hope im enough

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

matureheartless241  asked:

Okay so I ship....I ship...I ship Shiro/Lance....will you draw them for me 😢😢😢😢


Also high key hoping Lance’s insecurity is the focus in S3 and has a chance to prove himself to his hero.


Prince || Spy Levi commission for @brambledown / @inkshaming


request a gifset: sehun in unfair for @smhsehun

More Adrienette for the soul

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)


You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

so this is what i’ve been up to lately, finishing a piece for a gintama fanbook dedicated to the series coming to an end. i wanted to make something really fun, something very gintama-esque so i hope i did okay 

“IN LOVE WITH A GHOST” [listen here] 
→ songs about a green ghost and his sweaty

Genghis Khan - Miike Snow
Do You - Spoon
Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Ella Henderson
Come Around - Cole Sipe
Love You Madly - Cake
Drugs - Private Island
Infinity - Ark Patrol
Finally - Trevor Wesley
Ghosting - Mother Mother
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
We’re Beautiful - ABSRDST & Diveo
Careless Whisper (YeahRight! Remix) - George Michael


lot’s of chanyeol for the biggest piece of chanyeol trash i’ve ever known, and one of the best people i will ever have the fortune to meet  (ノ゜ω゜)ノ

i love you, and happy birthday mary, @chanshine!

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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a k2 comic i made (that i didnt finish bc college and shop ;;) where kyle caught up in an accident and got selective amnesia and cant remember kenny (bc you know when kenny as mysterion said kyle is the smartest kid in their class)

now i need a fic of this im crying ;;;;~:;;; i need more k2 angst

hello my sweet angels!!!!!! it’s me, ur local sof jimin stan… ki….here with my first ff!! wat can i say… 2016 has been a wild ride for us all nd im proud of you all for sticking it thru right until then end! all i can say is that i truly wish for you all to have a wonderful start to 2017 and i hope it’s a softer….kinder year than this one was yike. ANYWAYES im making this here follow forever to thank you all….. ive had such a great time on this site this year nd it’s thanks to u all !!!! i literally dont have Words  to explain just how much i love everyone i follow……..gross………so please…..just know i love u all dearly and i wish only the best for u in the coming year 💐💘

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