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Hallowe’en Spell Jar

I hope everyone had a good Hallowe'en last night! I wanted to share with you a spell jar I’ve put together to celebrate Hallowe'en and to refresh and strengthen the house charms ready for the darkness of Winter. It’s my first spell jar so I’m thrilled with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you.

What you’ll need…

Small jar
Candle of your chosen colour
Black peppercorns (for protection and banishing)
Crushed dried chillies (to give any harm bringers a good kick!)
Black onion seeds (protection)
Sea salt (protection, cleansing and purifying the house)
Sand (protection, cleansing, washing away of problems)
Ash from incense you have offered to your house spirits
Sigils (Below)
Cinnamon (prosperity)
Lavender (for a peaceful home)
Frankincense (blessings of the gods)
Rose petals (for love and joy)
Dandelion seeds (for luck and wishes)

Get your ingredients ready. Light the candle to start melting the wax. Ask your house spirits to join you, watching as you put together the jar. Begin layering your ingredients, with the protection ones at the bottom of the jar and the dandelion seeds at the top. Focus on the meaning of each ingredient. You can chant their correspondence as you use them to help stay in the right frame of mind and to build energy. Alternatively, I like to hum as I work, I find that my house spirits enjoy music and so a tune is a small offering I can give them.

Once you have put your black pepper, sea salt and garlic in the bottle, it’s time to deal with your sigils. I used two sigils this time:

“House spirits are content” and 

“My house is safe from harm”        

Once you’ve drawn them, breathe life into them and then burn them carefully. Take the ash and pour it into the bottle along with your incense ash. Continue layering your bottle with the rest of the ingredients.

When you are finished, pop the cork in and spend a moment with the bottle clasped in your hands, so that your warmth goes into the jar and think about a happy, peaceful and protected home. When your jar is warm and you are ready, dip the jar in the candle wax or dribble wax over the jar to seal it. The wax can be a colour that you associate with protection or happiness. I chose natural beeswax because yellow is my favourite colour! Yellow means warm, happy days full of light to me, and the beeswax symbolises prosperity and productivity thanks to the bees that spent their days working hard to make it.

Leave the jar near the heart of your home, somewhere you will see it often or somewhere you most associate with your house spirits. I leave mine on my hearth, of course! Ask for the blessings of your spirits and let them know how much you appreciate them.

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I have nothing important to say. Just wanted to say I've gotten my hand stuck in a pasta jar. Also, hope you have a nice day night void thing tho

what nightmare zone do you live in where pasta comes in jars

I was tagged by @annesophiefootpath to list ten books that stayed with me in some way, so in no particular order they are:

  1. The Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling)
  2. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
  3. The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)
  4. Very Good Lives (JK Rowling)
  5. god is not Great (Christopher Hitchens)
  6. Joy in the Morning (PG Wodehouse)
  7. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (William Joyce)
  8. The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath)
  9. The Night Circus (Erin Morgentsern)
  10. Hope Was Here (Joan Bauer)

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i’ve been experiencing a lot of excess anger lately, especially at work, so i decided to turn to the wonders of witchcraft to bring me some inner peace💙 & i made it in a smaller jar so i can always have it during stressful situations!!

this jar includes:
-vanilla incense ash
-little pieces of dried orange peel
-small amethyst stones
-sigil for inner peace (charged with intent)

(i got the sigil from a witch on tumblr but i forgot their url, im so sorry!!)

i sealed the jar with blue wax & anointed it with moonwater made during the waxing moon on a sunday night🌒

i hope this jar works & i hope it’s helpful to any of you baby witches out there!!! & if anyone has any questions my ask is always!always!always! open. have fun little babies & stay safe!!!

-elle, baby green witch🌿🔮

#BestYearEver: How to Get Glowing Skin

You say you want perfect skin but then you break your rule of no sweets after 9 p.m. and somehow end up getting five hours of sleep. Sound familiar? We know how hard it is to stick to healthy routines and have the patience for real results, which is why we’re laying out our best tips for getting the skin you want, and showing you the products that will help you along the way. Read through our best advice and shop our editors’ picks below, and you’ll be glowing inside and out in no time!

7 Tips for Great-Looking Skin

1. Drink water. It may seem obvious, but we can’t stress this enough. One of the simplest ways to ensure skin rejuvenation is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. If you struggle with reaching the goal, try coconut water for a sweeter taste and essential nutrients. Need a little motivation? Shop our favorite water bottles here.

2. Find your zen. Practicing meditation or yoga regularly will help you feel more balanced and calm in everything you do, plus they’ll take stressed out skin out of the equation. If weekly classes seem unfeasible, try an app!

Yoga Tights

3. Give your skin a breather. Try going makeup-free for a few days, or devote a weekend to relaxing and giving your body the TLC it needs.

4. Clean, cleanse & moisturize. It’s important to get in the habit of removing all your makeup at night. Find a non-toxic cleanser that won’t irritate your skin, always moisturize, no matter your skin type and exfoliate a few times a week to slough off dead skin.

5. Use an oil. Can we debunk the myth that oils clog your pores once and for all? Argan oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil are all magic elixirs for your skin.

Acure Organics Argan Oil

6. Eat well. If you really want to improve your skin, you have to pay attention to what you’re putting into your body. Try cutting out dairy, sugar and alcohol for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference.

7. Dig deeper. If you’re still unhappy with your skin, it might pay off to have your doctor run some tests. There are a number of under-the-surface reasons your skin might be acting up, like an iron deficiency or hormone imbalance.

Editors’ Picks: Skin Care


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser Fluid

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Eye Make-Up Remover Pads


Clarisonic Aria Skin Care System - White

Smoothed to Perfection - Classic Skin Care


Sugar Face Polish

Exfoliating Gloves


Creme de Corps

Hope In A Jar Night


Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery

Skin renewal booster 30ml

For more skin care products, click here.

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Hey I hope you’re still doing pendulum readings ( if not just ignore my message 💛) I met two guys (A.T) and (N.R) and my feelings are all over the place, so I thought maybe you could help me out ?❤️ Do you think I’ll get into a relationship with one of them in the next few months ? Thank you 💙 I hope you have a wonderful day 🙇🏻‍♀️ -Delia

pendulum says: yes for A.T. ⭐️ & I hope you have a wonderful night 🌹

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[Requested] 10 Steps in My Skincare Regime: I was asked by a few of you to run through my skincare routine, and I don’t do that too often simply because our skins are all different and what works for me might not necessarily work for you. (Do always be careful about trying to new skincare because there are always ingredients that work fine for me but that might cause a reaction for you.) So instead of talking about a routine in terms of the products I use (they change all the time), I’ll talk about the key things that I keep in mind when it comes to skin maintenance.
1. Wash your brushes religiously. I wash cream/liquid product brushes and sponges after every SINGLE use. I wash powder brushes at least about twice a week. If they come in contact with any active acne, I wash them after a single use.
2. Disinfect your pressed powder products by spraying with denatured alcohol. This includes pressed powders, blushers once every 2-4 weeks. I usually disinfect shadows only if I’ve touched them with fingers while doing swatches. 
3. Oil cleansing. I’ve used emulsifying oil cleansers for the past 10 years and have no intention of stopping. I find the massaging and rubbing much gentler - and more thorough - than using cotton pads. I also use it after a workout or if I’ve been sweating the whole day, just to clean out the pores. I avoid wipes wherever possible unless I’m on the go and don’t have a choice.
4. Exfoliate. Chemically. I like glycolic acid and salicylic acid for removing dead cells and keeping the pores clear. Physical grainy scrubs aren’t thorough and can’t be used too often if you have sensitive skin like mine, because they can cause micro-tears in the skin and usually make my skin worse. I like Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night every other night. Once or twice a week I’ll use Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant, which is cream mask that eats away at dead cells and smooths out the skin. Expensive but so worth it.
5. Apply antioxidants. Many people don’t want to hear this after they’ve invested hundreds and thousands of dollars on expensive skin supplements, but it’s been proven that topical application of antioxidants like vitamins and plant extracts can work much better for skin repair and protection than oral supplements, because anything you swallow gets digested and synthesized by your body for other organs and tissues first. Only a tiny amount of what you pay for gets delivered to your skin. This is not to say you shouldn’t eat healthy in general. Just save your money on those collagen and vitamin-based skin supplements and invest in a good serum. 
6. Sunblock. Understand what you’re buying and wear it all the time. SPF is how LONG a block will protect your skin from UVB rays, and PA is how long it will protect you against UVA. People always think SPF means the intensity of protection. It doesn’t. It means duration. If you are porcelain-pale you likely have a natural skin protection factor of 1-2, and an SPF15 will only protect you for 15-30 minutes. If you have very dark skin on the other hand and a natural skin protection factor of about 7-8 or so, an SPF15 could be good for a few hours. Ditto for PA. PA++++ (4 +’s) is the highest grade around currently, and I don’t recommend anything lower than 3 +’s because UVA is in many ways more dangerous than UVB because you won’t feel it burning and destroying the collagen matrix in deeper tissues, or damaging your DNA.
7. Sulfur. This has long been one of my favorite anti-acne ingredients because it just works better for me at quickly treating active spots than things like benzoyl peroxide (not good for long-term use), salicylic acid (better for prevention than treatment) and tea tree (doesn’t work for me at all). Different things work for different people though, so just be aware of the different options available and test to find out what works best for you.
8. TRY not to touch your face. It’s hard. I know. Especially when we are itching to pick at clogged pores. But I’ve proven to myself time and time again that picking usually makes it worse than just leaving that small little clogged pore alone. This is one thing I haven’t really managed to control yet. New Year’s resolution!
9. I don’t use sheet masks. Gasp. Not that they harm the skin. I have nothing against sheet masks and used to use SKII masks way back before it ever became a rage in recent years. But honestly, aside from the psychological benefit of the “self-pampering” experience, I never found it to do anything permanently beneficial for the skin that regular skincare can’t do, and it always felt very wasteful. Like pouring half a bottle of serum on your face and neck in one sitting and hoping you will get faster results. If you love it and don’t mind the cost, go right ahead. It’s a nice relaxing treat and is a good way to temporarily plump and smooth the skin for an hour or two. Just don’t expect any lasting miracles. 
10. If you have a problem that you’re struggling to fix, go to a reputable dermatologist for a consultation to try and understand the underlying causes and solutions available once and for all, rather than trying to diagnose yourself based on truckloads of differing “expert opinions” in magazines and online articles, or tons of potions and lotions promising you eternal youth, devastating beauty, and the kitchen sink besides. You often end up wasting a lot more money - and making things worse - in the long term. 

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i want YOU to tell me your skincare routine

ooo fun ok ok ok. my most recent routine:

kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser
kiehl’s ultra facial toner
caudalie beauty elixir
ole henriksen truth serum
ole henriksen sheet transformation moisturizer
origins dr weil mega bright eye cream

sephora micellar water
kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser
kiehl’s ultra facial toner
bare minerals skin longevity serum
philosophy hope in a jar night cream
origins dr weil mega bright eye cream

kate somerville exfolikate
korres rose sleeping facial
boscia luminizing black mask
biore pore strips

So basically I figured I’d make a post about my beauty routine. I have a Sephora addiction but these products are all really important to me. I don’t know what I would do without this stuff. I really look at reviews before I buy and I make sure the quality is consistent. All of my descriptions will be from top to bottom, left to right.  This is part one… I will do part two (skin and nails), part three (makeup) and part four (masks) sometime soon :)

Daily Routine:

  1. Clinique Rinse off Eye Makeup Solvent: —> This is really good for any eye makeup. It’s a nice texture and doesn’t damage my face when I use it. It doesn’t smell which is nice- and it really does what it’s supposed to do.
  2. Avene TriAcneal: —> A nice simple spot treatment that works! I usually put it on last before bed.
  3. Murad Essential C Toner:
  4. Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Intensolution:
  5. Lush Teatree Water: —> These are my toners! After I cleanse I choose the most suited for how my skin is currently doing. Murad is best for brightening, while Lush is for oily and if I’m breaking out I’d reach for the Dr. Brandt.
  6. Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Brightning cleansing cloths: —> I usually use these before bed, and sometimes if I’m not showering that morning. They smell like creamsicles and are kind to my skin. They are also good for brightening!  **Note: In the shower I use my Clarisonic Mia 2 and my Ole Henriksen anti-acne cleanser which aren’t pictured.
  7. Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment: —> I use the night treatment after my toner and cleansing wipes. It has a 12 source AHA acid complex and it evens skin tone over night, smoothing and clearing the skin while I sleep.
  8. Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Hydrating antioxidant serum: —> I use this in the morning and sometimes at night after I cleanse and tone my skin… it makes my skin more vibrant when I wake up and apparently nourishes it and helps it to gain back hydration I lose when doing acne treatments.
  9. Ole Henriksen under eye gel: —> This is the best in the morning when I have tired eyes! It will change your life… it tightens like… right away!
  10. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar: —> This is my day cream- it’s perfect and great on sensitive skin. it makes a wonderful cream for anything… it makes a fresh, nice base for makeup even without primer. I never got to try regular Hope in a Jar day so I don’t know if it’s better or worse than the original but I love it.
  11. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night: —> This is the original hope in a jar night. It smells odd but it has a lovely rich texture - almost a balm and it really makes my skin feel great. It helps to heal my skin and doesn’t make me break out. They’re switching to only carrying Renewed Hope in a Jar Night, so after this is gone I will have to switch to that and see if it works as well. It lasts forever so I haven’t had to make the change yet!
  12. Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel: —> This is my favourite. It takes all the rough skin off when I need to have soft, smooth skin, and it does it immediately. I use it probably two times per week.

So this is my daily skin routine… Let me know what you think! Let me know if you guys have some killer products!