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Me when i found out Witches of East End got cancelled.

I forever hate lifetime after this. Please netflix, bring Witches of East End Back, it was such a great show. Reblog this if you love Witches of East End and still have hope for a Season 3.

Guess who just got rejected for not one, not two, but three jobs!

That’s right. All of the workplaces I applied to have officially turned me down.

Starbucks ran out of space, which I totally understand.

My local pool turned me down, as they were only accepting people who were certified to teach lessons. Again, I can’t help that, totally forgiveable.

But then… a small Halloween Store officially turned me down for being trans. Like, seriously? This is 20-heckin-17, people. They wanted me to use my birthname and wear the female uniform (which happens to be a form-fitting dress). So I told them no, and they immediately said there was no chance of having a trans worker in their crew. How messed up is that?

I dunno guys… I wish I could live off commissions but the income isn’t steady enough… If you get a chance, could you maybe take a look over on that page? I’m officially between jobs for who knows how long, and I hate being so desperate.

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This isn't a prompt or headcanon but I just love when I see people talking about the squip squad doing things in NJ. I'm from NJ and it's so fun to hear people hc them going on the boardwalks and stuff. Do you have anymore headcanons for them doing things in NJ? ((This is a weird ask crap I'm sorry))

No no that’s so great I’m glad you can enjoy the headcanons! I’m personally not from NJ myself, Ima Mass girl, but I love visiting NJ, so I’ll have to base these on my experiences at wild woods and Atlantic City :0 !!

- The scariest things about their trips to these places is Michael because they always go when it’s sweltering hot but he’s still wearing that damn hoodie.

-One time at Atlantic City Jeremy and Michael walked into a casino by accident because they saw a free buffet sign, and then walked into a room full of slot machines with a giant sign saying “no one under 18 allowed”, got scared, and ran out

-When they told Rich about this he dragged Jake in saying “17 is close enough to 18”

-Christine and Jenna makes them all matching shirts when they go on these trips because they can’t lose anyone

-Jake wears shorts on these trips and anytime he sits on something he instantly gets up and yells “fuck!! Hot!!” He never learns his lesson

-one time Jeremy joked around about feeding this one sea gull that was staring at him to see if others would come, then rich said “do it. Trust me, they’ll come” not only did an entire flock come for that fry, Chloe claims she saw one kill another and one seagull followed them back to the car.

-Chloe and Brooke ever 10s of driving around: “that’s a nice house”

- so they like to stay the weekend in a motel for these trips. Once at about 11 at night Michael and Jeremy snuck out of the motel and tried to walks two miles to find a McDonald’s that they KNEW they saw. Then they walked down a suddenly ghetto street and saw someone throw a fire cracker while the others in the group huddled around the cracker. The boyfs instantly went back to the motel.

-ok so I think this was in Atlantic City but there’s this frEAKING coffin you can sit in? And it feels like rats and snakes are crawling over you? They dared Rich to do it, and have videos of him reacting on the camera feed. Rich didn’t come back the same man.

-they love going to Riply’s! It’s such a cool place, if only Rich would stop sticking his nose in every statues finger.

-Christine is the one to stop and read ever exhibit, but the others just look at the big cool stuff and keep walking. Let the girl read dang it.

-they have so many pictures of them with weird stuff in Riplys

-there’s this trippy tunnel at the end and Jake fell in the middle of it and got so dizzy he had to physically be dragged out

-Christine saw a cat under the boardwalk and started screaming and taking pictures while adoring said cat

-Christine also buys all the damn boat and shell nicknacks in the mall…Christine please…your money.

-they all have a big picture of them sitting in front of the giant wild woods sign but they were facing the sun so they’re all squinting

-they had to physically throw Jeremy into the ocean. It’s so cold. Why.

-michael sits in the sand and watches them all from afar, he doesn’t mind, at least they’re having fun.

-Brooke Christine and Jenna love writing and drawing in the wet sand

- Rich and Jake force chicken fights on everyone.

- watch the tram car please. Watch the tram car please. Watch the tram car please. WATCH THE TRAM CAR-

-they make this the biggest damn joke.



-Christine unironically bought this little toy of the tram car that does indeed come with the famous phrase.

-there’s this ONE damn ice cream store I can’t remember the name of, Mr freezy? Mr frosty? Mr tasty? Whatever it’s good and it has this little jingle that REELS you in every time I swear you hear that song and You’re entranced. The gang has wasted so much money just from hearing that song.

- whenever they go to Atlantic City they write down all the crap they can’t do because they aren’t old enough, they plan on doing them all as a bucket list type thing once they’re ready.

-at Atlantic City they have a ton of small arcades that have??? Coin operated vid games? I’m talking the old shit here guys , like one quarter per game. Jeremy and Michael get so happy when they see jump man and other retro games, they had to be left behind

- “SEAGULL!!” *everyone ducks over their food*

- they usually end it off by riding the ferris wheel at night when it’s lit up, and super pretty. Then they head on home all decked out and ready to sleep for a year.

- I FORGOT TO MENTION that the bathrooms have to be paid for usually. Like I think it was 50 cents to a dollar. So jake keeps asking why the don’t just carry a bottle around to save a buck


You’re a loner. You keep your distance. You travel freely through foreign lands. You’re rootless. You’re very comfortable here with your glass of Scotch, but you’re just as comfortable sleeping in a cave with rebels or sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop. Your closest friends are strangers. You understand that tight bonds can make you vulnerable, so you’re careful not to have any. And that’s why you’re so conflicted about me. You need me. And you hate that about yourself, because it makes you vulnerable.

Catching Feelings~ Andrew Benintendi imagine

You and Andrew both go to the University of Arkansas together and end up catching feelings for each other, but everyone is afraid to tell each other how they really feel…based off this request  (word count: 2100+)

Freshman year of college consisted of nerves, new people and awkward first meetings. 

It was now 7:58 and you were walking, well more like running to your first ever college class that starts at 8:00. With your luck it just so happened that your alarm clock had got gone off at 7:40. You had no idea where you were going and you did not want to be late to your first day of class. You weren’t looking where you were going when suddenly you found yourself on the ground. 

“Whoah, you okay there pretty girl?” a stranger asked you.
Looking up you saw  a tall boy with boy with brown, longer hair. He was wearing a University of Arkansas Baseball t-shirt and boy, he looked good in it. He reached out his hand to help you up, which you gladly accepted. 

“I’m fine” you said. 

“You running to class too?” The brunette boy asked. 

You laughed, “yes.“ 

"Where are you going, maybe we have the same class” he suggested. 

“I’m supposed to be going to the Langue Arts building for English” you replied.  

“Me too, we can be late together! I think it’s this way” the boy said. 

The two of you starting walking towards your class which you were now five minutes late for, “my name’s Andrew by the way” he said. 

“Y/N” you said back.

Once you guys reached the classroom Andrew reached for the door, “ladies first?” He asked, not wanting to be the first one of you two to walk in the class late.

“You’re going first,” you said.

Opening the door you saw that this class was a huge lecture hall. You guys tried to sneak in and find a seat in the back.  

“Excuse me class, but it looks like we have some late comers” the professor spoke and the whole class, which was about 90 people turned around to look at you guys. “What are the two of your names?” He asked. 

“Umm, my name is Y/N Y/L/N” you uttered. 

“I’m Andrew Benintendi”

The professor scribbled something down on a piece of paper, “let’s not make this a habit, you two.”

“It won’t,” Andrew said, putting his hand on your back to guide you to your seat.

After class ended Andrew and you walked to the library together, “sorry about this morning” you said. 

“What do you mean? We were both going to be late anyways” Andrew pointed out. 

“I know, but for running into you” you giggled, remembering the embarrassing moment. 

“Well, you surely know how to make an impression” Andrew said. 

As the year went on you and Andrew started to talk more and more. The two of you would sneak into each others dorms past visiting hours and end up talking until morning or end up falling asleep in each other’s arms. You guys were “friends” who maybe hugged for too long and held hands every once in a while.

 You thought he was as sweet as can be and cute for that matter, but you couldn’t let yourself fall for him. You came to school to study not to get your heart broken by a cute boy, so you had to hide your feelings. 

Little did you know, but Andrew felt the same way, he adored you, he thought you were darling. He’d listen to go on and on while he played with your hair. But he came to school to play baseball and get good grades, he knew his parents would kill him if he let them down, so he too had to hide his feelings.

Hiding feelings was not easy for the both of you. When you saw him dancing with another girl at a party you couldn’t help but be jealous. “That’s a good look on you Y/N” Xander, one of Andrew’s friends on the baseball team said to you. 

“Huh?” You asked. 

He leaned on the kitchen counter next to you, “you’re jealous." 

"Am not” you protested. 

Xander raised his eyebrows in a questioning look. 

“Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous” you confessed. 

He smirked, “wanna make him jealous back?" 

"How?” You asked, walking closer to him. 

Xander glanced back to Andrew, “he’s looking here now, just flirt with me, act like I said something funny or whatever." 

Your hands went into Xander’s hair, curling it around your fingers as you pretended to laugh at something he said. Andrew whispered something into the girl’s ear and starting walking over to the kitchen. 

"He’s coming over now, I’m going to dip so I don’t get the shit kicked out of me…” Xander said, loosening his grip on your waist, “he looks pretty mad” and with that Xander left you in the kitchen. 

You started making yourself a drink, you weren’t really one for drinking but you wanted to make yourself look busy to Andrew. 

“Y/N?” Andrew called out. 

You looked up at him, god why did he always have to look so good, “yes?" 

"You’re drinking?” He said. 

“Uhh…yeah” you took a swig of your drink, wanting to instantly spit it out ‘how do people drink this?’ you thought to yourself. 

Andrew sent you a questioning glare, “what were you doing with Xander?" 

You slumped your shoulders, "what were you doing with that girl?" 

"Y/N, we were just dancing then I turn around here and Xander’s got his hands all over you” Andrew said sounding very jealous. 

“Nothing’s going on between Xander and me” you said. 

Andrew rolled his eyes, “doesn’t seem like it." 

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, you didn’t mean to make him this upset. 

"What’s wrong?” you asked putting your hand on his chest. 

“Nothing” he declared, avoiding your touch by reaching behind you to grab a beer on the counter. 

“Andrew, tell me” you pleaded, but he didn’t listen as he walked out of the kitchen.  

Andrew was pissed to see his best friend’s arms around you. He told Xander that he liked you, how could Xander do that to him? 

Xander made his way back to the kitchen, “how’d it go?” he asked you. 

You shook your head, “I don’t think it went well at all, he’s pissed.”

“Yikes,” Xander said scratching the back of his neck. 

“Yeah,” you said, taking another swig of at awful drink you made. 

“I thought you didn’t drink?” Xander pointed out. 

“Champagne for the pain?” You questioned walking out of the kitchen. 

“But that’s vodka” Xander yelled to you.  

Walking into the living room you saw it was filled with sweaty bodies grinding up against each other. Deciding to get your mind off your Andrew you let your body feel the music, it wasn’t long until you felt two hands on your hips. You didn’t know who the stranger was but in your drunken state, you didn’t care. “You’re a pretty good dancer” the stranger spoke. 

You turned around to get a good look at the stranger he was tall blonde and had blue eyes, sure he was cute but he was nowhere near as cute as Andrew. “Thanks” you said your arms wrapping around his neck. 

His lips got awfully close to your neck, “let’s get out of here and you can show me what else you’re good at." 

Your arms left his neck, "no thank you” you said turning around but his arms grabbed yours pulling you closer to him, “come on baby” he said. You tried pushing him away but he was a lot stronger than you. 

“She said no” familiar voice came up from behind you. You turned around to see that it was Andrew. 

“What are you, her boyfriend or something?” the stranger spat. 

“Actually, yes” Andrew spoke. 

“Whatever take her” he tossed you over to Andrew and stormed off. 

“Thanks” you slurred. 

“Y/N, you’re drunk. Let’s get you back to your dorm” Andrew said his hand grabbing yours leading you outside.

Once outside Andrew called and Uber, you could tell he was mad so you stayed silent. When the Uber arrived Andrew open the door for you, his hand on the small of your back guiding you in the car. The car ride was silent and you were awfully tired. You felt your eyelids getting heavy and suddenly you were out like a light. 

The uber stopped in front of your dorm, Andrew carried you out of the car and into your dorm. He laid you down on your twin bed. Your roommate still wasn’t back, she must’ve still been at that party. Andrew knew he couldn’t leave you alone, so he made a makeshift bed on the ground and went to sleep. 

You woke up in the morning with a killer headache and looked over to see that your roommate still wasn’t home, she must’ve spent the night at her boyfriends. You slid your feet to the edge of the bed only to feel her body under your feet, you gasped but when you saw it was Andrew you were relieved. He woke up too, his body shifting towards you, “sleep well?” he asked. 

“I have a major headache, what about you, you are on the ground” you said. 

Andrew stood up as you shifted in your bed to make room for him, “wasn’t too bad” he said laying down next to you.

You rested your head on his bare chest, while his one of his hands rubbed your back and the the other one held you close. “Thanks for last night” you spoke up. 

“No one should ever treat you like that boy did and I’m sorry for being rude to you in the kitchen before that” he said. 

“It’s okay, thanks for always looking out for me” you said wrapping your arms tighter around him. 

He kissed the top of your head, “I can’t believe freshman year of college is almost over…what am I supposed to do with out you over summer break?" 

"I’m gonna miss seeing you everyday” you confessed. 

“Me too,” he said pulling you even closer to him. 

And you really did miss him, you guys would text everyday he’d send you pictures of himself on his family vacation and would reply with, ‘you’re crazy! I can’t wait to see you soon!’ And you would also send him pics of yourself on vacation and he’d reply with, 'I miss your gorgeous face!' 

I mean how were you two not a couple? 

Summer break eventually came to an end, and although you were sad to leave your family again you were so happy to go back to school see all your friends especially Andrew. You guys already had plans to see each other when you got back. 

Andrew knocked on your dorm room, you quickly ran towards to door and opened it. Andrew stood there looking as cute as ever, “Andrew!” you exclaimed jumping on him, your legs wrapping around his waist. He caught you with ease, his arms wrapped tightly around your back, “well hello to you too” he laughed and set you down. 

“You ready to go?” he asked.

“Yes!” you said. 

Hoping into his truck, “where are we going?” you asked.
Andrew smiled, “you’ll have to wait and see” one of his hands leaving the steering wheel and onto your thigh, sending butterflies to your stomach.

Andrew stopped in the middle of a green grass field, “I thought we could have a picnic, I even brought pillow and blankets so we could lay in the back of my truck” he said. 

“That’s perfect” you said. 

You guys got out of the trunk and laid the blankets and pillows out in the bed of the truck and climbed in. You two talked and talked for hours, he’d tell you funny stories about his summer break and you’d laugh. 

“Summer break was great and all, but I guess I really missed you” you admitted. 

He grinned, “I missed you too,” Andrew’s eyes moved from your eyes down to your hips as he leaned closer to you. You leaned in closer until his hesitant lips met yours. His lips were soft and plump, the kiss was slow and soft neither of you wanting to rush it. His hand rested below your ear and his thumb caressing your cheeks as your breaths mingled. You ran your fingers down his spine pulling him closer. The kiss got even slower as it came to an end. 

“Why haven’t we ever done that before?” Andrew asked, pressing another sweet kiss to your lips. 

“I’ve been wanting that to happen for a really long time” you said. 

“I really like you, Y/N” Andrew spoke. 

“I really like you too” you said, your lips pressing a kiss on his neck, just below his ear.

“I’ve liked you ever since the day I met you,” he confessed.
You giggled, “me too." 

He intertwined his hands with yours, "would you like to be my girl?" 

"I’d love that” you said, lips meeting his in a passionate kiss.

I really hope you guys liked this one! I worked really hard on it! and I think it’s adorable! 



Podcasts and genre weird, or, what the everloving fuck is Greater Boston

So podcasts are this quirky little medium in that most of the time, you have no visual in what you are consuming. Because of this, I feel that the bounds of genre are a little bit blurred because you can’t see some of the defining characteristics of what makes a certain genre, like you can’t see the magic wand, or the starship, or the monster lurking in the shadows. Now obviously there are other ways than visuals to get this across from the obvious “hey look at the dragon over there”, to the more subtle hum of a spaceship locked on some beautiful sound scapes, and things like horror use the lack of visuals for there very purpose. This works for some of the more “high” genres, like sci-fi and fantasy, but what about the more down to earth “slice of life” podcasts? Especially difficult in that a lot of pods are non-fiction, and some audio dramas like to use the “mockumentary” style storytelling (hello the black tapes).

I’m talking, of course, about greater Boston.

When I first started listening, I thought greater Boston was pretty sturdy magical realism, mostly normal but with a few weird quirks like Leon Stametes ghost and the redline, but then I remember back to many hours I spent researching that same genre for when I had to do a paper on chronicle of a death foretold. One of the main characteristics of magical realism was that people saw “magic” as normal and seemingly mundane things as fantastical or sublime. By that metric, welcome to night vale would be magical realism! But I think that show has enough what-the-fuckery that’s off the walls enough to be considered surrealism or something. And the citizens of greater Boston don’t think things like the referendum to make a city on a train are normal, but they aren’t completely shocked by it either, same with Leon and the writing tree, so what does that make it? And it’s not like the “magic” isn’t a part of the overarching world, I mean the situation of redline even takes into account racial housing issues and other social factors! (Which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way, it feels very refreshing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a media, especially one with fantasy elements, tackle these issues so head on before, but I digress). But like, it’s not realism so

What is greater Boston? Id love to hear some thoughts or the genre-weirdness of other podcasts, due to the medium or not!

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Hi! Please help! Could you recommend podcasts to me? I'm desperate and need something to distract me from reality. (I have been listening to (ok let's be real...obsessing over) Wolf359, the penumbra Podcast, the strange case of starship iris, the bright sessions and eos10 lately, if that helps)

anon ur current list is full of some of the best congrats

with content warnings: greater boston, ars paradoxica

without content warnings: the orbiting human circus (of the air) /mc gets attacked by a polar bear and hospitalised/, wooden overcoats /its abt a funeral home theres lots of death and assumed death/, inkwyrm, alice isnt dead /gore and death/, lake clarity /gore and main charachter death/, jim robbie and the wanderers /abduction of a mc (the robot one), bear attack at one point, main charachters get held against their will, some spooky stuff like posession happens too/

(titles are bolded and negative content in the slashes)

i hope its a good list anon!!


I love new clothing mods for Dread to model. I love the grungy looks and the sweaters cute. Thanks @valleniel get em here