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09/18/2016 • my preliminary writing classes start tomorrow, so i’ve been packing everything i’ll need earlier today. it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that i’m going off to university, but i’m buzzing with excitement about starting a new chapter in my life. i really hope that uni will be good to me and that i’ll make lots of wonderful memories in the next years. 


Hey all, look what’s finally here! I’ve set up an Etsy shop for these little beans, so if you want to purchase them, now you can. c:


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spread for week 2 ( ◞・౪・) received my o level results and i’m rather satisfied with it,, though i didn’t meet my goal but everything’s fine💫 hope those who received their Os results are satisfied with theirs!! but for those who aren’t, remember that your grades do not define you :-)


Everything’s gonna be fine.
“No, Colonel, it’s not. Because Mr. Carsen failed to tell you how the Eye of Ra works. It requires a human sacrifice.”

To all my followers from America

I honestly don’t know what to say at the moment, I can’t imagine how some of you must feel, when even I am anxious.

I’d like to keep up hope, that everything will be fine, even if it’s difficult.

Please know, that I’m here for you.

If you need to talk to someone right now, I’m here. Anon is on for you!
I’d like to listen to your worries and try to help you in every way possible for me.
Please try to talk to me. I don’t want you to be alone, when you’re feeling nervous, anxious or you’re afraid, worried or in panic.

I am here for you.

Posting a bit late but meh
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My frigging hand is aching but it was worth it. I really liked how this turned out buuut *sqints at Tailgate and Rodimus* I don’t like their clothes. I didn’t put a lot a thought into all of their outfits but Primus do these two need a professional tailor…ಠωಠ’ ←(wtf kinda face did I just make??)

(Also, please ignore their height differences (so frigging inaccurate))

Anywho, other than that everything else seems fine
c: cx

I hope you guys like it ~ ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

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I'm so sorry about your mom! I hope everything will be fine!! 😊 Could you do fluff with any acomaf pairing?

Thank you!! And thank you for sending me a nice distraction. I really appreciate it. :)


When Cassian first sees her, he sobs. Great big, filthy sobs. Nesta would roll her eyes at him if it were any other day, but she supposes on her wedding day she should at least pander to him a little.

He’s decked out in Illyrian garb - it’s kilted and full of leathers and badges that allow her to see the thick muscles of his calves and arms. Dark greens and reds and gold run through the ribbons and fabrics. And much to Nesta’s delight, he’s kept his hair down in a silky wave that falls evenly to his shoulders, little curls coming off the sides here and there. Rhys and Az are behind him dressed in a similar fashion, but Nesta liked Mor’s suggestion to go with Nesta’s own personal style for her wedding dress.

She chose something plain and largely unadorned of details save for some small embroidery on the cuffs. Nesta’s never liked to make a fuss with things. But the dress is full of color - a deep burgundy like a fine wine brought in from the Summer Court. It moves around her like wine too, flowing freely about her legs and hugging her loosely around her generous chest and arms in a way that blends the fashions she was used to in the mortal lands with those of Velaris.

She’d had… fun getting ready. It was hard to realize that’s what it had felt like. Fun. Between being Made, fighting the war, and all of the aftermath that had come about, Nesta wasn’t sure she could ever get back to happy. Not even when she’d let Cassian in and he’d eventually proposed. She knew she liked being with him. She knew she loved him and didn’t want anyone else but him. But it didn’t really hit her until she turned the corner and saw him standing there in the temple waiting for her, a priestess at his side ready to join them together for life.

This was happy.

This was her future.

This was her Cassian.

And she was his Nesta.

She walks down the aisle alone. Her father isn’t there anyway and he would never have been allowed the privilege to begin with.

But Feyre and Elain are there, who did her hair up with simple purple orchids and smiles and hugs a plenty.

And Morrigan. The Morrigan who is beaming at Nesta from where she stands in front. Mor winks and Nesta has to stifle her own tears because it hits her then, in full force. That this is all really happening. She has friends now and a family who aren’t obligated to her by blood. And she loves them.

Only her short, short life full of keeping tears at bay holds them back, but Mor knows. So does Cassian, as he takes her hands and tells her, “You look beautiful, Ness,” leaning in to whisper it at her ear.

“Can we just get on with this stupid thing?” Nesta says, but there is no bite to it. Cassian chuckles.

“Of course.”

The ceremony is short. Again, Nesta doesn’t like to make a fuss. And afterward, they go out for drinks and dancing. Nesta herself even lets Cass pull her out for a few spins.

When darkness falls and stars glitter through the air of the courtyard, Nesta snuggles into Cassian’s broad chest and inhales the wood smoke she finds waiting for her there. Cassian brings her hand up to his lips for a sweet kiss.

This is happy, she thinks one more time. This will always be happy.



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Why was it now? Why was it now that you were in danger that he realized that he loved you? He couldn’t help but wanting to rush into that hospital room and tell you that he was madly in love with you, but all he could do right now was waiting and hoping everything will be fine.

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Hi Hachi how you doing? i ... just want a hug from you! 2017 started to have no mercy on me! i stopped crying before few min already so,can you?

I’m sorry for late reply. I hope you’re doing fine now. Everything that make you fall will make you stronger. Remember that. :(((

We Care

Summary : Guilt and shame has consumed you, so you do the only thing you thought could possibly free you from your past.

Prompt : “Another step further and you might just fall”
“That is the point”

Word Count : 844 words

Warnings: Suicide attempt. Extremely sad?

A/N : Hi, hello, I hope everyone is okay and everything’s fine.
This came to when I was in a dark place (so I am begging you now to NOT read this if you’re happy and out of the rut). I know it’s ironic to be wishing everyone’s doing okay by posting this mess of a story, but I want anyone who read this to remember one thing; There are people who care and love you –you just need to hold on and open your eyes to the people around you. If you feel like nobody cares about you or they don’t notice that you’re struggling, guess what? I fucking care, and it would suck to not have you in this world, it really would. So please remember that you are loved and cherished, and if you ever need to talk or vent, my message and ask is always open.

I’m reminding you again that English is not my first language, so if you see any errors, point them out. I’d highly appreciate that.

All you wanted to do was end it all; the images flashing in your mind whenever you closed your eyes, the way your heart skipped a beat when you remembered the awful things you’ve done, the heavy weight settling on your chest as the guilt remain.

The night was beautiful from your point of view at the tower. Looking down at the many lit skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, the city looked like it was swimming in the stars. The image reminded you of the blue sea in the dead of night, mirroring its sky so charmingly that any ebb of the water would destroy the beautiful echo of the stars spilled in the night sky.

You took a bold step forward, half of your feet already on the very edge of the tower. You inhaled a lung-full of the cold air as you closed your eyes, imagining the freeing feel you might enjoy when you let go. You were already about to spread your arms on either side, pretending you could fly when familiar voices broke you from your imagination.

“Y/N” a voice pleaded
“Don’t do this” said another
“Please” continued another

“Another step further and you might just fall” said a recognizable voice that made you turn to face them all. Clint was standing rigidly behind Sam, who had his right arm extended towards you –as if the space accompanied by Steve and Nat was you, trying to reach you from a distance.

Despite the many eyes looking at you in all of its glorious damaged state, it was the blue eyes that shook you the most, the blue eyes pleading you to not do what it is you wanted to do, the one who was closest to you.

His last sentence rang loudly in your ears. Another step further and you might just fall, reminding you again of your intention.

So you tore your eyes away from him, from them all, and said “That is the point” before spreading your arms wide open and leaned forward.

Maybe it was the gush of the wind that made you hear someone call your name, or the way the fabric of your dress was freely swirling from the fall that made you hear things. You didn’t care anymore because this was it. This was the act that will free you from yourself, the evils you have done, the sins you have committed. Finally your chest felt like it was free. With your eyes still closed you breathed in this new feel.

But when your body was laced with a gentle touch instead of the hard, painful ground you had imagined, it made you open your eyes. When you saw the familiar red glow encasing you, you felt cheated. And instantly you screamed in utter betrayal.

Wanda set you gently down on the grass with Tony and Rhodey looking down at your devastated state.

“Y/N” said the kind voice of Rhodey as he bends down on one knee to you. You were sobbing silently now, your frame shaking from… what was it? Anger? Frustration? You couldn’t tell.

A hand was pressed on your shoulder, and you looked up to the warm eyes of Rhodey. Tony was looking down at you with a blank stare.

“Just let me go” your mouth managed to verbalize as tears streamed down your cheeks. All you wanted was to be free, to be able to move on from a past that keeps haunting you with every inhale and exhale. Why couldn’t they see that? Why couldn’t they just let me go? You thought to yourself as Rhodey settled himself next to you, taking you in his arms and embracing you protectively.

“We can’t let you do that” he whispered to your ear as he strokes your hair in a paternal way, prompting you to whimper in utter despondency.
“We care about you” Wanda lamented, her voice strained as she tried to collect herself –a task that she found strenuous with all the thoughts and raw emotions swirling around her. She placed herself next to you before carefully imitating Rhodey’s action.

You felt Wanda’s delicate touch just as Rhodey pulled away. You responded by clinging onto her, pressing yourself against her. She was right; if they didn’t care they wouldn’t be out here.

She tightened her embrace, wordlessly telling you that she has you, everyone here will always be there for you. Each stroke down your hair was a gentle reminder that the voices are wrong; the past doesn’t define the person you are now, and most importantly that you are cherished despite it all.

“I’m so sorry” you croaked, gripping her tightly in an attempt to ground yourself as realization dawned on you. You were too caught up in your emotions and thoughts to see that these people cared genuinely about you, and all you did was push them away. You were so blinded by yourself to take notice of their concerned glances and worried gazes.

You understood then that sometimes the only thing standing between you and hope was yourself.

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It started on the 30 of October 2015. Some people,souls had to burn alive to make us realise that we need a change. A tragedy, a tragedy that was our awakening. This tragedy will remain in our history as one of the darkest moments.
The people of Romania finally realized that they need to fight for their future, for better lives. We hoped that 2016 will be better, there were some changes, everything seemed to be fine. After a while, everything started to get bad again.. Angry people, sad people, depressed people were everywhere. Young people left the country, some remained behind hoping that someone will make a change.
But that change refused to come and here we are, February 2017. People are out on the streets again, protesting against corruption, trying to free themselves, to save our country. I fear for our future, for our beautiful Romania. We have to save it, we have to change the system. Come out, fight for yourselves! Fight or die.“The day we give in is the day we die”,remember?

This will remain in history, this will be our legacy. Our nephews will learn about it just as we did about our parents and grandparents. Let’s make a change.

Români, oriunde ați fi, nu vă pierdeți speranța! Am fost și suntem un popor călcat în picioare. Vă întreb un singur lucru, până când? Până când o să acceptați bătaia de joc? Până când o să înghițiți în sec? Gata! A fost de ajuns! Nu suntem calul lor de bătaie. Suntem români, suntem fiii acestei țări, hai să facem România mândră! Trebuie să luptăm pentru viitorul nostru, pentru viitorul copiilor noștri. Nu se mai poate continua așa.. Trebuie să luptăm!


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You’ve been nervous about telling Remus that you were pregnant. Not because you thought he wouldn’t be a good father, you were positive he would be but you also knew he’d be scared.

“You’re happy right” you said smiling softly after you told Remus the news.

“Happy? I’m more than happy” he smiled hugging you “I ah I just hope he or she won’t… won’t be like me…”.

“Remus don’t be silly” you said kissing him “everything is going to be fine. I hope that he or she will be just like you, smart, handsome, and brave. Being a werewolf isn’t the only thing that defines you you know”.