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happy(late)halloween! 🎃 some spooky pokemon adopts auction from Nov 1-Nov 4!

🎃🎃Starting bid is $40!🎃🎃

🎃🎃Auto-buy is $65!🎃🎃

each bidding unit is 5 USD! ($5,$10,$15, etc) payment is through paypal.

to bid on this post just comment! autobuy= please send pm/message. you can continue to comment and bid until the due date! if a pokemon passes its auto-buy price, it comes with a free sketch of them as well!

if you win a bid I will pm you so please keep your inbox open! : ^ ) ty everyone!


froslass,banette, duskull,houndoom,yamask, mismagius, litwick, gourgeist, golett, hydreigon, trevenant, mimikyu, and zoroark has sold! tysm!



Headcanon: At 14 years old Yang already looked like she was in her 20′s, leading some people to some uncomfortable realizations.

Not gonna lie, I like woke up in a cold sweat a few days ago with this dumb idea in my head, and I finished it off when I had some free time today. I think this is significantly less funny then I remembered thinking it would be. Which is about the usual for me. Enjoy! ✧・゚: *

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena