hope inside love

Even if the Christmas ep wasn’t 40 mins like we all hoped and lacked stuff that was hinted at I really enjoyed that we got an episode almost entirely centered around Adrien which I feel was lacking a lot in s1. qvq 


“Seem like yesterday;
We’ve grown a lot too;
The good things were always;
For others;
Wherever we were;
We cried and laughed a lot;
But it was all beautiful”
- bts, 이사 (move)
more; rb;

I fuck shit up so badly but you still stay up to say goodnight to me. Ive yelled at you and thrown tantrums but you still smile and tell me how beautiful I look. You saw me at my worst before you saw me at my best. You walked with me when no one else would. You taught me how to pray even though I knew how but you gave me a reason to do it. You’ve loved me like this, and you never asked for anything in return. You filled up my stomach before you filled up my heart. I interrupt you and laugh at my own jokes, but you still hug me like I have so much worth. You make me feel like a queen but look at me like Im a soldier. You are the storm and I am the waves but when we come together its like we dance in the sky. You showed me the better half of me still exists but when I look at it all I see you. Thank you for handling me even though I drive you insane. But ever since Ive met you all the pains gone away.
—  Your best friend

Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.


u H
I had to draw this rn
because u h
I had
n e v er
drawn this prior


The part of you that always existed yet never were you willing to allow into the light of day.