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Find SU Role Play Buddies!

Hello everyone! It’s come to my attention that some of my followers are seeking out people to role play with! I decided to make a post so my followers and other Steven Universe fans can connect with each other for role play sessions. 

I wasn’t sure how to connect people through a post, but I think the simplest way is to just express interest and make the effort to connect!


  • If you’re interested in finding people to role play with, just LIKE this post! 
  • >>When you like the post you are opening yourself up for people to message you and ask if you’d like to role play with them.<<
  • If you have stories to start a role play written up and waiting for role play mates to participate in it, then REPLY to this post with a link to your post with the story and/or write out a short preview in the reply.
  • >> You’ll be inviting people to message you to participate in your role play when you reply to this post. <<
  • You can reblog this post to spread the word around! >>Reblogging DOES NOT open you up for people to message you; you need to also LIKE and/or REPLY to this post to do that. <<

If you’d feel more comfortable messaging me to find a role play group, that’s totally fine, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to find you a match. I’m not a part of the role play community so I don’t have much knowledge on groups. I can publish your messages and others can try to reach out to you that way. 

This post isn’t perfect. I always recommend creating connections with people on your own.

RULES AND SUGGESTIONS (under the cut): 

>>Please read them before interacting with this post<< 

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Port to Open- Dead Sun Harbor

I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to any and everyone (Horde or Ally) to take part in a potentially -really- exciting new location that I hope will become a hub for criminals and even good guys who want to taste a bit of bad! Mortua Sol is officially opening their harbor and shifting Dead Sun Harbor into a port city! We’re looking for anyone who would want to be a part of this community- affiliates, merchants, pirates, patrons, people who need a job ICly! DSH will have loads of fun activities to pick from. If you are interested, whisper me in game18+please- members should have Discord as much of the cross faction rp will occur there! With further adieu, I give you Dead Sun Harbor.

-Lots of Love, E

Through the veil of mist, an inlet offers shelter from the sea stretching between Pandaria and the Eastern Kingdoms. The approach to shore is treacherous, the rock formations guarding the way to the docks as if the titans themselves yanked the pillars from the ocean depths. The narrow passages make it nearly impossible for frigates to navigate inland, making the only way ashore to anchor and take smaller rowboats. The sight of Dead Sun Harbor is breath-taking, namely in comparison to the riff-raft that flocks the port. Cascading falls that pour down from the island and something that just says free.

Captained by a known member of the criminal family Mortua Sol- Joram Kallar, The Adoration patrols the waters for any sign of hostile ships be they Alliance or Horde. She is a fast ship, with a ruthless crew. A secondary frigate often accompanies this ship, called The Victory- captained by yet another of Mortua Sol’s family members. Getting passed them is a feat on its own, but intruders will find Dead Sun Enforcers waiting for them ashore– along with three mounted cannons spread out on high ground across the port.

With a signal from The Adoration, docking at the harbor is just a piece, which gains those seeking refuge or a good time full access to the harbor town. The Inn, Brothel, and Gambling House all sit on the level just above the sea- though shops and homes stack up into the mountain side.

Before passing up to the main level, visitors must pass by The Pits- a gladiatorial ring where much of the disputes on the island are settled. Get robbed in the Inn? Challenge the thief to combat in the Pits and beat him to death. Fights are overseen by Head Enforcer and noted member of Mortua Sol, Iceilla Nightbane– disobey one of the few rules the harbor has and face her and her team.

The Hanged Man features a man strung up by his ankle on it’s sign- below it written in common and orcish Inn. Inside, all sorts of barkeeps walk the floors– humans, Kaldorei, Sin'dorei, Orcs, all there to make certain guests have full cups of ale and food on their plates. The main floor of the inn is packed tightly with tables, and is almost always a crowded mess. Upstairs are small rooms, for just three pieces a night and of course, a complimentary meal and ale with the purchase.

Patrons of the harbor, being shady as they often are- often find themselves in the backroom of The Hanged Man, dealing with the Matrem of Mortua Sol- and Overseer of Dead Sun Harbor. A notoriously cruel Kaldorei, Eilithe is more than willing to make mercs and privateers very rich. Crossing her is not a smart endeavor.

Merchant stands pack the paths between buildings, coin can be made and lost almost every step through the port city. For those with a particularly deep pocket, they might find themselves outside of a building whose sign is, quite simply a wagon wheel with the word Fortune fashioned from metal across it. 

The Wheel of Fortune is a rather classy establishment for such a shifty city. The gambling house offers all sorts of games, where players can leave with a small fortune or leave in debt to those that run the harbor. Lora Nightwell, yet another member of Mortua Sol- finds herself the proprietor of this fine establishment. If someone is brave enough to skip out on their gambling debts- Lora is certain to change their mind.

Like any good port city- Dead Sun Harbor offers lonely travelers companionship at The Empress The women and men of this brothel are lovely as ever- and twice as fierce. For a few pieces, sailors can find themselves access to dancers and a hot meal. A price for a night with one of the whores could range from five pieces to five hundred, as they are free to charge ‘based on demand’. Rumor has it they are in need of a Madam. Though they might be without proper management, if the girls don’t kill a man for skipping out on a bill– the enforcers will. 

 Striking as it is, Dead Sun is a dangerous place- but if a young thief keeps his wits about him, the harbor can be a place that makes a person quite well off. So venture off the coast of Stormwind– travel  from Rachet, to a place from the cluthes of Kings and Warchiefs. A place every man and woman can be free.

“What do you mean you lost the money?”

“I mean,” Aleks snapped back, shoving a few extra clips into his bag, “That they fucking jumped me, beat my face in, and now the money is gone, Sly!”

“We just have to get it back before Kootra finds out,” Sly said, trying to calm him, but even he sounded doubtful. You don’t lose that much money when the money belongs to a crew like the Hub. He’d seen plenty of what happened to people who lose money in his lifetime and he needed all of his fingers, thanks. He was lucky to be alive now, he wasn’t gonna push it by hoping that the Hub was gonna be understanding here.

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anonymous asked:

You think Gosh might join izombie as side characters ? I'm having a low key hope izombie becomes a hub for OUAT actors

Hmmm.. i dunno! If they get invited? Maybe? But i just want them to get projects soon. 👍👍👍


some nice comments from the year in review video :)

Creature follow train!

Everyone in the Creature family has felt really down the past week, so what better time than now to start a follow train?? If you post about any of the Creatures or past Creatures, reblog this post and follow me and everyone else who reblogs too ☺️

The Arc Hub is the best USB-C hub for right now
Late last year, we showed you the Arc Hub, a circular USB-C hub we hoped would help improve the pitiful plight of third-party USB-C hubs currently on the market. After owning a 12-inch MacBook for two years now, I can tell you the only reliable option for a USB-C hub has been Apple’s $69 USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter, which only comes with a HDMI and USB-A port, alongside the pass through USB-C port for charging. Thankfully, the Arc Hub looks to be the answer — at least in the short term — to the USB-C hub problem. Read more