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For the drabble, if you're still doing them: 113. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Bc I live for H wearing D's shirts. Thank you! <3

Sorry for waiting so long with my next drabble, I had a chapter for my WIP that wanted to be written first… However, I do hope you enjoy it! :-)

It’s supposed to be a sequel of sorts for the drabble based on the Fury quote

Your coffee, Minister

She was running late. The Minister never ran late, for Merlin’s sake!

“Morning, Minister,” her secretary, some young ambitious wizard called Jeffries, greeted her, and even made a point of standing up.

“I told you before that you don’t need to get up every time I pass you, Jeffries,” she replied, barely holding back from rolling her eyes. He was otherwise an efficient worker, getting the things done she asked him to, and who respected her privacy. If only she could teach him to stop being so irritatingly adamant about proper greeting etiquette… “And good morning to you, too.”

“I’ve put everything on your desk that demand your attention today, Minister,” Jeffries said in his professional voice and sat back down to work on the next file from his pile. “And you have a–”

Hermione didn’t hear the rest of his sentence, as she closed the door behind her, enjoying the moment of silence in her office to take a breath. Damn Malfoy, she didn’t even have the time to get herself a decent coffee before starting another long day trying to get anything moved in this place. Damn him for keeping her awake most of the night with his teasing hands and his wicked tongue. It was only supposed to be a date after that annoying council meeting with maybe some snogging! Maybe damn herself for being so weak?

She opened the door again and pushed her head out. “Jeffries, get me a coffee—a good one!—then join me in the office to see through today’s schedule.”

A short while later, the door was opened again, but it wasn’t Jeffries entering. “Your coffee, Minister.

Hearing the familiar amused drawl, she perked up, only to see Draco standing in front of her desk, a cup of coffee in each hand. Her initially shocked expression quickly turned into a warm smile, and she leaned back.

“Good thing I know your coffee preference,” he said, handing the cup in his right hand to her. He smirked when she grabbed it eagerly.

“Thank you!”

“However, I have come with a question, and your secretary was nice enough to let me in… I think he was glad not having to go get your coffee.”

She nodded, relishing the perfectly brewed coffee that finally graced her tongue.

“It’s just, was there any special reason as to why you put on my shirt this morning? I mean it certainly looks good on you–”

“Wait, what?” She almost let her cup fall. As soon as she had it safely back in her hands, she looked down. Damn him! It was his shirt! She did fight with the buttons this morning for a moment, but never quite realised it in her hurry to leave for work. Instead of checking the shirt, she had just used her wand to close the buttons magically…

His grin broadened when she started blushing deeply. “As I said, looks good on you…”

“I-I was late, thanks to you!”

“Glad to be the reason for it; we could definitely repeat those in-depth discussions about council matters.”

She raised her eyebrow at his words. A repeat of last night? A small delightful shiver ran down her spine as the memories of the night flashed through her mind, and her lips curled up in a suggestive smile. “Friday. Your treat.”

“Whatever the Minister requests,” he replied with such a seductive tone to his voice that she felt her insides melt a little. “Wear that shirt, and I’ll be all yours,” he added and got up to leave her to her work.

“We’ll see.” Oh, Friday couldn’t come fast enough!

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Refs for an NITW animation I’m starting on! Planning to have it run a little over a minute long. This one’s gonna be the LONG HAUL. I’m hoping to finish by next year February, which would be the 1st year anniversary of the game (I think). I wanna make something with like… cinematic quality, and I don’t care how long it takes or who sees it in the end. It’s just fun you know? :,D NITW’s an amazing game that really made me think and it needs more love.

I’m going to try to keep the characters as consistent as possible to these refs, but I don’t wanna have to religiously follow it so I’m gonna keep it a little bit flexible. Flexible to the point of my last animation dump probably. 

Well, I have the outlines all done and the music picked out. It’s time for the ANIMATIC!


Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Peter Parker had always been patient with you.

A/N: This is only the first small part to what will definitely be a series!! It’s a little bit short, but I felt like I was at a good stopping point. I hope you guys enjoy!! :-)

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His whole life, Peter had made a habit of being chronically impatient, but with you, he was always the opposite.

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Hey guys! I had this crazy idea I can't get out of my head: RFA+V & Saeran in some disney scenario lmao. But! They're the 'princess' and MC is the 'prince' :D Just a random example to illustrate my point: Jumin is a rich and bored prince and only his tigress Elly is bringing him joy, but then this sneaky plebeian girl rolls up singing 'I can show you the world' lol

This is a really creative prompt! Hope you like these~



  • Zen thought he was just a lowly boy in a household with his brother and mother 
  • His mother wasn’t the kindest of people
  • She made him clean a lot and she rarely let him leave the house
  • She never praised him for his actions, and always put him down for his looks
  • It grew to the climax when you, royalty, invites him to a ball
  • His mother locked him up in his room and refused to let him out, attending the party herself
  • Then one day, a fairy–er–godmother named Seven visited him and freed him from his room
  • Using magic, Seven dressed him in the finest suit and placed two glass roses in his suit pocket and sent him on his way
  • His beauty caught your eye, but there was something else about this man that intrigued you
  • You asked him to dance, and afterwards you both retreated into the nearby garden
  • You saw his kind heart and knew there was something about him
  • But then the clock struck midnight, and he rushed away from you in a fluster
  • A glass rose had fallen, miraculously intact on the stairs
  • You determined to find this kind heart someway or another
  • Meanwhile, Zen returned to his life unsatisfied with everything, but managing nonetheless
  • When he finds out you’re searching for someone with a glass rose, he’s ecstatic 
  • With the help of Seven, he manages to bypass his mother’s schemes and show you the matching rose
  • You two live happily ever after in a castle


(Sleeping Beauty) 

  • A prince with brown hair born to a kingdom and his name was Yoosung
  • His three fairy caretakers gave him gifts at his birth
  • Zen gave him beauty, which changed his hair to a bright blond
  • Jumin gave him wealth and wellbeing
  • Before the last gift could be given, an evil witch named Rika Morgana intruded and put a curse on him
  • So, as the last gift, the fairy V bestowed on Yoosung a blessing that made him go into a deep slumber instead of death
  • The king and queen still worried for their son, so they sent him with the three fairies to grow up away from troubles
  • Years later, Yoosung had a tendency to wander away from the small cottage
  • It was on one of these outings he met you, a princess from another land
  • He feels like he’s met you before, and instantly falls you *Cue Once Upon A Dream playing*
  • When he returns to the cottage and the fairies find out, they instantly separate you two to his chagrin
  • In his fit of anger, he runs away from the cottage and stumbles upon a castle
  • Morgana tricks him into pricking his finger and Yoosung falls into a deep sleep
  • But Morgana also pulled you in, luring you into the castle and becoming a dragon
  • She tried to kill you off but you persevered and slayed the dragon, suddenly motivated by saving Yoosung from his sleep
  • You rescue him by giving him true love’s kiss
  • You two return to the castle, reunite with Yoosung’s parents, and live happily ever after



  • Jaehee was in charge of a kingdom after your parents died
  • But she had these special powers that she was unsure of and didn’t know what to do with
  • So she did her best to suppress her power and hide…even from you
  • But finally the day came where she was coronated, and you two would finally bond…you hoped
  • You met a man there…he seemed amazing
  • He was a prince and you two just seemed to click, and his name was Jumin
  • But Jaehee disagreed when you said you wanted to marry him
  • The argument caused her powers to slip out and the whole kingdom fell in fear
  • So she fled, and you couldn’t catch up though you tried
  • On your way to find her, you met a tall, really handsome man who somehow joined you on your search
  • This man, Zen, seemed to give you advice about marrying a man you just met and how it was ridiculous and how men were beasts
  • He also had this quirky reindeer named Sveven
  • On the way, you also met this happy little ball of snow named Yoosung
  • With their help, you found Jaehee’s castle of ice and approached her
  • Things didn’t go well and you got shot in the heart with ice
  • Zen hurried you out of there to the magical trolls while Jaehee continued to detiorate in her fear
  • When he hears about the act of true love, he takes you home to Jumin
  • Only, Jumin betrays you for the sake of a kingdom and takes over for awhile
  • Finally, Jaehee embraces her power and before she can be annihilated by Jumin, you intervene
  • This act of love melts your heart of ice
  • You and Jaehee  bond again and everyone lives happily ever after



  • He was a prince who was locked up in an extravagant castle
  • His father wanted him to marry, but Jumin wasn’t thrilled with the idea
  • One night, he kissed his tiger Elizabeth the Third before sliding over the wall in disguise to see the city
  • Not knowing much of commoner ways, he soon got lost, but thankfully a peasant girl intervened and helped him through
  • He had never felt a connection with anyone before you and he found the night flew by
  • Unfortunately, you were caught by his palace guards thanks to his father’s evil advisor Sarah Choi
  • Meanwhile, Sarah convinced his father, by nefarious means, to betroth Jumin to herself
  • You escaped prison, in the meantime, and followed a Sarah in disguise to find a genie lamp
  • You entered a cave with your monkey Saeran and passed a few obstacles
  • You befriended a magic carpet named Yoosung and found the genie lamp
  • The genie named Seven offered you three wishes, so you started your transformation to be worthy of Prince Jumin
  • With Seven’s help, you appear as a princess and go to Jumin
  • Your first meeting is rough, but you take him on a magic carpet ride and somewhere along the way he founds out you’re the peasant girl from the market place
  • Unfortunately, so does Sarah Choi
  • She plans your downfall but ultimately fails
  • You and Jumin end up together after all, despite your varying classes, and live happily ever after



  • Saeyoung was a prince with magical red hair
  • As a result, he couldn’t cut it or the hair would turn normal
  • Because of this, he was kidnapped by a cruel woman and locked in a tower while she claimed to be his mother
  • He was never allowed to leave and didn’t have any friends but his chameleon Vanderwood
  • Still he had this longing to see the stars near the castle
  • One day, while his evil mother was out on “errands”, he made up his mind to finally leave the castle
  • But his plans were thwarted when a thief broke into his house while on the run from the castle guards and their dedicated royal horse Saeran
  • “What brought you here? Fate? Destiny?”
  • Your brother A horse.”
  • He makes an agreement with you that he would return your stolen crown if you took him to see the stars
  • You agree, though you try to get rid of him somehow
  • He has a bunch of mood swings, feeling happy at his freedom but also guilty for leaving
  • Unfortunately, you drag him into your own problems as you try to run away from your old partners in crime
  • Finally, you make it to the city where you reunite with your enemy…Saeran…who happens to be protective of Saeyoung
  • Still, since it’s his birthday you two get along and spend a day in the city
  • During this time, you realize you had fallen for him and you want to quit your old life
  • Your magical boat ride underneath the stars goes awry when Saeyoung’s mother intervenes
  • You get wounded, you cut his hair, but in the end everything ends up okay
  • You get free from your life, Saeyoung ends up with his happy family, and you live happily ever after



  • You never really fit in anywhere because you had magical powers that made you super strong
  • After seeing you struggle, your parents revealed that you were actually the daughter of a god
  • But Hades intervened and drained you of your divinity, but your powers still remained
  • With this information, you went to training with the best of the best…Zen
  • With his help, you got even stronger and better
  • On your very first mission, you came across a damoiseua in distress
  • Only…the boy could handle himself
  • You found out the boy’s name was Saeran, and you were completely infatuated with him despite Zen’s warnings
  • Hades finds out Saeran met you and suddenly traps him into another agreement
  • Saeran is forced to lure you into a trap where Hades can get rid of you forever
  • But he finds himself falling in love with you on the way
  • When you and Hades face off, Saeran sacrifices himself, getting himself sent to the underworld
  • Desperate to get him back, you venture there and pull out his soul from the pool 
  • In the process, you showed you were truly the daughter of a god and regained your divinity
  • With your newfound power, you sent Hades back into the underworld and are reunited with your divine parents
  • But…you wanted to stay with Saeran
  • So you gave up your immortality to stay with Saeran and live the rest of your lives happily


Winnie the Pooh

  • V is Winnie the Pooh
  • MC is Christopher Robin
  • Jumin is piglet
  • Seven is Tigger
  • Yoosung is Roo
  • Jaehee is Eeyore
  • Saeran is Rabbit
  • They all live happily…no drama happens…everyone has a happy ending

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Functional miniature crossbow! Made with a chopstick, metal wire and elastic thread.

Art by EoD, 24/8 2017

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Hi there!! I was just wondering if you would ever think about selling some of your art as prints? I'd love to buy a few!

Hi there~
I appreciate your interest for my art, however I do not see print selling as a good thing for someone like me who just post fanarts, doodles and comics.
What I mean is, BNHA is not mine and I would feel terrible making money from it.
And let’s be honest : having honest comments on my posts is a much better reward for me than money. I’m seriously kind of depressed when I don’t have any haha… Everytime I see someone comment my post made their day or was a good thing for the bad day they had, it makes my day! I really just need that to keep it going really.

All I want for my blogs really is to have fun and make as many people smile/laugh (though when I check some tags I happen to see heart attack, “kill me” tags like sometimes… I’m worried…. D: )!

Ok, sorry I got carried away (again) but point is : I just can’t.

But I hope you’ll still enjoy my blog and have a nice day!

And I see you got a Bakugou avatar so let me tell you this : I’ll draw him a bit more often in comics and doodles soon!

PS : However if you are interested in getting full size of something I did, please let me know and I’ll upload it and give you a link to it. I also do give aways from time to time, it’s kind of rare occasion though.

Keith works out, Lance ogles happily, Pidge tries to analyze the nature of their PDA ... she swiftly regrets all the things.

Some very kind people have sent me some very kind asks and made me feel better about being sick lately — and suddenly, my fingers were doing a thing on the keyboard? This thing, specifically? Just, everyone is so very nice, and I hope you like this silly little one-shot about silly space boys :) (Special shout-out to the anonymous person that called out this idea before I posted! Such amazing psychic powers! :D)


“But seriously, if my calculations are correct — shut your mouth, Lance, they are always correct — then Keith is initiating fifty two point seven percent of the times you make me want to invent brain bleach.” Pidge pauses to push her glasses up her nose. “Keith, care to offer some insight into this?”

“No.” Keith resumes lifting weights. Really, discovering the Castle’s weight room was one of the worst things that could have happened to Lance — now his boyfriend split his free time between training simulations and tossing around heavy things/running on treadmills. 

The Red Paladin had become a gym rat. The Blue Paladin was not surprised.

Also, Keith didn’t need more muscles, as Lance didn’t need that kind of heart attack. Even if watching those biceps strain was … nice.

“My boo is just too hot to trot for my banging bod,” Lance says proudly, flexing his own (not quite as big but still very impressive) biceps.

Keith stops lifting weights so he can face palm. Pidge stares up towards the heavens in supplication.

“That’s going in my notes as one of the top five worst things you’ve ever said. Maybe top three.” Pidge actually takes out her computer to write it down.

Keith, with his face still buried in one hand, points with his other and says, “I don’t know if I can kiss that mouth at all today. That was horrifying.”

“Fifty two point seven percent, querido,” Lance cheerfully reminds him. “Ain’t nobody buying what you’re selling.”

Keith shoots Pidge a despairing glance. “I mean, was the pining that bad, really? Would it be so terrible to go back to that?”

Lance has taken a seat directly across from Keith, lifting a set of weights (they were barbells with rocks on either end — Coran had said something about how one could alter the density, thereby making them heavier/lighter, but Lance had immediately gotten distracted by challenging everyone to a weight lifting competition and somehow it ended with Hunk bench-pressing Lance and Pidge, and Shiro trying to throw Keith over their heads? Lance still doesn’t quite understand what happened there).

“I feel like the reason Keith is macking on me in public more is because he’s kinda into the fact that he can,” Lance explains, grunting a little as he tries to mimic Keith’s moves. “I mean, the pining was so real — he had been staring lingeringly at me from afar for so long, and now it’s like, free pass to grope all the time.” Lance winks at Keith, who is venturing to peek at him from between his fingers. “Because you do. Have a free pass. To grope. Put your hands any —”

“I know.” Keith lifts his weights with relative ease, a small smile pulling on his lips. “And yeah, Pidge. Maybe that’s part of it.”

“Part of it?” Lance asks, somewhat breathlessly as he switches arms since his right one was starting to ache from the effort. “Dude. All of it. Your thirstiness is not to be denied.”

Pidge rolls her eyes, jotting down a few more notes from her perch on the jungle gym (like, with actual vines for swinging and bouncy giant lily pads — Lance could not get over how cool Alteans were). “Believe it or not, I actually came to that conclusion on my own — Keith is now thirty six point four percent more affectionate with everyone, not just you, Lance.”

“That’s … really sweet,” Lance says, feeling vaguely proud of both himself and Keith. The idea that he’s making Keith more willing to show his love to the rest of their space family … It’s a little humbling, and a lot of awesome. He can feel his cheeks heating up.

The weights Keith had been lifting are now on the floor as he walks over to Lance, lifting his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. Lance is grinning at the flash of a still slightly soft tummy (Keith has muscle definition, but there’s a small bit of cushiness around his middle that Lance really loves). Lance stops grinning when Keith suddenly drops into his lap, straddling him on the bench without any warning.

“You’re forgetting something key, Pidge,” Keith is saying, glancing over his shoulder at the Green Paladin, who is looking annoyed and amused in equal parts.

“All right, enlighten me.” Pidge grimaces. “With as little trauma as possible, if you please.”

“I think I’m gonna expire in a minute here, Pidge, mi hermanita querida, would you please spare me the humiliation and not witness this? Keith, whatever it is that you’re thinking —”

Keith covers his mouth with one hand, and Lance tries to speak past it, yelling his objections into the palm of a fingerless glove.

“See, notice how he can still talk?” Keith tilts his head in Lance’s direction, speaking with infuriating calm. “It’s a bit of a problem sometimes. But —”

The hand is gone. Lance is pissed off enough to start shouting, “Hey, you jackass, wail till I —”

Keith’s lips are on his. His mouth falls open automatically, and Lance sort of loses the thread of … reality. Pidge whips them both in the head with a towel, which is when his wondrous boyfriend pulls away, leaving Lance gaping, licking his lips, and contemplating if he should still be irritated.

“Efficient, no?” Keith asks, his dark eyes glinting.

Pidge is glaring at him. “Except for the brain bleach aspect. Which I am going to go work on now. With Hunk’s help, he is one hundred percent behind me on this. There are cameras in here, by the way, not that that’s ever stopped you …” She gets up and walks out, though not before ruffling Lance’s hair and saying, “You’re such a goner, hermano.”

When she’s gone, and Lance is left with nothing but a smug Red Paladin sitting on his thighs, he huffs, jabbing at Keith’s chest. “So you’re kissing me to shut me up most of the time?”

“Not most of the time,” Keith admits, his smirk easing back into a smile. “But Pidge would have probably gagged if I told her the main reason.”

“It’s not the ‘can’t resist my stellar good looks’?” Lance pouts. “That’s a little disappointing.”

Keith presses a quick kiss to his mouth. He’s flushed from exercise, but Lance swears his cheeks get a little bit darker as he speaks, “It’s because half the time I think I’ve made up this whole stupid thing, okay? We got together at a freaking ball. There was a duel involved. And dancing in fancy suits.” Keith waves his hands around for emphasis before crossing his arms. “And we still argue like … It’s fine, but it feels like before sometimes, so I just … need to make sure it’s not. Like before.”

Lance follows these words until he understands where they’re leading and then … He’s blushing, and smiling, and pulling Keith in closer. “You … you need to make sure this is real. That you didn’t … dream it. Because … I’m that good of a dream, huh?”

Keith groans, burying his face in Lance’s shoulder. “Crap. Okay, backtrack, I never said anything, especially not that stupid, sugary pile of —”

“No, no take backs!” Lance sings. “I … sometimes have the same problem. So, uh, a good chunk of my forty seven point three percent contribution is exactly that.” He smiles up at Keith once the Red Paladin pulls back and sits up straighter in Lance’s lap.

“Yeah?” Keith leans down, his eyes fluttering shut.

“Yeah,” Lance whispers against his mouth … which is when a painfully loud alarm goes off, and they are simultaneously soaked in freezing water as sprinklers kick in. Lance shrieks. Keith falls backward off his lap to the now slippery floor.

“You have rooms. Go get in one!” Pidge yells over the Castle comm.

“Please!” That sounded like Shiro’s voice, a little distant from the microphone.

Lance is laughing and shivering, and Keith is back to being mortified, but they adhere to Pidge’s wishes (who knew what she might pull next? Lance wouldn’t put it past her to space them at this point), and take off running. Keith yanks Lance into the gym’s showers.

“No cameras in here,” Keith says, raising an eyebrow. “And I need a shower anyway.”

Lance is rendered speechless. He wonders if this counts as part of Keith’s fifty two point seven percent of PDA. He wonders if Pidge is all-knowing. And then there’s a shirt coming off, and warm water pouring from a shower head, Keith kicking off his shoes from inside the cubicle. Lance can’t think as Keith’s hands reach for his shorts … and then pause.

“Yeah, so you just wait right here — you can take your turn when I’m done.” Keith grins and slams the shower door in his face.

Lance wonders if there’s a way to flush a toilet on a space castle to turn the water into a frigid torture. He says as much out loud, kicking lightly at the door.

Keith is laughing, and Lance may or may not adore that sound more than any other in the universe, except for his mom’s affectionate scolding … So, he decides to wait until the Red Paladin is done and then do his best to up his percentage. Forty seven point three percent simply will not do, Lance thinks to himself with a goofy smile.


Random one-shot after Objects in Motion? I think so :) If y’all wanna read about the ball, duel, and dancing, head over there. Thank you to all the wondrous people who have been so awesome to me! You’re all way too amazing for words, but I hope you guys enjoy these above words as a random “thank you!” :D

That Went Well

Originally posted by thedarkeststarrms

Request:  Hi! Could you do Ethan x FemReader where the reader is Tyler’s sister and her and Ethan end up getting pregnant and when they tell Tyler he gets super mad to the point where him and Ethan start fighting? Sorry this is really strange Cx Thanks!

Summary: Fem!Reader and Ethan tell the gang they’re expecting and Tyler doesn’t take it so well. Rip in peace.

A/N: This took me forever to write mostly because I couldn’t imagine Ethan and Tyler fighting lmao hope you guys enjoy and sorry for going 5 years between posting but at this point I’ve given you guys all my excuses oh well

Wordcount: 1293

Warnings: mention of blood, fighting

Request are closed for now, sorry!

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Little Things

Request by @craftersdust : Heya! Just found your blog and I’m falling for it. I was wondering if you could write a one shot for Sirius x Reader inspired by the song “Little Things” from One Direction. Like, maybe he understands that he’s in love with her after he realises he caught even the tiniest details about her? Thank you ❤❤

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2126

Warnings: Not going to lie, it gets a bit angsty but I swear it’s mostly fluffy. Insecurities.

A/N: I got a bit carried away lol. I tried to think of a better title but my brain refused to cooperate. I hope you like it! :D


Sirius Black did not do relationships.  

Sirius Black was the boy who was never seen without a leather jacket and ripped jeans. He was the boy with striking grey eyes, great hair and a smile that made everyone around him instantly love the boy. Sirius Black had nearly all the girls in Hogwarts falling at his feet. The point was, that Sirius Black did many things, but relationships wasn’t one of them.

How then, had he fallen in love with you?


It had started slowly. At first, he began to notice the intricate details of your face. How that, in the Summer, your freckles became more visible, like constellations that were mapped onto your face.  He discovered that your eyes changed colour depending on the weather. It was only a slight difference, but Sirius noticed. He couldn’t remember when it started, and sometimes, he wasn’t even aware he was doing it. But he had started paying very close attention to you. He learned that you muttered things under your breath whenever you were annoyed or angry so that you never hurt anyone’s feelings and regretted it later.

A few days later, he, James, Remus and Peter had gone down to breakfast earlier than usual. Imagine his delight when he saw you there, nibbling on a slice of toast whilst reading a book. He returned early to breakfast every morning after that, (though he always went alone), and no matter how accustomed he had become of it, he was always pleasantly surprised when he saw you again, sat in the exact same place as you were in the day before.  

Overtime, he had gradually compiled a list of all your preferences. Once he had found you asleep outside, head leant against the tree trunk and a Potions book held loosely in your hands. It looked as though you were speaking to yourself, and now he knew you talked in your sleep, he’d have to add it to the list.


When he finally realised it for himself, he was laid awake, staring at the red curtains of his four-poster bed. He was recalling all of your features and habits and trying to commit them to memory. It did take him a few more minutes to fully process his feelings towards you, but when he did, he immediately bolted upright and shook James awake.

“Prongs, Prongs! Wake up!” He shouted.

James jolts awake, for a moment scared something bad had happened, but quickly realising Sirius just needed to talk to someone.

“What’s the matter, Pads?” He yawned.

He didn’t see the need to delay the point. “It’s Y/N. I- I think I love her, James.”

James grins widely, apparently now much more alert. He was practically jumping up and down on the bed. “That’s great, Pads!”

Sirius slumps down back onto his bed. “No, it’s not,” he mutters. “She doesn’t like me that way.”

“Pshh, that’s easy to fix, Padfoot. Have to make her jealous that’s all.”

Luckily, the noise the two of them had caused had woken up Remus, who was still sleepy, (he had tried to get back to sleep, but their conversation was too interesting), but he was conscious enough to be able to put a stop to the plan before it started. “No Padfoot. You can’t do that mate.”

“Oh yeah, Moony? Why not?” James asks.

“Well, one, you’re taking advice from James, who, if you hadn’t noticed, has been unsuccessful getting the girl he’s liked since first year to go out with him. So, why you’d take dating advice from him is beyond me.” Remus was more awake now, and he had sat up to face the black-haired boy. “Two, do you really think that making her jealous is going to make her like you?”

“Yes,” Sirius shrugged nonchalantly.

Everyone thought that Peter had managed to sleep through the noise, so when he throws a pillow directly into Sirius’ face, it was safe to say it caught him off-guard. Clearly, Peter had been awake a long time.  

“Thanks, Wormtail.” Remus says, before turning to address Sirius, giving him an exasperated sigh. “Wrong Sirius. It won’t.”

“Well, if you’re so good at all this, please tell me what in the bloody world I’m meant to do then.”

“Well, it’d probably be best to just tell her how you feel.”  

Sirius scoffs. Remus said it as though it was the easiest thing in the world. But it wasn’t. What if he did something incredibly embarrassing in front of you. or even worse, what if you rejected him?  

But eventually, Remus manages to persuade him into doing at breakfast in the morning. “You both go down early, we’ve seen her before remember?”  

Sirius nods. He doesn’t mention that he’d been down to breakfast early a lot more often since that time.

“Yeah, mate. We’ll help you,” James said, rejoining the conversation. “Besides, she couldn’t say no to you. You are Sirius Black, after all.”


Never before had Sirius experienced nervousness as much as he was now. He kept on withdrawing his hands from his pockets before ultimately deciding that not showing his hands was a better option, especially when he couldn’t stop messing around with his tie. When the four of them arrived at the Great Hall, hardly anyone was there. It was only you, them and three other people. As usual, you were sat on your own, fully immersed in the book you were reading. He walks over to the table you were sat on and sat directly opposite you, whilst the James, Remus and Peter sat further up the table. Sirius watched as you read to the end of the chapter and then you looked up at him.


You saw Sirius enter the Great Hall out of the corner of your eyes. He usually didn’t come with the rest of the Marauders, but you shrug it off, they were his best friends. What shocked you most, was when he came over to you and sat right across from you. Sure, you didn’t hate Sirius. Hell, you had even spoken to each other in Transfiguration before. There was a chance you could’ve been wrong, but you didn’t think that those things warranted him to come to talk to you. You pretend to read to the end of the chapter of the book your reading while you attempt to prepare yourself to talk to him. Yes, you fancied him. But then again, who didn’t?

His grey eyes are staring into yours intently, and you quickly look away, scolding yourself. Rule number one for talking to Sirius Black: as hard as it proves to be, avoid the eyes. It’s very easy to get lost in them and all it makes you do is make a fool of yourself.

He smiles at you. “Hey.”

“Hello, Sirius. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to talk to you, that’s all.”  

“Oh.” Honestly, you weren’t expecting that. You’d thought he’d want help with homework or something. Unfortunately, he took this the wrong way, and proceeded to get up.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll erm- I’ll just leave you alone then.” You can’t help but notice he looks kind of disappointed.  

“No!” You exclaim, a little too loudly. Your shout grabbed the attention of one of the other students, though they soon returned to their own business. “Sorry,” you blushed. “I just- I didn’t mean I wanted you to leave. I was just surprised, that’s all.”

Sirius sat back down looking relieved. “Why would you be surprised?”

“Well, I’m not exactly the most interesting person in the world.”

He shakes his head. “I think the opposite, actually.”


“Well, the reason I sat over here today was because… well, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Hogsmeade with me next weekend.” He hesitates a moment. “…As a date.”

“Of course! I’d love to.”


He breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as you had accepted his offer, he seemed to gain his confidence back straight away.

“Well, I’ll see you there, then,” and he returned back to his friends, watching as you left the Great Hall, a slight skip in your step.


It had been three months since that day, and you had been a couple ever since. When he asked you after you left The Three Broomsticks, you responded by pressing your lips to his, overwhelmed with feelings of giddiness and elation.

You would’ve liked to say that the time you had been in a relationship with Sirius had been the best time of your life, which to some extent it had. Whenever Sirius saw you, he treated you as though you were his world and you couldn’t be happier. But that was the problem; whenever he saw you. To you, it seemed like you hadn’t seen him at all in the past week. In the beginning, you just told yourself that you were probably being clingy and he would see you whenever he could, but slowly, you began to doubt yourself. You knew you weren’t anything special when it came to a comparison to the other girls in your year. They were all so much prettier and funnier. At the time, you had been too pleased to let your insecurities get the better of you, but now you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that Sirius was avoiding you because he had finally realised there were much better options he could choose from.  

You didn’t know how far from the truth you were.



Sirius was with Remus in the library. He was supposed to be studying for the potions assessment they had the next week, but instead he was swinging on two legs of his chair and discussing his problem with Remus.

“I just don’t know how to act in a relationship, Moony,” he confessed. “With the other girls, it was so easy because I never had to worry about what they would think about me. But with Y/N, I get worried whenever I do something, she might not like it or that she’ll just get annoyed of me being there.”

Remus took a moment before he responded, trying to finish his paragraph on where to find a beozar. “Has she ever not liked something you’ve done?”

“I don’t think so, bu-”

Remus cut him off. “Has she ever seemed annoyed by you?”

“No, but-.”

“Well then, there’s your answer. You should probably go talk to her though. Lily says she’s been a bit upset recently.”

“Thanks, Moony.”


You were sat on the grounds, admiring the sunset. You weren’t really supposed to be out here this late but it was better than the possibility of running into Sirius. If you saw him, you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold your emotions back. Your efforts, it seemed, were pointless. No sooner did you think this, did he run around the corner, panting.  

For a moment, you forget you’re even upset. “Why are you panting?”

“I have… been… looking… everywhere for you.” His words separated by his heavy breathing.

“Why?” You huff, unable to control how annoyed you sounded, which was a rare occurrence for you. “You haven’t bothered looking for me at all for the past week. Why start now?”

“I love you.” He says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“You say you love me, but there’s so many better girls out there for you.”

He frowns. He knew Lily said you were upset, but he didn’t know it was because of him. He couldn’t see why you thought so little of yourself when you were his everything. “I know you don’t like to wear plain socks because you think they’re boring, I know that you’ve read your favourite book exactly 23 times, I know that in class, I’m certain that at least 90% of the time you know the answer, but you’re too scared to draw attention to yourself. You never put chocolate on pancakes no matter how many times Remus says you should try it and you laugh at your own jokes. You-”

“Sirius, what are you doing?”

“Proving I love you.”

He continues with his list, mentioning all the things he noticed about you from how you played with your hair whenever you were nervous to the fact that you couldn’t sleep without a hot chocolate before bed.

You stare at him, completely dumbfounded that he could remember all of these little things about you.  

“I love everything about you, Y/N. All of those things. They’re what made me fall for you in the first place. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d understand straight away. But, even if I have to recite my list of things I love about you every day, I promise, I’ll help you realise that I’m not going anywhere. Ever.”

floatingheadcomics  asked:

Any tips on colouring faces? Like you, I've been drawing for years now but only recently have I started going into the technicalities of it. I'm self taught and hope to get as good as you :) thank you for inspiring me and others just like myself. Love your art (duhh) <3

Oh gosh, coloring is my weakest point honestly. And I’m especially bad with faces D:

Errr, the most I can suggest is studying the anatomy and planes of the face. Knowing how the face works really helps you properly place shadows and highlights and brings a lot of depth to your art, especially with soft shading.

Here’s some crappy example sheet thingys I made eons ago so you can kind of see what I’m talking about:

[ Yellow: lights / Red: shadows / Blue: lol idk why I made it blue but it’s just more shadows ]

In terms of cel/hard shading, I suggest keeping it simple. Overall it depends on your art style and preferences, but personally speaking my art looks like crap when I go overboard with hard shading. Someone like Danica Sills is quite excellent at it though; I def recommend watching some of her videos for reference.

Also this might be obvious but it’s really important to know where you want your light source to be when it comes to coloring/shading. Is the light hitting your character from the top left?? Straight on??? From behind??? This drastically changes how you shade and also affects the mood of your art.

As for colors themselves, don’t just shade with a black/grey or darker color of the skin. Try nudging the color to a more warm or cool tone. Example:

As you can see the face has more life to it with a pinkish shade vs. just a darker orange. Also its very subtle but even the highlight is moved to yellow instead of beige. Basically I pick my base color and then go slightly up the color-wheel for hightlights and down the wheel for shadows.

Besides this I don’t really know what else to say??? I’m sorry, this is all terribly unhelpful :/

I HIGHLY recommend watching tutorials/speedpaints on YouTube, that’s where I’ve learned how to do most of this stuff. I can’t remember any videos I’ve watched on coloring skin, but somebody like Sycra probably has one (his video’s in general have helped me improve A LOT).

Thank you for your kind words! :’D And good luck on your art journey! Being self taught is really difficult, but there’s plenty of resources for us online to learn from so there’s nothing holding you back. I hope you have fun and find success in all your endeavors <3<3

the weird & the feared

the weird and the feared, pt. 1

 ivar x original female character

words: 1697

warnings: none right now, just a little introduction

A/N: Hej Hopplös = “Hello Hopeless,”

I sat behind the cash register of Bromm’s Books and watched the storm clouds out the front window. I was regretting the large hot chocolate that I had gotten on my morning break, because the weather suggested that I’d probably need to pay for a cab home. My old umbrella had fallen apart last week and my pay day was still days away, which meant I hadn’t replaced it. I let out a sigh as an older man in a suit made his way into the shop.

“I’m looking for Hope Turgot,” he said and my head tilted like a surprised puppy.

“Who’s asking?” I looked him over carefully. I was Hope Turgot, but I didn’t recognize the man.

“You’re Hope?” He asked, pointing at my nametag. I looked down with an aggravated sigh. “I’m Lionel Straub, your grandmother’s attorney.”

My eyebrows raised. My gran was my only family, and she had passed a month ago.

“You never came to the reading of her will, the distribution of assets,” Lionel continued. I sighed.

“Been busy,” I grunted. In all honesty, I hadn’t even thought about it. Gran had lived in an elderly living community since her husband, my Pop, passed. Before that they spent their time traveling around the world. She said she had brought everything with her, so after the funeral I took a few mementos from her room and considered that the end of it.

“Well could you come in? There are some things I need to go over with you.” He handed me a card, which I took hesitantly.

“I don’t have any money,” I grunted. “I can’t even afford a new umbrella.”

“You don’t need money for a distribution of assets. Your grandmother didn’t tell you anything, did she?” I responded with a shrug. “Listen; just come in tomorrow – after work, yeah?”

That night I recounted the exchange as I sat on my best friend’s couch. Bitsy  had been my best friend since I moved back to my god forsaken hometown, Bernisdale. I had met her when I visited Gran one day, she worked at the elderly living center, and when my ex boyfriend, Heahmund, unceremoniously kicked me out of our shared apartment, Bitsy had taken me in. I had been crashing on her couch for a pay period, until I could afford the deposit for a room share of my own.

“Did she ever mention anything?” I asked and Bitsy looked up to the ceiling, trying to remember.

“Not that I can think of, but, god, distribution of assets sounds sort of exciting, doesn’t it?” Bitsy bit her lip and stood up to grab another round of beers from the fridge.

“I’m trying not to get my hopes up,” I mumbled.

“I’m the opposite,” Bitsy sighed, pulling her dark brown hair into a bun on top of her head. “Consider my hopes up. Maybe she left you like a million pounds and you’ll be able to buy your own house or something.” I snorted, beer going up my nose – causing my eyes to water.

“Like I said,” I wiped the water from my eyes. “I’m not getting my hopes up.”

Work the next day dragged, my appointment with Mr. Straub hanging above my head. I spent the day sitting at the register, thinking about the town. I had grown up in Bernisdale, but left as soon as I turned seventeen. The town was small and boring, and in my young age, I craved the drama of a big city. It wasn’t until my grandfather died, right after my twentieth birthday that I made my way back to be some sort of support system to Gran.

In my time away, Bernisdale had changed. It was still small, but it seemed darker. It wasn’t dangerous, exactly, but full of young men too wound up by their little town. I couldn’t blame them – I’d been going crazy before I left, tangled up with a rough crowd. I came back to Bernisdale settled, having gotten the wiles of my immaturity out of my system in London. Not that I could escape my past forever, it seemed. At least that’s what Heahmund alluded to when he dumped my things out on the front steps of our apartment.

“If I’d have known you were in with them, I would have never even spoken to you,” I remembered him saying. It took a few moments for everything to click.

“That was years ago, I was just a dumb kid,” I offered him my explanation, my weak explanation, to which he responded with a slammed door.

I shook my head, bringing myself back to the present day. The present task at hand. The meeting.

It was a rare sunny day in Bernisdale when I left the bookshop, so the walk to Mr. Straub’s office was pleasant. His secretary was leaving by the time I arrived, but she took the time to settle in the conference room.

Mr. Straub looked pleased to see me as he sat across from me, and I smoothed my sweaty palms across my jeans to try to ease my nerves.

“You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you here today,” he began, his tone formal.

“Distribution of assets,” I muttered and he shot me an annoyed look.

“There’s a certain formality to these situations, you see,” he grunted at me and continued his prepared speech. I couldn’t help but gaze out the window as my mind wandered. Mr. Straub’s office overlooked the high school where I had spent my most angst-ridden years. I bit my lip, remembering my last year there and the actions that seemed to still hold weight even five years later.

“Do you agree, Ms. Turgot? Do you accept the gift?” Mr. Straub’s voice called me back to the current moment.

“Sorry, what?” I blinked over to him and he sighed.

“Your grandmother has left you her apartment as a gift. It’s paid off in full, in center city. In the Kattegat building.”

“The Kattegat building,” I managed.

“Yes,” Mr. Straub wasn’t looking at me now – but going over the documents in front of him. “Top floor, it looks like. Penthouse.” He looked back up at me, and I saw that he had pushed a key to the middle of the table. “Do you accept?”

A penthouse in the Kattegat building meant one thing, I cursed internally. I shouldn’t. I really, really shouldn’t. If I had any hopes of reuniting with Heahmund or truly showing him that that part of my life was in the past. But then, I was homeless – thanks to Heahmund – and my back was beginning to ache from sleeping on Bitsy’s couch.

“I accept.” My answer was firm.

Later that night, I was in Bitsy’s car – my bags taking up the backseat – scrunching up my eyes while she shrieked at me. Repeatedly.

“This is like, insane! The Kattegat building! How did you not know?” Bitsy’s excitement should have been contagious, but I couldn’t stop biting the skin of my thumb.

“I figured she sold it. She and Pop travelled so much that I just figured she sold it before that, and that’s how they were able to afford all their trips.”

“So, you’ve been there before?” Bitsy asked as we pulled up to a stop light. I nodded. “Ohmigod, does that mean you’ve met,” I cut her off.

“Yes, but, I’d rather not talk about it.” I looked over at Bitsy to see her sitting with her mouth open.

“I’ve never met any of them,” she powered through my dismissal. “Seen ‘em out though and,” she closed her eyes, a dreamy look on her face. “God.”

“I said I’d rather not talk about it,” I grumbled and she rolled her eyes at me.

“We’re not talking about your experience,” she countered, “I was just sharing my experience. Or lack there of.”

The Kattegat building had a doorman, private parking and several security checks for new tenants. By the time Bitsy pulled her car into my designated parking space, there was another doorman with a luggage trolley ready to load up my boxes.

“We’ve got it,” I waved him off dismissively. “I’ll return it when we’re done,” I continued and he shrugged.

“You can leave it outside your door with any garbage, we’ll take care of it.” I nodded and beside me, Bitsy squealed. We loaded up the trolley with my measly amount of luggage and made our way to the elevator.

My finger reached out to the “P” button before Bitsy grabbed my wrist.

“Can I press it?”

“Can you?”

“Can I press the button? It’s so fancy and you’re going to be pressing it like, multiple times a day. You’ll be bored of it soon. Please!” I managed a smile, my nerves settling at my best friend’s excitement.

“Sure you can –“

“Hold that door!” A gruff voice called out and my nerves were back tenfold.

“Press the button,” I muttered to Bitsy, leaning forward myself to press the door close button. Bitsy looked to me, confusion etched on her face.


“Hold the jävla door!” The voice called out and I jabbed the door close button repeatedly before a metal cane stuck itself between the closing doors, prompting them open again.

“Fuck,” I muttered under my breath and felt Bitsy’s eyes shift from me to the man who had joined us in the elevator.

Ivar Lothbrok settled himself into the elevator, his cane clutched in his hand and his attention directed upward. I felt as if all the air had been sucked out of my lungs and stood frozen next to the buttons. He hadn’t seen me, hadn’t noticed that we were inhabiting the same space after six years of no contact. My heart beat rapidly in my chest as I took in his dark hair, long on top and shaved underneath, his plump lips, twisted in an annoyed line and the braces on his left leg.

“Ah,” The sound fell from Bitsy’s lips, “floor?”

“Penthouse,” he muttered. Ivar turned his attention to us and I caught the glint in his widening eyes as he took me in. “Hej Hopplös,” he nodded at me, his voice syrupy smooth.

“Ivar,” I managed.

anonymous asked:

OK I'm not even gonna talk about jonerys cause I'm shaking 😍but what are your thoughts about Jamie,I mean he's such a good soldier such a loyal guy but his love for Cercei is his poison,Tyron really love him too,idk I'm team Danny/Jon all the way but I don't want him to die

This is a great ask. I love Jonerys but I like all of Thrones so I enjoy the chance to talk about something else too! 

Jaime is in my top 5 faves. I love him SO MUCH and I think this episode really showed us his heroism and bravery. I loved how when the dothraki were coming over the horizon and they all knew they were doomed, Bronn told him to leave because he’s valuable and a commander but he refused to abandon his men. And even with only one hand, he rides and fights so valiantly. 

I mean this shit right here? Instantly iconic. Amazing.

(not for repost :))

This episode was so complex because of Jaime. By now we love him. The audience roots for him. But we also root for Daenerys so it was in some ways nice watching the girl we love get her revenge on the Lannisters, who have been pretty much evil and also the top dogs getting their way for seven straight years. 

But it wasn’t all fun to watch. It was heartbreaking even though it was epic. Jaime was still so full of hope, talking to his horse (”Come on, boy!” I cry) and then we know how it all panned out. He watched the entire Lannister forces decimated before his eyes and he didn’t give up. He faced Dany and Drogon and he didn’t give up. 

So overall this episode was really grey. Even though Dany is my ultimate fave, we didn’t get this battle from her perspective the way we got her burning of Slaver’s Bay. We saw most of this battle from the ground, and we saw the horror for the Lannister soldiers. The same Lannister soldiers that D&D made it a point to show us weren’t all bad in ep1 with the wholesome Sheeran scene.

I think that even Tyrion was conflicted watching it. No, he won’t betray Dany. But the reality of war was hitting him the same way it did at Blackwater Bay. He realized what it meant to unleash something devastating on an enemy army and to watch people die in the horrors of war. And for the people thinking Tyrion looking out for Jaime means he will betray Dany, come on. No. Tyrion has always loved his brother. He can want Cersei off the throne without relishing the idea of Drogon roasting Jaime in front of him. 

I think this episode portrayed Jaime as one of our heroes. That’s not to say that Dany is a villain. She isn’t. But I think it’s showing us that there’s good on both sides, which is an important theme this season because we know that all the “sides” right now–Stark, Lannister, Targaryen–HAVE to band together, as discussed in Jon and Dany’s cave scene to fight the WW.

Anyway, I agree that Jaime’s love for Cersei is toxic but he is coming into his own and I think sooner or later he’s going to separate himself from that relationship and when he does it will allow him to become the man he’s always had the potential to be, the hero we get glimpses of in scenes like this one and the scenes with Brienne :)

@rayadraws reblogged your post and added:

Oh man more awesome meta I love this aaah.

Consider Genos’ background, how he was unable to save his family when the mad cyborg attacked, and then tried to destroy the meteor - and failed - how hopeless/ineffective he must have felt at that moment. And then Saitama-sensei sweeps in and saves him and everyone else. This kid lost everything and everyone and he’s about to do it again, but as you say, this time he’s saved. And Saitama makes a point of telling Bang to take care of Genos before he goes for the meteor to make sure he’ll be safe..!

Literally attacking with his heart - definitely no chance to misunderstand there what this all represents…

…and taking all you wrote into consideration, it makes the scene of him declaring how Saitama is the most incredible person he’s met and how he’ll follow him even more powerful ;-;

:’)))) Yes, utterly (heart) drained at the moment he knew he failed to affect the outcome and protect who he cares about (again!), he doesn’t even consider his own safety anymore – ordering Bang to escape as one last futile effort while sitting there accepting the inevitable. But RIGHT then at his lowest moment, Saitama sweeps in to save him. And gosh it’s glorious (shoujo circles and all) to see the astonished recognition on his face and feel his hope do a 180. :’D

Just look at this panel of him after Saitama succeeds, his body language says it all:

As for the anime’s placement of Genos’ declaration after this (during the sunset scene and all), I’d say they made a creative decision for the better. :’3 

@jamjizzle921 reblogged your post and added:

May I insert my five cent :3 ? Chronologically speaking from the Bang OVA stand point, can I also bring up even after witnessing what saitama did to the meteor, Genos is still frighten out of his daylights when the egg ran out into traffic to defend the plastic bag kitty from getting hurt by that irresponsible truck driver? Just days ago Genos saw the man launch himself at a hot incoming rock (that was probably a fraction of the size of the moon) that would have caused sure fire catastrophic damage, as well as other adverse affects to the rest of the environment. He WITNESSED this man blow a fiery boulder into smithereens, and even that’s not enough to stop his core from jumping in his throat when he thought that something as trivial as a domestic traffic dispute was gonna pose some harm to his sensei. You could practically feel the panic run up and down Genos’ circuits, and I bet even he couldn’t register the split second it took for him to get to where saitama was to heave what may as well have been a hamper full of feathers off of him. And Saitama wasn’t even fazed by it! It’s like Genos can’t believe his own eyes each time. He’s been with Saitama through some of the worst incidences in his heroic career, (and has had to have saitama come and assist him on many of those occasions) and even still, when it comes to the egg’s well being, his mind impulsivley zeros on the one person that matters most, like a lioness ready to go tooth and nail against any predator to protect the young even if there was hardly any threat to begin with. Just kill me D;

 Yes please, this ridiculous scene RIGHT HERE!? 8D

You are correct, this ova happens directly after the meteor, and YET even after witnessing Saitama achieve the miraculous, Genos still can’t help feeling that instinctual urge to protect who he cares about when they’re ~in danger~

I swear, compiling a list of all the moments Genos displays irrational concern for Saitama’s safety and wellbeing would be a whole separate post altogether. XD He just loves him cares so much, omg. And not just for Saitama’s physical wellbeing, but mentally too! Heck, even in that same meteor episode, the anime had Genos RUN to Saitama’s (unneeded) aid to save him from the scorn of the public. :P Just…Genos pls.  

I was talking with Raya some more about it, and it’s like because of his background, Genos has a deep-set, built in fear of losing those he cares about (after losing everyone in his hometown), so he typically remains distant and aloof (and very rude) towards most new people he meets. His ability to trust and get close to people again is extremely limited, but when it does happen, his attachment is INTENSE. It explains a lot – his incessant clinginess and almost separation anxiety with Saitama (especially in the latest webcomic developments where he insists to live with Saitama no matter what). However, Saitama is that ONE person who can’t be ‘lost’ that way; he can’t be harmed or killed in any feasible way. And yet Genos still tries however he can to protect him (even if all Genos can do is assist Saitama’s daily happiness). :’3 Saitama really is that chill, grounded, immovable object to match Genos’ unstoppable passionate force.    

porcelaindrug  asked:

Hello! I have been reading and following the 2CT for quite some time now and I see that there are a lot of hints pointing out that there are 2 physical children, but then a thought occured to me, like what is there is only one ciel but he suffers from schizophrenia or sth like that and he made up the twin in his mind and in the end he "absorbed" the character and became two persons? I know it sounds weird but I'd love to hear your thoughts! Hope I didn't bother you with my question ^^

Hello there! :D That’s the “DID/split personality” version of the 2CT! And afaik it has always been more popular than the twin theory, at least in the Western fandom xD

While I think it might be an interesting plot twist and would explain some of the mysteries surrounding Ciel (e.g. the flashback in ch90 or the dream in ch93, 95), personally, I have never really subscribed to this theory tbh^^; There are many reasons why I’m not convinced, but I guess the most important argument against it is that it’s (more or less) confirmed by third parties that Ciel had at least one sibling.

First, we have this family tree which clearly shows two branches between Vincent and Rachel. (It’s not a random family tree created by a random person but a part of Sasha’s, a grim reaper’s, documents, so I’d say it’s quite reliable as a source.)

If this family tree were the only evidence we had, then there’d still be the possibility that Ciel’s “sibling” just died long time ago (maybe even was still-born), but then we also have this clear confirmation by Joker from Baron Kelvin’s flashback scene in the Circus arc (ch32):

“Not only the Earl, but also his children were killed.”

[*Note: The online translation/funimation sub “The Earl along with his wife and child was killed” is incorrect. It’s clearly “children” in the original Japanese version.]

Unless Joker knew about Ciel’s schizophrenia for some reason and recognised the other “personality” Ciel has created in his mind as a separate person, I think the simplest explanation for the word “children” (plural) is that the Phantomhives had - indeed - two children, our!Ciel and his sibling/twin, at the time the Phantomhive manor was attacked.

And judging from other numerous hints (I won’t list them all here, please check out my tag “two ciels theory” if you’re interested xD), I personally think that Ciel’s “sibling/twin” (if 2CT is true, that is) was a real human and not just a split personality, imaginary friend or a ghost! :D

biggest-gaudiest-patronuses  asked:

I was wondering if you would point me to your most popular/personal favorite posts? please and also thank you.

Aaaahh, thank YOU for asking such interesting questions! I’ll answer them separately, since my most popular posts and personal faves don’t all line up. 

Most popular:

  1. “What was it you were hoping I’d bring to the table - quiet obedience? No. I bring the storm, I bring chaos and your imminent destruction. You made a mistake.” (x) (47k) 
  2. “Drink hot beverages in copious amounts. Put on that sweater that makes you feel protected. Wear the lucky charm no one but you believes in. Practice breathing techniques. Let your favourite fictional character have your back. If you want to get through the day, and you use every trick at your disposal, that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you the smart one.” (x) (8.7k)
  3. “There are some things you cannot control, and I am at least three of them.“ (x) (2.5k)
  4. “Our emotions are indicators. They point our attention towards things. Sometimes they even give us a hint about what that thing might imply for us. But they are indicators nonetheless: first guesses, not absolute truths. They need to be examined further in order to be truly helpful to us. We must neither follow them without question nor disregard them as a rule.“ (x) (1.2k)
  5. “There is nothing you cannot handle. You’ve been to hell and back already. Stand your ground.“ (x) (750)

Out of these, I’m glad 2 and 4 got so many notes, because I was really hoping for that message to reach out. I’m also very fond of 3, I keep chuckling to myself about it actually, so it was fun to see that others found it amusing as well. So yeah, 2, 3 and 4 are actually among my personal faves as well! 

Personal favourites:

  • “Announce it to the sky right here and right now; tell it to the stars and the waves and anyone who happens to hear: say that you are free, say that you are wild, and say that you will damn well do as you damn well please.“ (x)
  • “Open your arms up wide, face the wind, feel the rain on your skin, and laugh. This chaos is yours and yours alone, and hell, you will dance so magnificently through the storm.“ (x)
  • “Here’s to new beginnings, to chaos and change. Here’s to rushing headfirst into the unexplored. Here’s to your excitement about all you will learn. Here’s to new experiences. Here’s to the sky and the universe and the vastness of your mind.“ (x) (fun fact: this was my first post on this blog!)
  • “Dance in the light of the dying stars. It may be the end of the world, but there’s no way in hell you won’t appreciate every last second of this lost and damned universe if given the chance.“ (x)
  • “We’re the kind of people who will need to head out on a stormy night. To experience it all first hand. To feel the rain splash in our faces, and the wind tear at our clothes. Because we need to know it’s real. Because it’s like us, it’s free and untamed and relentless and oh so powerful. And there will be reprimanding looks, suspicious words, lack of understanding. There will be all of that and more. But we are true to ouselves, and a stormy night is all we need to feel alive.“ (x)
  • “Are you really lost beyond hope? I don’t think you are. Exhausted, maybe, thrown into a complete mess of a situation, yes, but lost? Not while you’re still breathing.“ (x)
  • “You will have to take a dark road, full of danger and doubts, and I cannot come with you. But what you seek lies ahead, and I know how important it is to you. So go, go and find it: I truly believe that you can. Fair winds and stars above, my friend, and a safe return!“ (x)
  • “Tell me about the thing you find your way to in the dark. The thing you know inside out. The thing that’s your stone number one when you have to start again from scratch. And when you lose your way, remember what you told me.“ (x)
  • “Say it. Through gritted teeth, with shaking sobs, amidst worlds crashing down. Delivery has no impact on the truth of your words.” (x)
  • “So you are terrified. Well, we can infer at least two things from that: you are alive, and you’ll be fighting to keep it that way.“ (x)

So these are the posts I feel capture most closely what it is I’m trying to convey with this blog. Again, thanks for asking, these questions were really fun to think about! 

D.Va & Mercy: I am SO Bitter

They took my two mains and have made them both completely and utterly useless.

I was hopeful when I heard about these changes, but now I am fuming. And it doesn’t seem like the devs are listening to anybody who shares my opinions. Despite being a console player, I HAVE played them both for a couple of hours on the PTR.

I’m going to put my full points (I’m trying to be more rational than rant-y but I’m still incredibly bitter lol) under a cut, so that I don’t crowd people’s dashboards, but because of that, I’ll give a tl;dr right here.
- D.Va has been nerfed so hard that she is in the same position now as Roadhog and doesn’t have a defined role in the game, nor will she be viable in upcoming seasons.
- Mercy has been put into a spot where she can no longer fulfill her role adequately when compared to other supports or even characters with a blended role, making her worse even than Sombra, a DPS, and Orisa, a tank. Picking her is ultimately almost pointless.
- OW is becoming a game catered solely to DPS characters, and protecting your team is a thing of the past.

FEEL FREE to reblog, post your thoughts, message me privately, send me asks, etc. I don’t have many followers, but I encourage it.

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merinfandomland  asked:

Hey it's me again! do you still take prompts? If so,,,, malec going to see Hamilton and then discussing lams? Or smth along those lines idk exactly

First of all, it was very rude of you to introduce me to this pain. *harrumphs*
There is one line, one line in this fic that I’m really proud of though :3 
I don’t really have a lot to say because I’m asleep on my feet rn, but a few quick points
1) nobody betae’d this, I didn’t even reread it so … pls be gentle
2) every single opinion here expressed about Hamilton, Burr, Laurens etc. comes strictly from convenience to the plot, I know nothing about them

Jokes aside, thank you so much for the prompt :3 I hope you like this!
Also, yes, I just made Lin-Manuel Miranda a warlock. 

Alec, of course, has no idea what Hamilton is. He knows who Hamilton is, but he just blinks at Magnus when he presents him with two tickets for Hamilton, fourth row, central seats. Excellent tickets is what Magnus is trying to say here. Not that it had been difficult getting them, Lin is a good friend, has been for a few centuries now, but still. He was expecting a bit more enthusiasm.

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Jonrya Reread – Week 1 – AGoT –  Jon I & Arya I

Just some thoughts from these chapters. Some are about Jon & Arya together, some just about them separately.

Okay I am seriously thrilled about this whole thing. Whether you only ship them in a brotp sense or in a romantic way, you surely can’t deny the importance of Jon and Arya to one another. In my mind, even if they don’t end up together, they’re still soulmates and one of my most favourite relationships in any series, made even more special by the fact that they haven’t been together since the early chapters of the first book! D&D have practically gone out of their way to ignore this relationship and how fundamental it is to Jon & Arya’s characters, and at this point, I’m done hoping they will honour what GRRM has created. So the Jonrya Reread is to focus on just that.

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Park Woojin: “Bad Day Boy”.

  • I apologise in advance for some gramatical errors/mistakes made in this bulletpoint scenario. I’m not that fluent in English but I’m trying my best (and I don’t have the time rn to correct this either)🙈🙈. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!! ♡


She called him the Bad Day Boy


difficulty describing feelings to other people.”

 “I’m writting this with a pencil…
I know it’s weird, believe me, I’m trying to make sense in this letter because it’s important for me. Why? Because it’s for you and you are important for me.
This is a list of reasons why I love you…"

  • “Your bright smile…”
  • Like most of the people, Woojin had bad and god days. Since he started dating y/n he realsed there were more good days than bad days but that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to feel a bit down sometimes.
  • That day was one of those bad days. First, he forgot to set the alarm so he fell asleep and lost the bus. Then, when the other bus came he found that his wallet was empty so he couldn’t pay the ticket and the driver was so rude to him, yelling and telling him to get out of the bus. After that the sky started to cry, literally cry. Woojin used to love days like that, when there was so much rain and thunders but wrn he was at home, confy and with some horror movies to watch, not in that state. He was getting wet while trying to walk to the school, his phone died because he forgot to charge it, and he was starting to feel angry with himself and everything.
  • On top of that, there was a math test that day on the first period and he was running late to class. For him it was inevitable: the teacher would probably tell him to wait outside without taking in consideration his state, he was going to fail that test.
  • When he finally arrived the school everything he thought about in a negative way, came true. He was obligated to stay out of the classroom till the test ended and he started feeling sick. He was tired, sad, wet and without any money for lunch, till she decided to appear with her bright smile.
  • “Woojinie~ are you okay?” She asked and then rolled her eyes, it was obvious that he wasn’t okay. “You are really pale.”
  • “It’s okay baby, I’m just tired…” Woojin and y/n have been in a relationship for one year and everytime she smiled at him he couldn’t help but smile back and start thinking about positive things. She was the only one who was able to deal with his temper and in days like this, she was the only one who could make them better.
  • “What happened?” Y/N asked. “I’m okay baby, I’m okay.”
  • “No, Woojin, you are really pale and…”
  • With her voice echoing in his ears he passed out. Two hours later he woke up in the nurse room, desoriented and hungry. His school uniform wasn’t wet anymore and he was still sick but feeling a bit better.
  • In the table infront of him was a big box and a water bottle with a note in a sky blue paper. Woojin stand up trying not to colapse in the floor due to his lack of strenght and then he walked the three steps that separeted him from the box and the note.
  • “For Park Woojin, the bad day boy in a note because I like notes and I like you. With love, your girlfriend, Y/N.”
  • Minutes later the nurse entered the room and greeted Woojin, asking him to take a sit in the chear near the table. While she was checking if he was still having feber and doing another medical stuff, she smiled to him and said:
  • “Your girlfriend was really worried, actually she is in the officine of the director because of you right now. She got in trouble with her math teacher for treating you bad in the morning and not giving you the oportunity to do the test, also she started to shout to everyone in the room when they told her that she wasn’t going to be able to stay here till you wake up. She was so upset and worried.”
  • Just ten minutes after that little conversation with the nurse she dessapeared. Woojin stood there, enjoying the silence of the room and eating what was on the big box in the table.
  • Minutes passed or even an hour and the bell ringed and before Woojin could process it the door was opened and there was her, with a messy hair, some books in one hand and her tipical and beautiful smile.
  • “How are you feeling baby? Do you still have feber?” She asked while entering the room. Woojin could tell that she wasn’t planning on telling him what happened while he was sleeping.
  • “No sweetie, I’m better. Was it fun in the director’s office?” Woojin was a straightfoward person and y/n knew that but even if she knew she was never going to be ready for him comming like that.
  • “Ah…uh…how…how did you…?” “It’s okay y/n the nurse told me. I’m not mad or something but was it that necessary? I don’t think so.” Woojin replied before she could even think. “It’s okay anyway, you were worried baby, come here.”
  • Y/n walked silently to Woojin with her eyes fixed on the ground and trying to hide her smile. If she had to be honest, it was really funny to reply back to her math teacher, she hated him.
  • “So you are not mad…?” y/n said.
  • “No but I didn’t need you to do that for me. You know what I needed the most in that time and I still need now?” Woojin asked and she waited there for an answer to that question. “For you to smile at me.”
  • And y/n smiled.

That was the only time when I was able to tell you what I was feeling, even if it wasn’t a feeling at all. Believe me, your smile might be just a reaction to something but It makes me feel a lot of things and I want you to keep smiling like that for me, baby.”


Guess what hole I’ve been hiding my art in forever 😂

So I made this just now, based off of the famous Mystreet x Heathers AU whose idea originated from… wait… actually idk.

Well the point is, my choice for Duke was Laurance bc idk

I really dont know

Also these are really crappy rough drafts, I only made them like this bc its just a sketch of what I would like my future drawings of the three to be.

Liochant - Mcnamara
Garroth - Chandler
Laurance - Duke


Thats all

Hope you like :D