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Mini closet cosplay photo shoot for @mardisoir from their amazing fic One Thousand Nights

Jean: @petalprouvaire

Montparnasse: @montparnassee

We promise to do a better one soon and go out and buy/make outfits, but yet again this was done at 3am…. plus I want to get a wig so I can do Jean’s hair styles~

Follower forever kinda?

This is the closest thing I’ll ever have to a follower forever, so hear me out:

Firstly I want to start with two people that need a special category and that is I don’t know how I can stand you sometimes but I really love you both and would honestly die for you:
@kookinthetae and @markbumq (I love you, you two shits)

A list of my official children, I am officially their mom and I would do anything for them and would 785% protect them:
Babysusu: @natural–trash
Babysol: @softforeveryone
Laura: @laurals14
Eliza: @eggtartes

People that aren’t officially my children but I still consider them my babies and WOULD do anything for them, the same rules apply:
Bia: @protectsquishykyungsoo (I know we don’t talk but you’re precious)
Raia: @lya-blue-dragon01
Sophia: @pupjoon
Mali: @cafehobi

People I love dearly (and probably would still call them “my children” just because I do this with everyone) and I am grateful every time I see them on my dash:
Husbert: @husberttee
Devan: @jixam
Kata: @loserandnamjintrash
Antonia: @miniminsu
Savannah: @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness
Demi: @cookieangelwonho

taaeeter-tots  asked:

hi babe! how're you doing? keeping up with this blog and school well? actually, it's should be around spring break if im correct ^^. hope ure doing well and staying healthy; i can see you're working hard on art :') <3

//om g i m— Im fine, i think Im doing good with school and with this blog?? Even tho i feel kinda bad for keeping short breaks here and there, I’ll try to do better*sobs* My break is in 2weeks since i got it moved there!! Im never healthy *ugly laughter* but thank you I appreciate u saying that!! Thank you very much!!♡♡


I’ve finally colored more from the @voltroncoloringbook and I have to say this is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I couldn’t decide which version I liked more so I just posted them both hehe. A huge thanks to @vanienne for the lineart and to @shishiswordsman for giving me pointers on the shading!


Since I can’t decide which photo looks better, I’m gonna include both the filtered and non-filtered version.

Hey, @ii-hath-consumed, I really like your oc/objectsona, so I drew her and my oc Mini Tissues interacting! I really like your drawings, and I hope you see this!

My oc: https://bell-bones.tumblr.com/post/158672868223/so-you-know-those-mini-tissue-boxes-that-are-in

writing update

all right I did the writing thing today on the next part of my Blood in the Water series  - 4000 words, starting with Yuuri being introspective and quickly devolving into blowjobs, because why not.  Hopefully I’ve gotten that out of my system and I can get back to focusing on character development what’s up with Yurio.

oh, and I also wrote a thousand words of Hands of Clay that turned out to be garbage - I went too far down a rabbit hole and don’t know how to climb back out. It happens far too frequently with this story and i’m really not happy about it.

i’ll make a more official post when people might be awake, but!! that novella i’ve been working on, that i started like….a year ago and then didn’t touch forever?

It has just finished going through it’s almost final stage of editing. I’m hoping to get it through beta-reading if I can, but I am extremely happy with it and so so so excited!

flower cloak.


A tribute to Min Yoongi’s heartwarming, sincere, captivating gummy smile cause it’s been too long and i miss him ♡