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Aaron is a doubter and sort of a spokesman for the slaves, who are fickle.  They love Moses, then they’re upset with Moses.  Aaron starts out doubtful and upset with him, but when he walks into the bed of the Red Sea, I think he shows that if one person shows he believes, that’s all it takes for the whole thing to work.  It’s a nice transformation. — Jeff Goldblum (from The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation)

8 times I knew that Aaron was the fave

My Thoughts on Bughead as the Anchor Couple

So these are my hopes for and thoughts on Bughead as Riverdale continues to evolve.

First is that my dearest wish is for the writers to prioritize characterization over plot and I think that with Bughead they’ve really entwined them together well. The way that we’ve seen their relationship evolve so far is these two characters, who have also been childhood friends, deepen the trust and support that has already been there. The plot and these circumstances have pushed them together in a way i don’t think they’ve ever expected but I think that it works with the characters, how they’ve been written and how they’re portrayed by Lili and Cole. I have my fingers crossed that they will continue to write them well. (please let them continue to write them well).

My hopes for Bughead in the future are that they are endgame, yes. But I want more than just endgame for Bughead. I want them to be the Anchor Couple.

A lot of this argument relies on this “Anchor Couple” theory that I first read from @jbuffyangel. I think it’s such a beautiful thing and so relevant that I hope you don’t mind me applying it to Bughead.

What I mean by the “Anchor Couple” is that I want them to be the couple that stays together, that fights through their difficulties together, that loves each other through their issues no matter what. Maybe they have drama but ultimately they’re pretty steady.

“But Kiki,” you say, “This is a CW show. Those kinds of couples don’t exist. Of course we want them to but we all know all the couples do is fight and break up and get back together.”

But see here’s the thing: you need BALANCE.

And Riverdale has the right recipe to provide that balance.  

Jen uses the example of Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler. Monica/Chandler were the Anchor Couple. I’m going to provide an excerpt from her because she can say it so much better than I can.

“I think the only reason Ross and Rachel will they/won’t they was tolerable was because of Monica and Chandler. Ross and Rachel were the main couple, but Monica and Chandler were the anchor couple. Their stability gave fans a safe harbor. They were the calm waters and Ross and Rachel were the stormy seas. You need balance in a story. Too much stability and fans get bored. Too much drama and you exhaust their patience. Ross/Rachel and Monica/Chandler balanced each other.”

That’s EXACTLY what I want for Riverdale, for Bughead, and ultimately for Archie and Veronica.

Let Archie be the drama magnet. Let him have ALL the relationship drama. He’s doing well so far on the drama scale with Grundy, Valerie, Veronica, and yes, Betty. You can play out his relationship drama with Valerie and Veronica and Cheryl and [insert other random girl from the comics here] for AGES.

If you have Archie having relationship troubles all the time (which he WILL) AND you have Bughead having relationship troubles all the time, it’ll get exhausting.


Look at Monica and Chandler. They were still weird. They still fought. They were still their own characters. But they loved each other, and they helped each other through their issues.

Let Bughead be like them. Let them fight, let them go through difficult times, let them falter, but don’t lose who they are as characters to fuel some unnecessary drama plot. 

Let them be the safe haven, the calm in the storm, the balancing act for the show and for each other.

I came back for you
I’m doing this to help save you

because I will stand by your side
snarl ready, heart pounding to the tune of your name

because the courage that rests inside my bones
it comes from that blinding grin 

and the hope that anchors my soul
it comes from that gentle touch

and the houses that built us are burning down
and the stars that guided us keep getting blotted out

but as long as you whisper my name
I’ll know exactly how to return home

—  back to you by Abby S
After Tonight

Characters: Finn Bálor x Reader

Word Count: 543

Warnings: Not gonna lie: there’s definitely smut here. Oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up, kiddies!), language, intimacy and fluff.

Prompts: This post and After Tonight by Justin Nozuka (listen while you read - trust me on this one)

A/N: Hello hello! Well…this was a bit unexpected, but when I saw the post in the link above, the song and the scenario popped into my head instantly.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91@daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever@romanempire19@fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@wwesmutandstuff@devitt-club@anerdysouthernbelle@thebadchic@baratomaya@jenn0755@sbethell89@magical419@lilyruelas@xxmaddhatter39xx@bouttogolinkurbitch@uniquewerewolfsuit@valeonmars@tyferbebe@wwe-rollins-lover@dasexydevitt13@officialbroski10-blog@weedman-shitz@truirishredhead@gelinas22 @banrioncethlenn

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The Signs as Wild World by Bastille
  • ARIES: Power // Aim, throw your best shot right at me, 'cause pain, I can take it easily, did you really think I'd fall to my knees, just to pray for some sweet simplicity
  • TAURUS: Fake It // Don't turn over, turn over the page, we should rip it straight out, then let's try our very best to fake it
  • GEMINI: Two Evils // I'm the lesser of two evils, or am I just tricking myself nice? If I'm the lesser of two evils, who's this man, who's this act I hide behind?
  • CANCER: Warmth // So come on, let's forget the emotion, tie the blinkers on, hold both hands right over my eyes, deafen me with music
  • LEO: Glory // And way down here upon the ground, when we're lying in the dirt, there's no looking up for heaven
  • VIRGO: Campus // Oh it must be lonely knowing what you know, man it must be lonely keeping it on the low
  • LIBRA: Shame // I can see a change, I can see a change in you, I see it coursing through your veins
  • SCORPIO: Send Them Off! // I've got demons running 'round in my head, and they feed on insecurities I have, won't you lay your healing hands on my chest,let your ritual clean
  • SAGITTARIUS: Lethargy // But these itchy feet for a change of scene, do anything to escape it, get up, get up, pressure, pressure, run away as fast as you can go
  • CAPRICORN: The Anchor // Bring me some hope by wandering into my mind, something to hold on to morning noon day and night
  • AQUARIUS: Snakes // I know, I know, I know it's not the right way to go, but I pray for the ground to swallow me whole
  • PISCES: Winter of Our Youth // I let myself bathe in the past for way way way too long, and now it seems I've drunk too much to give you what you want

you won’t see this but i really hope you know that you are the one i want standing at the altar with me. you are my hopes & dreams & aspirations. you are my anchor as well as my cloud nine. you’re the girl in my daydreams & night visions. you’re my first thought when i wake & my last thought before my eyes shut. cliche, i know, but you make me this goofy & giddy person when your name pops up on my phone. you’re the One & i wouldn’t trade the world for anything less than you. some say i deserve better, but you are my better. you’re the entire galaxy. your skin is pure diamond & stardust. your eyes are milky way cosmos. your lips are rose petals. your mind is an endless black hole i desire to swim in. your soul is the deepest trench, engulfing me. i love you more than anything i could ever write for you. you are more than every word, every dollar, every photograph, every cent, every kiss, every love. you are my home.

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wow you are so sweet for taking these prompts bc of what's happening. Could you do one where Lena has a panic attack and Kara helps her through it?

SO I took a bit of a different approach with this one. Please listen to the song ‘Kindly Calm Me Down’ by Meghan Trainor (and yes, I know, but trust me, it’s perfect for Supercorp + this prompt). Hope you enjoy <3

It’s a perfectly ordinary day. For once, there isn’t an urgent threat. There isn’t danger or tragedy or triumph. There isn’t immediate pressure or a barrage of questions that have no answers. It’s just…a day.

An ordinary day that allows everything from the past to creep up on you.

So cold, alone

Could you be my blanket?

Lena feels the familiar demon lurking in the recesses of her brain, pawing at her mind, desperate for attention. It’s been awhile since she’s felt herself succumb to that looming feeling of endless dread – the kind that creeps in uninvited and manages to wrap her in thick, heavy arms before forcefully pulling her under until she’s gasping for air – but today, without distractions, she seems powerless to stop it. Her heart thumps erratically as she tries to catch her breath, her head pounding with irrational fear.

Will this ever stop? Will I ever come back from this?

The questions hang over her, threatening her very existence, and she feels herself sink to her knees under the crushing weight of anxiety.

No strength, too weak

She has no idea how long she remains like this, cowered in the corner clutching her knees, her head throbbing in pain, heart pounding ferociously. Nothing helps, and she pulls herself tighter, wishing desperately for something, anything to take away her pain. She sees flashes of everything – her brother’s maniacal smile, her mother’s cold stare, her father’s grave. She sees Kara’s radiant smile, the one thing she can normally count on to make her feel better, but it only adds to her fear because it’s become the one thing she can’t stand to lose.

I could use some saving

And your love’s so strong

She doesn’t hear Kara come into her office.

“Lena! Lena, what’s wrong?” Kara rushes to her side quickly, but somehow manages to sit next to her gently, trying not to frighten her or cause more damage.

She hears Kara’s voice, but it’s soft and muffled, as if she’s standing above water, calling out to Lena as she sinks further and further below. Everything else seems more powerful, intent on drowning out anything that attempts to soothe her. All Lena hears is angry yelling, her own voice in her head whispering self-loathing tirades, and snippets from the news declaring L-Corp’s business ventures in financial peril.

You can’t do it, Lena. You aren’t as smart as Lex. You aren’t strong enough. Give up.

When my head, it pounds, could you turn down all the sound?

If I lay in pain, by my side would you stay?

“I–I–” Lena tries to speak, but her voice gets lost in breathless rambles as she chokes back the sobs that overwhelm her. She wants to scream. Everything. Everything is wrong! I can’t do any of this! What if I’m worse than all of them?

“It’s okay. I’m here, I’m right here. Listen to my voice.” Kara softly rubs her back as she speaks. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“I can’t – I don’t–” Lena continues to struggle to breathe, frantically trying to speak. I don’t deserve you. She tries to pull away, but Kara only huddles closer, beginning to count firmly and urging her to regulate her breathing. Lena buries her head in her hands, frustrated and embarrassed to be seen even though she knows she desperately needs Kara.

The thought further adds to her misery. Relying on someone has never been her strong suit, because it only sets her up for failure. But Kara is here, and she’s strong enough for both of them, and she’s good. She’s so good.

When my heart’s not pure

Would you kill my disease?

“Oh Lena, it’s okay. You don’t have to hide. It’s okay to break down, that’s why I’m here,” Kara’s tone is understanding, and her hands are gentle, and her body is warm. Lena melts into her and feels her heartbeat begin to normalize slowly.

“Everything is just so much sometimes and I’m afraid–” Lena takes in a watery breath and feels the tears brimming behind hear eyes, “–of the person I might become. What if I’m just like they say?”

When I lose my mind

Would you still remind me?

“Your heart is what makes you different, Lena. You won’t fall into the darkness because you will never be alone. I won’t let you be alone.” Kara insists, continuing to rub her back and pulling her closer. Lena simply allows it.

“I don’t know what to do,” Lena whispers softly, her headache beginning to subside, but the fear still firmly at the forefront of her mind. “I don’t have the answers. I’m trying so hard but I wish I knew the right path to take.”

When I’m feeling lost

Would you come and find me?

“We’ll figure that out together. It’s all we can do, right? We can try our best. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always protect you.” Kara wraps her in her arms and gently kisses her forehead.

“Promise?” Lena looks at her, slightly desperate, but mostly in awe of this force that always manages to anchor her to something hopeful.

“I promise.”

When my world gets loud, could you make it quiet down?

When my head, it pounds, could you turn down all the sound?

If I lay in pain, by my side would you stay?

If I need you now, would you kindly calm me down?

Sins of the Father: What the Spirit Says

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings (some potential triggers): Incredibly sacrilegious/blasphemous smut, anal sex (female receiving), graphic death (minor character), hints of dub-con, detachment, bondage, knife play, blood play.

Word Count: 1141

A/N: Hello hello! So we’re coming to the point in the story where things get disturbing as hell. This is the beginning of the end.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. :)

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91 @daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever @liam-is-sexy10 @fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@justhavingfun123469@wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club @anerdysouthernbelle @thebadchic   

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Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, catch up on the Masterlist before you proceed.

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Don’t Jump (Rescue Me)

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings (some potential triggers): suicide attempt, emotional hurt/comfort, angst with a hopeful ending. Reader is struggling with multiple mental illnesses: adult ADHD, anxiety, depression, and rejection-sensitive dysphoria with suicidal ideation.

Word Count: 945

Inspired by: Tokio Hotel - Don’t Jump (Finn) and Rescue Me (Reader)

A/N: Hello hello! So this came from a quiet moment at home where I imagined Finn talking someone down from the edge. It got personal, and I ended up crying as it unfolded. Turned out to be therapeutic in a way I didn’t know I needed.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it. :)

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91@daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever @liam-is-sexy10 @fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@justhavingfun123469@wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club @anerdysouthernbelle @thebadchic  

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My love, my heart, my anchor, my rock, my Amazon. I sincerely hope that all of you are able to find someone who shows you the amount of passion and respect and love and understanding that we have shared from the very beginning - a relationship based on true communication and shared values.

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could you do sciles fic, set after s3ep13 where Scott Lydia and allison go over to talk to stiles but he's asleep so they wait but they hear him screaming from a horrible nightmare and scotts the only one who can calm him and prove its just a dream

wow okay yes i can do that and i did do that and i literally wrote this in about 15 minutes at 3 am so i sincerely apologize if it makes zero sense or has ridiculous spelling errors. i really hope you like it! i’m sorry it’s not super shippy but i hope it meets your wants anyway :)

“Hey, kids.” The sheriff’s voice is weary and Scott feels a sharp, deep stab of guilt pierce him straight through the chest.

If his dad wasn’t meddling, if the sheriff wasn’t losing his job, if he could just do something…

If, if, if.

“Stiles is sleeping right now.”

John glances toward the stairs, a worried frown on his face, as Lydia questions, “Rough night?” He nods and she gives his arm a gentle pat as they make their way into the living room.

It seems like rough nights are all they’re having lately.

Allison’s dreams have gotten even more disturbing, so much so that she isn’t even talking about them. Not to her dad. Not to Lydia. Definitely not to Isaac. Or Scott.

Scott spends half the night worrying that he’s going to lose control in his sleep and hurt someone and he can’t go through that again. He shouldn’t be going through this again. When he does manage to sleep, it’s fitful. He spends a lot of time dreaming about his parents fighting, his friends getting hurt, Derek not responding to his texts.

Lydia wants to help. She knows what it feels like to see things. To go “crazy” and not know what to do to fix it. Her friends might not have helped her but she’s going to do everything she can to help them.

They’re all lost in their own worlds when they hear the scream. If the sheriff hadn’t already left, Scott knows he’d have been up the stairs in an instant. Instead, it’s him that flies off the couch and bounds up the stairs into Stiles’ room. 

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Anchors (Part 3)

Title: Anchors (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: After meeting Dean and Sam in high school, the reader forms a strong connection to the oldest brother. 

Word Count: 4,315

POV: Readers, 1st Person

warnings: explicit abuse, self blame

a/n: omg thank you guys seriously so much for your kindness. I can’t even tell you how wonderful you make me feel :) hope you enjoy the next part! part 4 will be out either later today or tomorrow!

part one, part two

It was darker than it normally was inside the cool space of the living room, or maybe that was just my imagination. In the distance I spotted a figure and my heart nearly stopped. The man sat on the couch, facing the door, staring right into my eyes; an empty bottle of whiskey in his left hand. 

“Where have you been?” He growled, standing to his feet. I didn’t respond as he moved closer, causing me to step back. My back pressed against the front door, leaving no where for me to go. I felt myself wishing Dean were here; to make me feel safe again. But it was useless. He wasn’t here. I was completely and entirely alone. 

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i wonder if the person who wrote this knew the weight of these words. what it really meant to wholeheartedly sing this. to actually pray for God to strengthen our faith no matter where He had to take us. wherever He would call us. I wonder if we would sing those words if we knew how God would answer them. I’m almost thankful His specific will for my life is only slowly revealed, and He guides me day by day in love as He calls me out to deeper and deeper waters where He is my only Anchor, my only hope.

He loves me,
he loves me not.
He loves me,
he loves me not.
He loves me,
he loves me not.

She loves me, she loves me not.

It is my 7th birthday. Today I know; today it all makes sense. It is a Tuesday night, 7:06pm, precisely 36 minutes past my bedtime. We are sitting awake in my bed, Lara and I, huddled under the covers with a bottle of ‘Coca-Cola’ we stole from Mum’s mini-fridge. Lara is my best friend, my partner in crime. If you count sniping sodas from your parents a crime, that is. We snuggle together under the duvet, my night light illuminating her face. Her freckles dotted perfectly along her rosy pink cheeks, her golden hair swept gracefully in front of her eyes. Oh, those eyes. My hand reaches towards her and caresses her head as I pull her closer to me, embracing her warmth. Her plump, pillowy lips are alluring and our eyes lock. In that moment, I know exactly what I want: her. My lips are drawn to hers, as if there is a magnetic force pulling us together. I am in love with my best friend.

Confusion takes over my entire being. These feelings contrast everything I have ever known, everything I have been taught. 'You will fall in love,’ they said. 'With a man,’ they said. At school my friend Sebastian gets teased for liking boys, for being gay; I don’t want to get teased! Mum says that being gay is a choice. She thinks everyone is born to like the opposite gender. Dad says that they’re just confused, just trying to figure out what they really like. I know what I like, I know who I like… I like Lara.

We sit awake in my bed, Lara and I. 7 years have passed but the memory of her lips against mine never faded. We are here, once again, huddled under the covers, this time with a bottle of 'Shiraz’ from the mini-fridge. We are here, once again, with her soft, crimson lips so alluring to me, each kiss leaving me breathless. Our hearts collide under the sheets and fireworks explode every time she smiles. She giggles, her laugh like a breath of fresh air. I am so undeniably in love with Lara.

The night sky is freckled with stars and the luminous moon dances to the beat of my heart. My toes linger upon the damp sand and the sweet perfumes engulf my entire being, sweeping me off my feet. My heart and soul ache for the sound of her voice; a voice as sweet and as smooth as silk. A soft breeze brushes against my neck followed by delicate whispers. My head whips around to the most beautiful, angelic being my eyes have ever landed upon. Lara’s lips graze my ear, seducing me ever so subtly.

'I love you’

            'I love you.’

Three thousand, six hundred, and twenty two miles apart. Lara and I are three thousand, six hundred, and twenty two miles apart. I am drowning in a pool of my own tears. They are consuming me drop by drop. I am crouched on the ground, head clutched in both hands. I am both physically and mentally exhausted from the marathon of thoughts running through my brain. It feels like there has been a bullet to my heart. Lara had caused me a lifetime’s worth of pain. 'She doesn’t love me, she doesn’t miss me, she doesn’t need me; she left me. She left my soul to rot.’ The world around me dims and wanes as I fight desperately to keep our love alive. Inside my chamber of thoughts, I am battling for a woman who couldn’t care less, who doesn’t need me. This battle wound lurks inside of me like a black hole, absorbing all of my joy, all of my hope, all of my love; it devours me whole. Traumatizing… that’s what it is.
My mind overflows. Lara. My mind is buzzing with the fear of losing her forever. Lara. She left me without a trace. Lara. Shattered my heart. Lara. She was selfish. Lara. I was naïve. Lara. We were so madly in love. Lara. We are so madly in love. Lara. I miss her. Lara. I want her. Lara. I need her. Lara.

Distance no longer stands between us as our fingers intertwine and our souls melt into each others, combining in a whirlwind of laughter. Lara smiles, a smile the colour of crushed lavender leaves as she tilts her head towards the sky. She really does love me. She really is sorry. A burning desire to hold Lara in my arms rages in my heart and I pull her towards my chest, not ever wanting to let go.
She stares into my eyes. My chest grows tight and my mind goes numb. I look into hers; they say the eyes are the key to the soul. I think I finally understand what they mean. I have never felt this way before. She gives me a high; no drug could ever provide me more. I believe love is all or nothing, if it doesn’t make you tremble at the thought of its absence, you should move on. I tremble and I pine, for a love that was once mine. A love that is patient, a love that is kind. I understand now why hurricanes are named after individuals. Lara was a hurricane; wild and completely unpredictable. I am willing to give up my entire world for her. I am willing to give up all that I have, and all that I am for her.
'Lara my love, my rock,
Will you marry me?’

Dearest loved ones, today I tie the knot with the one I love so deeply. I need Lara in my life. She is my anchor, my hope. She gives me strength, so I can cope. When skies are grey, she stands by me. Her loving heart, it sets me free.’
'No matter the distance, I will always be yours. No matter the circumstance, I will always love your flaws. Please trust me because I love you, this is where I say I do.’
'Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole wold to find it. Others find it in a person.’
'I have found my home.’

Erin Mills // 4.12.2015