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When will y’all stop doubting yixing? do you know how much he loves and worries for exo? do you think he’s happy with the situation he is in? and if you think he is then you don’t anything about him. 

Yixing works his ass off for exo everyday and this how y’all pay him? if i were yixing i had left the group a long time ago but he didn’t because he’s loyal to exo, because he loves exo, HE LOVES EXO.

Is it too difficult to believe he loves exo and he’ll stay with us? oh no wait, is this because he’s chinese? how can you based someone’s opinion just by their ethnic or nationality? isn’t it racist? luhan, kris and tao are not yixing and yixing is not them.  

And before you put your full of oppas world first, try to inform yourself about China’s and South Korea’s political problems right now. Yixing isn’t the only one affected by this but many other chinese idols so please take out your head from your bias’ ass and see the bigger problems that are happening now. 

Thank you for your time.

Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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Types partying/drunk  [personal experience]

What types are like when drunk/partying based on what my real life friends with that type have said/done

ISTJ - says “he doesn’t really wanna drink tonight” and refuses to come out when invited, but then later texts, completely wasted, about how awesome drinking is and then adds the details of a programming task with a screenshot and three source files that he managed to finish (while absolutely buzzed), which was actually due 5 weeks later from then
ISFJ - *giggles after her first sip of wine* hehehhe I believe I am very wasted haha forgive me if I say something stupid hehheheh… Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have more of this.. I am so drunk hahaha this is so awkward I feel ashamed!! *was actually given alcohol-free wine* *i love you ISFJ you’re the cutest*
INFJ - *looks like a wasted sloth in a corner while everybody else is yelling, dancing and laughing and then grabs your arm after observing you for a while and quietly murmurs with a very creepy voice* I…seeeeee…you..  *tries to point at your nose but hits your cheek with her finger*
INTJ - disappears because he felt the need to go on a walk to stare at the stars and when he’s looked for and you ask “WHERE WERE YOU” or “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE” he begins the sentence with “Did you know…” and becomes the Wikipedia of astrology
ISTP - sits quietly with his bottle of whiskey most of the time and doesn’t say or do much, and mostly leaves early, but when you actually take the time to sit next to him he may as well put his (absolutely fucking well developed) perv side on and go like “Hey, how would you perform blowjob on someone? My girlfriend is a newbie at this and I’m wondering if you have any tips.” with the straightest.face.ever. When you are like “WTFFF” he doesn’t understand what’s wrong and offers you whiskey. Then repeats the question.
ISFP - Very happy and clumsy, for example my mom pushed a vase off the table and when she tried to catch it, her foot got stuck in the laptop wire aaaand off the table went both vase and the laptop and my mum was on the floor along with both items, laughing at her misfortune and completely ignoring everyone and everything else. Total 100% from quiet sweet mom to YOLO when she’s drunk.
INFP - professes undying love/care to you, would never actually even mention it in the first place and it comes unexpected for you. Then decides it’s a great idea to walk off and disappear into crowds, leaving people wonder and worry where the heck he is and then of course forgets his phone in his friend’s purse and then noone can contact him about his whereabouts and everything’s fucked.
INTP - If he actually manages to come out and party instead of being drunk home alone as he usually prefers, he begins philosophical debate with everything that breathes (and always wins). Is usually the one who downs the most drinks but still looks as sober as before. Also super cute because he gets so drunk he dozes off on your lap and you can tell when he has sobered up a little because when he opens his eyes, his whole being freezes completely when he realises he’s on your lap (OH MY GOD HUMAN CONTACT). Bonus points for if you stroke his hair and hear his heart stop. (i fucking love intps)
ESTP - *to a very handsome tourist guy*  "What do you mean you wanna take me to your hotel? Lol thanks I’m flattered but like, I just wanted a drink and you got me one, soooo… sorry but you have served your purpose ok BYEEE" *turns around, grabs your arm and walks off calmly and confidently like nothing happened*
ESFP - all over the place, happy and manages to do a lot of stupid things, for example runs off alone while smashed at a beach party and then noone knows how the fuck she gets the idea to climb on top of the lifeguard tower, then falls off and breaks her pelvis and then has you all worried in the emergency department the whole night and then comes out laughing in a wheelchair and makes pelvis jokes and then spends the whole summer in bed but still has pelvis-themed parties where everyone makes jokes about it at her place.
ENFP - Full of fun, wants to play truth or dare every god damn time and manages to get all the kissing dares somehow so he ends up kissing everybody in the room (and liking it), then probably does it again with 6 new random people the next day. Even though with not many boundaries, still manages to be very caring and in control all the time and will bring glass after glass to make sure you drink plenty of water
ENTP - usually is fine for ages and makes jokes about others who are drunk BUT then just one fateful sip manages to turn her into a ridiculous jellyfish so you have to pretty much carry her around, hold her up on the bus, protect her not only from perverts but also very fatal things like roads for example, then take a taxi with her, tuck her in her bed and promise her she didn’t ruin the night about 23 times and she still won’t believe you before you agree to stay over for the night and watch cartoons with her
ESTJ - is usually quite disciplined when it comes to drinking but if drunk, she gets way more communicative and actually tells you her lifestory (which you are NOT allowed to mention afterwards when the alcohol fades) and flirts with the bartender and dances on tables and then suddenly with a snap of fingers she’s sitting on the nearest couch, looking half asleep and asking if there are any spare beds or sober drivers because she suddenly got tired of that shit
ESFJ - becomes a total full-on energy bunny and finds 8 new friends within a night and gets their contacts and has selfies with all of them. Already gets in awe with them without knowing them and makes 4 years worth of plans with them all included without them knowing. Will still remember them next day. Also a very amazing listener and definitely the shoulder to lean on because she will forget her own drunkness if you need to be taken care of.
ENFJ - (this is based on myself because I don’t know any other ENFJs in real life) *becomes an overly caring mom* YESSSSS OF COURSE I WILL BUY YOU THIS DRINK SWEETHEART hey actually *taps on other friend’s shoulder* would you like one too? *realises everyone has less money than her because they don’t work* No wait I will buy a round of shots for EVERYBODY! YES! GATHER AROUND ME FRIENDS. *next day, checks bank balance* Fuck. Ok next time I will NOT do that! *does it again next time*
ENTJ - centre of attention, becomes everyone’s favourite quickly because of his dark/sarcastic/well-fitted humour brought to everybody by his need to shine, doesn’t really hold back with drinks, is always the last one to leave a place because, for example, he gets so caught up with chatting about quantum theory and why he thinks it’s got flaws with the hosts of the party place who just stare at him with their mouth open, but since that gives him plenty of time to clean he always leaves the place nice and cleaned up after him and everybody else.

To the two Christian blogs following me…I am gay! My blog is hella gay and is dripping with sin. The power of Christ does not compel me, you can’t pray away the gay, and you can’t make me see the error of my ways. Don’t tell me I’m going to hell because I’ve been there and Satan sent me back because I tried to rule.

I am a lesbian, I was born this way and I love myself. I’m proud to be a lesbian and that will never change. So please enjoy the sin and when you are done say 50 Hail Mary’s and you should be absolved of your sins. When you go to confession you can say “Forgive me father, for I have sinned…it’s been how ever many days since my last confession.” Then you can confess how Alex Danvers is so fucking gay for Maggie Sawyer, and how wrong I am for shipping wlw. Then you can grasp your rosaries, light a candle, and pretend to be holier than thou, but at the end of the day. You are still following a blog that is owned by a lesbian.

You’re welcome!

         hey folks ! i just wanted to let you know i’m doing some “ spring cleaning “ on this blog. you might have noticed i’ve already started to unfollow some people. i might unfollow some more— i think any mention of unfollowing from now on is written in my rules. which i have re-written btw. in any case, i’m juggling my time between working on stuff here + mia’s stuff. and starting up my food blog, which all respects should have been up yesterday but i’ve run into some problems. so please bare with me while i organize things <3

My answers for this election

Yes, I am American.

No, I do not identify as a Republican or a Democrat.

No, I do not hate Trump, though I seem to have gotten some hate (not necessarily on the internet) for this opinion.

No, I do not love Hilary, though I understand her appeal.

Yes, I am SICK of politics. Honestly, can everybody on Tumblr please stop talking about this?


nostalgia aesthetic series - the powerpuff girls

sugar. spice. and everything nice. these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. but professor utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction… chemical x. thus the powerpuff girls were born. using their ultra-superpowers, blossom, bubbles, and buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil.

I want to say I’m sorry that my Aleheather rant didn’t sound how I wanted it to turn out.
The thing is, I get very heated when I want to get my point across and it can turn out very ugly sometimes(happens in real life too from time to time). But when I express my opinion, I have the tendency to make it kind of like a speech and I collect evidence and things like it and yeah…
And because of it I sound overbearing and like I want everyone to think like me. And really that’s not it, I know that not everyone shares the same opinion on things, it’s just as I said, I have the habit of going overboard.
It got better over time (you should have seen me when I was younger). But as the saying goes “old habits die hard” and it still happens especially if it’s something I’m passionate about.
Again I’m very sorry for all of this mass, I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad. I think things really got out of control when I posted my rant and now I feel guilty that I started all of this. In fact the thing that iritated me was not your opinion, it was the fact that you taged it into aleheather tag.
I’m really sorry about all of this and if I do anything like this again, please, don’t take it like me acting like your opinion doesn’t matter, it’s just the way I am (though I will try not to do this again)

The Outsiders family Heritage/origins headcanons

The Curtis’ (my babes): As much as I love the whole headcanon thing that “The Curtis’ were French”, I’d like to say that I think they were at lest half French. mostly going off the immigration of the time period; most Irish, Irish-scots, Italians, and Germans along with others settled in places like Oklahoma and other back road/fly over states and worked on the rail roads, and the boys looks; Pony with the auburn hair, green eyes and all. I think it’s safe to say that they were at lest Half Irish, if not full blood Irish. They’d mostly be second generation and their grandfather(s) would have worked on the rail roads. I feel they’d know some of the French and/or Gaelic, there parents would speak it and they just picked it up while they grew. After the death of there parents they rarely use French and/or Gaelic; Darry uses to itemidate Pony and Soda into doing what there told, Soda to get girls and comfort pony or Darry, and when pissed Pony will more than likely mumble or yell at you in that language.

Dallas (he’s fave): I definitely feel that he would have some Russian ancestry, and for the sake of not knowing much about his family or past life (especially in New York). Again going off the immigration of the time; most Russians, some Irish, Italians, Greeks, and Swedes (also other such northern and Eastern Europeans) choosing to go farther north such places like New York, his actions and the way he acts; not including what he’s picked up from living on the streets but how through family and traditions on how he acts, and his looks are definitely on the northern/Eastern European side of things with his blue eyes and almost white hair. His mom would most likely be a second generation and his father either a first generation or third. Giving the Cold War reaching its heights during the 50/60s he probably kept his Russian past a secret. Also knowing that his father ran off to join the Russian mafia. I also feel he would know Russian; he’s mostly be somewhat fluent thanks to his mom and most of the gang he was in up there consisting of other Russians. But he’d never speak Russian in front of the gang in Tulsa; Pony had only ever caught him speaking it once when he was pissed (like steam out the ears pissed) and it scared the shit out of him.

Johnny (smol son): He would be a third generation Italian-American, possible Puerto Rican mix. His mother would be Italian while his father would be either half Italian/ half Puerto Rican; or full blooded Italian. More than likely half, The absence of his grandfather’s presence in both his and his father’s life, they chose to embrace the more Italian side of things. Johnny defiantly knows and using Italian on a frequent basses. Either to suduce someone, speaks it out of anger, or just talks behind someone’s back.

Steve (this nerd): Since he’s not described much in the book, unlike most characters, it’s safe to say this one could be a bit more difficult to headcanon but I defiantly think German ancestry is the way to go. Fourth generation German, his great-grandfather immigrated to the US a few years before WW2. His grandfather mostly worked on the rail roads. I think he wouldn’t know any of the German language: his father rarely speaking it- and no living grandparents. (Yay first one in the gang to not be exotic little fuck)

Two-Bit (love himmmmm): He would defiantly be Greek-Italian American, second generation Greek from his mom and third generation Italian from his dad. His grandfather would have worked on the rail roads for a short period of time before finding something better to do. Two-bit would definitely know Greek more than Italian giving his fathers absence and his mothers tendency to speak Greek; sometimes for no reason at all. This also shows through in his heavy drinking.

The Shepards; Again not much to go off of, there somewhat described with dark hair and dark blue eyes. They only ever mentioned a handful of times through the Hintonverse. But with how the are defined by the fandom and fanfics on acting and such I believe it’s safe to say just like Dallas, they have Eastern European ancestry. More than likely they’d be half Russian, half Romanian. With not much to go by except the small amount we know about them; they way they good, the general way they act (at least out in public), how the fandom portrays them, and very little no one information about the home life. I’d assume they’d be second or third generation Russian-Romanian American, assuming from the fandoms and fanfics, even though both parents are abusive and almost absent in life. But the mother seams to be more present in the kids lifes. The mother would more then likely be where the Romanian dna comes in. Tim, Curly, and Angela would know some Romanian and some Russian. (Russian from their dad stumbling in drunk cursing and screaming in Russian, Romanian from there mother screaming and muttering to herself. But note although Russian and Romanian sound similar but are different in many ways.) Tim would use this to his advantage to scare people, Curly would speak it all the time, most of the time it’s to seduce pony (sorry I had to throw Purly in here somewhere), Angela on the other hand rarely speaks it- finding no reason in it.

((I’m sorry all these are really shitty bc I just thought about this out of the blue and wrote it all down in like 5 minutes flat, but honestly these are just my opinions and thoughts on a more in depth backstory to all my favorite characters. These were not made to offend anyone or start any arguments. Hope you liked them!))

           ( me: man i really wanna ship w/ someone who can handle Eddie’s shittiness and actually keep up w/ him ://

           my brain:

            me: ………… {nervously sweATS} )

Okay but think about dyslexic Cecil who does radio journalism because he found print journalism too difficult.

Little middle school/high school Cecil getting upset because “I can’t be a journalist if I can’t even read” and then having a teacher whose all like “dude, radio. I believe in you.”

Cecil who makes all those extra disgusted noises when reading emails from Steve Carlsberg because the letters move around more when he’s upset and he’s giving himself more time to figure it out.

I just- have all the feels about this.

Cecil is dyslexic.

Nothing anyone says or does will ever change that for me.

anonymous asked:

Why do people have a tendency to ship Bonnie with villains? Kai, Kol (similar names lol), Damon.. Not gonna lie I see the chemistry but sheesh, Kai is especially terrible. So is Damon. Kol wasn't around much.. Like I think she deserved a more exciting and prominent relationship than beremy (I feel like Caroline's relationships are more prominent) but she deserves someone as good and kind and wonderful as her. A great epic romance. Like forwood for instance!

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this, but I needed time to think about my answer and I haven’t had much time lately, lol. I think they ship Bonnie with villains because those kinds of relationships are dark and intriguing. There’s just something about it, about what it can bring to the screen, if it’s written well of course *cough Dullena cough*. I sure as hell don’t ship Bonkai (or Kennett, for that matter) as romantic endgame or even as “romantic” overall – only as a sexual relationship. I just think it would be interesting to watch Bonnie struggle with being the good girl versus wanting to jump Kai’s bones, like in the fanfictions zalrb writes. There’s a story there, you know? A journey for Bonnie, more of a journey than six fucking seasons of TVD gave her. She’d discover things about herself, she’d discover that she doesn’t always have to be the perfect girl and can still be a good person anyway. I have to say I think that’s what draws people in.

And I have another reason, but I can only speak for myself now. I don’t know how Bonkai or Kennett or other Bamon shippers think about this, so I could be the only one, but I certainly think there have been a few opportunities for Bonnie to go dark, too – the most recent one was after she came back from 1994, suffering from PTSD. Not because I wish that upon her, of course I don’t, ultimately I want her to be happy. But it would add some much needed dark and serious drama, character driven drama instead of “omg there’s a bad guy trying to kill us all” plot driven drama. Imagine Bonnie going after her so-called friends with Kai cheering her on from the sideline.  Wouldn’t you be intrigued by that? I sure as hell would be, and hell, she deserves to tell her friends to fuck off. Why not give them a brain aneurysm while she’s at it? I feel like Kai or Kol could’ve brought that out her and I would’ve liked to see it happen. Plus, some decent sex scenes would be nice to distract us from the disgusting no-chemistry mess that is Dullena, lol. xD

Anyway, Bamon is still a little bit different to me, I actually do ship it as romantic endgame, because that’d be more about bringing Damon home, away from the darkness, instead of pulling Bonnie into the darkness. Simply because a) we’ve already seen Damon do that to Elena and b) Bonnie has the goddamn power. She’s the only one who can get through to Damon, the only one who believes in him for who he is, not for who she wants him to be, and she’s the only one he respects. There’s definitely a love story there and I want to see it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want Bonnie to be the reason why Damon changes. But I sure as hell would want Bonnie to be the reason why Damon understand he can change for himself. And in the end, Damon could be good and kind and wonderful for her, because I do think he wouldn’t make her dark, but he’d make her a little bit more selfish – and she can use that. Sacrificing herself like that every other episode just isn’t healthy and I think Damon could help her understand that her life is just as valuable and Elena’s or Jeremy’s.

On YouTube Fame and Misfortune

These are thoughts I’ve actually had in my head ever since YouTube became a legitimate platform for artists, bloggers, and so on - although a sudden increase in concerning events have brought my fingers to the keyboard, and I’ll apologize in advance in the case that this becomes a lengthy rant. 

I think the most appealing part about YouTube is that anyone with a camera phone, an idea, and an internet connection can accidentally become famous, if only for a month. Anyone can think of something quirky and jot it down and maybe influence enough people to watch their channel, through crazy thumbnails or legitimately interesting concepts, and get to the front page. Everyone has a voice now. Everyone can be heard, and that’s such a great thing!


But I think it can be incredibly scary, too. It’s terrifying if you actually take the time to think about it. I mean, at first, it’s not bad. You have a small channel, you make videos in your free time and a few people watch them and enjoy them. That validation that your ideas are interesting and fun to watch, that people take their precious time to listen to what you have to say, is invigorating. The possibility that your single voice could make any change in this world is wonderful, and it’s a fantastic feeling to have. 

In the beginning, it’s easy. Low expectation, low casualty if you decide to drop out. You have little to no chance of hurting people with any of your videos because your audience is so small you pretty much know what topics to avoid in order to keep the peace.

You have a hundred followers, and wow, it feels so good that ONE HUNDRED people like your work. 

You have a thousand followers. A THOUSAND?! You couldn’t even have a party for them, but you are still able to keep up with most of the fan mail and the tweets. Everyone has their own lives, after all, and not everyone is focused on you.

Then you have a million.

That is one million people. 

That is a huge population of people that you couldn’t possibly hope to chat with individually at one time - what an awful host/ess you’d be! Some people wouldn’t be able to see you and they’d be upset, but hopefully they would understand how impossible that is, right?

Five million people.


Six million people.

This is great but-

Seven million people.

Okay, but can I just talk to-

Eight million people.

Jesus, I can’t-


And you are only one.

And your hobby has become a job devoted to keeping the peace in your fandom. What used to be a fun distraction has become a tight rope of anxiety over a sea of 35 million matches below you, and there’s no possible way of knowing how to avoid each strike.

I can’t imagine that. That metaphor might be totally off base, but when I think about that many people - even a million, even a thousand, even a hundred - watching my channel and getting frustrated if I don’t upload a video or if I suddenly get a love interest or if I decided that I wanted to move on to something else.

People that could tell me that my videos are the only thing keeping them alive.

People that write about me in ways I know I’m not, thousands of times because to them, I’m a blank slate.

People that I would suddenly become responsible for, and why?

Because I decided to make a channel that a lot of people enjoyed, and that’s not bad at all! But…

Listen, I have a hard time catering to the 30 people currently subscribed to me - and I only have 10 videos up and I’m not even sure if this is the direction I want to take, even for five years of my life, because there’s that potential that I get too popular. And at first, I thought, “Wow, that’s really conceited. Why would I be the next Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Jenna Marbles, etc.? What would make my channel so special? Ashley, calm yourself down, deng.”

But that’s not the point. It’s not that I think my channel is anything special. I mean, I enjoy what I talk about and I’m still going to make things for my own reasons, but that’s not the point. It’s scary to think that, if my channel caught on and I did get popular and thousands of people enjoyed my channel that I would no longer be a person.

I would become an image on the screen.

I would be trapped in the box that you can pause and play whenever you want. And it might give you the idea that I exist for you and your entertainment. And that might make some people think that whatever I do should be a reflection of that. I can’t date because, wow, that is so r00d to the dudes and ladies in my fanbase that want some of dis. I can’t make any snide comments because it could be taken out of context and I have to write thirty apologies because I upset someone so much that they relapsed into bad behaviors. I can’t be myself anymore, because now I exist for you.

Except that I don’t.

No one does. Not Jack or his girlfriend, Wiishu, not Mark, not Felix, not Jenna, not any of them. One day, they are all going to stop making YouTube videos and fade out of the limelight. And it is really sad when I realize that they are probably going to enjoy being a memory to people instead of part of a huge family on this amazing platform that gives everyone a voice - and then somehow, has it taken away.

I mean, I could totally be off by everything and I’m just paranoid because bunches of people liking my stuff would mean a crazy commitment and I’m constantly scared of letting people down even though I really want to make a difference and change the world in positive ways. 

But…If I feel this way now - with few, but meaningful, subscribers and little to no real damaging impact on my tiny community - how must it feel to be in the millions? That’s scary. Seeing comments and posts and tweets towards certain YouTubers have almost turned me away from my own channel. Almost. 

Except that what got me really interested into YouTube in the first place was the family that I saw among the YouTubers. The friends that played games together and the people that made skits and sang together. It reminded me of my high school drama family, and I would love to be a part of it, and to contribute to it. There are a lot more reasons that contributed to my perseverance, but those don’t exactly contribute to the point I’m making.

That point is:

Imagine sitting in your room, on your computer.

Imagine looking at your inbox and seeing over 999+ messages.

Imagine looking at comments on your YouTube channel and being 10 pages away from the first comment 2 minutes after it’s uploaded.

Now imagine that every single one of those people are depending on you.


That’s nuts. While I know most wouldn’t exactly call that a “burden”, it’s got to be damn taxing on the soul. Especially when you’re worried that one of those people might really need you, and you might not get to them in time because, how could you? You couldn’t know. And that’s okay.

Sean McLoughlin is just a guy playing games and making people laugh.

Mark Fischbach is a dude that enjoys goofing off and making people smile.

Jenna Marbles is a a fun loving lady who loves her dogs.

Anthony Padilla likes Pokemon and joking around.

I could go on, but I think it’s getting redundant. 

I’m not really sure how to wrap this up in a clear and understandable way, but I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff going on towards these people just because they are popular on YouTube and people seem to forget that, you know, they’re people. Yeah, you enjoy watching them, but gosh dang, they have their own lives. Lives that you don’t need to know about to enjoy their material and lives that may or may not directly involve your influence. And that’s okay! Because you’re still important, and you have a voice, too. Just because that specific person doesn’t hear it doesn’t mean you are any less important and it doesn’t mean that they don’t care. They just…have a lot of people who want to be heard by them specifically.

Gosh, I feel like there’s more I want to say, but I don’t even think this makes much sense. <=/ Sorry about the rant, but, uhm. I guess


Imagine having 35 million people who depend on you everyday.

Now think of your favorite YouTuber and send them some good vibes (even if it’s not by directly messaging them!).

Thank you.

(/Awkwardly waddles out of Tumblr)

pulsar-x-deactivated20170111  asked:

um, ok, so I don't know how to word this and sound proper about it, but could you maybe add a panic attack tag to the post where Craig starts crying? I don't know if that's where you're going with it, but it really feels like it, and uh. you know. maybe it's just me but it set me off. maybe just anxiety attack? Craig feels like a walking PTSD box and I. relate to him that way. sorry if I misread it. hope I didn't offend you, I love the blog.

(youre sort of right? but that wasn’t fully intended to be an anxiety attack.

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duelingdestiny  asked:

♦ "I have returned to myself by the way. I hope I didn't... Offend you too much in my previous state."

“Oh! Oh, n-no, I guess not. It was k-kinda startling, b-but… I figured it o-out quickly enough. H-he was mildly amusing, i-if not infuriating a-and kinda a lech.” He smiled. His cheeks flushed a little. Duel with him forever? Yeesh, what a strange guy…

anonymous asked:

I love your fan fic and especially like the pre wedding Jamie being slightly obsessed with Claire. I just saw a recent still from the show with Jamie on a horse peeking from behind trees (I think waiting on her peeing?) and I got this image of a story about pre wedding Jamie somehow watching Claire in the woods pleasuring herself, maybe while she is washing. I hope I didn't offend you, the image just goes with it so well.

A/N: Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long! I went on 3 unrelated trips in a three week span, and had no time for writing (or reading). But when I opened tumblr again, there was so much fantastic fic to read, and I’ve finally gotten my act together with this little Pre-Wedding fic, which will also be added to the Master List.

As with the other stories in this series (Mistress Beauchamp and The Inkeeper), the setting is the rent party. Though it can be read as a standalone, it lives in the same universe. It doesn’t fit the parameters of the prompt exactly, but hopefully fulfills the spirit of the prompt. Look for the second half soon, which will be a wee bit naughtier…

Infatuation, 1 of 2

Jamie sat ramrod straight upon his mount, staring directly ahead. Heat infused his cheeks, and he knew they must be bright red. Was she looking at him? She was, wasn’t she? She was off to the side and slightly behind him. How much could she see?

He dug his heels into the flanks of his horse to urge it forward, causing pain to shoot through his already-throbbing ankle. That was good. Pain was good. Pain was what he deserved, and it was distracting. Additionally, this placed him in front of Claire in their group, where she couldn’t see his face. Bad enough she had caught him spying on her that morning. She didn’t need to know how embarrassed he was over his own actions, nor how difficult it was to conceal his body’s reaction to her. Even now, hours after the fact, and despite the persistent discomfort of his injured ankle, he had to adjust his kilt so as to not give himself away, because he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

That morning, she had just left to attend to her ablutions when Dougal declared that they must break camp and depart, but they couldn’t find Claire. Jamie went looking for her before Dougal lost his temper.

It was several minutes before he saw her sitting on a rock by a flowing stream. She was tugging off her kerchief, thus exposing her long, elegant neck and the round swell of her bosom. He opened his mouth to call out to her, but when he saw her pull up her skirt, the words died in his throat. She extended one foot into the air, loosened the garter around her thigh, and carefully rolled down her stocking to expose a long, slim leg and smooth, creamy skin. A voice in the back of his brain sternly reminded Jamie to turn his back to her and announce his presence, but when she removed the other stocking and dropped it casually beside her, he disregarded the voice. Instead, seemingly against his will, his feet carried him behind the thick brush. He was infinitely grateful for the decision when she plunged her feet into the cool water, tipped her head back in relief, and let out a groan.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I have a question about the zine but will you include information pertaining about this au in there or do zines only contain artwork? I don't know what a zine (never bought one) is but I hope I didn't offend you at all! That wasn't my intention ;;

hello! ^^

the zine will have the illustrations and the main character’s designs with little explanations. Kinda like this