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tips to get better at sketching

If any of you are like me, you have a terrible habit of filling several pages of a sketchbook and moving on to the next or completely forgetting about it. Here are some tips that have helped me stop these annoying habits

  • don’t be afraid to make marks all over the page (no small quarter-page masterpieces)
  • these are sketches- they’re meant to be quick and gestural; not extremely detailed drawings
  • experiment with all kinds of mark making (long, short, thick, and thin marks can add a lot of variety to a sketch)
  • practice
  • sketches are not precious little things- it’s okay to make changes and draw it again, again, and again
  • time yourself when sketching
  • pRaCtIcE
  • or draw from imagination
  • add annotations so you don’t forget something about that sketch
  • find a media that you like (graphite, pen, charcoal, etc.)
  • have a sketchbook with you always (I highly recommend small moleskine sketchbooks that are easy to carry in a purse or bag)
  • spend 20+ minutes a day sketching even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway- there is nothing more satisfying than filling up a sketchbook
  • draw what interests you

filling a sketchbook is not as hard as it seems, just keep sketching 

People who say the speed of light is a real physical barrier have never witnessed the speed at which men will band together to make a woman responsible for soothing the feelings of a man who’s harassed her. 

(Sample conversation:
Dudes: he definitely broke the code of conduct! [talk about how sad this asshole feels for five minutes] but enough of that, what do YOU want to happen?
Me: I want to not hear about his sad feelings and for him to leave me the fuck alone for the remaining three hours of this conference. 
Dudes: sure thing!
Dudes, half an hour later: so we talked to him and [more about his sad feelings in detail] but he’ll totally leave you alone!
Me: …sure okay are we done?
Dudes, another half hour later: so he is still SO VERY SAD and CRYING and MORTIFIED AND - 
ME: what the fuck was unclear about not wanting to hear about his sad feels and that being the end of this  
Dudes: uh, okay, so…he’s still going to leave you alone. cool?
Dudes, every ten minutes: so how are YOU feeling? are you sad yet? you seem fine are you fine? 

anonymous asked:

Hey so I’ve seen all the discourse going around and I just wanted to say something about it. Like I understand not liking certain AUs or tropes, but at the end of the day people are allowed their own interpretation of the characters/universe and shaming them for what they created I think is really unnecessary. It’s totally fine to not like it, but at the end if the day, nobody is forcing you to read it. Let the fandom be and focus on what we like and want ^^ Hope I didn’t sound rude...

it’s ok!

you know… i don’t really like when people use that “don’t like it don’t read it” excuse? because i actively avoid content like this, and yet it’s so popular it comes to me, which is why i’m bringing it to attention. most of the things i’m bringing up here are actual issues that i think we could improve as a fandom just by being critical of it. 

i’m not attacking people who like or create problematic content but honestly… one thing is liking it personally because of whatever reasons you have to enjoy it, another thing is creating and spreading said content. like… obsessing over it in a way? i’ll use ota/yuri as an example: i personally think they don’t need to be anything other than friends, though if someone thinks “hey it would be cute if they had a romantic relationship” there’s like… “nothing” wrong with it, but in the moment they start actively creating content and justifying themselves in a creepy way… that’s when you cross a line, you know?

same applies to mafia aus, abusive relationship aus and the like. i mean… why do you think that’s exciting and, as a creator, want to put it out there? why do you want to distort these gentle and good characters into something that’s… wrong (for the lack of a better word)? i’m not criticizing the creators and people who enjoy it, but asking them why. i’m not saying “don’t create this content” because 1) no one has that authority and 2) you have the freedom of creating whatever you want, my issue is why these harmful tropes are so harmful. most people don’t even question it. 


Hello! Admin 1 speaking! I just finished doing small renovations to the desktop page: adding a search bar and revamping the artist master list!

  • Search Bar: It’s under the regular links and such and if you type in the name of an artist or song or even album it’ll tell you if we have what you’re looking for!
  • Artist Master list: Works the same as before but now with all the artists we’ve ever posted in alphabetical order!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Even though it’s already past Midnight here (and we don’t really celebrate this, lol), I just want to say, how thankful I am for everything.
2017, while far from perfect, has changed my life for the better!

I have met a lot of new people this year! The ones that come to mind who I met through Tumblr, would be @multilobe, @iespoir and @superzephyr.
I’m glad I was able to meet you, even if I don’t talk to you guys that often.