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For Kate

some time ago i learned that a friend of mine wasn’t feeling very well, so i contacted people i saw interacting with her and asked if they wanted to participate in a post where we all would remind this friend how much she means to us. this is for you, Kate @highlightsofeverything


The things i love and appreaciate about Kate : - her talent to embroidery - How much she cares about others - How beautiful she and her soul Is - How respectful she Is - How supportive she always Is - How she tries her best. Always


Kate, I really hope you’re doing well. You really mean so much to me although we don’t know each other THAT well. I really hope one day we will know each other much better. And let me just tell you why I want that. •You are so damn cute. •You are so amazing. •You have an amazing personality. •You are beautiful just the way you are. (And maybe I’m a little bit jealousy but Pssst) •Everyone loves you. (Including me of course.) And I really hope I made you smile because it makes you even more beautiful than you are already. I love you. Your fren, Ceylan.


I love that she is so kind and loving towards everyone, that she plays a lot of positivity, and how she loves succulents so much. It’s really hard just to right down reasons ahhh


things about kate: she was my first friend on tumblr. she’s helped me through some really awful days. she’s smart, hilarious, and so so supportive. she’s my bean. our timezones don’t line up so whenever we talk it’s normally while i’m in history (my least favorite class) and it gives me something better to do than learn about napoleon. her cats are the bomb dot com. she’s so strong and i look up to her a lot. kate can deal with any shit that life throws at her. she’s loved, valued, and super important to me.


it might not feel like it, but you deserve whatever happiness this world has to offer for you, and i haven’t mastered the art of putting my feelings into words well enough to explain why I think so. you’re really cool, and really nice, and I hope you find the happiness the world might have hidden away from you. I believe you’re strong enough to find it.


i never thought i would meet someone like you, in fact i never thought i would even get a friend here so i don’t know how i got so lucky with you. i know that things haven’t been so great for you lately and i wish i could be there to hug you and i know that i already owe you like three hugs but here’s another one. i love and appreciate you so much, you are always there for me and i mean ALWAYS. i remember when we had just started talking and i was on this weird meeting with all these awkward teenagers so i messaged you and you responded like two seconds later with ‘TALK TO ME HUN’ and i mean if that isn’t love then i don’t know what is. you are the most thoughtful person i know and you are always here for me even in my darkest hours so thank you. thank you for keeping me alive because without you i wouldn’t be here, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for being SO excited each time i post a selfie because it’s just he sweetest. thank you for being a part of my life. i love you so much so don’t you EVER forget that okay??



Kate is a beautiful person inside and outside. She’s always kind to everyone no matter what. She never fails to cheer me up. She always reblogs ,,please take care of yourself" ,,you are valid" kind of posts. Her embroidery art is absolutely amazing. She has a really good taste in music. She often sends me and her friends super kind asks on Tumblr. She loves dogs and cats. She’s sooo pretty. She plays ukulele. When I got 50 followers on Tumblr she wrote a post telling people that they should follow me. She’s an absolute angel. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. I’ll be forever thankful because I found her. I’m so lucky to be her friend. I love her so much. 💜🌹


Katie, you’re literally one of the sweetest people. I love talking to you about comics and tv shows, pretty much about anything cause you’re an absolute blast to talk to! you make me so happy and you deserve nothing but the best. You are so strong and you can totally get through this, I love you! <3


kate, my life is so much better because you are in it. people like you are so rare, your kindness and love just radiates with everything you do. you’re constantly bringing positivity to other people’s lives. i’m always smiling every time we talk or even when i see you on my dash. you’re the funniest and sweetest thing ever and i couldn’t be happier that you’re my friend.


kaaaaate you don’t understand how much i love you. i know we haven’t talked that much in the time we’ve been mutuals but you’re a piece of sunshine that brightens up everyone’s day. you’re one of the nicest people i’ve ever talked to and you legit deserve every hug in the world and a basket of kittens. i always get so happy when i see you on my dash and i’m just,,,,,,sO happy we’re friends. i hope you have a good day katieeeee!!!!💕💕💕


Katy here’s a list of tings that make me think of you😊✨ Smiles Bunny’s Happiness Cuddling Kissing Warmth Being Cozy Dogos Cactuses Blushing (You make me do this a lot😍) Feeling okay Hot chocolate Snuggling Fucking amazing embroidery Being a cutie (thas youu) I could really go on forever… But I wanna right a note toooo sooo… To be continued😏 Katy you are the sweetest and strongest person I know💜 I’m so proud of you for being your kind and loving self. You make me the happiest boy in the world. You are the most perfect girlfriend and the best friend in the entire world, you’re both. You are my sweet babygirl💜 someday were gonna have Corgi baby’s and be surrounded by lots of Cacti😏 You are so talented and smart your embroidery is stunning😍 and you’re English skills jwjfifdjfidskskckckdk, ahhhh HOW you are better than me and I from America😂. You are an amazing soul and a beautiful person you bring light wherever you go, you are an angel my sweet sweet babygirl💜 I know things haven’t been the best lately but ya boy is here for you and so are all of your lovely friends. I’m IN love with you💜


Kate! You are one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. Your willingness to listen to others and help them through their own struggles embodies the spirit of the clique. You are always so selfless and focused on others’ wellbeing and we need you to know that support isn’t a one way street. You do so much for us, and we’re always here for you as well. Inbox, messages, anytime, I’m here for you if you need to talk. Love you lots. Jazz 💕


(i translated/combined her thoughts on kate, so i’m taking all responsibility should this sound weird/wrong)

- positivity, she reblogs and posts so many nice, positive things that i see on my dash and she’s so easy to talk to, on anon or not (cause she’ll always reply) and her blog is very chill and feels like a safe space, it has a very specific kind of vibe to it


Kate, you’re an extraordinary human. You make me smile a ton and bring such a fantastic and joyful energy. Life can be a real pain but I hope you know we are all cheering you on. Even on your worst days. Sadness is temporary, even when it lingers much too long. I’m always here for you. You’re not alone. Life is going to give you fantastic things I know it. I’m sending you so much love and support. Never forget how wonderful you are and how loved you are! 👽💜🌻


Kate, you are one of the kindest people I have the pleasure to know. Your existence, your presence matters so much because you keep on touching and impacting lives in a positive way. I could go on and on about how much positive things I’ve heard about you, how many people have wanted to take part in this because they have recognized how good you truly are. 

You are the first stars blinking in the  haze of a peachy, golden sunset over a city after a long day. You are the stars in the night sky, you are Truce, the song everyone should listen to when they feel alone in their darkest of nights. 

People gravitate towards that kind of light and I hope that you know, you are so so much appreciated. I hope you know today’s only transitory on our way to the future, no matter what kind of day you have had and I hope you know that there will be a time when you’ll feel content and whole and happy. You are not confined by your 'now’, by your negative thoughts no matter how much they claim otherwise, you are not your sadness, You are an amazing human being with an immense interest in music, sunsets, plants and animals and you are surrounded by so many people who love you and truly care about you. You are loved by me and by all of these people who precede me in this post.  You are not alone, friend.

when to run away -- demon!Kylo/Rey

THIS IS 110% @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal AND @kimbus-thewhitelion‘S FAULT. ALL OF IT. 

allll offff iiiiiitttttttt

good lord in heaven I’ve written 3.5k of pure smut. pure, tentacle-filled, smut. 

Summary:  What is there to fear in the dark forest when all the devils of the world were so very clearly dressed in the armor of the First Order? Rey’s about to find out.

Rating: E

Found at my AO3

dixiedolittle (I hope this tagged you correctly!)​ Thank you! And I hope you enjoy this <3 <3 i know it’s leaning more towards pre-Wintershock but I do have a continuation planned! 

Prompt: Awkward First Meetings, #10, ‘i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car i’m so sorry’

Pairing: pre Bucky x Darcy

Rating: T

2015, Somewhere outside of Munich… 

A woman (bright blue jacket, a riot of brown hair, bulky messenger bag and a plastic bag) was kicking his car.

That it wasn’t really his car – he found the forest green Peugeot in Lyon, the keys were in the ignition, and the plates have been changed four times since – was no matter.

She was also screaming a litany of profanities in English at it that impressed a part of him that hadn’t seen the light of day in about 70 years.

A civilian, then.

“Stop that,” he said, and his voice came out as a growl.

The girl immediately stopped and whirled to face him.

“Wha – ”

“That’s my car,” he stated and stalked towards it.

“Shit! Sorry. I’m having a – a bit of a day and I needed to kick the crap out of something. You know?”

He knew.

She motioned to the ground, where the remnants of food were scattered on the asphalt.

“The stupid bag ripped,” the girl said. “And my lunch is gone.” She groaned and looked back at the sandwich shop. “I’ll be right back,” she told him, as she made her way to the shop.

That she wanted him to wait for her was strange.

After a little bit, he saw her walk out of the shop with another (double-bagged this time) plastic bag.

“Oh, good! You’re still here! Here,” she said and handed him something in a white paper wrapper. “Take it, please.”

He stared at it skeptically. “What is it?”

“Döner,” she answered. “From that place I just went into? It’s meats, veggies, bread. A sandwich. It’s good.”

It smelled good. Vague thoughts of how she might have poisoned it crossed his mind, but he saw her order through the shop window. It didn’t look like she had time to alter it in any way.

And he was hungry.

When he took it from her, she grinned then handed him a can of soda and a straw as well.

“An apology for beating up your car,” she told him, unprompted. She leaned back against the trunk and began unwrapping her food. Hesitantly, he did the same. “…And you looked like you could use it. No offense.”

He drank some of the Coke and as the fizzy, sweet taste went down his throat he thought of the crack of a baseball bat on a warm spring day and the laughter of a friend, blond and skinny and always ready for a fight.

“Thanks for the drink,” he managed after a bit, his voice still slightly croaky from disuse.

“You’re American,” she said, almost accusatory.

“So are you,” he countered.

She nodded and took a bite of her sandwich. “Again, sorry I kicked your car.”

“Why…why were you kicking my car?”

She sighed, long and drawn out, and wiped the corner of her lip with a napkin. “It’s been a shitty month, my dude. My boss has all these job offers that she’s not taking. That leaves me, her plucky and adorable assistant – ” she exaggeratedly batted her eyelashes at him and he found himself breathing out a laugh. “ – In career limbo. Which would be fine, but my parents have really been on my ass to shape up. Then the guy I was sort of seeing quit.”

“He…ended things with you?”

“No, man, he quit. He was my assistant. And he didn’t even say goodbye, just left his resignation letter taped to the refrigerator and fucked off. I’ve never been dumped via resignation letter before.” She paused and turned to him, her brows knitted above her pretty eyes. “Have you?”


“See?! That’s messed up, right? So then here I am on vacay and I’m about to go back to the hostel and eat my feelings then all of my food fell out of my bag. So I kicked your car.”

“Oh. That’s…” Refreshingly normal, he wanted to say.

“Not the appropriate response, I know. When you feel shitty, you should ‘think about your place in the universe’. I read that in a magazine. For instance, here we are, two Americans in Germany, eating Turkish food, after I’ve kicked your French car. That’s kinda cool right? All of the weird things that had to happen in history and time for us to be right here?”

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this is super last minute but i really wanted to make it to show my gratitude and appreciation for all the people that fill my dash with nice things and make this website tolerable. i loved seeing all of you on my dash this year and hope to see you all throughout 2017! i really hope 2017 is good to all of you! thank you again, you are all amazing and ily 💕

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Happy Father’s Day 

Please don’t trace, copy, or distribute. Thank you !


so after seeing my other freckled!yuya post, @breakdawn-avenue wanted to see more characters with freckles so here are all the yuus + zarc with freckles wow

an aesthetic for junko with knives, violent themes, and makeup! 

for @yarnandgrass – and of course tumblr isn’t letting me tag you correctly, but i hope you still see this nonetheless. i hope you like this! if not, i can always redo it. just let me know if you need anything else, junko!

- mod kirigiri.

Sick Day (Farraja) - Juliet

A/N: This is the first fic I’ve written for the rpdr fandom, because every ship needs a cliche sick fic. They’re both queens in this, but I used she/her pronouns and drag names. Weirdly enough, I was also sick when I finished writing it which is why the ending is… what it is. I hope I formatted everything alright and tagged this correctly. Hope you enjoy! Come visit me at @aqjuliet if you liked it.

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graceful-in-green  asked:

Book recs?



  • a monster calls by patrick ness
  • percy jackson and the olympians by rick riordan


  • the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski
  • all our yesterdays by cristin terrill
  • before i fall by lauren oliver
  • the host by stephenie meyer
  • the darkest minds by alexandra bracken
  • passenger by alexandra bracken
  • penryn and the end of days by susan ee
  • six of crow by leigh bardugo
  • the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh
  • the lost girl by mandanna sangu
  • the naturals by jennifer lynn barnes
  • falling kingdoms by rhodes morgan
  • far from you by tess sharpe
  • the archived by victoria schwab
  • the young elites/legend trilogy by marie lu
  • uprooted by naomi novik
  • wolf by wolf by ryan graudin
  • the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer
  • unearthly by cynthia hand
  • starbound trilogy/illuminae files by amie kaufman
  • gallagher girls/heist society by ally carter
  • vampire academy by richelle mead
  • bloodlines by richelle mead
  • the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater
  • the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo 
  • saving francesca/the piper’s son by melina marchetta 
  • the diviners by libba bray
  • drown by esther dalseno
  • the infernal devices by cassandra clare
  • ill give you the sun by jandy nelson


  • addicted series by krista and becca ritiche
  • amour amour by krista and becca ritiche
  • touch/trick by natalia jaster
  • captive prince by c.s. pacat
  • the foxhole court by nora sakavic
  • vicious by v.e. schwab
  • a darker shade of magic by v.e. schwab
  • kulti by mariana zapata
  • the wall of winniepeg and me by mariana zapata
  • the secret history by donna tartt
  • black iris by leah raeder

Books I’m planning to read/heard great things about

  • graceling realms by kristin cashore 
  • finnikin of the rock by melina marchetta 
  • the book of spirits and thieves by morgan rhodes 
  • summer skin by kirsty eagar
  • disruption by jessica shirvington
  • the darkest part of the forest by holly black
  • cracked (soul eaters trilogy) by eliza crewe
  • on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta
  • gabriel and the swallows by esther dalseno 
  • salt to the sea by ruta sepetys
  • the goldfinch by donna tartt
  • chaos walking by patrick ness
  • the night circus by erin morgenstern
  • the bone season by samantha shannon 
  • welcome to the underworld by con template 
  • the summer of chasing mermaids by sarah ockler 
  • the lynburn legacy by sarah rees

My face.


 I never could place myself. I don’t have the almond shaped eyes. My Lips aren’t full. The shape of my face isn’t what theirs looks like. Those others with hair like mine.

 I didn’t know who I looked like. I wanted to make a post about not knowing who to identify with. My mother being East Indian and Spanish, my father an African. 

 But it doesn’t matter anymore. I used to feel that way, but I know now that I am only me. The only version on me.

 I am different to them. There is beauty in that.

 Tagged by the cutest face EVER brisjoint to share six selfies. I now tag @little-yogi, curvvesandcurlls and itsyejidebitch to share 🌻 (I hope I tagged you guys correctly)

JONSA WEEK - Day 6 : Songs - 'The Maiden's Choice and The Blessing Song'

Bit of a late entry to day 6 as originally thought up this little fic for the ‘Author’s Choice’ day - however, it does kind of fit the ‘songs’ prompt so thought I’d shoehorn it in there leaving day 7 for me to come up with something else 😀 I hope you enjoy and I hope I tag this correctly!!


Jon makes his way back to the large gathering of raucous wildlings after previously breaking away to speak to a few elders about their settlement’s needs for the soon approaching winter. He pushed past a throng of happy people to finally find Tormund who was stood close at the centre of all the activity, arms crossed, holding one of his skins of fermented goats milk.

“Where’s Sansa”? Jon barked at him. Tormund grinned in response and nodded across the fire that the large group surrounded.

“Joining in” the wildling chuckled.

Jon followed his friend’s line of vision and saw his flame haired cousin stood in amongst a group of spearwives. He felt a wave of irritation bubble and swell slightly in his bones - he’d left Sansa in Tormund’s care while Jon himself was not present and although she was currently only surrounded by womenfolk, should a wildling man decide to steal his pretty cousin, the group they were amongst was large enough for her to be lost quite quickly. He shot his friend a deadly glare.

“Hey - She wanted to know more about our customs” Tormund said, shaking his head with his hands up in surrender. Jon narrowed his eyes in response which in turn caused his friend to chuckle.

Looking back at Sansa across the dancing flames she looked red cheeked and happy. One of the spearwives shoved a skin into her hands and bid her to drink. Sansa gingerly brought it to her lips and winced at the bitter taste before taking another deeper gulp. The skin was then pulled from her grasp as a woman brought a length of thin tanned hide up and over Sansa’s eyes and began tying it at the back of her head. All the women seemed lost in their own merriment.

“What are they doing”? Jon asked, thoroughly confused.

“Your little Lady witnessed 'The Maiden’s Choice’ and wanted to have a go herself” Tormund smiled, taking another chug of his drink.

“What’s 'The Maiden’s Choice’? …. and she’s not 'MY little Lady’” Jon said warningly. Tormund sniggered.

“It’s just a game to warm a dark night like this” he shrugged and gestured towards the crisp night sky.

“What sort of a game”? Jon asked. His concern growing rapidly as he witnessed more drink being poured down a now blindfolded Sansa’s throat before the women started urging her to spin in a circle.

“She will choose a dancing partner for the blessing song” Tormund replied nonchalantly.

“You’re going to have to give me some more information here Gianstbane” Jon growled at his friend. Tormund rolled his eyes.

“The Maiden is robbed of her sight” he gestured towards Sansa. “She must choose a partner from four or five young men by touch alone”. Jon looked back at Sansa, she seemed happy enough to participate in the game, he felt his frown deepen before his friend carried on with his explanation. “Then, when she has chosen, they will dance to the blessing song and be gifted with many strong healthy children”. He finished his description with another swig of goats milk. Jon gawked at his friend.

“And Sansa…..she’s happy with this”? He asked unbelievingly as he witnessed some young wildling men being pulled from the crowd and made to sit side by side on a log. Tormund nodded.

“She saw Gilda play the last round” he gestured towards a couple, who were currently running their hands all over their fur clad bodies as their tongues seemed to be exploring each others mouths. Jon turned his face of rage back to his friend. “It doesn’t always end like that… it’s just a game my friend…. no one’s gonna steal your Lady”.

“You’re making Sansa play a game that will pair her with a man she’s never met to have children together”?! Jon felt the anger boil at his core as he tried to decide whether he should punch his wildling friend or march over to Sansa and drag her away. Tormund let out a booming laugh which didn’t help Jon’s feelings towards him at that very moment.

“Don’t take it so seriously Snow!…no one’s getting stolen!….it’s just a fucking game and a dance for Gods sake!… and I haven’t forced her into anything - Lady Sansa wanted to play”.

Jon took a deep breath and glanced back over at Sansa who now seemed to have moved to in front of the first seated man. She was touching his hair and beard, skimming her delicate fingers across his cheeks and nose. She looked happy enough with a wide grin plastered across her face below her blindfolded eyes.

“Fine” Jon huffed as he raked a hand through his hair. Tormund glanced between Jon and the game now being played and beamed at back at him mischievously.


“Come with me Snow” he laughed as he dragged Jon closer to the game.

Once they arrived at the long log where there sat five young men all grinning and waiting to be assessed via Sansa’s touch, Tormund grabbed the second from last wildling and all but threw him to the ground before he had a chance to complain. He turned back to Jon.

“Take a seat oh great King” he whispered. Jon’s brow furrowed deeper as he contemplated the now vacant place on the log. Sansa seemed oblivious as she had now moved onto feeling the face of the second man. “Sit your arse down for fuck sake” his friend rumbled into his ear before forcibly pushing Jon into the seated position and moved to stand behind him.

There a few mumbles and snickers from the watching crowd but Jon paid them no mind as he surveyed the other men participating in the strange wildling 'game’. They were all grinning like buffoons at the prospect of being chosen by the 'pretty kneeler Lady of Winterfell’. Jon bristled at the thought of any of these participants getting ideas of stealing her away.

Sansa was slowly stroking a finger down wildling number two’s face. When she reached the corner of his mouth, the man playfully nipped at her finger with a growl causing Sansa to pull away quickly and giggle. The crowd erupted into hoots and hollers. She moved onto number three, next to Jon.

Sansa started with the wildling’s wiry hair, smoothing over it with her milk white fingers. Number three leant away from her with a devilish grin, causing Sansa to step closer to him, between his parted knees in order to carry out her blind assessment of the man. Jon moved his hand to the pommel of Longclaw.

Sansa continued her delicate exploration of number three as people cheered and hooted behind them. Jon felt Tormund grip his shoulder and thwack his back a couple of times. He didn’t turn to face his friend, he was too busy keeping an eye on the man next to him.

Number three nudged Sansa with his knee a little, causing her to wobble unsteadily on her feet. She giggled once more and placed a steadying hand on the man’s shoulder. Jon’s grip on Longclaw tightened. He tried to give the man a warning glare but their eyes never met - number three was caught up in surveying Sansa’s body up and down quite brazenly as he licked his lips. Some of his friends from behind them jeered and laughed encouragingly.

Jon’s gaze was drawn to the man’s hand that flaxed by his knee. He looked as though he was about to reach out and touch Sansa’s leg through her dress. Jon grabbed a fist full of number three’s thick furs at his chest and jostled him roughly. Sansa yelped a little as the man’s face was yanked away from her touch. She backed away quite quickly as Jon silently got his message across to the wildling in his grasp. If looks could penetrate flesh, then this man would currently be sporting a sizeable hole in his head.

Jon was forced to release his hold on the man when two spearwives began to guide Sansa back to the game and in front of him.

“Your fourth choice Lady Sansa” one of the wildling girls said gleefully. “Make sure you get a good feel of this one” she grinned before retreating to let Sansa resume the game.

Jon gulped thickly as Sansa’s tentative outstretched fingers slowly made their way through the empty space in between them.

He knew that the wildlings were being loud with raucous laughter and drunken singing behind him but somehow it all faded to silence as her soft warm fingertips gingerly brushed each of his cheeks. Sansa’s hands jumped back a fraction at the contact, she giggled a little and then returned her fingers to his skin.

Jon’s eyes fluttered closed of their own accord and it felt like Sansa would be be able to sense his quickening pulse under his needy skin.

It was strange how this was an entirely public setting, with a completely contrived activity, and yet her touches and strokes felt utterly intimate. Jon’s breath came out hot and swirling in the crisp night air as he contemplated just how much he was enjoying Sansa’s touch.

He looked back up at her face as her hands found his hair. She stepped even closer to him, now stood between his parted legs. Sansa started by smoothing her hands over his hair, as she had done with the other men, but she soon began running her fingers through his curls, her nails lightly scraping his scalp in a way that sent a delicious sensation directly down his spine.

Sansa licked her lips and smiled blindly ahead of her as her hands roamed lower back down to his face. She traced the shape of his nose and the line of his beard. She found the scar that marred the right side of his face and ran a delicate forefinger up and down it a few times. He saw her mouth twitch into a small smile where previously she had been lost in concentration.

Sansa started biting at her own lip when she found Jon’s with her gentle touch. She traced the outline of his mouth over and over softly. Jon tried and failed to remember whether she had taken the time to do this with the other participants if the game.

His lips parted unconsciously under her finger and he heard Sansa take in a small sharp breath. Jon was suddenly flooded with the urge to seize her small waist and haul her onto his lap. To capture her mouth with his and allow her tongue to trace his lips as her fingers were currently doing.

Sansa’s hands drifted lower, smoothing over his neck where she would have been able to feel his Adam’s apple bob up and down due to his nervous gulp.
Her fingers found their way under his unclasped mantle as Sansa began to grip and feel his shoulders through his leather jerkin.

She started to move lower, her palms pressing to his chest, causing her to bend down ever so slightly, her copper locks delightfully tickling his face.

“Alright! You’ve got another young man wanting to be touched by a fine Lady! Come on” one of the spearwives huffed as she came up behind Sansa and grabbed both of her elbows to steer her away from Jon and onto man number five.

Jon could have sworn that the disappointed whine noise came from his own body as Sansa was manoeuvred away from him. Brief images of him seizing Sansa and lifting her over his shoulder to 'steal’ her the wildling way flitted through Jon’s mind.

Thoughts that he had tried to dampen down over the last year began to spring fourth, breathing life into hopes that he’d previously weighted down and squashed through fears of inadequacy and rejection.

He glanced back at the other male participants in this strange wildling game. None of which were good enough for Sansa to choose. HE wasn’t good enough for Sansa to choose. King in the North they called him, and yet she was still, and always would be above him. Too good. Too lovely. Too beautiful. Untouchable.

“I’ve made my choice” Sansa’s voice came through the fog of his thoughts loud and clear. He hadn’t even realised she’d finished feeling the last man’s face.

“You know what to do then Lady Sansa” the spearwife who had guided her to each participant urged. Sansa nodded to no one in particular, her eyes still covered by the hide blindfold. She took a deep breath and smiled to herself.

Taking small steps with outstretched hands she felt man number fives shoulder.

“That’s the last man you felt my Lady” the wildling woman informed her. Sansa nodded. She reached for Jon’s shoulder blindly next and sunk her fingers into the fur of his mantle once she found it.

“And that’s the second to last” the wildling said. Sansa nodded once more.

Jon thought that perhaps she would pass over him and choose one of the first three men. His breath caught in his throat and he felt his cheeks heat against the cold night air when instead of passing over him, Sansa seated herself on to Jon’s lap and draped her arms around his neck. His own arms automatically found their way to her waist.

“This one” she called out resolutely. Cheers and laughter erupted around them and Sansa swayed a little on his leg, as she too let out a sweet laugh.

“Claim him! Claim him! Claim him”! Came the chants from all around them, mixed with singing and hollering.

Sansa laughed again, dipping her still blindfolded head backwards before she reached out to cup Jon’s cheek. She found his lips with a brush of her thumb first of all and then pressed her own against them. Jon was lost to her instantly. His grip on her waist tightened as he squeezed her body tight to his and groaned into her mouth. Sansa emitted a noise akin to both a squeal and a giggle while her hand that had cupped his cheek moved to fist at his furs, pulling him closer to her.

While their lips were still locked together, in total sync with the others push and pull, both their hands grasping and pawing without regard for their onlookers, someone yanked Sansa’s blindfold away and both of their eyes blinked open in unison as they parted.

Jon wasn’t sure what he was expecting Sansa to do once she realised that it was him she’d chosen and had let devour and grope her whilst she perched on his lap. A look of disgust? A bought of hysterical laughter?

His brain half managed to string a sentence of apology together but before he had chance to voice it, Sansa had crashed her lips back against his and buried her fingers in his hair. They both let out throaty moans when their tongues began to dance together. The loud noises from the crowd disappearing from Jon’s ears.

“Alright! Alright! Put her down! You may be a fucking King Jon Snow, but you know as well as I do that that’s not how you kneelers treat your Ladies” Tormund bellowed in Jon’s ear as he clasped him roughly on the back.

Jon pulled away from Sansa, both of them panting slightly and sporting red swollen lips.

“Did…did you know it was me”? Jon asked still a little unsure of himself.

Sansa raised an brow and began tracing his scar above his eye as she had done whilst blindfolded. “Maybe” she replied in a low honeyed voice and a wicked grin.

Somewhere alongside them a drumming rhythm started up and all the wildlings began singing a merry tune.

“Come on” she whispered into his ear “we have to dance to this song if you’re going to give me many a strong healthy babe”.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS LUCY @emmasinthebooknow. IT IS I, YOUR MOST SECRETIVE OF SANTAS. As you wished, your gift is super Christmassy, and I have compiled a few of your favourite Christmas things together to do it :) 

It has been such a ridiculous delight getting to know you, I hope you have a great time with your family today and I also hope we continue to stump each other with the hard hitting questions of “what is your favourite ___?” :p.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland ~ A CSSS AU (slightly influenced by The Holiday)



There was a drunk man singing on her doorstep.

Sure, it wasn’t terrible singing (if you ignored the slurring of the word ‘wonderland’ every so often), but regardless, it was three in the morning and there was a drunk man singing on her doorstep.

Emma was kind of furious. She’d only just managed to get to sleep about an hour ago, as she was incredibly unsettled in the unfamiliar and freezing house (the heating of which left a lot to be desired). The offer to housesit for a perfect stranger had been so ideal at first. Her new colleague Elsa had sworn black and blue that the family friend was sound, and the offer reliable. Emma had made the decision to move to England so that Henry could be closer to the father he was just beginning to know, but Neal had asked to take him away for Christmas. So, while the two of them were off scampering on their own father-son holiday getaway, Emma decided to have a break for herself.

However, in the end it had less to do with a break for herself, and more to do with finding something to distract her from the ache that was caused by missing Henry.

(The longest she’d ever been away from him was a week, when he’d gone on a school skiing trip, and so the next three weeks were bound to prove interesting.)

Hence, the housesitting. It was the perfect promise of an escape, the promise of a quiet moment -

Which was the exact opposite of what she was getting now.

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