hope everything goes my way

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

Requests are open!

I forgot to make an actual post last night but my requests are back open in celebration of me hitting 100 followers! Thank you so much again to everyone who helped me get to this point, and yes I know it’s not much but I just want y’all to know I love all of you! Oh, and shout out to

@gaymur for being my first follower, I love you and your writing! Keep up the amazing work and I hope everything goes well for you~ ❤️

@milky-way-anon for being my 100th follower, I love you too, and even though I don’t know you that well I hope you also have a wonderful holiday and such! And I hope we can get closer! (If you want of course!) ❤️

And @robot-anon for being my insperation to make an anon blog! If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t of started this! So thank you and I hope all the before mention of having an amazing holiday and such comes true for you too! ❤️

But yes, shout out to them and pretty much everyone! Even if you aren’t tagged im still very thankful for you! Now thank you for reading this and please, send in any requests you want to see! :) I love you all and thank you again so much for everything. ❤️ -🕹

Y’all, I really wanna tell you about the book. I really do. But I can’t because… y’know, this is the book. This is the book I’ve waited my whole life to write. If everything goes the way hope it will, this will be my very first published work. I want it to be something people can, like, experience together, y’know? I dunno… I’m really nervous. I hope people like it. It’s gonna be awhile before it’s actually finished, but like… y’know, I’m just scared.

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Please don't reblog inappropriate things... My mom would be disappointed in me and I don't want to unfollow you. Hopefully you'll see to my request. It's fine if you don't though. Have a good day, I hope everything goes your way.

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