hope i finish this project

@hugesucc-ess hi this is late but hope you like it nonetheless! you asked for the robot pair bein cute with nature so i hope this is ok. happy january!


HonoUmi phone backgrounds  (♡˙︶˙♡)

requested by anon

Reincarnation AU Part Two: AKA, whenever people encourage me to Write A Thing by telling me they liked it, you are exponentially more likely to see more of it.

The first bit’s here.

Have more now, under the cut. 

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Midnight Moon 

“You know what’s the greatest thing about kings and queens? They always find each other


A Circus AU featuring lots of purple, glitter, magic tricks, lions, junk food, an epic seaside trip and a secret from the past that threatens to take everything away from Louis. Especially Harry.  


Author: @bisforboredom 

WIP: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


浴衣編 Mari Ohara 。.:☆

{ phone backgrounds }

i didn’t want to use my painting style, but its all ive used lately so i forgot all my other coloring styles rip

anyway here’s a preview of a project i just started and hope to have finished soon (oh if only)

based on the halloween set!!



Current work in progress. Sylveon 💫 Working on this commission piece for someone. This is actually a big commission project. Working on all the eveelutions individually & after I finish all of them, the commissioner also wanted a drawing with all the eveelutions in it as well. 😅 So for the next few days, maybe few weeks I’ll be currently working on this eveelutions project. I hope you guys don’t mind. Once I finish with this commission project, I’ll be back to finishing Ampharos as well as other requests you guys have requested 🙈

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So, now that there are 22 heroes in Overwatch, I thought I’d take this opportunity to start a project that may or may not involve a certain 22 cards. I’ll be going in order here, so if you know your Major Arcana, you’ll have a hint as to what’s coming next. I’ll make a page for these once I get a bit further along.