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Hi, just wanted to know that as it seems that Luca is quite serious about making a CMBYN sequel, what are your thoughts on that? What would be your ideal scenario? I mean obviously respecting the spirit of the book. I heard people saying "Hope they end up together" but personally that doesn't look too realistic? Could be but?... I dunno I think making a sequel would be more of challange if its really made, what you think? Xx.

You’re absolutely right, the sequel would undoubtedly present a bigger challenge. I hate to admit this but I am so far gone that if they gave us nothing that happened in the book and all we got a simple happily ever after, I’d probably be fine. I know, I’m human garbage.

However, before I’m pelted with rocks, this is what I think will ACTUALLY happen (past this point, beware of heavy movie and book spoilers and long, long explanations on my part):

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You know, not too long ago I wanted to say Henry got one of those "Dear John" letters during the War, I guess I wasn't that wrong about it.

Unfortunately, no, you weren’t wrong at all.

His just left him with the hope to last through the war before yanking it away right when he’d earned it.

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Hey! I really love Eadaoin (did I spell that right? my apologies if I messed it up!) when I see your drawings of her! I've been seeing an OC tag game going around, and it got me curious about her character. I was wondering though if you are ok with people asking questions about your OC or if you'd rather not talk about her on this blog? I know OCs are very personal to some people, and that's completely understandable! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend!

That’s fine. I gave up on hiding OCs long ago, baby. I’m A-okay with giving you any and all juicy gossip about any of my characters, so you can ask away if you wish. <3 And thanks for showing interest to begin with.



Random BIGBANG sketches [1/?] - Daesung

Since I’m not drawing as much recently as I used to do, I decided to challenge myself and start this series. I’ll try to draw every few days or whenever something inspires me to do so. The sketches will probably be all over the place, but I’ll make sure to include all members equally. Starting off with my bias of course.

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Hollllllyyyy Shiiit!!! I just saw your cuddly OCs!! More more more please!!! ❤️❤️❤️

as luck would have it I’ve got some more OC doodads I can share :’D I wanted to revisit Diego’s design and revamp it a little (the last time I’d touched it was….2015-ish oh god) and the boys in crop tops are all new OCs too! 

The left is Alec, middle is Hamish (Alec’s older brother), and Taemin is the one on the right! 

They started as glorified OC’s i made for VLD (and MysM for Taemin), but I’m hoping to use them in a story someday soon! (I promise I have cis female characters too. And nonbinary characters! I just haven’t gotten around to drawing them all yet)

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109 kaz x inej !

Silly sick fic au? Yes, silly sick fic au!

“I’d probably conquer the world for you if you asked me to.”

“Inej…” he moaned, head bobbing dangerously close to the bedside table. “When will you be back?” his sickly voice carried on as his body gave in and he flopped on his bed.

Thunder ragged outside, windows banging loudly in the harsh wind.

Inej rushed to a window that opened with a stronger gust of wind and quickly shut it, making sure it wouldn’t open again. Pained moans came from the bed and she eyed it through the corner of her eye.

Kaz lied on his bed, legs hanging over the edge, arms splayed in an almost comical position. His eyes were shut and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He moaned her name again, once more wondering when she would return. She shook her head and went to the basin where she’d heated up some water. She was back. She had been for at least two hours by now.

But how would he know it? When he’d made the stupid decision to go skulk in a thunderstorm and thus hadn’t been home to see her walking through the front door, a tiny smile on her lips, as she tried her best to not show how happy to finally see him again she was. She’d asked for him and no one knew where he was. Apparently the boss had just walked out the door just as the storm was growing stronger.

Now he laid on his bed, somehow having managed to return home and stumbling into his room. It was a wonder how he’d done that, when a sudden fever seemed to have taken over his vision and speech.


She rolled her eyes. Even like this he managed to be extra-dramatic when calling for her. Sure, it made her feel all gooey inside, knowing he’d missed her that much, but still…

With swift and silent moves, she helped him get comfortable in his bed, taking off his shoes and removing what soaked layers of clothes he had without touching his skin and without looking too hard. Still, her cheeks heated up, still she let her eyes linger on his frame right before she covered him with a warm blanket. Who could blame her?

With hot towels at hand, Inej sat down on the bed and began trying to ward off his fever before it did any serious damage.


She sighed and placed a towel on his forehead, “Yes, Kaz?”

“I’d probably conquer the world for you if you asked me to.” He moaned, “If it meant you’d come back sooner…”

Her lips parted in surprise. That was… more than she’d expected to hear. Never mind the way it made her lips tug up, Kaz kept thoughts like these to himself. The fever must have gotten him good if he was making such promises.

“I am back, Kaz.” She whispered and brushed away a few locks of hair away from his eyes, “And you don’t need to conquer anything, you idiot. You already have given me the world.” She confessed still smiling. Of course he had. He’d given her freedom, he’d found her parents, he’d gotten her a ship. What else did he think he needed to do to get her?

A stupid grin cracked his face, “Inej…” he said, voice cracking halfway through the word.

She shook her head, this was no time to talk with him. Still, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling at the way he said her name.

send me a pairing and a number for a drabble?

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I had the worst day at work today, bartending for some CREEPS, ugh. What about some Cute Bartender!Tony dealing with assholes whilst Steve stands all smitten in the background, I'd really love that right now.

I’m really sorry you had to deal with that bullshit, my friend. But here- I hope this helps!

“Steve, if you keep starin’ at him any longer, he’s gonna call the cops.”

The sound was barely visible over the noise in the club, but Steve turned anyway, shooting Bucky a dirty look as the man simply grinned over to him and shrugged.

“Just say hi,” Sam encouraged, nudging his arm, “he seems nice. From what I can tell from the one drink he served me forty minutes ago, anyway.”

Steve blushed, turning to fiddle with the rim of his Pina Colada and cursing himself. He knew he should. He knew that’s what everyone said he should do, anyway- but the man was like… a whole other level.
There was attractive, and there there was that guy.

Dark hair, tanned skin, a smile to die for. Every line and curve of his body was physically perfect. Steve had studied all about it in art school- Da Vinci’s Golden ratio and the divine proportion, all that stuff. He couldn’t say he’d ever really believed it himself, but Jesus- looking at that man, he guessed that that was what Leo had been banging on about all those years back.

-Aaaaand he was staring again.


(read more, mobile users!)

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Can you do 13 and 23?

#13 “i could kiss you right now!”

So, I’ve combined these requests to give you this. Sorry it took a little long. I’ve been pretty busy with school, but i finally got a bit of down time to write this out. Hope you like it, and thanks for the request :) xx

When Harry had called Y/N and asked her to meet him at a local cafe between their two flats just off campus, she figured it was just for a quick meet up like they usually did. So, she’d donned a jacket to protect against the biting cold of a late fall day in London and trekked her way the short walk from her flat to the warm shoppe.

Harry and Y/N had met their first year of uni during their very first class of the year, and they’d been pretty good mates ever since. It was the first time either of them had been in London for more than a day’s trip, both having been from other parts of England. Harry was from Holmes Chapel, a small village in Cheshire, and Y/N was from Malmesbury, a similarly small village in Wiltshire. They’d bonded over their humble upbringings and their similar tastes in music, as well as their love for baking. It also helped that they were both studying law and were in many of the same classes and made sure they were always together for any projects and study groups.

Three years in, they were thick as thieves, and they spent most of their free time together with the occasional added company of Niall, an Irishman whom Harry shared a flat with, and Y/N’s own flatmate, Penelope. Harry and Y/N remained the closest out of the bunch, though, and many mistook them for a couple, even though there’d never even been an inkling of anything other than platonic love in their friendship. They usually just laughed it off, and Y/N only really blushed when Penelope brought it up now. 

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170723 Super Junior D&E Hello Again Fanmeet [FULL]


D&E’s moms, Donghwa, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and MC Leeteuk attended.Kyuhyun had told leeteuk he’d come to every thing the members did. 



Opening VCR showed Still you cuts, getting #1, enlisting, and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hug during discharge. Words: we’ve missed you. ©


EH: I have an apologetic heart to everyone here, let’s not break apart again, let’s only walk the flower path now.

DH: I’m sorry for making you lonely for 2 years, I will work hard to show a good image in activities from now on. 

They saluted to Leeteuk.


DH: It was really nice today, LT and YS hyung came today too, I’m really happy.

Eunhyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit.
DH: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? ©

Eunhyuk talked about the Super Junior dorm situation: After living in the same dorm for so long, now we’re in out thirties, we said “let’s have a go at being independent!” But we couldn’t go too far from each other so we are all living in different houses in the same area/apartment, we eat pizza together and go on walks together too, we went to find Heechul too but Kim Heechul didn’t open the door (I don’t know if he was home or not). © 

Eunhyuk confused the old SJ dorm and the new dorm. When he was in the army, SJ moved out of the old dorm so it was empty. Hyuk didn’t realize that when he went there. He thought at least kyuhyun was inside so he kept trying to press in the password and pressing the door bell, making funny faces in the inter-phone camera for minutes. Then he asked in SJ’s group chat and the manager asked if he went to the old dorm where they moved out. ©


Eunhyuk asked Donghae to find him in a picture of him with all his army staff in uniform and Donghae walked to the screen and pointed at a lady wearing a dress. Eunhyuk replied, “I wore a dress? Good job.” © 

Eunhyuk looked around at fans who all have long hair.
EH: We made a promise? Do you remember? How did your hair grow so fast?

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hi!! i know you said you were answering witchy asks so heres what ive got. im a really new witch, ive been interested in it for a few months now and have veeery slowly started trying to figure out what types of magic i can do / enjoy. i know research is the way to become more aware of magic and how to do it, but im never sure what good sources are or what are good articles to read for baby witches. if you have any, id be really thankful! thanks for considering even if you say no <3

Okay, so, instead of recommending you articles and stuff, I’m gonna talk a bit about critical thinking in magic, and using our discernment, because I don’t think it gets talked about a lot.

So the thing is, first off, there are a lot of sources out there, as we know. Some are awesome, some are hit and miss, and some are just…bad. But how can we tell them apart, and how can I know as a beginner what to avoid?

Well, the first thing you want to do is find your source of information. Pick an article. Read it all the way through. Now, how do you feel about what you read? Did it make sense, or were you left confused on a lot of points? Did it *seem* reasonable? Was there anything that didn’t sit right, or made you feel uncomfortable or unsure of yourself?

As magic users, we are taught our instincts are very important, and generally good to follow in regards to magic; I’d say the same can be said for researching magic as well. Of course, it’s not to be totally relied on every time, but it can definitely give you an idea of things you may want to stay away from if it doesn’t sit right with you. Not only is the information accuracy important, but whether you are comfortable utilizing it too! our boundaries in magic are just as important.

Paying attention to any sort of comments or reviews on sources is great too. There are some problematic sources out there, and we do talk about that sort of thing on Tumblr. There can still be useful things found in bad resources, however; you just need to know the problem areas to avoid so you can sift through it to find anything that may be useful to you.

Problem areas:

  • using the terms witchcraft / Wicca / pagan interchangeably
  • religious exclusion (saying one religion is better than another)
  • elitism (“real witches only do *this*” ; “you are only a real witch if you are *this*” ; etc.)
  • cultural appropriation
    • chakras
    • smudging
    • spirit animals
    • animal totems
    • Voodoo / voudou
  • racism
  • anti-LGBT
  • use of slurs
    • g*psy is a big one
  • claiming Wicca as an ancient religion / oldest religion
  • outdated information (can be a problem to some)

This is just what I can think of right now, and is by no means a complete list. If you find something that you wonder if that’s really okay, or gives you a bad gut feeling, stay away from it, or try to look into it a bit more and see what you can find.

[List of Closed Cultures]

Some find that a lack of sources can be a problem, and that is definitely the case with published authors. Online, however, you are more than likely going to find personal experiences, and we can’t really source our own experiences and methods besides to ourselves. Not everyone references the posts they used for herb correspondences, or what method they used for their sigils. Generally you will want to know sources for more about the information of the practice (its history and usage over time, magic users in the past, etc.), because that area is really fuzzy and there’s lots of misinformation on that.

In regards to telling information accuracy - this can be a bit harder nowadays, since we know that magic is unique to each that practices it, and so you may even sometimes see conflicting information on the same topics! Definitely very confusing from the start. I think it is important to keep in mind different views and methods are possible as you research. However, I still recommend that you cross reference.

If you are reading through something, and you wish to check its accuracy, Google it. For example, if someone mentions the properties of rue, and you want to see if that’s really how it’s used commonly, search it up. (This isn’t just applicable to Google, but any other reference materials you may have, Google is just the easiest for accessibility.) Check a few other resources, see what they have to say on the topic. Do they line up for the most part? Where are the differences? Do you have any personal feelings on the topic yet?

Sometimes just experience is enough to tell whether something is legit or bogus. Say you find a spell, and it looks kinda meh, but you don’t really know for sure if it’s any good for you - give it a test run. Learning and discovering for yourself can be just as important and have as big an impact on your craft as anything else. This may have a higher level of risk to it than other methods of research, but sometimes we gotta…

I think that’s really what witchcraft is all about - because all the research in the world isn’t really helpful if you don’t do anything about it. Your experiences may vary based on what you read, and that’s fine, but you’ll never know how it may really work for you unless you try it out for yourself. And I mean, of course you should be doing it in a safe way, but hopefully you know the importance of performing your actions safely in magic and the benefits of protective methods.

Honestly, discernment is something that is experienced and learned that way - trial and error do really help a lot for each of us to find out if this particular thing is any good for us - and just because it may be legit for one person, doesn’t mean it is for you. That is why it’s great to do the research, but you also need to back it up with the physical actions of trying it out too. 

Now, this is by not means extensive or complete, it’s just what I can think of at this time. 

I’m gonna give you some resources as well, just to be sure.

All of the posts I would recommend would be from Tumblr, since that is where my main arch of experience comes from. However, you can definitely Google your own articles and take a look-see through them, see what sounds feasible to you, if anything makes you feel weird, and cross reference it to a couple other references.

If you can do books, here are some that other have recommended.

I hope this helps you! If I can think of anything else to add in the future, I may do that, but off the top of my head, this is what I’ve got. I have a huge post on how to do witchy research in my drafts, but it is still gonna stay there for a bit, particularly because I have no time and energy for it right now, lol. But I hope this gives you some ideas! :D

Masks (or, Why Danger Days is Relevant and Really Fucking Deep)

[I wrote this a while ago, but I stumbled across something that talked about a similar thing and I remembered I never posted this. Please let me know what you think.]

Masks are all over the Danger Days universe. The Killjoys wear personal customized masks. The workers at Better Living wear those weird hoods with the smiley-face logo on them that makes them an ultimate symbol of a homogenized workforce. And the Draculoids are defined by their masks, and the implications of that are criminally ignored in the fandom. Mousekat is something Party Poison appropriated from a BLI kid’s TV show, but later gets stolen back by the Director.

There weren’t really any masks prominently featured in any previous albums, and masks by definition hide your face and therefore your identity and emotions. There’s got to be something there.

Bear with me and I’ll give you the rundown on my interpretation.

The Original Killjoys and Masks:

Masks hide your face. I’ve seen a lot of people interpret this as getting rid of an old identity. But my personal interpretation is more like repressing your emotions or hiding who you are or some aspect of yourself in order to cope or adapt to your current situation.

In the comics, the new generation of Killjoys really embraced the mask thing. Have you noticed Val wears his a lot? Also notice when he wears it. The more violent and radical he gets, the more he wears it. The Vs seem to embody the spirit of the old Killjoys but with none of the heart or soul. I started to see the masks as this bastardized symbolism that was misinterpreted. Consequently, bastardization of symbolism was a theme Gerard talked a lot about in interviews about Danger Days (mostly the whole vampire look being commercialized and also misinterpreted).

The Girl tries to get Party’s mask (which may or may not have been implied to be a fake or replica, as evidenced from the vending machine ads in the comics) but Val wants it too. He’s more interested in the power and symbolism the mask holds than the memory of the person who was once behind it.

Drac Masks and Forced Fear:

No one in the bandom really talks about that fucking loaded symbolism of the Drac masks. I’ve seen some people think that it’s reversible. It’s implied that it isn’t. (it is eventually reversed in the end, but that involved some magic-shit with a spiritual bomb releasing souls, so it doesn’t happen easily.) It seems to be a “fate-worse-than-death” type-thing, as we saw Madam Director threatening Korse with it.

I know that what exactly the masks do is just one panel of the comics, but they essentially turn you insane because you see everyone and everything as a threat. They destroy your soul with fear. They make you hurt those you love because they force you to be afraid of them. BLI uses fear as a form of power, just like many governments (past and present) have. They create an ideologically homogenous group of people, terrified and ready to hurt, kill, and obey orders.

Mob Mentality and the Younger Killjoys:

The only difference between the Dracs and the mob mentality of the (younger) Killjoys is that they run on over-zealous corrupted idealism, like that obnoxious kid in your class who read Nietzsche once and now thinks he’s better than everyone and tries to turn every conversation into how government/religion/society is the Ultimate Pointless Evil ™. (Bonus points if they keep asking “yes but is ANYTHING REAL????”) There’s an interview where Gerard compares the Vs to a bunch of teenagers who watched A Clockwork Orange and got the wrong message, and that feels pretty accurate. Oh, except Val grew up in a violent and unstable environment and is so paranoid he kills first and asks questions… never, really.

In a crowd, you have relative anonymity and heightened confidence in your actions from the people around you. But you also may do things you would never dream of outside of that crowd. (Side note: this is why that particular aspect of psychology/sociology terrifies me like nothing else. Also, see “Teenagers” for G’s view on youth mob mentality.) It doesn’t just dehumanize you to yourself, though. It dehumanizes you to others. If you can’t see someone’s face, you can’t interact with them, or know how they feel, or empathize with them.

The Girl and Restoration of Humanity:

So the world’s all going to hell in a handbasket made of tumbleweeds and a Drac mask, right?

“Thanks, Sarah, I love having no hope!”

Wait a second, bear with me:

Did you notice how The Girl doesn’t have a mask?

I mostly interpret this as her being too young. She’s not indoctrinated with the same ideology of the zones youth yet, nor under control of the corporation. There’s a certain innocence to childhood but also a kind of wisdom. Kids haven’t incorporated various societal ideas into their subconscious yet. They’re still processing and questioning things inherently. The Girl questions things and makes her own decisions. When she learns to shoot, she gets a makeover and joins the fight. But she doesn’t make a mask like you might expect. She chooses not to.

(Side note: I often view The Girl and Val as proxies for us. Val is who G worries we might become, and The Girl is who he hopes we might be. Yeah, that’s right: G thinks you can save the world. Don’t forget that.)

This actually parallels to the original Killjoys (and their pre-bastardized ideology). In Na Na Na, Party Poison has, like, four different ways of covering his face. The other three have at least two if I remember correctly. “Die with your mask on if you’ve got to” says Dr. D. Right? Well… not quite. In Sing they aren’t wearing masks. They face the enemy head-on. They’re not hiding from BLI or themselves. They decide to be nothing more but nothing less than who they are.

In the ending of the comics, The Girl restores all the souls to the people who’ve been Drac’d. The Drac masks come off. They are themselves again. But the masks also come off the young mob of Killjoys. Everyone who was about to slaughter each other looks around and starts seeing former enemies as individuals, realizing that they are all humans. They’re not just threats. With the masks off, they are people who fear and cry and fight and love. (Side note: this very similar to the ending of “V for Vendetta”. Worth checking out if you’re curious.)

Yes, the ending might have been rushed or weird or abstract. But here’s the thing: G had all the power of a writer—a god in his own world—and he didn’t bring dead people back to life, like we all would have wanted. We must move forward and make the best of what we have.

I think this is because he knows that we can’t go back in time to fix things. Cherri never got over his guilt at not going with the original killjoys on their rescue mission and letting them die alone. But he eventually decides to fight again to protect The Girl. By doing so, he symbolizes finally letting go of his past in order to try to protect the future. 

By having the masks come off, Gerard wrote and ending where, instead of bringing life back to the dead, he brought living people back to humanity.

Please take a minute to let that sink in.

For all the nihilism of a post-apocalyptic world where “the good guys die and the bad guys win” the ultimate ending is hope for the seemingly impossible: that we will stop fearing and hating each other.

So take a deep breath. Think for yourself. Think about other people as individuals. Break the mob mentality.

Take off you mask.

BTS: How they react when their S/O gets hiccups right when they’re about to kiss them

(I’m writing this in the scenario that their S/O gets nervous hiccups, like they get shy and hiccup. I hope that’s what you meant and you enjoy it!)


Thinks it’s so cute, he can’t handle it. Forget kissing, he’d just pull you into a hug, resting his chin on your head while laughing. “You’re too cute, jagi, you even got hiccups because of me…*soft*” 


He’d try to ignore it and just keep going in to kiss you but he’d just lose it, would die of laughter. “Omo…Did you get nervous because of me? I’m sorry…Do you want some water? *crying*” 


He’d already be a little blushy since he was about to kiss you, but when you hiccuped as a reaction to him he would melt. Soft Yoongi appears. Nothing but blushes and smiles.


So pleased with himself lol, he’d be cocky. When he realized just kissing him made you that nervous, he’s just grin in self pleasure and walk off cooly. When he was alone, he’d *gif*. 


Melts a little bit, would be even more loving afterwards. Cute little kisses and pecks all over your face, pulling you close and hugging you tight. 


(This gif will make sense in a minute I swear XD)

When you hiccuped he would feel bad that he made you so nervous. He’d want you to feel comfortable around him and would try to lighten the mood and make you laugh. “Why’d you hiccup? Am I so pretty that you get that nervous? *gif*” 


Pretends he didn’t notice, but he definitely did. Kisses you anyway in the most shamelessly hot way possible, because he loves knowing that he has that effect on you. His ego would be boosted. 

I hope you like it! :)

Dreams; PCY

Member: Chanyeol - EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6.1k

a/n: second part to my double post, thank you for letting me achieve halfway to my goal - ♤

Summary: Having wet dreams about your best friend since diapers can’t be such a bad thing… right?

It was three things that lead to you having sex with your best friend.

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I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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Where I Should Be // Bruce Banner x Reader

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader, Clint Barton x Reader
Word Count: 5.6k+
Warning: Language, hella smut, fluff, mild bit of angst.  (I can’t help it okay)

Summary: Bruce’s jealousy finally gets the best of him; he’s always kept himself walled off from you to keep you safe. Best friends: nothing more, nothing less. When this new guy starts aiming to sweep you off your feet, Bruce is forced to take action. Can you choose between them? Do you want to?

A/N: I saw a post that said there needs to be more Bruce x reader fics and I felt that was a divine call out. I also need a break from writing three requests at once (I wanna post a bunch at once so you’re waiting less). Anteeywaaaaay: enjoy :D This absolutely got away from me and I’m not even sorry.

Inspiration: “Woman” ~ Harry Styles

I’m selfish, I know
But I don’t ever want to see you with him.

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in
While he’s touching your skin
He’s right where I should, where I should be
But you’re making me bleed…

Originally posted by 1900stove-0

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OT5/Jinki? Please?! 💕

shinee ships shinee ships
pairing: ot5+
genre: humor, crack, band au
rating: pg-13 (droppin’ f bombs)
word count: 1340
summary: shinee’s a little drunk & jonghyun wants to know what’s minho’s favorite ship
a/n: so this is the ot5/jinki i was talking about threeish weeks ago.  since then they’ve literally gotten drunk & hung out as a group so basically i made that happen with my little wip.  you’re welcome.
special thanks to @bpash89​ for trying to help me make this better & wholly succeeding with her suggestion for jinki to give That Response.  #yes

the air is cool & a slight breeze blows against the flames of their campfire where they sit on logs set up up in a ‘u’ shape.  it’s only been an hour but taemin’s already screamed three times, mistaking bits of ash for bugs, his body folded in half with his bottle in one hand & the other on jinki’s arm, head on his shoulder. jonghyun sits next to jinki on a log shared with kibum & minho has his own perch directly across from taemin.

the group began drinking long before they sat down, a day at the beach spent in the sun, sand, & surf culminating with everyone a little drunk around a roaring fire.  jonghyun is the most plastered & jinki the least, everyone else falling somewhere in-between.

“truth or dare.”  jonghyun’s the one who asks, his words a little slurred & his eyes blinking sleepily.  taemin snorts & jinki rolls his eyes, kibum ignores the group & minho sits up a little straighter.


“what’s your favorite ship?”


“pairing.  fandom pairing.  us.” jonghyun gestures at the others with a finger pointed to the sky, looping around three times before it falls limply against his thigh.

minho takes a sip from his log, the one closest to the campfire. the stick in his hand, meant for stoking the flames, pushes against the dirt as he thinks.

“i like all my ships.  i love all of you.  i love shinee.”

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as the days passed, yoongi only got worse. he couldn’t even remember the last time that he was sober.

he didn’t want to drink anymore after what had happened but this was his only outlet.

he’d been in his room ever since that night and he’d only leave when he had to check for new mail. although he was in a shitty mood, that couldn’t stop him from ordering studio equipment.

he still didn’t delete your number, text messages, or pictures. he’d look at what you two had. he’d look for so long that his eyes would begin to sting and tears would follow that pain. that’s when he would take a shot or drink at least half of a bottle.

either way, all of that drinking wasn’t healthy. although he would always fail, he did try to stop himself by thinking about how you wouldn’t want him to do this despite how much you hated him now. you had to care about him still. at least a little.

the others barely talked to him. except for hoseok, who was half understanding of the situation. he understood that when yoongi drank, he’d turn into a different person.

that’s why you didn’t want him to drink as much as he did because you were afraid that he’d do exactly what he did.

of course yoongi knew how you felt about it, that’s what he beat him self up most about. he knew how bad he hurt you. and it hurt him. a lot.

“yoongi. hyung. let me in.” a voice that he hadn’t heard in almost two weeks interrupted his thoughts.

“if you’re just here to talk shit i don’t wanna hear it.” yoongi stood up and leaned back on the wall, beside the doorframe.

“y/n sent you a letter.”

yoongis’s eyes widened once he heard your name. he was in utter shock, but he was happy. happy to hear from you.

he swung the door open and snatched the letter from jungkook’s hand.

“what if it’s hate mail? you know y/n is petty like that.” he asked yoongi, but only got the door slammed in his face as a response.

he shook his head as yoongi locked the door and walked away.

“it’s 2017.” he murmured as his red eyes looked down at the letter.

he couldn’t help but crack a smile though since you had touched this envelope at some point.

he ran his finger’s across the envelope until his mind continued to run back to one thought.

you actually sent him a letter. you were still thinking about him.

he took a deep breath and tore it open.

“fuck. you. min. yoongi.” he slowly read the paper in a whisper.

he turned the paper around to see if you were just joking but there was nothing there.

“this is so fucking petty! i’m hurting!” he basically screamed which caused at least two of the boys to show up at his door.

“what’s going on in there?” taehyung knocked on the door and asked as he leaned over towards the door to listen.

“i think his porn sight crashed.” jungkook jokingly said which caused the both of them to laugh.

yoongi swung open the door when he heard them laughing. if they were laughing at him, they were about to get it.

“what’s so funny?! you knew about this didn’t you?!” he was boiling at this point.

the boys had to choose their words carefully because they knew that if they said the wrong thing, they’d be dead.

“nothing.” they responded in unison.

“what happened? why are you so angry? i mean i know that you’re still recovering from you know…but you weren’t like this five minutes ago.” jungkook asked him.

yoongi huffed and ran his fingers through his hair. he broke eye contact with the both of them and stared down at the ground. “let me use your phone.”

his voice was calm, it was like he wasn’t even angry anymore.

since jungkook didn’t move, taehyung gave up his phone.

“what are you doing…with it?” he asked.

yoongi completely ignored him and went into his room, closing and locking the door behind him.

he found your number and called you.


“hello?” you answered after the second ring. ‘tae’ was calling you.

“y/n…” a breathy and familiar voice responded which shook you up for a second.

“what do you want?” you asked, trying to sound okay when that feeling of betrayal hit you right in the heart again.

“i can hear the hurt in your voice.” he paused. “i’m hurting too y/n.”

“yeah well you’re not hurting as much as me. don’t forget, you cheated on me.” you only spoke the truth.

“i got your letter.” he ignored what you had said. there was nothing that he could say. he knew that he fucked up. he knew that he didn’t deserve you anymore, but he was stubborn and he wanted you back. he was willing to do anything to be with you again.


instead of replying, you hung up the phone. it took everything in you to do that since somehow, you still loved him. but he broke your heart so he needed to stay away from you. it was for the best.


your phone rang too many times that day. he kept calling and you kept declining.