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Wig Hack Wednesday #7!

So, many of you guys are probably familiar with the wire+tape method to make drill curls in wigs. But did you know you can also use wire+tape for spikes? You can get more natural-looking spikes that won’t flop over time with this method. And you won’t have to spend hours glueing hair down on a foam core. This method is good for long spikes that stick outward like Axel from Kingdom Hearts, or Aigami from Yu-Gi-Oh! In this tutorial, I used a Vegas base wig in Dark Blue from Arda Wigs
Here are the steps:

- Section off hair for the spike. Cut a piece of floral wire in the length you need for the spike plus extra 1 inch (you will know why later). And sandwich the wire between two strips of clear heavy-duty packaging tape. Trim the tape down to long triangle shape
- Divide the hair you parted eariler into two sections and clip them away (make sure the top section has more hair than the bottom). Stick the end tip of the wire into the wig cap and have it poke out below. If you need to, use your shears to punch a small hole in the wig cap so the wire can poke through
- Bend the end tip of the wire up into the main wire to create a triangle leg that will help support the wire’s position. Hot glue part of the wig cap to the wire inside the leg to secure it
- Tease the inner layer of hair from each half of the spike with a teasing brush or fine-tooth comb
- Comb out the outer layer of the spike to clean it up. Put glue on the wire and press down the top section of the spike first
- Do the same for the bottom section of the spike
- Trim more layers near the tip of the spike to create more dimension
- With a flat iron on medium heat, flip the end of the spike to shape it, hold until it cools
- Comb the outer layer of the spike, spray it in place with Got2B spray, and use Got2B glue or Tacky glue to secure the tip

And that’s it! Enjoy your cool spikes with minimal effort. I hope this was helpful to you guys. :D

Wig Hack Wednesday #4 !
Today I wanna introduce a no-sew-no-glue method to add volume to your wig with a jumbo braid (or braiding hair). Using this method will save you time and money because you’ll be getting more bang for your buck! Jumbo braids are pretty cheap and can range from around $2-$8 depend on quality of the hair fiber. Usually, they are used to add thickness to braid hairstyles, but you can use it for any “big-hair” hairstyle, really. Be careful when using hair dryer or heat tools with jumbo braids because they cannot stand as much heat-styling as other wig fibers. For this tutorial, I’m using a jumbo braid in marshmallow from Arda Wigs.
- Untie the end of the jumbo braid. Separate and cut a small piece of weft from it. Keep in mind that you’ll need the piece to be double of the length you would want for the final product because you will be folding the piece in half.
- Use a latch crochet hook to go under the elastic band of the wig and grab the folded hair
- Bring the hook back through the same hole, making sure the latch closes before you pull it through the hole
- Grab the hair with your fingers, twist it once and hold
- Bring the hair from the hanging side and pull it through the twisted loop without tightening the loop
- Bring the loop to the opposite side and twist it again
- Pull the hair from the hanging side through the loop again
- Pull and tighten the knot so it’s as small as possible
- Keep adding more hair to the other elastics and different sections of the wig. You can tease it for more volume!

I used this method to make a Sage Madara (Naruto) wig and it produced great result with high volume but still very light-weight. I hope this helps you create cool wigs with super volume at low cost (looking at Steven Universe people…lol )

Wig Hacks Wednesday #1 !
Need to quickly add length to your base wig without spending time sewing rolls and rolls of wefts? Want to use the same wig for that certain character who grew out their hair after timeskip arc? (I’m looking at you, Shonen Jump characters)
Here’s a quick way to add some sturdy length to your base wig, but still easy to remove if needed, using the ponytail wrap from Arda Wigs (Base wig in pic is a Jareth in Baby Pink)

- Using the duckbill clips, section off the hair where you want to add length. Unwrap the ponytail wrap’s velcro top. (You can see many rows of wefts on it which makes it volumous)
- Pull the small tail side through the spaces between the elastic band on the wig
- Fold in the ponytail wrap’s main side and use the little comb to secure it to the base wig
- Bring the small tail side over the main side of the ponytail wrap and press down the velcro parts to secure them to one another
- Comb and straighten the wig hair as needed to blend the textures
- She’s ready to rock hair-over-shoulder looks!

I hope this was useful for you guys. Every Wednesday, I will be sharing wig hacks for styling, tools, products, and just whatever I find interesting to add to your wig work experience! If you don’t wanna miss these posts, go to the top of my page and change your notification settings to “see first”. I will also be putting up more video tutorials with voice-over once I get a good video camera. Any tutorial suggestions, let me know please!


Un Nouveau Voyage (2015) // Amour Eternal (2016)
Shiotsuki Shuu & Fujioka Sayaka in Sera Myu Uranep promo

anonymous asked:

what's the technique you used on your otabek wig and what wigs did you use? there's a character with similar hair i want to cosplay and your wig turned out great!

I didn’t take lots of pictures of the process of making the wig sadly but I will try to explain it as best as I can ..

the wig is made up out of 2 smaller wigs I used a grey wig as the underside and a black front lace wig as the top
it was an old front lace wig that was in pretty bad condition so it felt a bit less bad to use it (they are a bit more expensive than normal wigs) but the thing with front lace wigs is that the front looks a lot more realistic you can really push the hair back in any way you want.

okay I got a bit sidetracked talking about front lace wigs on to construction!
first you take the bottom wig (the grey one) and flip it inside out, then you cut out the top part carefully, don’t cut the hair just the thingies where the wefts are on

(here is a pic of what I mean every wig looks different on the inside so just start with a little bit you can always cut more later, and if you do accidentaly cut off too much you can still sew it together again so don’t worry)

you are basically looking for that sweet old balding men look 

when you get to that point you need to cut the hair short, do this very slowly because this is the easiest way to ruin your wig and try to make it as short as possible. after this I mixed some black acrylic paint with water and painted the wig a bit darker because it was too light grey

for the top part you do the same but instead of the bottom part of the wig you focus on the top part!

to put on the wig I just use a wigcap and then pin the underside to the wig cap, then I pin the top part over it and glue the lace on.
I see a lot of people that sew the 2 parts together so you have a full wig again but I find that this way works better because you can really pin the underside tightly to you head and it wont lift off. 

I hope this makes sense? 
good luck with making your wig!! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

(here is another tutorial that isn’t mine which kinda explains the progress but they used magnets)


A lot of folks have been asking for this! I’m not super great at making tutorials but I hope this is helpful! Wig styling tutorial for Viktor Nikiforov from Yuri on Ice :3

More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-eP_OAcG_k

gravitationalconflict  asked:

Any advice on how to style an urbosa wig?

Hello there!

It looks like there are a couple of things going on with this style: the hair is pulled back into a very full high ponytail, with the ponytail itself pulled into a lower ponytail, and it has full, swirly bangs.

For the ponytail, I would recommend adding that piece separately, whether with a claw clip or otherwise. This will make it far easier to work with the length and volume of hair required, and since the attachment is hidden either under more hair or under the ornamental band, you won’t lose any realism. You can either go with a short wig for the base (the back of the neck will be mostly hidden so you won’t have to worry about having the hair back there appear to be pulled into the ponytail) or you can pull a wig into a high ponytail and stub it.

For the ponytail itself, I would either use wefts over a base (you can create a pillow in there of foam or sewn like an actual pillow to create structure and save on hair and weight), multiple claw ponytail clips (which will be heavier), or use crimped and teased fiber off of a loose pack of hair (such as a jumbo braid) to create volume that smooth wefts will be placed over.  You can attach the ponytail by sewing in the wefts or by creating a separate piece that clips in (which I would recommend so you can take it off for storage and to save a bit of weight on your neck). Simply pull the fibers into a low ponytail for the lower ponytail portion.

If you want a less cartoonishly huge ponytail, I would combine two ponytail clips, flipping them upside-down and teasing the underside to create a bit of volume.

For the bangs, you can heat style the swirl in place and use freezing spray to keep it in place. If you want a very cartoony look, you can create a foam base that you glue wefts over, and if you want a more realistic look, you can simply shape the hair in place and sew it flat to the side of the head with matching thread and small stitches, or interpret it as a curl more than a large swirl. 

Be sure to use wig clips or another type of attachment system so that this monster of a wig will stay on your head, and to help distribute the weight. 

Hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

teru cactus/haystack wig tutorial

an anon asked me how i made my wig so here’s my writeup. disclaimer: this is only the way i chose to do it, but there are tons of other ways out there as well! also, i don’t have pics of allll the steps i used so i hope that’s ok.

the wig:

i first started off with a base wig and 2 packs of wefts. i think it was a magnum from @ardawigs in fairy blonde, and two packs of their short wefts also in fairy blonde. i actually ended up needing like 4 or 5 packs of wefts so this was a major oversight by me since i had some troubles with the wefts i need constantly being on backorder.

using a seam ripper, i took off the skin top and a lot of the wefts on the top, leaving a roughly 5″x5″ square of the open net. Then, i used craft foam and hot glue to make a kind of cage. the cage was circular and made up of roughly 1.5″ or 2″ strips of craft foam. if i had to do this wig again, I’d add more horizantal bars than I did, but for now this seems to be ok structurally. on 4 points, i left the vertical bars lower to cover the corners on the empty square of the wig. after my cage was complete, i handsewed it onto the wig base (didnt want to use hot glue since it would stiffen up the cap and I didnt want that). then i put a lot of polyfill into the empty cage. You can get a better idea of what I did in the picture below as well. I was using 12″x18″ craft foam, but it wasn’t long enough to reach around the entire circumference of the circle, so I had to frankenstein some of the strips together. Also note that I padded out the polyfill on the areas around the corners, and the bars are closer together at the bottom for more structural stability.

then, i took my wefts and started hot gluing them on in a spiral. i started with the wefts i took from the wig, and then when i ran out, i used my long strings of short wefts, which i applied in approximately 18″ sections so i didn’t have to deal with the full 8′ long strand. the spiral had ~1 inch of spacing between the rows. i set aside the skin top so it could be put on top of the wig when i was done. since the wefts were still very long for being short wefts, at a hefty 19″ long, when i ran out of the strands i would go through and trim sections off, and then using fabric glue, glue them together into clumps that i could hot glue onto the wig. i’ve made a shitty diagram so you can see what i mean because i suck at explaining things

and here’s a picture of the wig halfway done

you can see the glued wefts at the top of the progress line here! i continued this process until the wig was done! i would periodically go back and trim the hairs so they looked nice and werent chunky, and i added onto sections that seemed too thin or had gaps between the wefts.

(it looks like an uncircumcised penis here rip)

after fluffing and styling the wig with the help of got2b glue hairspray and a handy dandy hairdryer.

the wig is flexy and sturdy, and isnt as heavy as i anticipated. i looked through some other writeups before i did this and a lot of them used just one big cylinder of craft foam, but it seemed like it would be very stiff and i kinda wanted the ability to have it move (since it does in canon for a lot of comedic effect). i’m sewing wig clips into the front and sides so it doesnt come off since it is very heavy.

i hope this helps and im sorry if my shitty tutorial-writing skills are painful and confusing!!!


Okay, so sorry in advance if this is rushed and all over the place. Long story short, my psychiatrist office failed to mention to me until today that I was supposed to be paying for my visits all along, and now I have a massive bill on my head, of which I can’t pay. So basically they got me addicted to drugs, of which I need to function anyways, and are now threatening to stop my appointments and take them away from me, of which would cause me to withdrawal and probably land me back in the hospital (of which I have crazy bills from those trips too already)

SO my solution, since I can’t in good conscience ask for money for free, I am opening up dirt cheap wig commissions in hopes to make up this money before I run out of my prescription.

The basic breakdown of how that would work is, my labor is only gonna be $50 (up to ten hours of time spent on the wig), and all you have to pay on top of that is shipping and for the wig. This is also the only time where I will take in your wigs and style them as you want them (if physically feasible). If you don’t have a wig, I will order them from Arda unless otherwise discussed.

I am literally asking for less than minimum wage on these wigs.

So please, please if you need a wig, any wig, please send me a message, or email me at a.a.morlock@gmail.com with references and what you want and we will discuss further. Or if you don’t, share this with anyone you know who does.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm pretty new to cosplaying and was wondering if you would mind helping me out? I apologize if you receive this ask often, but I was unable to find anything. Would you by any chance be able to give me some tips on wig styling or just tell me which products are the best, and also where I can find good contact lenses? Thank you

Hi! I made a post about wigs a while back, but I will copy and paste it here for convenience. :)

Lucaille is my absolute favorite place to buy wigs, shipping is a little spendy but the wigs are mostly below $20 which means you can get 2-3 to make it more worth your while! Some even come fully styled and only require a slight trimming of the bangs.

Arda is of course a favorite amongst cosplayers everywhere, they have some of the highest quality and widest range of styles and colors anywhere! I’ve gotten many of my best wigs from here. They also sell worbla and other cosplay making supplies, and perhaps the biggest plus is that they’re in the US so if you live here shipping is much faster!

Kasou’s wigs are some of the highest quality I’ve come across so far, and as a result they are more expensive. Nonetheless, an extremely trustworthy and kind seller who makes beautiful wigs!

If you are willing to jump through hoops on Taobao by using a proxy service such as Spreenow (i’ve used them several times and they’re great!), this is another great shop .

As for contacts, I highly recommend Uniqso (you can use my code “hisoneko” for 10% off!) or Honeycolor!

Hope this helps~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ