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saturate (v): to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism; to imbue thoroughly or completely

S04E02 The Lying Detective


From the “Intro to A Scandal in Belgravia” on PBS:

Martin Freeman: “Generally, Sherlock knows he’s the cleverest person in the room. And so when he meets Irene, he kind of…he might not be the cleverest person in the room, and that’s upsetting. And also not only that, but he might also want to…kiss the cleverest person in the room, you know. So I think that confuses him in all kinds of ways.”

I highly recommend watching the actual clip so that you can hear the way he hesitates to find the…well, TV-friendly word in that third gif.

Cargo at Video Junkie: Key notes re Martin and release details

The session involved Yolanda Ramke (writer and co-director) and Ben Howling (co-director) with a lady from Screen Australia talking through the nitty gritties of how they managed to get Cargo from a short film into a feature film picked up by Netflix. They didn’t show any clips, but had pics from the film in the background, which I previously posted.

-Updating where they were at, they reported they were just completing post-production, with VFX and lighting, audio refinements, and should be finished in about 3 weeks.

-Yolanda explained that they managed to get Martin involved through one of their American producers, who knew his (female) agent personally. They were unsure what to expect, but the agent was impressed with the script, passed it onto Martin, and he was happy to sign on after about a week (the speed of his reply quite surprised them, only a few weeks from go to whoa).

-Ben said Martin was very ‘cerebral’ in his approach to discussing the role with them, as well as forthright and honest. They mentioned his open concern over the film being “zombie” genre, as well as asking them, for example, whether they opted to make Andy British* from the start, or because of him being in the role
*(so my bad on predicting he might be an Aussie character, but also means he’ll keep his usual accent rather than try an Aussie one *quietly sighs relief*)

-Both said he was really great to work with, given the challenge they’d presented him in working primarily with a baby for much of the shoot. He’d also bought the cast and crew a stack of lovely pastries to celebrate the end of the shoot (👌💗), but sadly not much of the crew were left to eat them, so Yolanda joked that they had heaps to take away for left overs.

-After the event, I (unexpectedly) managed to catch them heading to the bar, Yolanda chatting with 2 guy who’s last question asked whether Martin was a good guy (lol), which she reassured him he was 👍 We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and I passed on my well-wishes for the film, being a Martin fan and a fan of zombie/horror genre.

-In talking about Martin, she called him a “sweetheart” and loved how he kept the mood lighter on set despite the serious stuff they were doing. I asked how he coped with going bush and she said he didn’t really like it, but soldiered on through. One of the worst things were the mosquitoes (“like helicopters”) and he had an allergic reaction to getting bitten by them, esp one which got him under his eye and had it puff up pretty badly.

-I checked with her about the release on Netflix, and she said they have (to her knowledge) indicated sometime in the first half of 2018, but she couldn’t specify further…*BUT*

-They had in the talk made reference to the Aussie company Umbrella Films having theatrical release rights, which I thought was a bit funny given Netflix usually don’t let their films have theatre exposure. Didn’t get a chance to ask about it in the session, but Yolanda mentioned that they will be premiering the film at the Adelaide Film Festival in October 🤗🤗🤗 I basically did a fist pump and espressed my excitement and relief that they would be doing a theatrical screening *somewhere*, and said I’d basically be there with bells on. She replied with a smile, “then maybe I’ll see you there”, and that was that. We headed to the bar together, but she ended up having some young producer chewing her ear off with questions, so I left it at that.

(*Also found myself following them over for free drinks (though I couldn’t take them because meds 😔) and nibblies at a ‘party’ which I later found out was a ticketed private function lol, but that’s another story 😉)