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A-5 and B-18 with Chen please xx

A5 // Home after the hospital.
B18 //  “I promise I’ll always be there for you. No matter what. You’re not alone anymore.”

Living a solitary lifestyle is what you prefer but sometimes it bites you in the ass.

You’re exhausted when Jongdae drops you off at home, hovering beside you much like a mother hen looking after their chick.  You avoid the hospital at all costs, but a few hours ago when the worst pain you’ve ever felt took over your lower torso, well.  You couldn’t really avoid it at that point.  You had no strength to get up and get your phone from your room, so you thought you were going to end up writhing in pain on the floor of your cabin for hours.

It’s only ten minutes later when Jongdae finds you.

You forgot that you asked him to come over and look at your dryer which has been making weird noises every time you turn it on.  He walks through the front door, which you leave unlocked during the day, and cries out in surprise when he sees you curled up on the living room carpet with tears streaming down your face.  When you finally get to the hospital and get checked in, they diagnose you with kidney stones; the pain you were feeling was from your body passing one.  The stones are small enough that the doctor can’t do much except give you pain medication and send you on your way.

“Are you okay?  Do you need anything?”

Spread out on your couch, you wave Jongdae off.  “No, I’m alright now.  Thank you for everything, Jongdae.  I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come over.”

Jongdae crouches down by your head and smooths your hair back, a wistful sort of smile on his face.

“I’m glad too.  I’ll always be here for you, ______.  I promise.”

When The Henny Kicks In 🍾

Treated myself to a lil night out & hit up the club wit sum friends. 👌🏽You only 23 once so I gotta turn tf up ‘for my knees blow out and I’m Old Man Dario with a Supreme Hoover Round bruh haha 😂

Hope my kidneys still kickin it when I’m 80 by how much I gargle Hennessey haaa. Enjoy ur weekend just decided to pop up nd say wassup 🤘🏽

me 10th grade: wow this would look good with this, the word “fit”, “aesthetic”

me now: ooh jacket cool. i hope these pants are comfortable. these shoes haven’t fallen to pieces yet i can wear them. hope my kidney doesn’t fail

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Hi! i have a character who has several broken ribs, many deep cuts in his back, a severe burn on his chest, and just all over bruises, along with a degree of exhaustion. i know these things on their own probably wouldn't warrant a hospital stay of longer than a night, but would it be longer for all of them together? would he still be released within a couple days if he was still in extreme pain from all this? also would he have to lie on his stomach if the wounds to his back were severe enough?

Hey there nonny! We haven’t talked overmuch about polytrauma on this blog, mostly because it’s a very complicated and there’s a lot of “it depends,” but let’s dive in to your scenario and see what’s the what. 

It’s true that, with one exception, no one injury you describe would necessitate admission to the hospital for very long. But one thing you mentioned caught my eye: the words “severe burn.” Depending on the specifics, the burn might be worthy of a fairly lengthy admission, depending on how “severe” that burn is and how large it is. 

Second-degree burns, which involve severe pain, blistering, and lots of lovely wound seepage, is a significant injury. The skin is really important in that it prevents bacteria from entering the body and attacking it, and it sounds like he’s going to need some significant care. 

Third-degree burns, where the skin is burned so deeply that the nerve endings are destroyed and the skin becomes charred and pale, are life-threatening. One of the worries with chest burns is that the skin can become very taught, making it extremely difficult to breathe and possibly requiring surgery (escharotomy) to essentially cut into the burns and allow the chest to expand. This is only made worse by his broken ribs. 

Also, depending on the burn, he might need one or multiple skin grafts, and he’s very likely to need debridement of the burn on a regular basis. This part alone will likely have him be admitted to the hospital for about week, especially in the context of his other injuries.

Then there are your character’s kidneys. If your character is having all of this muscular damage from his apparent beatings and burns, it’s possible that your character will have some level of rhabdomyolosis, which  [we’ve talked about before]. Essentially, muscle breaks down and the byproducts clog the kidneys, which can cause kidney failure. 

If this gets bad enough, your character might wind up on hemodialysis temporarily, which is likely to be continuous (known as CRRT, or continuous renal replacement therapy). This is basically to take the workload off the kidneys while they recover from failure, if they recover from failure. 

Note: the rhabdo / kidney failure issue is optional. You could simply have him be admitted over concern for his kidneys; dark or tea-colored urine, low urine output, and bloodwork (elevated creatinine and BUN would do the trick). 

As for whether he’ll be on his stomach or his back, hospitals do not like having people on their stomachs. It will mostly depend on whether his burn is on the front or the back, as that will be the one most sensitive to pressure. He’ll likely wind up lying on his side most of the time. 

You talk about pain. One of the problems with polytrauma like this is that broken ribs and narcotics don’t mix well, but I have a feeling that your character will be given at least a few days worth of ketorolac (Toradol), plus an opiate like fentanyl, morphine, or hydromorphone (Dilaudid). 

So yeah. Long story less long, your character could spend up to a week or two in the hospital, and may have a lot more outpatient appointments, depending on that burn and the status of their kidneys. 

Hope this helps! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Anyway, I have a lot of feelings about the Russian skating team in AUs being that family where no three members are actually blood related, but instead bound together by a tangled web of loyalty, marriage, and grudging affection. 

  • Victor is Yakov’s “nephew” in that his parents knew Yakov well enough to drop a small child on him and catapult him into the world of single parenthood before they disappeared. Where Victor’s actualy blood family is is a matter of some debate. He’s really hoping he never needs a kidney donated. 
  • Lilia and Yakov got together when he was 10 or eleven. Both of them considered the other the trophy spouse at the time. Lilia brought her daughter-by-some-random-frenchman Mila. Mila is constantly feuding with her mother and prefers living with Yakov even post-divorce. 
  • At some point when Mila was three or four and Victor was a preteen, Yakov accidentally acquired a maybe-his illegitimate child in Georgi. Georgi sweves from parent to parent depending on the mood of the day and who’s willing to humor him. Lilia is meaner, but her house is also nicer.
  • Mila and Georgi both refer to them as Mama and Papa, but will also get drunk and jokingly suggest hooking up to give Yakov and Lilia the grandchild they really want, so no one’s quite  sure what they consider each other. No one really wants to ask. 
  • Yuri is one of Yakov’s old friend’s grandson, fostered in as a favour to an ailing old man. Lilia took an immediate shine to him and demanded co-custody, even multiple years post-divorce. Unlike Mila, Georgi, and even Victor when he’s in a sympathetic mood, Yuri never pretends they’re at all his parents. He doesn’t even tack an Auntie or Uncle onto their names like Victor does when he wants something. Somehow he’s still both of their’s favorite. 
  • Despite his best efforts he’s the doted upon baby. 
  • Custody swaps tend to take place solely in opera houses and grand theaters, or other places where they can try to psych each other out. Parent teacher conference night has been known to drive the best of tutors to more drink than is safe- even for a Russian. 
  • One time Victor disappeared for two weeks, and no one even realized his was missing because they assumed he was with one grownup or another, or on a school trip or something. Still not as bad as the time Yuri got tired of Mila and Georgi bickering and singlehandedly booked his own flight to France to be with Lilia instead. 
  • Dysfunctional trainwreck though they are, they’re a force of nature on the dance floor. Lilia didn’t raise a group of utter disappointments. 

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Blurb kindergarten with Liam? (I thought that third grade blurb was adorable and wanted more, haha) :)

I clearly enjoyed this too much it’s more of a short imagine than a blurb. Whoops. #SorryNotSorry

The pretty girl boarded the bus biting her lip. You looked as nervous as Liam felt. Liam was in awe of you; in preschool he had a few friends who were girls, but none of them were like really good friends. Mostly because Liam didn’t really want to be friends with them—they had cooties.

But this little girl was really pretty. Liam’s tiny little heart was trying to beat out of his chest just to get closer to you. In a moment of pure bravery that he wasn’t sure he was going to have ever again, he waved to you with a sweet smile and you sighed with relief. Moments before getting on the bus you told your mom how scared you was to ride the bus alone. What if no one wanted to sit with you? Then what?

Thankfully the cute little boy with brown hairs and warm brown eyes was there. He slid in toward the window and then smiled gently as you sat down. He told you that you should put your bag on your lap like he did so that you would be safe. “It’s my first day of school,” you told him.

He nodded. “Me too,” he said quietly.

You sucked your lip back into your mouth. “I’m nervous,” you admitted.

He sighed with relief. “I’m nervous too.”

You smiled gently. “We can be nervous together!” You announced.

He grinned. “Okay!”

The two chatted quietly on the way to school, it couldn’t have been more than a half hour but it felt like a lifetime. Liam adored you; he was totally smitten with the pretty doe-eyed girl. You were his new best friend. You noticed a band aid on his arm—one of the shots he had to take before the day was over. “What’s that?” You asked.

“My kidney doesn’t work,” Liam shrugged. “So I have to take 32 shots every day.”

Your beautiful eyes widened more. “Every day?” You repeated in shock. “But…that’s so many.”

He smiled softly. “S’not so bad. My mummy does it, and she’s really good at it so it doesn’t hurt. And if I don’t whine and complain, I get a special treat,” he explained. You pouted.

“What’s a kidney?” You asked. He leaned to your ear and whispered that it helped him go potty. You giggled and smiled. “Oh, okay. Well, I hope your kidney gets better so you don’t have to take shots anymore.”

He smiled. Because that was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to him.


Thankfully they were in the same class. Liam’s older sisters had warned him that if they liked being near a friend that they should try not to overdo it in class. When you overdo it, you tend to get separated from your friend. Of course at the time Liam was sure he would have no friends to be separated from, but now he saw the problem when you were best friends with the prettiest girl in all of kindergarten.

Liam smiled at you. Apparently girls were coloring and the boys were playing with blocks. But Liam missed his new friend and he wanted to play with you.

So he broke the unspoken barrier and crossed the class to the coloring station to sit by you. You grinned and handed him some of your crayons to share. “You’re good at coloring,” he said.

“Mummy and I color a lot,” you explained.

He watched and colored for a bit with you in silence and then finally he took a deep breath gathering another bout of courage. “Can we be married?” He asked you.

You shrugged. It wasn’t like you had anything else going on. “Okay,” you smiled.

He grinned brightly to himself.


“Momma, I got married,” you said when you got off the bus.

“Oh really?” She giggled. “To who?”

“His name is Liam, he’s really cute. And he has to have 32 shots every day because his kidney doesn’t work. His kidney helps him go potty,” you clarified as she took your back pack from you and you skipped into the house. “His mommy is going to call you because I gave him our phone number and I want to play with him because he’s my husband now.”

Your mom smiled and laughed just as the phone rang. She talked to Karen for what seemed like hours, but by the end of the conversation your mom was telling you to get in the car, you were going to meet your husband for ice cream.


Liam was antsy in his car seat waiting to see you again. It had only been a few hours but he already missed you. “Mumma?” Liam asked.

“What honey bunch?” She asked.

“Can we stop and buy her flowers please?” he asked.

Karen’s heart clenched in adoration for his little innocent love of the pretty girl in class. “Of course sweetheart.” And so they stopped and Liam picked out the prettiest pink flowers he could find because he knew you liked pink. You told him when you were on the bus ride home. Liam was shyly holding the flowers in his arms when he arrived at the ice cream shop. He smiled gently at you, bit his lip and presented you with the bouquet.

“That’s very sweet of you Liam,” your mom said to him and held onto the flowers for you.

“I think I’m in love with her,” he told your mom shyly.

She smirked and shook her head. You grinned brightly and looked up at your mom to say, “I told you he was cute.”


Liam was now 18 and he was driving to your house for the last first day of public school before the two of you went on to university.

He knocked on the door to your house and then let himself inside. He shouldn’t even have to knock, but he never wanted to bother you. He brought the paper to your dad at the counter as a peace offering for the day. “Good morning, sir,” he said politely.

Your dad was still a bit peeved you had been dating since before you could even read but he figured Liam was a good boy, it would be alright. “Morning, Liam…she’s a bit nervous this morning—last first day before the future starts. Might be a while,” he said knowingly.

Liam smirked and nodded. “Of course,” he said sweetly. “I don’t mind the wait.”

“Good morning, Liam!” Your mother greeted him with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“You saw him yesterday,” your father grumbled to his wife.

“You be quiet,” she said simply. “You can go on up, she’s all upset because she’s anxious,” she shrugged. “You know how she is.”

He loved that. He loved that he knew that about her. He did know, of course he did. He had been with her for twelve years. So he skipped up the steps to her room knocked on the door and then walked in. You were putting on makeup trying not to cry. Liam went over and kissed the top of your head. “S’alright, baby,” he said gently rubbing your shoulders. “We’ve got plenty of time. Except for right now—we need to get to school.”

You frowned and looked up at him. “What if—”

“You’re going to make yourself crazy with those what ifs. You’re perfect. We’re perfect. We’re going to be just fine, now please. Get your pretty bum in my car so we can get to school,” he said smacking another kiss to your cheek and helping you out of your room.

“Liam wait—”

“Baby girl, you look beautiful—”

“No,” you shook your head and reached into your bed and pulled out a basket for him. He gaped.

“What’s this?” He asked.

You smiled softly at him. “It’s our 12th anniversary,” you said softly. “That’s the silk and linen anniversary…and I figured you’re going to need linens for your dorm, so I got you some,” you shrugged. He bit his lip and smiled at you. He was just as smitten with you as that very first day you boarded the bus with an anxious smile.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” you said softly.

He kissed your forehead and pulled you close to his body holding you tightly in his arms.