Can you write one where Bucky and Steve place an ad for a third housemate and they choose a 19 yr old girl that was kicked out by her family for being a witch? They make her feel accepted and invite her to work with the avengers. She’s a bit of a tomboy and I’d love it if either Bucky or Wanda fall for her.

Reader’s age is not specified and she has powers but isn’t specifically referred to as a witch. Otherwise, it’s the same general concept.

Bucky x reader. FLUFF. Word count: 2,439.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long, but I hope you enjoy it!

Your name: submit What is this?

“’Two cool guys seeking roommate for apartment in Brooklyn. No pets, no smoking. Just need a third to help with rent.’ Not bad, Bucky. That was smart that you put my number as the contact, since you’re kinda bad at answering your phone,” said Steve as he closed his laptop.

“Steve, I’m lucky if I can even get the thing to turn on. I thought I did okay with the ad. Hopefully someone will answer it. Tell me again why we got a three bedroom apartment when there are only two of us?”

Steve stood and walked over to the fridge. “I thought we could have an office, but it turns out avenging doesn’t pay well and rent is really expensive,” he said as he grabbed a beer.

“Well, just make sure you keep your phone handy or else we’re gonna have to move back into the tower and deal with Tony Snark all the time,” joked Bucky. Oddly enough, Steve’s phone began ringing.

“Hello? Yeah, you’ve got the right number. You have a pet cockatoo? And you’re a drummer? I don’t think that’ll work out. Sorry, bro.” Steve hung up the phone and pinched the bridge of his nose. “This is gonna be a process, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but good call on bird guy. Sam is more than enough bird for me, and I already have a hard enough time sleeping without Ringo making noise 24/7. Hopefully we find a new roomie soon, though.” As if on cue, Steve’s phone rang again.

“Hello? Yeah, this is Steve, you have the right number. You can afford your chunk of the rent, right? Oh, no job. Huh. Well, as long as you can get something lined up by the time rent is due, I guess that’s okay. You don’t play any loud instruments, right? Okay, and you’re okay with the fact that you’ll be living with guys? No, I promise we aren’t creeps. I think once you meet us you’ll be confident in that. We’ll be around if you wanna come take a look at the place later. Half an hour? Okay, see you then, Y/N.”

“Well that sounded promising,” said Bucky.

“Her name is Y/N and she’s trying to get back on her feet after some sort of falling out with her family. She’s pretty sure she can get a job lined up by the next time rent is due, and she seems nice, so I think we should give her a chance. She’ll be here in half an hour to look around, so maybe tidy up a bit? I’m gonna run to the store and grab some flowers or something to brighten up the place. And maybe crack a window, too? This place smells like pizza, and not in a good way,” said Steve. He grabbed his keys and headed out, leaving Bucky alone to clean. He threw out the soda cans and candy wrappers, tossed some scattered clothes in the hamper, and vacuumed. He opened every window and before Steve came back, there was a soft knock on the door. Bucky answered it.

“You must be Y/N. I’m Bucky. Steve is on his way back from running an errand. Come on in, take a look around.”

“Wow, this place is pretty clean for a couple of guys living here. I’m impressed,” you joked as you walked through the apartment. “Pretty nice kitchen, too. I like baking, so if this works out you can expect a steady stream of cookies.”

“Deal! Well, I mean, I should probably check with Steve, but if you like the place it’s cool with me. That room over there would be yours. There’s a futon in it, but you can swap it for a real bed if you want,” said Bucky.

“Futon is fine for now. I like it here, so if Steve’s okay with it I’d like to move in. I have a few interviews lined up, so even though I don’t have a job at the moment I’m fairly certain I’ll have something by the time rent is due, and I have a little cash saved up in the meantime. Hey, umm, this might sound kinda weird, but you look really familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before? Your friend Steve sounded really familiar too, but I couldn’t connect the voice to a face,” you explained, hoping it wouldn’t come across as weird. Before Bucky could answer you, Steve walked through the door, flowers in hand.

“Oh, Y/N, you’re here early,” he said as he set the flowers on the kitchen counter. “I just grabbed these to kind of, uh, brighten the place up. Anyway, what do you think? You like it?”

“Shit! You’re Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes! What are two Avengers doing in an apartment in Brooklyn?” you asked, shocked that you stumbled into the apartment of Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

“Eh, we grew up in Brooklyn, and we don’t really like being on Stark’s payroll, so we could use a third to help with the rent. I told ya we weren’t creeps,” said Steve with a chuckle. “So, you wanna move in?”

“Yeah! Would it be okay if I moved in, maybe, umm, now? All my stuff is in my car already since I’ve kinda, umm, been living in it,” you sheepishly explained.

“Sounds fine with me. We’ll help you with your stuff,” said Bucky.

The two men helped you carry your things in and you settled into your room. There wasn’t much to unpack, which was good because you didn’t have a dresser. You didn’t have any job interviews until the following day and it was starting to get a little late, so you went out into the living room to hang out with Steve and Bucky for a little while.

“I think maybe it would be good for the three of us to set a few ground rules? You know, like a sort of roommate agreement. What do you think?” asked Steve. You and Bucky agreed that it would probably be a good idea.

“Okay, first rule—when Steve and I come back from a mission Y/N has to make us welcome home cookies,” suggested Bucky. You nodded affirmatively and gave a thumbs-up.

“No bringing anyone home to geek out over the whole superhero thing, please. We really aren’t too fond of the spotlight and like to keep a low profile when we can,” added Steve.

“If any of my relatives come around, please tell them I’m not home and I’ll call them. Don’t let them in,” you requested.

“Deal, but do we get to hear your tragic backstory or what?” asked Bucky.

“Buck! It’s not our place. Sorry, Y/N. Bucky’s social skills are still a little lacking from time to time. You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to,” explained Steve.

“No, it’s fine. I mean, I wasn’t gonna say anything about it but I think if anyone will be understanding it would be you guys. The thing is, I was in a car accident a few years ago, and since then things have been a little…strange. I was living back home while I was between jobs, but my family kinda kicked me out when they realized I was different.” You stopped, not realizing a little more explanation would be necessary.

“Different, how?” asked Bucky.

“Well, umm, I can kinda, umm, move things…with my mind. I can also generate these sort of energy fields—it’s all really similar to Wanda Maximoff based on what I’ve seen of her on TV. I don’t really like using my powers though. I’m no Avenger. I just like to keep a quiet, calm life. My family thinks I’m some sort of monster though, which is why I split. I hope this isn’t gonna be an issue.”

“Y/N. We’re both like a hundred years old. I’m wearing long sleeves and a glove but I literally have a cybernetic arm. We’re all a little weird here, so it’s no biggie. We’ll keep our mouths shut about it, but if you ever decide you want to get into the superhero business, I’m pretty sure we can hook you up with a gig fighting bad guys,” said Bucky. You smiled and reached out to hug him, which brought a strange look to his face.

“Sorry. I’m a bit of a hugger. If I’m overstepping just tell me to back off. Promise I won’t be offended,” you said apologetically.

“No, it’s fine,” Bucky paused and embraced you. “It’s just that people don’t usually hug me. It’s like they think I’m gonna crush them with my arm or something. Your hair smells wonderful by the way.”

“Way to make it weird, Buck. Anyway, I’ve gotta head out—I’m meeting Nat for some sparring practice. If you come up with anything else for the roommate agreement just add it in. See you later!” said Steve as he grabbed his jacket and keys.

“Have fun getting your ass kicked by Natasha,” teased Bucky. Steve tossed you a key from the dish so you could come and go as you pleased, and you and Bucky spent the rest of the evening watching TV together and talking.

Before you knew it, you had a waitressing job at a diner just a few blocks away from the apartment and life was good. Steve and Bucky had quickly become your best friends—especially Bucky. Steve was not a homebody and was rarely in the apartment, but you and Bucky spent tons of time playing board games together, watching movies, and you even got Bucky into baking and it turns out he’s pretty good at decorating cakes. You could feel yourself falling for him but didn’t think he felt the same way.

“Hey, Y/N, I wanna talk to you about something that’s been bothering me for awhile now,” said Bucky as you hung up your coat, having just gotten home from a shift at the diner.

“And what would that be?”

“Well, it’s probably gonna sound rude and I’m sorry if it does, but I think you’re wasting a lot of potential not joining the team. I just think that maybe you were given your gifts for a reason and that reason is almost definitely not so you can wait tables.”

“Actually, I’ve been kinda thinking that too, but it all seems so scary. All of the shooting and the bad guys—I don’t know if I could handle it,” you explained.

“Well yeah, but I’d be right by your side to help back you up and to protect you if things went sour. I’d never let anything happen to you, Y/N. I—“ Bucky stopped and there was an awkward moment of silence as Bucky looked longingly into your eyes before turning his head down and staring at his boots. “Maybe just give it a try?”

You agreed to give it a try. In your spare time, you went to the tower with Bucky to train. At first you were self conscious using your powers in front of him because they always made you feel so vulnerable, but soon enough Bucky’s encouragement made you become not only comfortable using them, but also very skilled. After a few weeks of training, you quit your job at the diner and became a full-time Avenger. Tony offered you a room in the tower, but you preferred your apartment with the guys.

For your first several missions, Bucky stayed right by your side for every minute, per Cap’s orders, but once you had been given free reign of the battlefield, you noticed Bucky was still your shadow. After a few missions like this, you decided to have a talk with Bucky about it.

“Hey, Buck. Can we talk about something?” you asked as you walked into the apartment with dinner.

“If that pizza you’re holding is from Gino’s, yes.”

“There’s something that’s been bothering me,” you said, setting down the pizza box on the coffee table and then sitting on the couch next to Bucky. “It’s just that Steve said I don’t need babysitting on missions anymore but you’re always right on my tail. Do you not trust me to hold my own?” At your words, Bucky’s eyes grew wide with disbelief.

“Is that what you think? Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! It’s not that, it’s just…” he trailed off, but you poked him and he got back in the zone. “It’s just that I know it was me who asked you to join the team but it is really dangerous and I just couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you. I know you’re capable of holding your own but I love you and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”

“Now when you say you love me, do you mean like ‘you’re my friend’ kind of love or like ‘I’m in love with you’ kind of love?” you asked, silently praying it was the latter option.

“The second kind. I have been for awhile, but I figured that since we live together and work together that if you didn’t feel the same way things would get really awkward, and I didn’t want to risk screwing up our friendship, but now that I’ve gone and run my mouth I guess there’s really no going back from that, so what do you say?”

“First, I’d say that that’s the longest run-on sentence I think I’ve ever heard. Second, I’d say that I love you, too.” You smiled, and Bucky leaned in and planted a long, soft kiss on your lips, followed by another quick peck. “So, what does this mean?” you asked, unsure of what the future would look like for you and Bucky.

“Well, despite my 1940s sense of romance, I think it might be kinda silly to ask you out on a bunch of dates when we already spend like 90% of our time together, so maybe I’ll jump a little bit ahead and ask if you will be my girlfriend? You know, make it official?”

“I’d love nothing more.”

The pizza grew cold as you spent the next 20 minutes making out with Bucky on the couch, only stopping when Steve walked in on you.

“Are you two finally an item? I hope so, because this whole awkward tension thing was getting really old. So, am I officially the third wheel or what?” asked Steve through a cheesy grin.

“Sorry Steve, looks like you’re a third wheel,” said Bucky as he reached out and grabbed your hand.

“Well, if that pizza over there is from Gino’s, then I guess I don’t mind.”

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Still a Hit

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I request a Bucky fic. The reader has a supersuit that makes the user invisible, she was helping Steve Sam & Nat during events of WS. She meets Bucky at the museum at the end of WS & at first she’s freaked out cause she doesnt know if hes in soldier mode, but she helps him hide out & eventually he tells her hes ready to meet Steve so she goes to get him and after they reunite, Steve jokes that Buckys still a hit with the ladies and shes like wait what and Bucky tells her he likes her ? X

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Bucky or Steve. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: a little bit of fluff, AU

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader, Steve Rogers. 

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw him. The Winter Soldier, a.k.a Bucky Barnes, was standing not ten feet from you, his eyes glued to the exhibit in front of him. The one about Captain America and the Howling Commandos. After all the time you’d spent chasing him with Steve, Natasha, and Sam, you ran into him. You had to try not to panic.

               He had seen your face before. You were a target for him if he was still in assassin mode. The intense stare he had told you that he could be. Until you were certain, you decided to make yourself scarce. Luckily, you always wore your suit. S.H.I.E.L.D had given you a suit that enabled you to become invisible and you were going to use it now.

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Truth or Dare - Jay Park

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Summary: AOMG + Truth or Dare = an eventful night.

Genre: Fluff, and comedy?

Warning: a little suggestive towards sex, but not really anything big


A/N: Hello!! My first Jay scenario ever. I hope yall like this! It was requested and was supposed to be posted last weekend, but life got in the way. Well guys, my inbox is open and one-word requests are still open!!

~ Admin Brooklyn


Laughter left your mouth as you brought up your red solo cup to lips. Although yours stopped so you could successfully drink without choking, Jay’s laughter radiated throughout the room. A wide smile framed your face, even as you drank. The corners of your lips turning upward.

“Okay, okay,” Gray said laughing. His beer sloshed around in its glass bottle. “(Y/N)! Your turn. Truth or Dare?”

“Dare me!” You say giggling. Gray smirks, coming up with the perfect dare.

“I dare you,” he says, adding a small pause for effect. “To act like a cat.”

“That’s not hard-”

“I’m not done yet! You have to act like a cat and get pet from everyone in the room.” Your eyes widen at Gray. Gray and Simon D just laugh at your reaction. You hear Jay snort and you turn to look at him. He has a wide smile, his hand covering his mouth to muffle his laugh.

Jay’s eyes widen at the look you give him. Your eyebrow raised in a ‘you really wanna go there’ look. Although his smile is still there he seemed to calm down.“Hey babe if you to want to-”

“Meow,” you say. You get on all fours and crawl over to him. You sit in front of Jay and tilt your head at him. He blushes madly, but then let out a small laugh. He ran a hand through your hair and you meowed. After two pets you left him crawling towards Simon D. He laughed as you meowed and sat down in front of him. You brought up your right hand to your mouth, pretended to lick your wrist and pushed back your hair with your wrist. Simon ran a hand through your hair and shooed you off.

You glared at him as you moved on to Loco. You just kept crawling as he put a hand on your head and smoothed down your hair. You crawled your way to Gray who then gave you a pat on your head. You went back to your spot and sat down.

“Jay, truth or dare?” You ask. Jay rubs his hands together and smiles.

“Dare,” he says. You smile and start to think of a dare for him. “Come on baby, what do you get for me.

You smile maliciously at him, the perfect dare in your mind. “Let everyone here give you a new hairstyle.”

Jay’s face drops while everyone else laughs. “What no!”

“Jay you picked dare,” Loco said in the midst of his laughing. “You have to do it.”

Jay groaned as he took off his hat and ran a hand through his hair. “Alright boys, and (Y/N), have at it.”

After a few minutes of debating, the group of four had settled on a peculiar look. You had settled on a mohawk with the hair on top being held together by baby pink pony tails. Jay groaned as you gave him a mirror, finally letting him see himself.

“I hate all of you guys,” he muttered. You raised your eyebrows at him.

“Do you now?” You say, raising your eyebrows. His eyes go wide at what he said.

“Not you babe! I swear!” He said. You knew what he meant. He meant the guys for even proposing this idea. You continued to play around with him though, faking your annoyance.

“Oooooo, ” Gray said, laughing at the end. You rolled your eyes and leaned in close to Jay, whispering in his ear.  

“You should get punished for what you said,” you said. You tried to be as seductive as possible, biting his earlobe lightly as you pull away. You let your teeth draw on as you pull your head away from his ear. You smirk down at him. He’s flustered, his pants restraining his boner and the blush on his cheeks as the guys stare at both of you in both amusement and disgust. You smile at Jay as you get up. “Come on babe. Let’s go home.”

“What’s my punishment gonna be?” Jay asked, a smirk now on his face. You chuckle as you put on your shoes and your jacket. Jay does the same, ready to leave and start what you hinted at.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” You say with a sly smile. Jay’s face drops as you hear cackling behind him. The three boys are practically on the floor, rolling with laughter. Jay’s not amused at all, in fact, his face shows both annoyance and embarrassment. You laughed lightly at him. You kissed his cheek and opened the door. “I hate you too babe. Now let’s go home.”


IMAGINE - “It’s Cold Outside”

• Requested •

The last thing you wanted to do tonight was babysit, but hey you were paid for it and it wasn’t a too difficult of job. There you stood out the front of the Robinson house, goosebumps rising upon your skin as you go to knock on the door, it was already dark and you felt anxious being outside by yourself, hopefully they would hurry up. You heard footsteps and the door unlock, gulping you stand up straight and fix your bag, hoping it will make you look a bit more presentable.
The door opens to a guy, probably twenty or a little bit older, and he was attractive, very attractive. “Hey you must be Y/N! Come in it must be cold out there.” He smiles and you swear your heart nearly skips a beat.
“Yeah I should have brought a bigger jacket..” You smile, he chuckles in reply as you walk inside, this house was amazing.
“I’m Nick by the way,” he scratches the back of his head, the muscles in his arms flexed through his shirt as your eyes trail back to his literally perfect face, his brown hair swooped to the side, it was messy but cute, his warm brown eyes stared at yours and last but not least his lips, he definitely looked like a good kisser.
“It’s nice to meet you! I’m looking after your sister tonight, right?”
He nods his head, “yeah, she’s in the kitchen.” His hand sits on the small of your back as you both walk through the house to the kitchen, where a young girl, with long brown locks and pyjamas, sat at the bench her coloured pencils and colouring pages spread out. “Lily, this is Y/N, she’s gonna look after you while I go out.” she turns around a big smile on her face, she was adorable.
She waves and hops of the bench to hug Nick’s leg. “How long are you going to be?”
He crouches down to his little sister, and it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen, at this point your heart was going to pop out of your chest. “I’ll be back before you know it, Y/N is gonna take good care of you.” She nods as nick gently kisses her forehead, at this point your heart was going burst. She goes back to the bench and nick leads you to the front door, he grabs his jacket, phone and wallet, “if you need anything, just call me and I’ll come straight home if you need me, and I’ll be back at 12.”

“Sounds good” you reply, he swiftly winks as you watch him walk out to his car, you close the door, locking it behind you and take a few breaths, maybe babysitting was so bad after all.

The rest of the night was spent colouring in with Lily and watching the Lion King, and it wasn’t long until she had fallen asleep on couch, soft snores leaving her mouth, you smile turning the TV off, trying to keep it as quiet as possible.
It was then that you heard the door unlock and open.

You walk quietly to the front door, it was Nick, he took his jacket off and smiles as soon as he see’s you, “hey there,” he whispers, “I’m guessing Lily is asleep?”

You bite your lip, nodding your head as you lead him too the lounge room, “she fell asleep half way through the Lion King.” You chuckle softly, he lifts her up from the couch and takes her to her room upstairs, you follow and watch him tucking her in and again kissing her forehead. He closes the door behind him and it is soon that you are both at the door, you getting ready to head back home.

“Thank you again, for looking after her tonight, I really appreciate it.” He says quietly, you were both close, Nick being right behind you as you open the door.

“Honestly it’s no big deal, she was sweet.” You smile, turning around he is right in front of you, his face being now only inches from his, his large hands grab your waist as your bodies are now pushed against each other, your back hitting the open door and closing it swiftly.
His cool breath lightly hit your face, “she usually scares babysitters off, I’m glad she didn’t with you..” He mumbles before pressing his plump lips to yours, just like you thought, he was good kisser, scratch that, an AMAZING kisser.
You drop your bag on the floor as you move your hands up to his chest and around his neck your hands now tangled in his hair. He moved to your jaw and down your neck as you gasp in pleasure of the feeling, he knew exactly what he was doing and you loved every second of it.
“Nick-” you mumble as he sucks your sweet spot, you can feel him smirk against your skin as you tug gently at his hair. You never wanted this to end.
His lips leave your neck and back to your lips, your heart was pounding and you were full of adrenaline. One hand moves to his cheek as you pull away slowly.
“You know it’s cold outside, and it’s dark…” Nick says biting his lip.
“And what are you implying?” You chuckle.
“Maybe you could stay the night?” He winks.

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"One more chapter" with gajevy?



“Shrimp, I dunno what’s so damn special about that book, but ya haven’t looked at me in ages,” Gajeel complained, and Levy smirked. 

“Jealous of the book, are we?” Levy grinned, and Gajeel flushed softly at her cute smile. As she sat on his lap reading, he couldn’t help reading along with her. The girly novel was not to his tastes, but gave him a few ideas for dates that he could store in his brain for a while. 

Gajeel’s stomach grumbled, and he groaned. “You almost done?” 

“One more chapter,” she said, and he huffed. Levy’s locks ruffled with his exhale, and she shivered at the hot breath on the back of her neck. Gajeel chuckled roughly, and thought of something. 

“Ya know,” he said in her ear, warranting goosebumps up her shoulder, “If we go home now, maybe I’ll take ya on one of those dates that the guy took the girl on.” 

Levy’s eyes sparkled as she turned around. “You’d do that, Gajeel?” 

“Of course, shrimp,” he said, grabbing her hand as she hopped up. Her grin brought a smile to his own face, and together they walked home. 

He didn’t like to admit it, but he was falling for her harder and faster than he’d ever had in his life. 


There you go, anon! I hope you enjoyed! 

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