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For Your Convenience (End)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,684

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: After six long months, this series has finally come to a close! I want to thank every single one of you who reblogged/liked/commented on this fic. Your support means so much to me and your support kept this story going. I hope this was worth the wait :)

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“You can do this, Y/N. You can do this,” you assured yourself, pacing around the Fulfillment office before you confronted your fate. Despite your words of reinforcement, you felt anything but confident about what waited for you on the sales floor. You desired to profess your feelings, to finally put everything at ease. You couldn’t wait any longer. “You can do this, Y/N. You can do this.”

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Playing with Fire

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Smut, Oral (FR/MR), Unprotected Sex (Wrap it up y’all), Swearing

Word Count: 3600  Apparently I have no chill

A/N: First time writing smut, please be gentle, but feedback is always appreciated!! Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged :-)

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As I lean over the pool table trying to line up my next shot, I feel Steve come up behind me.  He drapes his body over mine and adjusts my hands on the cue “There, try that.” He whispers.  From our position I can feel his warm breath on my neck.  I can also feel the heat of a blush rising to my face. “You’re blushing Y/n” I hear Wanda say from inside my head, and I don’t have to see her to know she and Nat are sporting matching smirks. I take a steadying breath and attempt to sink the ball at which I’m aiming.  Pulling back the cue, I shoot, and not shockingly, I miss the shot.  Groaning I stood up. “You’re getting better” Steve offers.  Laughing and rolling my eyes “ I wouldn’t go that far”. Bucky lines up his next shot, and naturally sinks it, thus ending the game.  Heaving a sigh of relief, I walk over to Bucky “thanks for putting me out of my misery” I say gratefully.  Chuckling he pulls me into a hug “anytime Y/n” and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.  I miss the smirk that he threw at Steve and the glare that was returned.

I had known Steve since he came out the ice all those years ago, Fury tasked me with getting him up to date on all that he had missed, and we fell into an easy friendship. Over the years he had let me in, and then I could see the funny and kind man behind that iconic shield. I grew to love him, and then grew to be in love with him.  I never acted on my feelings, however, as I put too much stock in our friendship.  When Bucky came back into the picture, I worried that I would lose my best friend, however, Bucky became an integral part of my life, as well as Steve’s.  I don’t know if it was because he saw how much I valued Steve or that we just got along well, but soon we three were near inseparable.  

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Better For Me (Part Two)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 3011

Chapter Notes: Bucky apologises to Y/N but being the self centred prick he is, he makes her snap, making her push him to his breaking point. Does she really think he won’t go down until he’s pushed her to her breaking point?

A/N: The start is pretty filler-ish, all the nice stuff is near the end <3


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If That's What You Want

||| Anon asked: Can I ask a mafia!au with monsta x and bts where they treat their girlfriends with respect? |||


A/N1: I don’t usually combine requests but since multiple anons and @scorpiowonho also asked for a part two of the Hoseok mafia au I came up with something to fill both of the requests.

Part 1 (It’s not all that necessary to read the first part as this can be read as a story on it’s own I guess)

Yoo Kihyun x Reader x Shin Hoseok (Wonho)

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,115

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You didn’t know where to go so you went to your old apartment. If he wanted to find you this would probably be the first place he would go to but it was already late and you just wanted to sleep. You will worry where to stay in the morning. Your apartment was cold, you have been here only a few times since you started living with Hoseok. You started the fire in the fireplace and sat by it thinking about what happened. You still couldn’t believe Minhyuk was gone. He was such a sunshine. Why him… Thinking about him made you even more sad than you were so you decided to go upstairs and get changed. You were about done when you heard the doorbell ring. You stopped midway going down the stairs as you realized it’s probably Hoseok. You didn’t want to talk to him yet but he must know you’re here since your car is parked outside. While you were wondering what to do the doorbell rang again. You gathered all your courage and took a deep breath before going down the stairs and opening the door. To your surprise it wasn’t him.


“Ah Y/N you’re here after all.”

“Did he send you?”

“No, I came here on my own. Can we talk?” you thought for minute or so and decided to let him in.

“How did you find me?”

“It wasn’t hard. Your car has a tracker.”

“Are you serious?”

“You didn’t know? Well I guess Hoseok didn’t tell you for your own safety.”

“Of course he did.” you thought going to the kitchen. “Do you want some tea or something? It’s pretty chilly outside.”

“Sure.” Kihyun said getting a seat at the bar. He looked at you from the bottom up. “Aren’t you like cold you know in this type of clothing?”

“No, why?” you asked but then saw how he started blushing. Only then did you realize that you were wearing nothing but your pj shorts and shirt. “Maybe I will put something on.”

“Agh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, I swear I wasn’t thinking anything…” he started coming up with all kind of excuses getting red in embarrassment.  You just chuckled to that.

“Don’t worry about it.” you put on an oversized jumper, it was all soft and still had Hoseok’s smell. You tried to ignore it for now and instead focused back on Kihyun.

“So what did you want to talk about?” you asked, handing him one of the mugs with tea.

“What happened between you two, back in the house?” he looked at you with a concerned expression.

“I would rather not talk about it.”

“Y/N did he do anything to you?” you decided not to answer this question either and averted your gaze. “Y/N look at me.” he told grabbing your hand. “Did he hurt you?”

By now there were already tears forming in your eyes. Kihyun stood up and embraced you.

“It’s okay, I won’t ask anymore if you don’t want me to.” you looked up at him.

“Why are you really here Kihyun?” you asked him but he just pulled you in closer and put his chin on your head. The two of you just stood there like this, you were so close you could hear his heart beat.

“You know Hoseok is one of my best friends and I respect him more than anyone but I won’t be able to forgive him if really hurt you.” he pulled back and looked you in the eyes. “I know this probably isn’t the best time to say this but I…”

“You what?” he waited for a few moments before speaking again.

“I really do like you and I know how wrong it sounds, what kind of friend am I falling in love with my best friends girlfriend but seeing what happened today I just couldn’t keep it in anymore. I just wanted you to know how I feel and that you can trust me with anything and I swear if you ever give me the chance I will protect you with my life.”

You stood there still not fully understanding what happened when Kihyun gave you a quick kiss on the forehead and turned to the door.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. It would be better if you forgot this ever happened.” he told going outside.

As shocked as you were you couldn’t just let him leave like that. You ran outside barefoot and chased after him.

“Kihyun wait.” you shouted. He turned around and you gave him a big hug.

“Thank you.” you said. “For always looking after me. Here is a reward.” you told him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s the meaning of this?” you looked to your left and saw Hoseok standing at the gate. “Here I’m going crazy, trying to come up with a way for you to forgive me and you’re here kissing my best friend.” he spoke approaching you.

“You got this all wrong.” Kihyun interuppted.

“Have I? What the hell are you doing here in the first place? You said you didn’t know where she was.” Hoseok shouted. “Wait.” he paused. “Were you the one who removed the tracker so I couldn’t find her?” he asked, grabbing Kihyun by the collar. “Answer me!”

There was a brief moment of silence before Kihyun answered.

“Yes.” you couldn’t believe him. Such a blunt answer made Hoseok even more angry.

“You motherfucker, how long were you after my girl.” he shouted punching Kihyun in the face as he lost his balance and fell down on the ground.

“Hoseok, please stop!” you got in between them. “Listen to me.” you told him taking his hands in yours. “I think it would be better if we took a break and thought things over. Minhyuk is dead. It’s not your fault. I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to be fighting like that.” he just looked at you and sighed.

“I will give you space. If that’s what you want.” he said pulling you in for a hug. “But don’t you ever forget how much I love you.” he held you tight and then turned around and went to the gate before stopping there.

“I will deal with you later.” he told Kihyun and left.

You ran to Kihyun and helped him stand up.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be. Stay safe, Y/N.” he said giving you a faint smile.

You watched him get into the car and drive off. You looked up at the sky. Grey clouds were gathering.

“I hope the rain will eventually wash this pain away.” you thought going inside.

A/N2: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

By Your Side (Peter Parker x Tony Stark’s daughter!reader)

Happy Friday! I just want to say that even when my days are bad, it makes me feel so much happier to reply to you guys, you’re all amazing. Much love 💗 I hope your day goes well and that maybe you find a lucky penny. Remember, Smut Saturday is tomorrow! I got a pretty good request from an anon a while back that I was saving for this. Also, taglist is open. xoxo

Request:  Can I make a Tony x daughter x peter Parker request? Stark is enrolling her in the high school but she’s extremely shy and nervous. She ends up crying her eyes out cause it’s a new school for her and she doesn’t make friends easy. So he gets Peter to make her feel welcome. Even though peter is in a higher grade he ends up being best friends with her and very protective.

Warnings: Again, just one curse word. 


“Come on, F/N, you’re going to be late.” Tony was yelling up the stairs, beckoning you to come down. 

“Why can’t I just be home schooled?” You groaned as your slipped on your shoes and threw your backpack over your shoulder, trudging down the stairs. 

“Because, you need to have friends and keeping you here could put you in lots of danger. You’re an easy target if you’re here all the time.” He tilted his head towards at you, raising his eyebrows. “Now, come on. We gotta get you to school.” 

You were the daughter of Tony Stark, the Iron Man, but only people who ever bothered to talk to you actually knew that. You were the total opposite of him. He was witty and charismatic, while you were shy and soft spoken. You didn’t like attention, you would rather keep to yourself and blast music rather than going out to party. 

“Have fun, okay kiddo?” You nodded, opening the car door. “I love you.” 

“I love you too, dad.” You waved, turning towards the school doors. You made your way up the stairs, the loud hum of his car’s engine fading into the distance. “Well, here goes nothing.” 

You went to the office to pick up your schedule, your first class being chemistry. After wandering aimlessly around the halls, you finally found the classroom. You were mortified as every pair of eyes in the room snapped to you as you stepped through the threshold. You gulped as the teacher greeted you, a nervous smile quickly flashing on your face. Today they were doing a lab to make pennies look silver and gold. The teacher had told everyone to be careful with the liquid, for it you spilled it on your clothes, it would burn holes right through it. 

It seemed like everyone already had partners, so you worked alone. You felt like there was always a pair of eyes on your back. Your hands were shaking out of nervousness, and you spilled the liquid out of the beaker. It ran down the counter and made contact with your shirt, the smell and sound of burning fabric filling your senses. 

“Shit…” You looked up to see everyone snickering at you, whispering between each other. Your eyes flickered from person to person, seeing the same thing from each of them. Tears began to fill your eyes and cloud your vision as you ran out of the room. You found a pair of doors that led out to the stadium and jogged your way over to them, wiping away tears. You kept your head down as you went underneath the bleachers, pulling your knees up to your chest, the grass feeling cool through your jeans. You buried your head in your folded arms, letting the tears fall. You pulled out your phone from your pocket, dialing you dad. 

“Hey, kiddo. How’s school going?” You could hear the hope in his voice, he wanted you to be happy. 

“I can’t, dad. I need to go home. I need you to pick me up. I can’t, I’m too shy.” You choked on little sobs, trying to make you words as understandable as possible. 

“F/N… what happened?” 

“I-I messed up in chemistry and I was all by myself and everyone started laughing at me. Dad, I’m not like you. I’m not outgoing and liked by everyone. I’m that girl in the corner that nobody wants to talk to. Just please, please pick me up. I want to go home.” You pleaded, you couldn’t stay here.

“Okay… I’ll be there soon. I’ll tell you when I get there. I love you, kiddo.” You could hear the sadness and pity in his voice. He hung up the phone, and you stayed there, waiting and huddled under the bleachers. 

A couple minutes later, you heard footsteps approaching and you froze. You quickly wiped away any stray tears, hoping they wouldn’t be able to tell that you had been crying if they discovered you. 

“F/N? Where are you?” Peter Parker was peering around, whisper yelling as he scanned the area. 

“Peter?” You were surprised to see him here, let alone see him here looking for you. 

“Hey, are you okay? What happened?” His eyebrows were stitched together with worry, his voice filled with concern. You didn’t have to say anything besides hold your the front of you shirt, showing him the gaping hole. “Oh.. Here, put on my jacket.” He stripped it off and handed it to you. “I’ll turn around so you can change. I promise I won’t look.” He turned away from you as you quickly threw off your burned shirt and zipped his jacket on. 

“Alright..” He turned around, offering his hand to you. You took it and he helped you off the ground. You stared at the ground, not meeting his gaze. “Hey, you’re going to be okay. I’m going to be here for you. Whenever you need me, I’ll be right there. And I’m going to show those punks in your class that laughing at you was a big mistake.” You chuckled softly, the corner of his mouth pulling up into a smirk. 

“Thanks, Peter. But, I didn’t think you’d want to be seen with a sophomore when you’re a senior, let alone that sophomore being me.” You fumbled with the sleeves of his jacket, shrugging your shoulders. 

“You must be kidding. You’re the nicest person I know, and I’m not just saying that because your dad is Tony Stark.” He nudged his shoulder lightly against yours, earning a light laugh from you. Your phone chimed. 

“Speaking of him, he’s here to pick me up.” You gave him a soft smile and began to walk away. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Peter. Thanks again.”

“No problem, F/N. And, keep the jacket, yeah?” He gave you a small smile, shoving his hands in his pockets. You gave him a small nod, walking towards the parking lot. 

Everything was going to be okay, Peter made you feel okay. 

You finished the remainder of the year with Peter at your side, finally feeling like you fitted in somewhere. You felt like you belonged. He introduced you to his friends, and he always offered to hang out. He had become one of your best friends, and he always would be. As you watched him walk across the stage at graduation, you gave him a big smile and a thumbs up. He formed his hands into a heart, giving you a wink. He was like a big brother to you now, and he made it okay. Even though he wouldn’t be there for the last two years of your time in high school, you knew that he would always be there. You knew that it was all going to be okay. 

How’d you like it? It’s a quick, cute little one shot. I’m trying to get back on track and write as much as my brain lets me, and hopefully that starts this weekend. I love you all and have an awesome Friday. xoxo



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Can I request a soulmate AU where Kags initially rejected his soulmate (during his dark years in middle school) but later regrets it (but it's too late by then since his soulmate has changed their school by then ) so now he is in a festival (dragged their by his team ) and there he sees his soulmate.... (What happens next is up to you :) )

Tobio god damn it!  (੭ ˃ ㅂ˂)੭ु - Admin Hope

i was going ot make this angst yall consider yourself lucky

Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader

When you saw the familiar cloud tattoo on his wrist your heart seemed to flutter. Kageyama’s was the same intricate design as yours and as you approached him you couldn’t help but feel a little more happy about being able to find your soulmate so easily. 

“Kageyama-kun.” You said grabbing onto his wrist to get him to stop. He aggressively pulled away from you looking at you with judgefull eyes. Your heart sank at his actions.

“What do you want?” He snaps and you bite the inside of your cheek your confidence deteriorating as you stood in front of him. “Well are you going to tell me or are you going to continue to waste my time?” He asks.

“You’re my soulmate.” You say showing him the small cloud on your arm a small smile returning to your face hoping that he would lighten up. Yet your words didn’t change anything, maybe they made things worse. 

“Why would I want your soulmate? You really think I care about this kind of crap? What could a tattoo tell about how I feel about a person? Forget about me being your soulmate, as if I’d want anything to do with you.” He says walking away and tears fill your eyes. A small sob left your mouth and your hand went to cover it as tears rolled down your cheeks.

“(L/N)-chan are you okay?” You heard a voice ask and you turn your head looking back to see a very confused Kindaichi. His eyes widened seeing your crying face and you just turned around not looking at him. “What happened, did someone hurt you?” He asks walking in front of you and holding onto your shoulders. 

“K-Kageyama-kun h-he is my s-soulmate b-but when I-I went to t-tell him h-he s-said h-he didn’t w-want to b-be.” You stuttered out between sobs gripping onto his shirt as he pulled you in for a hug.

“Of course you had to be Kageyama’s soulmate. He doesn’t deserve someone as good as you.” Kindaichi muttered thinking that since he was quiet enough that you couldn’t hear him, yet you very much did.

Two Years Later

Regret filled up Kageyama as Hinata asked about if he ever found his soulmate. Thinking if he should actually tell his friend about you and how mean he was toward you and how you probably were long moved on with one of those people who could fall in love with anyone they pleased. “Yeah I had a soulmate. I don’t know where she is now though.” Kageyama mutters and Hinata raised an eyebrow. 

“What do you mean had? Kageyama did she die or something?” Hinata exclaims his eyes widening and Kageyama rolls his eyes. 

“No she didn’t die. She confessed to me when it was our last year of middle school and when my attitude wasn’t the best at that time and I was very rude to her and I currently regret saying that to her.” He explains and Hinata sits back in his seat. 

“So she wasn’t good enough for you and you told her that?” He asks as the train comes to a stop and Kageyama shakes his head.

“No, I said I didn’t want a soulmate. That it was bullshit that it was even a thing that people believed in. I think I really hurt her by saying that but I don’t know where she is or what she is doing currently, I’m just accepting that I’ll probably never find her.” He says as the two step off of the train. 

“Well enough about that sad stuff! Kenma invited me to Nekoma’s school festival so here we are!” Hinata said and Kageyama sighed. 

“I thought we were going to the mall and meeting up with Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Yachi.” He said and Hinata dragged him through the gates.

“We are meeting them here, and no complaining but once we see the other three I’m kind of leaving you with them because I want to see Kenma.” Hinata says as the two begin to walk around. Hinata had already left when Kageyama found the other three. 

“So where do you want to go first?” Yamaguchi says clapping his hands together and looking around. 

“I want to eat something sweet.” Tsukishima says and Yachi sighs.

“You have such a sweet tooth honestly.” She says walking a bit faster and getting much farther ahead of the boys and buys a candied apple. Walking back and standing front of Kei handing him the fruit. “Take it.” She says and the taller blonde gladly does so. 

You were inside the ‘cafe’ that your class had worked on and were currently very overwhelmed about the amount of people that were coming in. “(L/N)-chan if you need a break go and take one, I’ll just go get Haiba-kun.” Hori smiles putting a hand on your shoulder and you give him a small smile. 

“Okay, thanks. I’ll be back in like fifteen please make sure Lev doesn’t spill anything.” You say waving him goodbye as you walk out of the door. Deciding to go outside and see some of the stands to get something to eat. Settling on something simple like fries and getting two drinks one for yourself and one for Hori. As you begin to walk back you stop yourself. “No way.” You muttered seeing Kageyama with a few other people. 

You had to have been standing there for a good minute but when Kageyama looked directly at you, your eyes widened, his did the same. He abruptly stood up as his friends starting saying something that you couldn’t make out. You wanted to do nothing more than run away, now was probably not the best of time to talk to him especially with your whole ‘sexy’ get up. 

“(L/N)-san please tell me it’s you.” Kageyama says gripping onto your shoulders a light smile on his lips. 

“Hey Kageyama-kun.” You said and he looked down at your outfit a light blush spreading across his cheeks. “Please stop looking at my outfit it’s for the cafe.” You muttered and he nodded looking back at your face.

“I’m sorry! About everything, I-I was so stupid to think that I didn’t want you to be my soulmate. Please forgive me (L/N)! I want to be with you.” He exclaims and you back away from him but he still has his hands on your shoulders. “Please forgive me.” He says and you look to the ground.

“I don’t know Kageyama-kun.” You trailed off and his hand moved to go underneith your chin lifting your face up to look at him. 

“Please forgive me.” He said a much softer tone to his voice and you felt your heart beat out of your chest just like it did when you found out he was your soulmate. Your cheeks heated up from the way he was looking at you and you pushed his hand away.

“You can’t just do this you know. Come back into my life and look at me so love filled and, and just expect me to fall for you all over again. Damn you Tobio.” You muttered and he put his phone in your hand.

“I’ll take you out sometime.” He says and you sigh unlocking his phone and putting your number in it. 

“You better.”

Snowing In July

Imagine requested by the lovely @aprilgirl03. This was fun to do. “Can I get a Jasper imagine of him training you after finding out you have a special ability :) thank you I love your blog 💗” I hope you enjoy!!!

Jasper pulled you outside into the field behind the Cullen house, insisting that you guys worked on your abilities. You just recently found out that you could change the elements in the air to suit you or the situation to your liking and Jasper wanted to have some fun. Edward, Emmett and Bella followed you guys outside to watch.

“Okay, Y/n, just concentrate. Try changing the weather.” He said, circling around you. It had been a pretty misty day with clouds literring the sky.

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, feeling the energy rush through you as you worked on changing the weather. You heard the approval of your fellow vampires and opened your eyes to see you and Jasper standing in a stream of sunlight.

“Not bad, new born.” He said throwing you a sly smile.

You tried not to blush and decided to try something new. Closing your eyes you felt the energy rush through your body again and this time, you heard gasps come from everyone. Opening your eyes, you saw Jasper watching you intently as little white pieces covered his hair. You had made it snow, in July.

“I don’t know who I’m more scared of. Jaspers ability to calm me down when I’m angry or Y/n’s ability to change the weather in an instant.” You heard Emmett say from the snow covered balcony. Jasper walked over to you and gave you kiss. “That’s my girl.”

Magic Word

Pairing: Yongguk x Reader
Genre: Mostly-smut, Slight-angst, & Drabble
Words: 595
POV: 2nd Person

Drabble #’s :

41 - “You’re going out dressed like that?”

50 - “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

56 - “I don’t do hugs.”

76 - “Daddy!”

109 - “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

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Only wearing your bathrobe, you scanned your closest looking for a hot outfit to wear. Something that would accentuate your best body features and make your boyfriend regret not wanting to go out with you. You finally found the perfect dress. Your favorite black laced dress. It was cut low enough for people to get a little sneak of your goods. You quickly rushed over to your “special drawer” and picked out your most lethal weapon. A dark red laced strapless, push-up bra & matching thong. You stepped into your dress and then shimmied your body into it. Unknowing to you, Yongguk was currently leaning against the doorframe of your shared bedroom. He eyed your perfect ass swaying just bit as you zipped up your dress. You turned around and immediately let out a tiny shriek as you weren’t aware of his presence.

         “Jesus! Babe, you scared me!” You complained cutely yet loudly as you strutted your way over to him.

Yongguk softly chuckled into your kiss.

         “You’re going out dressed liked that?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow and glanced at your outfit of choice.

You smirked proudly, “You know it.” You replied sexily as you softly pressed your chest against his, slightly teasing him.

Yongguk sighed deeply, “Are you trying to seduce me? You’re not drunk already, are you?” He questioned, catching onto your ulterior motives.

You gazed upon him innocently, “Well if you think about it…life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So, I’m not driving.” You said vaguely, pulling a “Yongguk” whenever he feels philosophical.

Yongguk couldn’t help but chuckle, “Is this is how my fans feel when I say something vague?” He playfully asked, feeling rather amused yet confused.

You nodded, “Yeah pretty much,” You glanced at the clock, “Now, if you excuse me, I have to go meet up with the ladies. I’ll see you later.” You informed him, but just as you were about to leave, Yongguk’s hand reached out and landed on your wrist. He then pulled you closer tightly.

         “I don’t do hugs before I go out, you know that sweetie.” You stated, secretly pushing his buttons, hoping to unleash his hidden dominant side once again.

Lust began to slowly cloud his dark eyes as Yongguk calmly stared at you, licking his lips nice and slow.

         “You know you want it, sweetheart. Why fight it? If you’re a good girl, daddy will reward you.” He said as he hoisted you up by your ass and carried you to the bed.

You stared to assault his neck and throat, paying extra attention to his Adam’s apple since he loved it.

Yongguk growled and practically threw you on the mattress, causing you to bounce a little.

You eyed him as if he was your favorite dessert as you reached behind you to grab the zipper. Meanwhile, Yongguk was being a tease. He took his sweet time unbuttoning his shirt, slowly exposing his tattoos that you have to come love. As  the last button became undone, you were sitting up on the bed, now only in your favorite lingerie.

Yongguk raised an eyebrow, “Did I saw you could look at me? Turn around.” He demanded as he rested his knees near the edge of the bed. He held back a moan as your perfect ass came into view. He shuffled closer to you and practically hovered over you as he placed feather kisses down your back, stopping just above the bra clasp.

         “Now, what’s the magic word?” He whispered roughly yet seductively as he played with the hooks.


Reminder: Drabble challenge that I had going on is closed! The ones you are seeing are leftover from when I did have it open! Feel free to request any other things though! :) But please read the rules!

Bellamy Blake imagine: Accidents

Summary: Reader gets hurt accidentally because of Bellamy. He then brings her back to the camp and blames himself. Reader unintentionally confesses her feelings for him and he’s happy because he has loves her as well.

Word count: 2634

Originally posted by bebelusa003

I sighed from relief once I had reached my favorite place- little clearing with small pond. I had found this place like two weeks ago and since then I had been coming here to wash myself and relax. 

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Kacchako Week Day 0


Day 0: Rainbow

“Looks like we both forgot our umbrellas today, huh?”

Bakugou turns as Ochako’s sing-song voice comes from behind. She steps out of the gym, with a towel coiled around her neck and that fucking smile that was always on her face, and comes to his side to take refuge from the rain.

With a “tch”, he thrusts his hands deep into his pockets and slouches against the wall. “I didn’t forget mine,” he emphasizes, “I left it in class.”

Puzzled, Ochako cocks her head to the side, “isn’t that the same as forgetting it?”

“It’s not the fucking same!” She snorts and struggles to hold back her laughter as Bakugou’s infamous temper flares. “I remembered to bring it but I just left in the fucking classroom!”

“Hmmm,” Ochako hums in faux contemplation before finally shrugging, “sounds like forgetting it to me.”

“Fuck you! Do you wanna fucking die?!”

Laughing, she pats him on the shoulder and almost immediately his temper dissipates and all he can pay attention to is how her hand remains on his shoulder. The two of them fall silent as the downpour crackles in the background like white noise, softening the edges of the campus with watercolor hues of grey-tinted indigo. Charcoal ash clouds roll across the grim sky, plump and heavy with the weight of the rain.

“I didn’t see you at lunch today.”

Ochako’s soft voice breaks the silence.

“I had shit to take care of,” he mumbles unconvincingly and she grows quiet and pulls her hand away, sensing the aloofness in his voice. “Well,” she starts bashfully, “will…I see you tomorrow?” The edges of her voice are tinged with hope and it makes him feel guilty because he wanted to see her but he needed to end this – whatever they were – before he ended up regretting it.

So he throws his shoulders up as if to shrug away the question and mutters, “I dunno.” The lie feels heavy on his tongue, “it’s not like I keep a fucking schedule for this shit.”

He hears her hum in thought before she admits quietly, “I enjoy it though.” A pause and then, “spending time with you, I mean.”

He whirls around to look at her, his mouth gaping and eyes wide as her words strike him like a thunderbolt, shaking him to the very marrow of his bones. They play over and over again in his mind – “I enjoy it though. Spending time with you.” – and his rouge heart is desperate to respond in kind; to tell her that he felt the same way, that he wanted to be with her for just a little longer, to hear her voice and her laughter for just a little longer.

The disappointment is almost palpable as the sky begins to clear and the grey clouds grow increasingly punctured with streams of sunlight. “Looks like the rain’s cleared,” Ochako announces, holding out a hand to test her theory, then turns to look at Bakugou. She stops, giving him the chance to say something, and then smiles sadly when he doesn’t. “I guess I’ll see you around then.”

She takes a step and, before he realizes it, his hand shoots out and grabs hold of hers. Ochako stops in her tracks, autumn eyes wide with surprise as Bakugou keeps her anchored to place with his nervous grasp. His fingertips tremble with the words he cannot say but are reflected in his wide-eyed gaze: I’m sorry. Don’t go. Stay. Stay a little bit longer.

He then blinks, as if waking from a spell and realizing what he was doing. Flustered, he makes a move to let go but Ochako stops him, interlacing their fingers and tightening her grip.

“Bakugou-kun?” She encourages him softly. Pride was a hard pill to swallow but the song of her voice makes him brave and fills him with the courage to say the words he was too afraid to say.

“Tomorrow,” he promises breathlessly, “I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Her face brightens with a smile and she nods in acknowledgement. “Ok.” She closes the gap between them and leans up to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek before pulling away with an embarrassed giggle. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

She lets go of his hand and, with a wave, breaks into a run, leaving him in stunned silence.

In the spring of his 3rd year at UA, Bakugou learned two things.

First, that he was hopelessly in love with Ochako Uraraka.

And second, she kissed as tenderly as a rainbow kisses the sky after the storm.

If You // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst // Sad

Summary//Request: Neither you or Namjoon knew that breaking up would cause this much pain or heartache. How much suffering can you both go through before it becomes too much?

A/N: This scenario is based off of BIG BANGs song “If You” which I highly recommend you to listen to if you haven’t already! It’s a beautiful song and the lyrics are so deep and touching - you can listen to it on YouTube here. The words in italic represent the lyrics from the song that tie into the story. I hope you enjoy :)

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of suicidal thoughts and depression. 

She is leaving

And I can’t do anything

Love is leaving

Like a fool, I’m blankly standing here.

Namjoon stared at you as you screamed in his face, throwing every ounce of hate you harboured in your heart for him and the rest of the world. It had been a long day – one bad thing happening after the other, and now he came home to find you with your bags packed and not being able to hold on another second to the relationship you had built together over the past few years.

“You’re never here for me when I need you! I don’t ask for much Nam…is it too much to ask to spend even an hour together anymore?” you cried, tears streaming from your eyes like a waterfall mixed with you black mascara down your cheeks.

He stood there, emotionless and dead on the inside while you searched his dark brown eyes for any sign that he wanted to try and make things work between the both of you – for any glimmer of hope that looked like he would hold on to you and fight for you.

But he just stood, rooted to the ground and letting air fill his lungs with a clouded mind.

“You can’t even say a single word to me. You’re a coward Namjoon.” You let your head fall as you turned slowly and walked towards the door.

“Goodbye” you said with words dripping in sorrow and regret, not even looking at him before you angrily pulled your suitcase behind you and let the door slam shut upon your exit, leaving him alone and completely engulfed in his own silence and the not so distant memory of you.

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Pairings: Sam x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) thinks she’s tracking a demon, but when the exorcism fails, she’s at a loss.

Words: 1639

Warnings: Torture, mention of rape, abuse,

A/N: So, I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds… and this happened… Around season 3.

Master List

The light rain drops tap rhythmically against the surfaces of the outside as you step into the dark night. You dig for your phone in your bag, flipping open the device and entering the numbers you have committed to memory. The lonely alleyway sends chills up your spine, your ear focused on the sound the phone emits as it rings and connects you to the person you’ve been dying to talk to.

“Hey, I was wondering when you were gonna call.”

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that. I’ve literally just spent five hours in a library doing research. You’re rubbing off on me, Winchester.” Sam snickers from the other end, a small smile forming on your lips. “How’s the others?”

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Fanfic: Eternal (A Vampire and a Witch) Ch 8, Vampire Diaries | FanFiction

Chapter 8 “BONNIE-CRASHING” (Excerpt)…

“What should happen Damon, if I move on with someone and you move on with someone?”

“Why would that happen?”

“Just seems like the only logical thing after what happened to Elena.” She tried to convince herself. He knew Bonnie was convinced that she always had to be the better person in every situation.

“So, if you end up, with someone else, and I end up with someone else… how would we say good bye to each other?”

She laughed. “Damon?”

“No, I’m serious Bonnie. Let’s say this trip is the last time we can act on any affections. Let’s say we go back home, and live our separate lives…” the smile on her face ceased, and suddenly he was real again. He was in her face, and she couldn’t control the next moment. Then, he put his lips to hers and kissed her hungrily.

Bonnie thought for three seconds what this meant. He was touching her. She loved the feel of his soft lips against hers, but the last time… the last time someone got hurt. And island nearly flooded, and even with the magnitude of the hurricane, he always felt too good to stop. He always felt, more powerful than the wind, the rain, and the thunder. His power consumed her, and absorbed her and she yearned for that feeling. She wanted to fight him, but she accepted him. Her mouth welcomed his tongue, and she shared in the embrace, and her small hands cupped his cheeks. The moon was out, the sky was trying to clear, and the stars, wanted to glisten through the clouds, but the struggle was hard. Tasting him again felt too rapturous. She looked at him and felt wrapped in her emotions. He was still blocked from her mentally so he bit in her neck, hoping to see into her mind.

Bonnie’s heart began to thump hard through her chest. He felt it. He pulled her into him, so he could feel her beating heart. Something he hadn’t felt in so long. Something that meant more than mere words, it solidified the powerful connection between them. He pulled up from her neck.

“Bonnie, I still can’t read you. For some reason, but…your smell is addictive. Your smell, is… I smell you. I smell your insides, your essence, your skin, your blood, your sweat, and even the salt of your skin. I smell everything at once.” He said, looking in her eyes. “I need all of it, right now.” He bit into her neck again.

“God, Damon. Mmm.” Her body was immediately receptive to his. She felt him growl as he drank from her. Sprinkles started to fall onto them again. He dug deeper, and pulled more. Bonnie’s moaned, turned sexual, and she was greedy for his body.

He pulled up from her neck. “I don’t want to say Bye, Bon.” He went back into her neck and she moaned into his ear. His hands held her back, and gripped her small frame, firmly. His nails in her back this time, her blood under his nails, as he scratched her skin. The more he gripped, the more she needed his touch. Her small arms pulled his body into hers and ran her hands through his hair. Something she loved doing. Feeling his hair between her fingers. He pulled away from her neck again. “Bonnie, I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to go home and act like this didn’t happen.” He started to pull her panties down.

“Damon,” looked at him sincerely. “ I want this… so bad. I really do but-”

“But what Bonnie?”

“I’m not going home Damon.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, I decided to go to Italy with Lucy.” His face fell flat and aggravated.

“What? Why?”

“Some self-searching Damon. I just want to experience life. See things.” She didn’t think he’d be so hurt or bothered by it. His face was confused and hurt, and he didn’t get her. “Figure out what’s happening with my magic.”

“Bon, we… I thought you felt something.” He nearly broke in two. “We made love. I’ve never felt this. Everything with you, was different. You… you were ready this morning to tell Enzo and Elena and suddenly your just… just… leaving the country?” He yelled. He wasn’t angry, so much as he was passionate about not losing her.

“Stop, yelling.”


“Because, Damon. Up until a week ago, you and I were… nothing. We were hardly speaking. You were engaged to Elena a few days ago. I was with Enzo.” What she really wanted to say was she was afraid.

“No, Bonnie. You’re talking yourself out of this. And I don’t know why?” He backed away from her and she was trying to adjust her clothes.

“It’s dangerous, Damon.”

“Bullshit, Bonnie! Don’t go to Italy.”

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Burning (El Diablo x Reader)

Originally posted by justin-ripley

Originally posted by draconian62

Requested by @nerdygirl1219: “Hello! Can you do a Diablo x reader where like the reader has her own powers (You can choose what kind) and like she’s not in Diablo’s gang but her brother is in it, but she’s still close with some of the members. And the night Diablo accidentally kills his family, she was going over to his home to visit and she sees the house on fire and when the cops come not only do they arrest him, but also her because they think she was involved in it. So they go to Belle Reve together and stuff.”

A/n: I chose the powers that Scarlet Witch has in the marvel movies. I love Wanda so much and I really wanted to try something with her abilities. I tried to make this work so I hope you guys like this.

Warning: Violence, mild swearing.

Whistling echoed off of the walls of your glass cell. Your hand waved in the air, red particles flowed through your finger tips and danced in the air above you. Footsteps sounded towards your cell and you let your hand drop down beside you as you sat up.

“What can she do?” The voice asked as a woman you didn’t recognize approached your cell.

“The reports say she can manifest energy currents that appear in reddish, glowing mist-like shapes. When using those abilities of hers, her irises glow a dark, reddish color. She has the ability project energy blasts, waves, and bolts. She can also get into someone’s head and mess around in there. Using painful memories to create pain for her victims and even projecting visions into their minds to control their actions. Mental manipulation at its finest.”

You glared at the guard reading from a clipboard that explained your abilities, like you weren’t even there. Griggs had always been a pain in your ass and you would give anything to kill him with your bare hands.

“(Y/n) (L/n)?” She asked, her tone as cold as the expression on her face.

“The one and only,” you smirked, raising your hands in the air to mimic a bow.

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One Day More (Avengers x Reader)

Part 2 of A Little Fall of Rain!  | [Ao3 Link] | [Masterlist]

A/N: Has nothing to do with the song this time lol, the title just fit. Requested by cate-lynne and alialialialiali on Ao3 and me tbh because like, listen, I’m a big baby about angst, okay! I need my happy endings!

Warnings: All fluff all the time, vague mentions of hospital stuff and past injuries

Word Count: ~1411

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It was dark when you slipped back into the land of the living… or at least you hoped it was the land of the living. While being at home was nice, if Heaven ended up being the Tower that would be really kind of disappointing. You wanted to build a sweet cloud castle, okay! Either way, it was your hearing that was the first thing to came back to you. You couldn’t remember how many times you had woken up to the sound of a heart monitor but here it was again, the steady beeping of the machine in the corner.

An annoying but pleasant reminder that you pulled through.

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Rebound pt.4 (M)

A/N- Hey! I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s following the series and to everyone for there kind words. I really appreciate it! Y’all got me so emotional. I really hope you like this part x 

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3  ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6

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“I love you too” 

Okay, let’s not have a nervous break down. But Park fucking Jimin did just tell you he loved you. He really did. Holy mother of fuck, the fuck boys of all fuck boys is in love. He’s in love with you… 

“Sorry, what?” You stand there staring at him, not able to understand what the fuck just happened. Shouldn’t you be happy, or do you need a vodka and maybe some chicken nuggets. Both sound really good right about now, don’t they. 

“I love you. I’m in love with you, Y/N.” He’s still kneeling on the floor. You don’t know what to do. What if he leaves again? You couldn’t handle that, the last month as been hell. All you did was wonder if he was okay. You didn’t even car if he was getting with other girls, yeah you did,  you just wanted to know if he was okay. 

“Why are you telling me this now? Where were you six fucking weeks again, huh? Where were you when all I did was stare at my phone hoping you’d shoot me a text saying you were okay. Where you when I was worried sick about you, asshole!” You spit at him, all the hurt and sorrow now turning into anger. 

“I never asked you to worry about me, okay. You did that all on your own.” He snaps back, running a hand through his hair in annoyance. You glare at him, is he really getting anger that you were worried for his well being. Is that really happening, sorry gal but it is. 

“You are right, you didn’t ask me too. I may as well stop. Good bye Jimin.” You start walking again. 

“Are you really walking away right now? I just told you I love you.” You ignore him continuing your stride home. “Y/N, could you please just give me five minutes?” He sounds desperate, you don’t want to give in so easily, it’s been six weeks with no word from him. But you can’t help your self. 

“Fine, five minutes.” You turn and walk back to him. He hands you the flowers, you accept them, cause what’s he going to do with them. 

“Can we sit down?” You nod, you both sit a metre a part from each other on the steps in front of the library. “I-I I’m sorry I left when you said you loved me. I have never said those words to anyone before and no one as every said them to me. So I ran cause I was scared. I know that was a dick move.” 

“You think?” You interrupt. 

“It was, I never ever wanted to hurt you of all people. I can’t begin to explain how much you mean to me, it scares the shit out of me. Remember when you were baby sitting your nephew and I came over. I felt like we were a family, I want  that in my future. I want it to be you, me and our kid. Fuck, I love you so much.” Jimin pulls out a cigarette, puts it in between his teeth and lights it. He in hales and exhales a cloud of smoke. The sigh alone making you wet. “I know you probably want nothing to do with me and probably don’t want my babies. But I just had to tell you, that I love you and you’re probably the only person I will ever love. So I’m sorry for being a asshole. I hope you find what you want in life.” Jimin gets up and starts walking away, 

Your trying hard to understand what he just said. Park Jimin wants your babies. He wants you, him and a baby. Is this real? Yass, but he’s walking away… 

“Jimin.” You shout after him. He turns around and you run to him, wrapping your arms around him. He wraps you up tightly in his arms, kissing the crown of your head. “You left me you asshole!” Tears start to stream down your face, you punch him in the crest. He just holds you tighter. “I hate you.” you punch him again. 

“I know, baby, I know.” He strokes your hair as you continue to cry. 

“I don’t hate you, I love you. But your still an asshole!” You say pulling away to wipe your tears. 

“I know, baby you’ll never get rid of me now.” He smirks. 

“And I do want to be with you and have your babies. Not right now but in the future. But do you know what we can do.” You smile. 


“We can practice making babies, for you know when the time comes.” You look down to the floor, embarrassed by what you just said. Jimin pulls you into his embrace. 

“Ugh, I love you so fucking much.” He picks you up and twirls you around, you giggle. He smiles down at you, “Let’s go practice making our beautiful babies.” He grabs your hand, bringing you to his car. He opens the back door. 

“Get in!” You stare at him confused. “Babe, I can’t wait till we get home to fuck you. We have to have a quickie.” He gets in the back and you just giggle, getting in after him. 

“Did you miss me that much?” You ask playfully hitting his chest. He pulls you on top of him, you’re straddling his hips. 

“You have no idea, sweetheart.” Jimin captures your lips in a heated kiss, his hands running up and down your body. Your lips part letting Jimin’s tongue dominate your mouth. You start to grind your hips down on him, feeling how hard he is for you. 

“Baby girl, no teasing and no foreplay, I really need to just be inside you.” You smile against is mouth. 

“Okay.” You undo his pants, he lifts his hips so you can pull them and his boxers down. His erection springs free, you undo your own pants and lift off Jimin to get them down. He helps pulling your panties down along with them. Sadly they are not your sexy ones, you didn’t think you would be fucking Jimin in the back of his car in front of the library. A little heads up would have been nice.. 

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, how did I go so long without seeing you. That’s never happening again. You’re mine, no other fuck tarts. Mine!” You can’t help but love this possessive side of Jimin. 

“I’m all yours. I only want you.” You say kissing up his neck, you pump his erection a few times before positioning your centre up with it. You slowly slip him inside of you, making him moan loudly.  

“Fuck, you’re so tight. Ugh, I missed this, you, so fucking much.” He says. Your forehead is on his, looking into each others eyes, you start to move up and down his shaft. You moan out his name, as he is already hitting that spot inside you. As start to feel more comfortable, you start to bounce up and down on Jimin. He rips your top down the middle taking it off along with your bra. You couldn’t care less it was oh so arousing. 

“I just wanted to see your tits bounce for me.” Jimin says kissing your neck, sucking a purple and blue trail down your neck and chest. It screams out to people that your his. That’s all you want, to be his. 

“Fuck, Jimin.” You scream as he starts to meet you thrust for thrust, making you bounce higher and harder. He was fucking you into oblivion. “J-J-Jimin, I-I’m coming.” You pant, as you can feel your orgasm coming. 

“Come for me baby girl.” Jimin thrusting hard up into you. Your orgasm comes hard and fast, you chant his name like a mantra. Jimin comes soon after you, your so tight around him. As you ride out your highs, he kisses you all over saying ‘I love you’ over and over again. Well aren’t you a lucky lady. 

“Never, leave me again.” You look him dead in the eyes, showing him your not fucking about any more. As you shouldn’t your a classy lady that deserves the world on a sliver platter. 

“The only way I will ever leave you is if I die. Even if you hate me and want rid of me in 10 years, I’m not going. I don’t give a shit, you’re my baby girl. My love.” He kisses your nose. 

“Let’s go home.” 

That night when you go back to Jimin’s apartment, you both legit have sex on every surface of his apartment. You can’t even count how many orgasms you have had. Your all fucked out. Both making up for lost time. You are laying in Jimin’s arms under the covers, in pure bliss. 

“Move in with me?” Jimins asks turning his head to look at you. 

“What are you serious?” You can’t believe what you’re hearing. Park fucking Jimin said he loves you and is asking you to move in with him in the same day. WHAT THE FUCK MAN!! 

“Yes, I’m serious. So what if it’s to soon, I love you, you love me. I don’t see the problem, we probably would have done it anyway. So why not just do it now. That way I can wake up to your beautiful self every morning.” He smiles kissing your temple. 

“Okay, let’s move in together.” You giggle. He rolls on top of you kissing you all over your face, you just giggle. 

The door bell rings. “Who could that be at this hour?” You ask, Jimin gets up and slips on some shorts. 

“You stay here, okay. Don’t come out!” He walks out closing the door behind him. What the fuck was that. What’s he doing. 

 You hear mumbling. Then a gun shot. 


A/N- Okay so I get if you all hate me for this, but when I’m reading I love the intense shit. That your like HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK, so I thought I’d try it. hhehe. I love you all really, just thought we could spice it up. If you want a part 5 message me! Feedback is always appreciated!! 

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you Enjoyed and I didn’t disappoint anyone. 

-Admin Abe x

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6 Jally (BOI I LOVE YOU)


Angst-us Beef Prompt 6: “My black eye? I just… got hit with a baseball.”

 Johnny avoided going to the Curtis home. It was getting dark, and colder, as fall was changing to winter, but he didn’t want to have Darrel and Soda and Steve and Two-Bit and Pony question him about his latest injury: A bold, swollen black eye. 

  There were only two things he could’ve gotten that from; his father, or a soc. The socs were staying in by their luxurious fire places, drinking hot chocolate, so they couldn’t be the ones to blame. His father, on the other hand, drank his whiskey as if he had a parasite in his liver and needed to kill it off. Whiskey made him angrier than usual, so he kissed Johnny’s eyes with his fist as soon as he came through the door.
   He didn’t cry, only letting out a timid yelp as he ran off to his safety of the lot. Like stated before, he didn’t want anyone to seem him with a black eye. Especially not Dallas Winston. Johnny knew Dally would surely kill his dad if he found out about this. He was glad his chances of running into anyone besides Pony here were slim. Dallas was either at Buck’s or the Curtis house, so he- and his father- would be safe as long as he was here.

   Of course, Johnny’s luck ran out when he saw someone light their cigarette, walking coolly. A dark brown leather jacket shone light brown in places the blue moonlight danced off of, boots making a clicking noise against the cold pavement.

                                                    Dang it.

   “Ay, Johnny, why’re ya out here? It’s too cold ta be sleepin’ out here, man.” Dallas asked, his voice somewhat gentle. His voice was always slightly soft when he was talking to Johnny, and even when he was talking to Johnny around certain people, excluding Buck and Ponyboy.

     He clearly didn’t see Johnny’s black eye yet, or he wouldn’t have been this calm.
       “Wanna smoke, Johnny?”

            “Uh, no thanks, Dal. I’m tired. I’m gonna go ta sleep now. Good night.” He replied quickly, turning away. Dallas paused, the atmosphere changing, which made Johnny feel uneasy. That couldn’t be good.
   ‘’What’re ya hidin’, Johnny Cade?” Dally barked suddenly, sitting next to him and pulling him up.

      “N-Nothin’-” He squeaked, not fighting his grasp on his wrist.

  Dallas saw. It was too late. The blonde’s cigarette fell out of his mouth, rolling on the pavement. “Jesus Christ, Johnny- who did this?”

   Johnny swallowed meekly. “Did what?” He asked innocently, hoping to play it off as if he didn’t know what the older greaser was talking about.

    “Your black eye! I’m not stupid, I know ya know what I’m talkin’ about!”

The smaller greaser ran a hand through his greased black hair. “My black eye? I just… got hit with a baseball.”

        “Bullshit, Johnny Cade. A soc or your ol’ man? Hell- who am I kiddin’?! I know it was your ol’ man.” Dallas shot up, letting go of Johnny’s wrist. “You better hope he ain’t home before I get over there-”

   “Dally! Wait- please no! He- it was my fault! I know better than ta go home! It ain’t his fault! Let’s just go back to the Curtis’, I don’t want you in no more trouble!” Johnny followed him, tugging on his jacket to get him to stop. He had low hopes that that would be enough to convince him. He turned him so that they were facing each other, and reached up, planting a kiss on Dallas’s lips.
      Dally’s blue eyes clouded with shock and partial embarrassment, but his hands fell to Johnny’s hips. He pulled him closer to him, and closer into the kiss. They both wanted to pull back, but at the same time, they didn’t.

   The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but it only lasted for half a minute. 

   Neither of them said a word walking to the Curtis home. Neither of them said a word to anyone about what happened between them in the lot. Johnny was afraid Dallas would never hang around him again, but a subtle wink accompanied with a smirk from Dallas when he handed Johnny a cigarette proved his thoughts otherwise.

girls like her come once in a century. you are a disaster waiting to happen, a pair of hands that have seen too many bad mistakes,  a history too heavy to carry.

and she - she is golden. she has this light in her that is something storybook, untouched, an angel’s hope. she’s strong and fierce and imperfect in a million ways that make your nerves flicker out of control. talking to her makes you feel like maybe somewhere out there, there’s good in this world. 

watching her read books and throw her heart into small things and love so fully and wildly - it drives you crazy. you want to give her all the coffee shops and fairy-lit nights she dreams about. you want to pull down the clouds so she can taste them, to show her your secrets, to protect her. she bubbles over with passion, with color, with something you thought you’d lost forever.

she is life. she reminds you what it’s like to be living. 

she makes you want to be a better human being.

—  you fell so quickly // r.i.d

open to: fwb/girlfriend(s)/ex’s/sibling(s)

            ❝ shouldn’t you be used to this by now ?? ❞ he’s heartless; ruthless at best, and he’s no different with her, she’s a nobody in his hazed mind, the occasional ‘pick-me up’ becoming the never-ending cloud that hazed his thoughts. he’s a demon, and he watches people leave to feel better, the burning ember he inhales signs their pact. or at least, he’d hoped. he’s a pusher, fighting away every attempt someone made to bring themselves close to him. he breathes the char, knowing how much it irritated the other, now wanting to pull at every string and push her over the edge, he needs her gone. he’s done caring, he’s a fighter, not a lover. 

More Then Just A Freindship

Title: More Then Just A Friendship

Ship: Karma x Nagisa

Anime: Assassination Classroom/ Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 

Words: 1856

Nagisa’s POV

    “He’s staring at you again Nagisa-kun.” Kaede-kun, my green haired friend said. “He is? I didn’t notice.” I lied. I looked over to the red headed trouble maker to see him focusing on Okuda-kun. “No, he’s looking at Okuda-kun, not me.” ‘don’t get my hopes up.'  I looked down at the floor, a blush rising on my face. “Hey Nagisa-kun!” Karma said walking over. “Whats up Karma-kun?” I replied trying to hide my blush. 'I was wondering if you got any new information on Kuro-Sensei.“ He leaned over my desk and looked at my note book. I quickly flipped to the page of notes on Kuro-Sensei and set it down on my desk. "Well, I learned that his favorite sweet is chocolate. I was thinking that if we paired it with his favorite adult magazines, we could make a trap.” I said showing Karma-kun my idea. “Or we could tease him and try to get him to hit one of us, so then he will have to die.” He said with a blood-lust look in his eyes. “Um, Karma-kun, I don’t think that would be a good idea. He could really hurt yo- one of us.” I stumbled. He grinned, “That’s why I would make sure that it would be me that he hit. Or are you worried about me?” “I’m always worried about you, thats what friends do.” I smiled at him. "Thanks Nagisa-kun!“ He said smiling back.

   "Nagisa -kun, you have to stop flirting with Karma-kun.” Kurahashi-kun said. I was taken back at her statement. “What? He’s just my friend, I’m not flirting with him.” I said looking away. “And besides, if I was why would you care?” I asked. “Because Okuda-kun has a very big crush on him. She plans on telling him at lunch.” She said. “Oh really? I hope it turns out well!” I said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. “Oh. I didn’t expect you to say that honestly.” She said sounding surprised. “What did you expect me to say?” I asked, curiosity peaking my mind. “Oh! Nothing!” she said skipping off. Okay?…

Lunch time ~

   I looked over at Karma and saw that Okuda was with him. She was looking at her feet, probably telling him. “Hey Nagisa, how do you think its going?” Kaede-kun asked, looking over at Karma and Okuda. “Probably pretty well, Okuda is a nice girl.” I said. I looked over at the two again, to see that Okuda had a tear rolling down her cheek. She turned towards us and started walking. “Nagisa-kun, why do you have to ruin this for me?” She said as she put her head in her hands. “What? I didn’t do anything!” I said getting glares from the girls in the class. “He said he liked someone else, someone he trusts a lot, so I assumed that it was you he was talking about. He trusts you the most.” she said still crying. “I am pretty sure he has friends outside of school, it couldn’t possibly be me!” I said rubbing the back of my neck as a blush was rising to my face. “Uh huh, sure Nagisa-kun.” Kataoka-kun said.

  The rest of the day I was quiet. I had no idea that this was going to happen, but I still feel like it was my fault. When the bell rang I was the first one out of the class, trying my best to avoid everyone. As I started walking down the hill I heard my name being called. “Nagisa-kun! Nagisa-kun wait up!” Karma said as he was running to catch up with me. “Did you know that Okuda-kun asked me out at lunch today? She talked to you afterwards, what did she say?” He asked, placing his hands on the back of his head. “Oh, she just said that you liked someone else. She seemed very upset.” I said looking at him. “Well, I did turn her down, but I still want to be friends with her. She could make some really fun prank supplies.” He giggled. “Yeah I guess so. But who do you like then?” I asked. “Hmm, that’s a good question. Did you still need help on the math homework?” He avoided the question, but I still need help. “Yeah actually. I just don’t understand exponents.” “Come over then, we can do the homework together." A blush crept its way on to my cheeks. "Oh, um okay!”

    We got to his house and set down our stuff. “You want a water or something?” He asked, getting up to go to the kitchen. “Um, a water please.” I replied pulling out my math homework. Once he returned he sat down next to me, placing the water on the table. He was looking into my eyes as I was looking at my homework. He ran his hand through the ends of my pig tails and turned his head to the side. I shivered and blushed. “You know Kagisa-kun, I really like that you went with pigtails. It suits you. Although I like it whens its down too, I can run my hands through it easier.” He pulled out the hair ties holding my hair in its usual style out, and let my hair fall down. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair. When I was born my mom wanted a girl, not a boy, so she tried her best to raise me as a girl. She even puts me in dresses sometimes. He ran his fingers through my hair again, making me shiver. “You know how you asked who I like?” He asked. He stopped running his fingers through my hair and left his hand at my neck. “Y-yeah.” I studdered. “It’s someone who I trust very much, and the only person who has been to my house.” He said. He moved his hand from my neck to my chin, pulling my face towards his. “I trust you very much Nagisa-kun.” He pressed his lips against mine, pulling me closer with his other hand. I stiffened up, not realizing what was happening at first. After a few seconds, I melt into the kiss. He moved his hand from my chin and started running it through my hair. He tugged at it slightly and I let out a soft moan. I slid my toung across his lip, asking for entrance, which he gladly let me in. We fought for dominance, which he obviously won. He explored every inch of my mouth, making sure not to leave one part untouched. We broke away to catch our breath. He set me on to his lap and resumed kissing me. This felt so wrong, but so right at the same time. I felt bad for taking him away from Okuda, but I have wanted this for so long. Karma moved his hands and put them on my hips, moving them so it grinded against his slightly. I moaned. He broke away and looked at me with clouded eyes. “I hope you know who I like now. Also, if we don’t stop now we wont get any work done.” “But its not that- Oh.” I said realizing when he ment. I got off of his lap and sat back down in front on my homework. He pulled me back in for another kiss. Lets just say that we didn’t get that much work done last night.

The Next Day ~   

    “Nagisa-kun! Karma-kun is staring at you again! Do you know?” Kaede asked. “Um, I have no idea why!” I said blushing. “Oi Nagisa-Kun, you still having trouble with your homework?” He asked walking over. “Um, a little bit of trouble. I can just ask Kuro-” “If you want you can come over.” He interrupted. “He went over to your house?” Kaede said surprised. “Yeah, he was having trouble with the math homework. So I helped him out. Is that a bad thing?” He asked with a smirk. “No, not at all.” Kaede glared at Karma, but he just returned it with a smile. “So you gunna co- woah Nagisa-kun, your face is all red. You feeling okay?” Karma asked as he placed his hand to my forehead. “U-um I feel f-fine thank you. Oh and sure.” I said pulling away from his hand. “Then I’ll see you tonight, Nagisa-kun.” He said. He swung his hips as he walked to his seat. 

   “There is love in the air between two of our students!! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said as he flew into the room. “What are you talking about Kuro-Sensei?” I asked. “I saw two of our students together last night and this morning! It was so cute!! Although, I don’t think that one of them is from here.” Kuro-Sensei said. “WHAT?!?!” The whole class screamed. “Oh yes but it’s true! It was a short girl with long blue hair! Well, I think it was blue. Nufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said, his body going pink. My face instantly turned red. 'I don’t look that much like a girl’ I thought. “Well who was it Kuro-Sensei?” Rio asked. “It was me.” Karma said. I felt my face get redder, if that was even possible. “Really? So that’s the girl!” Okuda said. “What is she like Karma-kun?” Sugino asked. “Yeah! If she got you she must be very special. Tell us Karma-kun!” Rio said. “Well, she’s very nice, and  puts up with a lot of my teasing. I would let her help me with anything, from assassination to just pranks. She is very observant too. Her hair is really soft too. I’m lucky that she didn’t reject me when I made a move” He said scratching the back of his neck. “What does she look like though? Does she have big boobs?” Okajima asked. Karma threw his pencil at Okajima. “No she doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter. She usually keeps her hair up in two cute pigtails. She has light blue hair that frames her face perfectly. She also has really pretty blue eyes and is pretty short. Most people wouldn’t give her a second glance, but she steal my breath every time I look at her.” Karma finished. He looked over at me and chuckled. “Really? She sounds gorgeous!  Your going to have to introduce us to her! She sounds wonderful!” Kaede said. suddenly Karma stood up and walked over to me. He leaned down and kissed me. I felt my face go red again and I was dying of embarrassment. “WHAT?!?! NAGISA-KUN?!?!” The class screamed. “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Shiota Nagisa.” He said as he slid his arms in the front of my neck and put his head on top of mine. I couldn’t help but smile. “Aww you guys are so cute! Nufnufnufnufnuf.” Kuro-Sensei said. “BUT NAGISA-KUN YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD THINK THAT KARMA-KUN AND OKUDA-KUN WOULD BE GREAT TOGETHER AND THAT YOU DIDN’T LIKE KARMA!" Kurahashi yelled. "No, I never said that. I said that I hoped it turned out well.” I said and turned my head down. “Its no use now. Let them be happy! They are so cute!” Okuda said. “Congratulations Nagisa-Kun and Karma-kun! Nufnufnufnuf.”