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Seokjin: you’re holding me for ransom at $1000? I’m a princess lmao go higher

Namjoon: y’know where are we going as people? what’s the point of life? when-

Kidnappers: *sets namjoon free*

Kidnappers: *ties up yoongi*

Kidnappers: So here’s what we’re go- is- is he snoring????

Yoongi: ZZZZZZ

Hoseok: hii! Where are we going? what’re we doing? Is that a real gun? wh-

Jimin: *blinfolded wow jungkook i did say i wanted to try something new but-

Taehyung: hyungs? are you hazing me into the rap line? are we doing cyper Pt. 5?

Junkgkook: *blindfolded* wow jimin you did say you wanted to try something new but-

BTS reaction to their s/o waking them up with a blowjob

Request: Hi~ Would you be willing to do a BTS reaction to their s/o waking them up with a blowjob? I’m excited to see more of your writing! Thank you~


His eyes would flutter open slowly when he began to feel you swirl your tongue around his tip. His hands would travel to your hair and he would pull it gently as he let out a low groan. “Ah, such a naughty girl.”

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Once he had woken up he’d lift his head and look down at you. His long fingers would grip the sheets gently as you hollowed your cheeks around his length. “Fuck, princess. Such a good way to wake me up.”

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Tae would wake up as soon as he felt your breath on his member. He’d lay back and enjoy it, letting out little moans and curses under his breath as you worked your tongue around him.

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Grunts and groans would escape from his lips as he say up slightly. He would pull your hair roughly, “Ah, baby girl. You’re so good at waking daddy up.” He’d mumble in a slightly raspy, sleepy voice.

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He’d instantly bite his lip and suck in a sharp breath. “Mmm, couldn’t wait until I was awake, hm?” He’d chuckle out cockily as he bucked his hips up slightly, causing you to gag a bit.

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It would take him a while to wake up as you bobbed your head up and down slowly. Once he woke up he’d look down at you with lust filled, but loving eyes. “You’re so perfect.” He’d mumble with a smile as he laid back.

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His back would arch off the bed a little as he woke up and he’d let out a low, quiet moan. “Fuck, baby. Your mouth feels so fucking good.” He’d groan, running a hand through his messy hair. ( I couldn’t find a good gif for this I’m sorry)

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Accidentally texting them saying you’re pregnant ~ Requested (Maknae line) 

Masterlist ☁︎


BTS reaction to you wearing a short dress for the first time


He wouldn’t be able to focus on anything or anyone besides you. Namjoon would make sure you knew how sexy he thought you looked. If anyone would stare at you he’d get extremely jealous and would cover you as best he could.

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You wouldn’t even be able to leave the house before he had you against the wall. His lips would be attached to your neck and collarbones before you could even process it. You wouldn’t be going out, not at all.

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This boy’s eyes would not leave your boobs or your ass. He would be allowed to stare but if he caught anyone so much as glance at you, you’d be going home. It’s not that he’s jealous, but… Yeah. He’s jealous.

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He would be extremely flustered. His cheeks would be red the whole night as he stood by your side. Every other word out of his mouth would be, “you look so gorgeous.” Or “you’re so perfect.”

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Much like Yoongi he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He’d either fake being sick so you two could stay home, or he’d go out and just touch you under the table. You’d often have to slap his hand away only to feel it back in the same place minutes later.

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He’d act like he was completely fine but his eyes wouldn’t leave your ass. He’d probably pop a boner and you’d have to escape to the bathroom for a few minutes to fix his little problem.

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He’d have his cute little smirk on his face the whole night. His hand wouldn’t leave our waist, he’d pull you close and probably whisper dirty things into your ear until you couldn’t take it.

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Bts Reaction when their small girlfriends hides behind their back whenever she gets scared

Anonymous:Hi, how would bts react if their smoll gf hides behind their back whenever she gets scared 🐥

 Own this is such a cute theme but it’s bad to me and other girls who are consider the big girls 😂, anyways I hope you liked!!


He had already noticed that every time you were afraid you’d hide behind him, what he find super cute due to your big difference of heights and even more because he feel that he should protect you, despite knowing that he was going to have so much fear as you.

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Unlike Jin, he would never notice that you hide behind him because you are afraid. But if he noticed he wasn’t going to say anything, but inside he would love the fact that you trust in him to defend you.

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He was going to be super excited about the situation itself, because he thought that you was the sweetest girlfriend in the world, would probably hug you (but not one of those normal or simple hugs, would be those hugs that make us feel that everything around us is fine).

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Rap Monster:

You two had just seen a horror movie and were headed to your room as you hear a noise at the end of the hall and you go behind him because you get scared. He would be scared too, but he needs to show you is the masculine side so probably will say something like that.

* Jagy you don’t need to be scared, i’m with you. And that was just the rain.

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Jimin looks like the kind of person who date a small person only because he is small, so I think he will love it the fact that you are a small cute couple. But when he saw that when you get scared you hide behind his back he would feel like the biggest men in the world and the strongest. (Would liked)

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He’d love to be like that because as J-hope thought she had the cutest girlfriend of all. Telling everyone how cute you were.

* My Jagy is soooo cuteeeeee.

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The men is in town!!! He would feel the bad boy he always claims, the one who have the small and cute girlfriend he needs to defend and like Rap Monster would be really rotector.

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BTS reaction to you asking him to eat you out.

Request: Bts reaction to you asking them to eat you out.


He would be all for it. As soon as the request came out of your mouth he would have you laid down on your back. He’d have you moaning and begging for more within minutes, maybe even seconds.

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He’d be taken back at first but once he let it soak in he’d be excited. He’d love to see you squirm and whine as he used his tongue to pleasure you. He’d grip your thighs tight and leave hickeys on your inner thighs.

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Tae would be a bit shy. He wouldn’t know what to do at first. Once he got the hang of it he would be like a master, working his tongue around your clit, making you moan and scream his name.

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You and him would have done this a thousand times. Most of the time you wouldn’t even have to ask him. He’d pin hips down and tease you as much as he could before making you cum multiple times.

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Oh god, this boy would be a fucking god at this. His tongue would work around you perfectly. He’d pull away before you could cum and make you beg for him to let you cum. He’d LOVE to hear you beg.

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He’d be a blushing mess the second you asked him. He’d go slow and make sure you felt good and you were being pleasured. He’d want to hear your little moans and whines. The noises would be the angelic thing he had ever heard.

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He’d be the most shy out of all of them. He’d think about it for a few minutes before slowly nodding, agreeing to do it. At first he’d think he was bad, but god his tongue felt amazing. You’d pull at his hair, encouraging him to do more.

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hiii! I literally just today got interested in bts and was wondering if someone from the fandom could recommend me stuff?? Like have they been in any shows worth watching? And if u have time maybe you could tell me something about them/their personalities? totally fine if not, i know it's a lot of work!! thanks in advance~

hey!! a show I really enjoy watching from them (and is still being updated weekly atm) is their “run bts!” series on vlive where they do a bunch of different competitions with each other (playlist here)

also ofc I highly recommend their videos on bangtantv!! plenty of content to tickle the pickles…(bts episode playlist here) as for short n sweet random videos…(bangtan bomb playlist here)

I have more sources including the member’s profiles (personalities/fun facts) on this ask so you can refer to that as well for more info, welcome to the fandom!