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Can we just talk about how Mark up and donated $1,000 to Hope for Paws in his Don’t Smile Challenge just because he’s such a loving person and he just can? Like, he could’ve just donated the 5 or 10 dollars that the organization asked for in their video, but he went way up and beyond that and I can guarantee that that money will change a poor animal’s life. Coming from someone who works at a veterinary office, procedure costs can damage an animal’s chance at life and that money could cover the costs of any hospitalization for illness, vaccinations, and even an orthopedic or general anesthesia surgery if needed. He’s just so great and I just wish I could hug him and thank him for everything he does for the world around us.


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog
An autistic boy who can't be touched or hugged by anyone has connected for the first time - with his new service dog.

“Five-year-old Kainoa Niehaus travelled to the 4 Paws For Ability centre in Ohio from Japan after two years of waiting for an animal to become available. His mum Shanna shared a photo of her son resting his head on Tornado.’

… “This picture captures the face of a mother who saw her child, who she can’t hug, wash, dress, snuggle and touch freely lay on his new service dog of his own free will, with a purposeful, unspoken attachment.”

“4 Paws For Ability is a non-profit global organisation which provides service dogs to disabled children and veterans who’ve lost the use of limbs or their hearing.”

I saw Nightrizer’s sphinx!Dipper from the monster falls AU and I just couldn’t resist because wings are my absolute favorite thing to draw.

Plus a bonus for iheartpkmn




I got the chance to join Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws and I am still overwhelmed. Please share our video!


Frightened pit bull momma leads animal rescuer to her babies.

This little guy is named “paw”.
He is based on @sanspar fellwolves Sans.
If he has a good owner he can be very loyal, trusting and protective and he will protect them if necessary.
He loves snuggles and pets.
Other bittybones shouldn’t be a problem. If there are only weaker or more submissive ones he will see them as his pack and take care of them.
He even can get along with more dominant bittybonea like Brassberry or Fang as long as he sees them as good pack leader, otherwise he will fight with them. This should be avoided because of he is weaker than the bitties mentioned earlier and would get hurt.
His heat can be sub and dom.
The fur on his paws, tail and the outside of his ears is black but in the light it can shine red.

I hope you like this little guy and be good to him. :)
Sorry for the long text but I tried to mention every important detail, but if you still have questions about him just ask!

    It was so much easier to break in through a window when you had thumbs. Out, too; as she had done earlier in the day, when she’d been deposited within it with so much ceremony. She had never been MEANT to end up in the room – she had only ever been meant to observe, from afar. Circumstance had made everything much more complicated, though… and now, here she was, padding along sills and rooftops with four paws and a tail, aiming to once more trap herself within HIS room.

     What a day it was.

     She supposed she should have expected something to go wrong, when the plan had first been suggested. Tail Atem, but in a way he wouldn’t notice. Turn into a cat, because who would suspect a stray? Just take off if he approaches, it’s understandable for strays to be skittish – but, oh, don’t hurt him, you aren’t allowed. Don’t scratch the precious prince if he tries to pick you up – and oh, don’t BITE him if he tries to stuff you inside a cardboard box and carry you to his room. 

     Easy for her superiors to say. THEY weren’t the ones who had been caught like some sort of mangy animal. 

     He’d shown signs early on of wanting to ‘rescue’ her, having noticed her sleek furred form following her far sooner than any of them had expected. He’d approached her at first with offered fingers and clicking tongues, undeterred by her hissing or puffing and altogether too calm when she batted at him (Claws in, of course) to try and get him to go away. She’d lasted a few weeks, true, resisting and avoiding… but then… 

    Oh, it had made her life so much EASIER to let him pick her up. She could ride upon his shoulder and listen to his conversations with his other friends, hear the plans they made in secret and the ways he hoped to avoid his ever present bodyguards. Honest and trustworthy of her? No. But good for her duty to protect his life? Yes. Whereas Natalie the woman would never have been allowed this close, after his hissy fits, ‘Neferet’ the cat was a different story – and if Atem spotted Neferet the cat while sneaking out, he didn’t summon an imp and bolt, like he did when he spotted Nat. He paused, lingered, pet her behind the ears, and if he didn’t STOP because he got caught, he often scooped her up and took her with him; or at least, didn’t bitch and moan if she followed. 

     Again, though; she probably should have seen the box coming. She’d been too friendly, too close… it had only made sense that he would want to try and KEEP her, at some point. He’d been surprisingly quick in stuffing her inside and sneaking her into the dorms, where he deposited her ‘safely’ within his room. She hadn’t been able to STAY, though; he had class, which he intended to go to, and she was supposed to watch him there as usual, lest he suspect they had changed the game in other aspects. 

     Necessity had forced her to shimmy open the window and slip out of it in her furred form, to meet the prince and his brother at the doors to their class, through which Atem slumped and moped. He hadn’t even the spirit to truly sass her for her presence, which was about when she’d suspected something was WRONG. 

     Never had she expected the answer Yugi gave when she probed him about it; a sad smile offered and a mention of a treasured stray, pairing together as a heart wrenching tale that made her feel… strangely… guilty, for taking off on him.

     Which was how she was lead to climb back up the building. To RETURN, to be… what?
    She still didn’t know.

     She was justifying it to herself the entire way up, carefully picking her steps across the rooftops and fences, fur puffing and tail flicking with annoyance. It was easier to watch him, this way; she’d be able to make sure no one snuck into the dorm, this way. He wouldn’t question her following him around, he wouldn’t start asking questions as to why ‘Natalie’ wasn’t bothering him, because he wanted to be left alone… it was fine. It was a good plan!

     It was not a good plan.

     She ignored her own doubts as she came to his window, tail lashing for but a moment before she made the jump. Her claws were of little use against the stone as she scrambled to catch hold, but she tried anyways, until she managed to stand (graceful, and she’d bite anyone who said otherwise) upon the sill. She was fairly certain she could see him, through the curtains, though what he was doing was unclear… evidently, though, it wasn’t sitting at the window, and gazing forlornly after his missing cat. So, rolling her eyes, she raised one hand and batted at the glass, resulting in… well. Not a very noticeable ‘thump’. So she paired it with a quiet mow that grew in volume the longer she waited, pacing along the sill impatiently as she waited for him to let her IN. 


Here’s your bony, fishy friend @sanspar ;-;

I wasn’t meant to draw todayy but I suddenly had the idea for the design and its pretty simple annnd if you want it as your sona’s pet y’know OKI HEHEHEHEEH I’D BE HAPPY YES 

I’ll leave now

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“…-et out! You can’t be in here! Paul? Uh, hey! ” Mike sounded mildly stressed beneath his cheery tone of voice. He hoped the paws scratching at the office door couldn’t be heard over the phone.

“You don’t usually call at, at night, uh…I said get out! You have your OWN office! Is, uh, something wrong?”