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What kind of girl would you think Jongin would be interested in?

*As I’ve mentioned before with the post about Sehun’s ideal (click here if you want to read it), these are only my personal thoughts so please don’t take them too seriously ^^*

The first thought that came into my mind was that you should probably like chicken as much as Kai but let’s skip that

Personality-wise, someone as gentle and passionate like Kai would be a great match! Kai is the 2nd youngest member in the whole group, but he seems to be on a complete different plane from Sehun; being able to take care of each other in a relationship with Kai would be a strong point if you’re that kind of a person. Since Kai is usually the one being teased in EXO (due to the fact that he’s the 2nd youngest member), I think Kai would appreciate a girl that he can tease and make fun of in a cute way easily. For some reason I don’t see Kai as an expert with housework or anything related to that, so he’d probably need a filial girl who knows how to handle stuff like that. I see Kai as someone who would really enjoy those tiny skin contacting moments, like holding hands out of nowhere or leaning a head against one another’s shoulder, so slightly-to-moderate touchy would be a favorable level for Kai (Although he’d definitely be a cuddler since he seems sleepy, like, ALL THE TIME). As for interests, I don’t necessarily see a limit on what you like since I think Kai would at least try or give attention to whatever you enjoy/are good at. However, it’d be really nice if this can go the same way for Kai, meaning a girl who wouldn’t mind giving attention to things Kai enjoy (dancing, chicken, etc.) would be a type Kai would definitely appreciate.

(I re-read this to check for any errors and it sounds like I’m describing Kyungsoo.. kaisoo game too strong)

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