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Singing with a giant goofball and inhaling dangerous fumes can lead to some serious counseling. In WN’s case. Spider Bud is not that kind of counselor.

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Would you draw my Aqua Man in F2?

HI! OKAY! SO! This took me WAY longer than I originally thought it would, but turns out, water is super fun to draw~ I spent quite a bit of time working out shapes that I could draw well instead of destroying your designs; It will probably look a lot different but I promise I tried >w<’’

Anyway, I’ve also done two versions (With opacity effects and without) because I know this was a pallette challenge, opacity affects colour, and I didn’t want to break any rules ^^’ So without further preamble, here’s your Aqua Man!

Sheldon’s Star Sapphire T-shirt

If you’re in The Big Bang Theory fandom, you’ve seen this shirt before. But I’m fairly sure many viewers unfamiliar with comics don’t understand the significance of this shirt. In the DC comics there are different lantern corps, the most common of which is the Green Lantern Corps (I’m sure even fans not well versed in comics will know Green Lantern.) Well, the Green Lantern Corps is only one of the lantern corps. The lantern corps have power rings that bestow powers on the wearer, who is chosen because they have certain ideals and attributes that that particular lantern corps values. The Green Lantern Corps values willpower, and thus the rings are powered on willpower and the weakness of the Green Lanterns is fear. There are several more lantern corps the Sinestro Corps (fear), the White Lantern Corps (life), the Red Lantern Corps (Rage),  the Orange Lantern Corps (avarice), the Indigo Tribe (compassion), the Blue Lantern Corps (hope), and the Black Lantern Corps (death). Each lantern corps conducts itself differently and has its own unique oath. The Star Sapphire Corps represents love, and its oath is:

“For hearts long lost and full of fright

For those alone in blackest night

Accept our rings and join our fight

Love conquers all with violet light”

Notably, Sheldon wears his Star Sapphire shirt at the end of “The Gorilla Experiment”

and again when he has dinner with Penny in “The Spaghetti Catalyst”

Whether intentional or not, Sheldon’s Star Sapphire shirt gives these Shenny scenes a deeper romantic subtext.

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Yay! the requests are open! Love you, btw. Would you mind writing a situation where Levi meets a cadet who apparently was born and raised in the Underground? < 3

“Where are you from, cadet?” Levi asked them. It surprised him, interrogation was never something he ever did. He was never interested. But the certain cadet caught his eye, as if they were difference from the rest.

“The underground.” They reply honestly, looking straight at him with unrelenting eyes. They weren’t scared, and showed no hint of hesitance. It almost reminded Levi of himself when he first joined the survey corps. He hoped they’d have a better time making friends than he did.

“I came from there, too. Don’t let them get you down, kid. You know hardship better than just about anyone in this room.” It almost appalled the man when he heard the way he spoke to them. He couldn’t remember the last time he gave such words of encouragement or advice, but he felt as if they had to. Most likely their upbringing wasn’t the best. The story was the same for just about everyone from the underground.

A small smile found its way onto their face, letting him know his words got through to them. “I won’t disappoint you, sir.” They salute him quickly, striding off afterward to an unknown place.

When he saw them walk away holding their shoulders just a bit higher, he felt his body lift a little itself. “I know you won’t.” He says, even though they were far gone by that time.


y’all let’s face it levi probably feels responsible for this cadet ngl. he goes straight up to erwin’s office and asks if they can join his team, and from there on out they become a misfit-made-heroic team of badasses

self care is realizing your ex has become a tyrannical sadist who manipulated you into helping to kill dozens of defenseless mechs and joining the diplomatic corps in hopes that a dangerous mission finally takes you out because god has abandoned you