hope he writes many many books

a comprehensive list of every harry potter character i want to know more about
  • hannah abbott - is she doing okay? how’s her and neville’s relationship going? do they have any kids? does she make like the best butterbeer ever? i want to know
  • bathsheda babbling - apparently she was the ancient runes teacher at hogwarts and truly i just want to know more about her because look at that fucking name
  • katie bell - how’s my girl katie doing? hopefully not too affected by that whole dark curse thing she had to deal with? also i just want to know more about her like how’d she get into quidditch what were her stats like when did her and oliver wood get married
  • phineas negillus black - truly it’s tragic that whenever i picture him in my mind i see phineas from phineas and ferb with black hair and a very large black wizarding cloak on but like besides that how was he as a headmaster? what was he like? does he take joy in being a little dick head? i truly want to know
  • susan bones - how is she after her aunt’s death? what’s she doing with her life? susan bones sounds like the type of girl who’d be really really good at braiding hair. is she really really good at braiding hair?
  • lavender brown - i hope she’s doing okay and that she’s learning to live with the scars greyback gave her and hopefully she’s not a werewolf and listen she just liked ron is that really such a crime jk rowling did her so dirty!!! also i want to know everything about her and parvati’s relationship “friendship” and all the crazy make-outs shenanigans they got into
  • charity burbage - how’d she get into teaching muggle studies? was she scared those last few moments of her life? was she a good teacher? why the hell did jk rowling never let us witness a muggle studies class
  • alecto & amycus carrow - damn tell me everything about these two what was their childhood how’d they get into the dark arts literally how far were they willing to go because like torturing children is just fucking evil
  • the cattermoles - did they actually grab their family and get out of britain?? i sure hope so
  • penelope clearwater - how’s she doing??? did she get like fucking awesome grades?? how’d she react when percy was being a Dick? important questions
  • dennis creevey - legit how many times did collin write to him about harry? i bet dennis was like “jesus fuck mate shut up”. is he doing okay? i sure hope so. i hope he got into photography too
  • fleur delacour - listen i just want to know MORE what kind of student was she??? how many friends did she have??? i want more elaboration on her relationship with her sister. i want a whole god damn book just about fleur’s life. god damn it
  • dedalus diggle - how did anyone let him become an auror with a name like that
  • the dumbledores - please, for the love of god, i’d die if jk rowling gave us a book on the dumbledores. think about all that information. wow.
  • arabella figg - how did a squib get in contact with dumbledore? how was her life growing up being a squib? what were all her cat’s names? did she go play bridge every night with her friends? these are questions i need answers to
  • seamus finnigan - “me mam” oh you sweet boy how i love you. when was the first time he and dean kissed and was it as magical as he thought?? i won’t rest until i am answered
  • mundungnus fletcher - so like did he become like he is because of his name or did he change his name to reflect the fact that he was an utter piece of shit
  • filius flitwick - how’d he get into charms!!! what were his favorite teaching methods!!! favorite students!!! literally anything!!!
  • florean fortescue - i want to know every single damn flavor of ice cream he had in his shop. also, did he ever reopen it??
  • astoria greengrass - how’d she and draco meet? what are her political views?? her family life??? what kind of mother was she to scorpius?? i bet she was a damn elegant one
  • rubeus hagrid - like i want DETAILS about his life at hogwarts. every damn one. and about his life afterwards. i want a tour of his cottage. transcripts of every date he went on with madame maxime or whatever. a list of every single pet he ever owned. i want stories about him going to romania and visiting charlie. i want EVERYTHING
  • angelina johnson - my BITCH how’s she doing???? how’s life after hogwarts for her?? is she kicking ass and taking names?? i sure hope so. is she playing quidditch? or maybe she’s like a wizarding lawyer or something like stone cold bitch!!!! love that girl. what kind of mother is she? when did she and george fall in love?? does she still meet up with alicia spinnet and katie bell every once in a while for tea and biscuits and a chat?
  • bellatrix lestrange - i honestly just want to know everything about her. how was she growing up? her relationship with her sisters? when did she like fall in love or infatuation or lust or whatever with voldemort??? is like the no nose thing a kink? when’d she lose her mind? important questions
  • frank and alice longbottom - how’d they meet? how’d they fall in love? how’d they get married? they deserved better
  • ernie macmillan - did he ever stop being such a little bitch?
  • minerva mcgonagall - LEGITIMATELY EVERYTHING I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING i want a 1000 page essay detailing her time at hogwarts
  • cormac mclaggen - did he ever stop being such a big dick?
  • the patil sisters - listen tell me about like hinduism and magic and indian culture and hindu mythology and magic and also just everything about these sisters and their sisterly bond and how they were both underestimated and taken for giggling girls even though they were smart as fuck i love them
  • kingsley shacklebolt - okay i wanna hear how awesome he was at school and about how everyone loved him and i wanna hear about his adventures in the ministry and him talking to the muggle prime minister and basically how fucking awesome he was
  • dean thomas - his love for soccer!!!! tell me all about it!!!! his love for seamus!!!!! tell me all about it!!!!
  • ted tonks - how did he and andromeda fall in love??? did he try to convince her he was worth it???? was he Smooth As Fuck??? important questions
  • the weasleys - like i KNOW we know a ton about them but i just want MORE. i want more charlie and bill and bill and ginny’s relationship and all the siblings hanging out and i just want MORE of the dynamic

pyroinquisitor  asked:

I don't know where else to send this stuff. But... What if the teenage inky was, like, really good at writing and the companions and advisors "found" their stuff? Like, rivalled Varric's writing good?

Cassandra: She just stumbles upon it on their desk in their room when she comes looking for them. She tells herself she shouldn’t, but she starts reading and can’t stop. It’s so good. As soon as she hears the Herald coming, she panics and tries to rearrange the papers to look as if she hadn’t read them. Meanwhile, she tries, desperately, to think of a way to tell the Herald how good their writing is and that they should publish it– she has to read more.

Blackwall: Similar to Cassandra, he comes looking for them in their room and happens to find their writing on their desk. He swears he won’t pry, but he get sucked into the story, so much so that he gets caught by the Herald when they return to their room. He’s mortified and apologizes repeatedly, but also mentions that their work is good and that they should talk to Varric about getting it published.

Iron Bull: He knows, of course. He’s seen them write when they think no one is looking in camp, after a stressful mission. Whenever he knows he won’t be caught, he sneaks a peek at the writing– he’s hooked. He gets used to waiting for “updates” and has to actually put effort into not getting excited when they start writing. 

Varric: He presses them a few times when he thinks they’re writing, but they always shyly stop what they’re doing and refuse to speak. When the opportunity arises, he’ll ask to read it, and manages after some hard persuasion. He ends up staying up all night reading every last word. When he returns it, he jumps right into pushing them for publication– he wants to send it to his editor and have it published straight away. “It’s too good not to share with the world. Good job, kid.” he says proudly.

Sera: She doesn’t read novels or fiction particularly often, owing to a short attention span. She comes looking for the Herald in their room one day to ask if they wanna go pranking, but because they’re not there, she decides to snoop just a little, maybe leave a little something as a prank. She finds the writing on their desk and just starts by glancing at it, but soon she becomes engrossed and forgets all about pranks as she reads it. Rarely does she find a story she cares about. When the Herald finally shows up in their room, they balk at finding her reading, but all she does is frown at them. “Hey, when are you going to write more? I want to read more! Go get Varric to publish this shite!”

Cole: He knows they write, and it makes him happy because it makes them feel better to put the worlds they weave onto paper and make it real. “Spirits clamor, watching, waiting, acting out the words and making them real.” he says cheerfully. One day when someone else stumbles upon it and encourages the Herald to get it published, they’re conflicted, but Cole steps in and encourages them to go through with it. “Your words helped. They were less stressed after they read it. If you publish it, more people will be happy. You can help.”

Dorian: He’s spied them time and again writing, but as soon as they spy him, they hide it, and his begging to see it has bore no fruit. He feels a twinge of shame when he finds it in camp laid open carelessly, but the curiosity is overwhelming. His eyes glue to the page as he reads and imagines and feels it all, and when the Herald returns, he’s not shy at all about his thoughts on their work. “It has to be published. I have to read the whole thing. Please.”

Solas: A few times, he’s tried to ask to read their work, but like Dorian, was unable to convince them. When he hears Cole talk about spirits re-enacting the book in the Fade, he gets a grand idea, and spends many nights just watching the scene roll on. When it ends, he’s left wanting for more, and he spends many nights waiting in hope for an update.

Vivienne: She tries not to pry, but she would be lying if she claimed her eyes didn’t try to wander to the papers the Herald had been writing on, wanting to see what lied upon it. One day, when the Herald is gone for a sufficient period of time, she does read them, and becomes so enthralled that she almost doesn’t stop herself in time when the Herald comes back. They don’t know the difference, and she acts no different, but she hopes they decide to publish one day– a lot.

Josephine: She doesn’t read it until the Herald finally agrees to let the others read it, at the least. When she finally gets to see it, she ends up getting so involved that every moment of relaxation she has is reading it, and finishes it rapidly. Then she thinks about it and has trouble not daydreaming and drifting off about it. She praises the Herald for their creativity and wit.

Leliana: She knows, and has agents get her regular updates on the writing– she’s hooked and has to know more. Meanwhile, she and Varric try to figure out a way to get the Herald to agree to publish– their work is fantastic. She would, of course, deny having any prior knowledge of their writing, but the Herald knows better.

Cullen: Like Josephine, he doesn’t actually see it or find out until he hears from the others that the Herald is letting a few people read it. He finds he really enjoys the story, and reads it in what spare time he has. When he gets the chance, he compliments the Herald on their skills. “After the Inquisition, should it ever end, you could turn this into a career. Varric’s certainly more than ready to aid you.”



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if the entire Avengers gang had to choose classes to take in high school, which ones would they probably take?

Tony: Home Ec.  Because it took him 3 damn hours to make Pepper a stupid omelet and he already knows everything else.

Bruce: Psychology.  That way if he falls asleep during one of Tony’s never-ending stories again, he can make up something that sounds smart to cover it up.

Natasha: Racquetball.  It’s great for aggression and Bucky’s scared of racquets and balls flying at his head, so it’s funny as hell.

Bucky: Composition.  Sometimes he has so many thoughts and memories in his head, that he wants exactly the right words to write them all down so that he doesn’t forget.  If he puts many more pictures of Steve in his book, he’s gonna get suspicious.

Clint:  Archery.  Because he likes to show off.  “That’s right, I’m an Avenger, and you all suck.”

Steve: Drawing.  He hopes that one day, he can make the big, ugly tower look at least half-way descent.

Thor:  “You call it education.  We call it common sense.  Tell Stark that I’m not going.”

Sam:  Track.  Someday he’s gonna be on the left, dammit.

Wanda:  She just hides out in the library all day.  She can hear what everyone’s reading if she listens to their minds, and it’s a real time-saver from reading it herself.

Vision:  Every single class that he can get into.  He must learn all that he can about humans and why they do some of the stupid things they do.  There has to be an explanation somewhere.

Scott:  Lunch.

glamrockerstyles  asked:

Hi Molly!! I think I just spent an hour looking through your blog. It gave me many, many feelings. Prompt: Paul has a sketchbook filled with drawings of John. John finds it one day. (Only if you want to! Please don't feel obligated.) Thank you friend :)

Paul has sketch book with photos of John - john finds it.

i apologize for always responding so late with my prompts.. i appreciate your kind words!! i hope i can do this one justice…


Paul always had a pencil in his hand and his nose in a notebook. Scribbling down nonsensical ideas and lyrics. John had always loved that about him, because he knew if they needed to write a new song all they had to do was open Paul’s little black leather bound notebook and see what words jumped out at both of them. It seemed as though the notebook had endless pages because Paul had always had the same one.

What John really didn’t know, was that Paul had two of the exact same notebooks. One with lyrics, and one with drawings. The one with lyrics had a very noticeable rip on the spine, and he had no problem showing people it’s contents. John always bothered him to buy a new one since his original was nearly falling apart, but Paul wouldn’t part with the old tattered notebook. The other notebook was in perfect condition, still looking new. But, Paul wouldn’t dare allow anybody to open it’s cover and reveal what was hiding inside.

While on tour, Paul kept his lyric book in plain sight. Everybody knew what it was, and if John needed some inspiration, he knew very well that Paul wouldn’t mind if he grabbed it off his nightstand in their shared hotel room and skimmed through it a bit. That was quite normal. Paul always kept his drawing notebook hidden. It was always hidden, whether it was under his pillow or shoved into the deepest pocket of his suitcase. But when he got it out, nobody thought it was anything other than his lyric book, and Paul knew he wouldn’t be bothered when his nose was in that book. The lyric book had given them some of their greatest hits, why would they bother him?

Paul was late coming back to the hotel room that night. John assumed he was having a pull on some bird, but in reality, Paul just needed some space from John. It was hard to be around him 24/7 and not shower him with kisses and love, or slam him against the wall and have his way with him. Both were things Paul had dreamed about since July 6 1957, but he knew they would never happen. Paul had been sipping at his drink, fighting with himself internally. He had a beautiful image of John in his head and it was making him dizzy. He reached down into his side bag and pulled out his notebook so he could try and put the image of John on paper, instead of in his head.

When Paul pulled it out, his heart nearly stopped. There was a rip on the spine of this notebook. “Fuckin’ hell,” He muttered out loud to himself as he continued digging through the bag. No luck. That meant he had left his drawing notebook upstairs on his night stand. He could only hope he could get back to the hotel room before John decided he needed some inspiration to write. Paul slammed back his drink and left some money and a tip on the bar, and bolted.

John had just gotten out of the shower, and thrown on a pair of pj pants. He ruffled his damp hair when he noticed a nice leather bound notebook sitting on the nightstand between the two twin beds of their hotel room. “Finally got a new notebook, Macca?” John said out loud with a grin. It wasn’t often that Paul took John’s advice, nor did John think Paul had it in him emotionally to part with his old tattered notebook. John sat down on Paul’s twin bed and opened the book, expecting to find a few new pages of lyrics, but instead he was floored by an almost-full notebook of drawings.

Drawings of John.

He flipped back to the first page. It was a drawing of John standing on stage by himself with a guitar, with the words “In my life, I love you more” written messily underneath. John raised his brow at that, but maybe it didn’t mean what John thought, and hoped, it meant. He flipped to the next page to see a drawing of a very memorable photo that Paul had taken back in 1961 when they shared a trip to Paris for John’s birthday. John was lying in bed sleeping when Paul had taken the photo, and here, in John’s hand, was a beautiful drawing of that exact photo with the lyrics “It was written that I would love you from the moment I opened my eyes” underneath.

That was when Paul burst through the door. John didn’t put the book down, he just stared up at Paul in awe. Paul nearly ran over to him and snatched the notebook out of his friend’s hands rather roughly. “That’s private.” Paul growled with an angry, almost embarrassed look on his face as he shoved the notebook into his side bag. “Is it all me?” John asked, standing up off of Paul’s bed and trying to approach him, but Paul kept his distance and didn’t answer the older man’s question. John took another step closer to him. “Is it all me, Macca?” He asked again, in a softer tone. “Don’t call me that.” Paul let his head hang as he said the words. “It is, isn’t it?” John reached out a hand for him, which Paul ignored.

John placed his hand under Paul’s chin and lifted his face with one finger so their eyes met. “Do you love me, Macca?” John’s words weren’t much more than a whisper. Paul nervously tried to break eye contact, but he knew there was no escaping now. This moment was unavoidable now. The truth was out. “Yeah, Johnny. I do.” He whispered back, still unable to break their gaze. “It’s alright, you know.” John said, moving his hand slowly and cautiously from Paul’s chin to gently cup his cheek. “How can you say that?” Paul was nearly in tears.

“Because I love you too.” John whispered as he closed the gap between them, pressing his thin lips against Paul’s plump ones momentarily. “Because I love you too.” He repeated the words multiple times between loving, desperate pecks. Paul never wanted John to find that notebook filled with drawings of the man he loved, let alone have him find out his true feelings for him. But at that moment and every moment Paul and John were alive, Paul was more thankful that John found the notebook than he ever thought he possibly could be.

I Miss You (Tony Stark Oneshot)

Characters: Tony Stark {Pepper Potts, James Rhodes mention}

Word Count: 1,800

Inspired By: Gorgeous by Mansionz

A/N: I hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated! 💜

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A slight breeze swept over. 
She lied there staring at the blank sky, with no clouds to crowd the beautiful star-filled evening. Her mind began to drift off into thoughts of her past. Her father once told her, “If you truly love someone, you will give them a star.” As a child, she asked, “But Dad, how could I do that? The stars are up there and I can’t just take one.” She recalled her father’s heartfelt laugh, as he explained that she would one day understand what he meant.
And she finally did. When you love someone, you are devoted and will do anything for them. It’s insane. She looked up at the deep blue art filled with sparkling worlds. She knew that she had given many people a star. Her first love, her past boyfriends, and her “almosts”. Looking up at what reminded her of moondust dispersed across the sky, she knew there was hope. She would love again, as there were many people to love and many stars in the sky to give.

moondust in the sky.



The importance of reading to children

We thought we’d do a little world book day post about the importance of reading and teaching children to read and turn into little book worms.

I remember so clearly back when I was younger that if you read books you were a “geek” and I totally regret not reading more due to the worry of being called a “geek.” Nowadays reading is more… accepted, I guess, more people read, unfortunately I feel it’s things like “fifty shades of grey” and “reality TV stars biographies” that have made it that way, I don’t know I could be wrong but thats my view and observation and opinion of it. 
Although it’s sort of sad that these are the best sellers and Youtube stars like “Zoella” (Yes I did read this and yes I did really enjoy it) and “Pointless blog” are top sellers but it is encouraging the younger generation to read and surely we should embrace that and just go along with it.

I used to read “Jacqueline Wilson” books as a teenager as thats the only thing I used to read and focus on. I am so glad she is still writing books for children and hope one day Lucas will enjoy them as much as I did. 

The importance of reading BOOKS to children is huge, to many people have kindles, Ipads, Iphones, TV and laptops that their children can use and play with and less time with actual books.  It helps with their development of speech and in time words and language, it helps with their concentration skills, imagination and so many more, including the bond you have with them with story time before bed.

Lucas absolutely loves books, it’s the only time he sits still for 5 minutes in the day. He has had a book read practically every day since he was about 6 weeks old. We put his bedtime routine in place and wanted to read the book as part of it. He would have food, bath, book, bottle, bed. He absolutely loves the cuddle and book reading. 

Lucas got a heap of books for christmas and his christening and we try to choose a different book every evening and with these wonderful treasuries he got are perfect. 
Lucas loves vintage classic TV and books and he has a wonderful collection of vintage books from wind in the willows, paddington bear, Roald Dahl, poems, disney and more…

He will always be told how smart he is and I cannot wait to see if he loves books, I hope he does. 

I cant wait to see your little ones In their outfits today for world book day. 
Lucas doesn’t have an outfit but he is sharing his day and book with his favourite bear Paddington.

I never formally posted about this here, but hey hi I wrote a book!! 

I’ve been working on this project since early May 2014 & it’s been such a great, rewarding experience. If you would have told young Connor that he would write a book, he would probably laugh in your face & say “yeah right” followed by some other snarky comment. 

This memoir highlights my upbringing in a town of only 4500 people and the journey to my current life in the busy city of Los Angeles. I’ve had many ups & downs in my life thus far (many internal struggles dealing with acceptance of the person I am). I hope my words resonate with anyone in this digital day & age struggling with self-worth, purpose, direction, sexuality, friendship, relationships, etc. I’m very young & have so much more to learn, but this is how I see the big world around me right now.   

I hope the dozens of images, taken by yours truly, guide your eye & keep your attention throughout my untold stories. The minimalism makes me so happy, I gasp nearly every time I look at the pages because I’m a nerd like that haha 

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for each & every one of you reading this, so thank you - this wouldn’t have been possible without your constant love & support. I hope your enjoy reading my words & hearing my story xx

Preorder your copy of my book here: aworkinprogressbyconnor.com

Ever wonder why we are called “The Tiny Tabby”? It’s because of this tiny tabby cat!
Teddy is a tiny tabby cat who was rescued from an animal hoard as a baby. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia (a neurological disorder that causes no pain), and he developed asthma early in life. He has some other smaller issues that are easily managed as well.
He has special needs and a disability, so I know that he was remarkably lucky to be saved by a rescue group that was able to care for him and adopt him out … To me!
I could literally write a book on how much I live him, but I’m sure you can imagine! Teddy is one of the lucky ones, but many cats never find a home.
Since I can’t adopt all of the Teddies of the world, I hope that The Tiny Tabby will help support that wonderful rescue groups out there, and educate people on how wonderful “special” cats can be!
Teddy will never know how many cats he has helped, just by being himself

a story worth telling

Fluff Week: May 19th: I Lived/Show Me +  May 20th: Serendipity

So…this is a birthday present to myself? :’D
A little in canon goodness, hehe. Enjoy!!

It turned out far shorter than I had originally planned simply because I was late and just wrote it all in one go :’D So I can’t guarantee that this is any good haha, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Again, thankyou for all the amazing birthday wishes and gifts!! It’s still not over, hehe. Let’s celebrate some more. ♥

The wind danced across the veranda, sounding the little wind chimes Lucy had lovingly assembled the other day, and continued its journey to try and ruffle her hair. The endeavour was useless though, as she had tamed it into a tight braid.

For a moment, she watched the chimes dance with the wind, but then shook her head as if to reprimand herself, glancing back down at the scribbles in her notebook.

She kept staring for a few moments more. Then, with a loud sigh, she ripped the page out of the book and scrunched it up. In her small wrath, she hauled it as far as she could, as if that would make the words on it disappear for good.

A futile wish.

Or so she thought, but the next moment she watched as the little ball ignited and crumbled into ashes, before they too were gone with the wind.

“Oi, that almost hit me!”

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Storm Warning [w/hakai-no-arashi]

Tobirama knew many individuals from the clans that had settled into the village. He also knew most’s exact numbers if not very close approximate.

The history books would write off many clans that had been wiped out before this era of peace, but he was hoping the smaller ones could prosper and rebuild within their walls. A deep breath as he finally cleared off what he had upon his desk, leaving the small office for now.
“I’ll be headed out.” he had stopped by his brother’s own room to announce his intention to go and look upon the last of the extensions’ progress.

Konoha was beginning to settle and prosper with its mix of shinobi and civilians. Every day, he was going out and seeking any potential source of trouble.
What he found today, however…

There was no mistaking it. Knowing each other by given name, the two had fought time and again. Despite his low stamina, however, the other had shown what he deemed an impressive mastery over his environment and used it flawlessly against his opponents.

“Arashi…” red eyes rose to the other.

An Open Letter to the People bashing John Green.

When i got out of the Cinema last week from seeing The Fault In Our Stars, I was one of the many females who were a somewhat stereotypical emotional wreck. Now before you roll your eyes or put me down as a ‘teeny-bopper’, I wan’t to explain myself.

I’m not entirely sure if  the community on Tumblr realise how realistic the characters in the Fault In Our Stars were. They had fears and dreams and favourite books and normal families and the way they interacted was not like a superficial love story. They were human beings both in the book and in the movie.

Just last month I had gotten off work ready to go home and catch up on my growing list of favourite TV shows, when my Mum told me my little Sister had a tumour in her foot which has caused a stress fracture from growth. At that stage they didn’t know if it was cancerous or not.
I can’t tell you what it felt like to sit with your sister and hear her say that if it is malignant, she would be a cancer survivor like Hazel Grace once this was all over, before adding “If I survive.”

I don’t think i’ve ever struggled to pull myself together more than that moment. It was a sunday afternoon no different to any other - we were sitting on my bed watching various Youtubers (Miranda Sings you were a godsend at that moment), but all of a sudden my little sister who i would do anything was facing the concept of cancer. 

We now know that it is Benign and while she will most likely need it removed in the near future, i am so grateful. She is one of the most loving, kind, and caring person I know, and she handled the whole situation ten times better than me. She’s had to give up dancing temporarily (she dances every night of the week, so this is a big deal) and now struggles on crutches and a cast until we can sort everything out, but she’s okay and i know there are thousands of kids who aren’t, so again i am so grateful.

The Fault in our stars did such a beautiful job at showing what it is like to suffer from cancer at a young age, I could do nothing but remove myself from the cinema as the end credits began and hug my sister as if there would be no tomorrow. It is cheesy, i know. 

Back to John Green.
at rid of generalising the website, Tumblr as a whole seems to be of a mentality that hates whatever is popular. Unfortunately this means John Green has faced accusations that he is romanticising illness.

Please just stop.
I am sure there are many of you saying this who have never dealt with a young loved one facing the prospect of cancer.
The Fault In Our Stars was in fact a source of hope for my sister as she had to deal with the possibility of having cancer at thirteen. For this i am eternally thankful John.
I have seen so many people send nasty hateful things to John regarding tfios alone, and it needs to end. I am willing to vouch for the fact that John had no bad intentions writing this book. He did not in anyway exploit cancer. I am also willing to vouch for john in the sense that his book provided hope to many many many individuals suffering with Cancer.
Tfios showed that just because you have cancer, or are sick in any way, doesn’t mean you have to stop living.

Please, Tumblr, Pick your battles. Do not try to bring down someone who is only trying to do good, I know this community is better than that.

Don’t forget to be awesome,

Lara x


who’s gonna write me the fic from the book thief!death’s pov as he follows steve and bucky through the years

(So many humans, so many stories. I can only carry some of the stories for fear of the sorrow weighing me down. I’m a busy fellow, you know.

You’ve heard of Liesel Meminger already. I hope you carry her story with you.

During that war, there were two other humans I continued to cross paths with. Two boys. 

The first had a soul like the open sky, and a body too frail to sustain it for long. I was fully expecting to have him in my arms before he reached old age. It was the other boy that kept him from me, and his devotion to the other what caught my attention all those years ago.)