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ESPN Films and ESPN W | Nine for IX “Branded” | for saveitlikesolo

I think without question women who aspire to be athletes, who want to play sports, are better off today than they were thirty years ago. I think it really encouraged young girls to go out there and aspire to their dreams and try to reach their goals. 

But despite Title IX, women have really gained very little at the professional sports level over time. 

It’s a cultural issue. It’s not just a women in sport issue. As a culture we have to look at all of the messages we send out on a daily basis about what we think is important. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. But I think we have a lot of progress to make.

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Angst for the Jims? XD kill me

News caster Jim is constantly plagued by visions of death while weatherman Jim sees catastrophe.

Newscaster Jim wears the gray blazer in hopes that people will be able to tell them apart.

Neither of them were really sure what to do with their powers until Wilford picked them up for the studio and gave them their positions.

The Host is the only one who seems to understand that their visions don’t allow them much sleep

The Interview - Bucky x Reader

Based on this prompt. (Requested by @lowercasedorito

Plot: Reader has the interview of her life, and things go great! Until she runs into Bucky… Well, Bucky runs into her. Work!AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1563

Warnings: Mr. Barnes and his darned language.

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Reader POV

You looked over your outfit one last time, making sure that everything was falling into place, and that there were no visible wrinkles. You spent nearly a fortune on this dress and blazer, hoping to make a good impression. Today was the big day – your interview with Stark Industries, the most important and acclaimed publishing company in New York City.

This was your dream, and this interview meant you could finally make something out of your writing, or you could be stuck freelancing for the rest of your life. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy that, but coming up with steady money to pay for half of your apartment in Brooklyn was becoming more stressful than you wanted to deal with.

It had taken you longer than you expected to get ready, and being nervous didn’t help at all. Wanda, your roommate, came in once she noticed you were finally done.

“(Y/N), you look amazing, please stop worrying. You know your writing is wonderful and Mr. Stark would be crazy not to hire you on the spot.”

You turned to your roommate and glared, “Wasn’t it you who, last week, told me my writing was nothing special and that I needed to stop being so big-headed??”

Wanda let out a series of giggles, “Haven’t you ever heard of sarcasm, dear? Plus, if I remember correctly, I had a few too many shots and I am no longer in control of what comes out of my mouth.”

You snort and turn back to the mirror, only to see her walk behind you and rest her head on your shoulder. “You can do this. I believe in you, (Y/N). Now hurry or you’ll miss your train. It never hurts to be early for these things, but being late… Well, let’s try not to find out what happens then.” Wanda helped push you out of your room and into the doorway, encouraging you to start making your way outside.

The walk from your apartment to the subway was unusually relaxing, given the crowds of people surrounding you. You had something to focus on other than your interview – and that was getting to the train in time. You boarded and put your headphones on, and listened to [your favorite artist] the entire time, hoping it would calm you down.

Forty minutes managed to pass by when your stop came up, and it was time to get off. By now, your nerves were starting to boil inside you once again, and the closer you got to Stark Tower, the worst they became. Once you were standing under the massive building with ‘STARK’ glowing from the sky, you straightened your shoulders, took a deep breath and said, “I’ve got this,” before walking in.

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Home, Chapter 4

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months away for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: What is this? A quick update? The world must be ending! Please enjoy this update, and thank you for reading, reblogging, liking and commenting! :)

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Fic: Serendipity

Vampire Kurt goes to spy on the New Directions’ werewolf competition for Sectionals. He doesn’t plan on going in, but some instincts have to be followed.

~1400 words, PG, all fluff.

“Kurt, don’t do this!”

“I’m not letting Puck win this one, Rachel,” Kurt said, yanking his arm out of his best friend’s grip. “If going to Dalton is what it takes to get him to shut up for once, then I’ll do it.”

“You’ll get killed! Or worse, they’ll force you to tell them our setlist!” Rachel replied, gesticulating wildly. “We can’t let a bunch of animals know our plan for Sectionals, Kurt!”

“Glad your priorities are in order,” Kurt said with a roll of his eyes. “But I’ll be fine, Rach, I promise. I won’t even go in the building - just skulk around the outside until I can hear where they’re practicing. Worse comes to worst, I spend a little too much time in the daylight and get a headache.”

“You swear you won’t go in?” Rachel asked, raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms over her chest. “Much as we would appreciate some intel, I also don’t feel like getting into a turf war as well as a show choir competition with those werewolves. We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.”

“Scout’s honor,” Kurt said, holding up a hand. “I’ll go there, spy on the Warblers without ever actually meeting them, and leave. We’ll have some real intel on them, and Puck will have to stop giving me crap in Glee. It’s an all-around win.”

“Fine. But be careful!”

“Aren’t I always?” Kurt asked playfully, shooting a full-fanged grin at Rachel before running off toward Westerville. Vampire speed was so much more efficient than his car.

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a/n- This one was SO hard to write because in my own little Rinn universe, Finn and Rae have two boys! I hope this is alright! (I got the feels from a post about wet Finn playing bartender with pool water *drools*)

Finn knew boys. He understood them and how their minds worked as he had once been a young boy, so when his rowdy sons played Cowboys and Indians, he got why they beat the hell out of each other. He also understood why they thought bugs and worms from the garden were acceptable gifts for their mum (Rae did not, but she managed to keep a smile every time they gave her one).

His little pumpkin was another story.

She was a tiny little thing, delicate in a way that had made Finn so scared to hold her when she was born (but he did because he was desperate to feel her tiny little heartbeat against his chest, especially when she was sick). While the boys piled on Finn at every given chance, she held on to her mummy’s leg and smiled shyly at Finn until he scooped her up, shrieking as he tickled her.

The little pumpkin came shuffling into the living room where Finn was helping the boys put together a train set, a pink crown set haphazardly to the side of her head, hugging the bear Finn had bought her last week (he was deliriously happy that she so thoroughly loved something he picked out just for her all by himself).

“Where’s mummy?” She asked, moving closer despite her brothers’ protests of You’ll ruin everything, Tix!

Finn hoists her over the mess and into his lap. “At your Gran’s.”

She fingering the necklace he’s worn since he was 15 and Finn is always so shocked at how much she looks like Rae. “Will you have tea with me then?”

“You want tea?”

She shakes her head and slips off his lap, taking his hand. There’s a moment of pause when Finn has to separate the boys a bit (“Jere hit me!” “I did not! Dad kicked you!” “HE DID NOT!”) and he tells them to behave as the little pumpking leads him up the stairs to her room. She’s got her stuffed animals all in hats and her clothes sitting properly at her little table with tiny place setting before them.

“I want to have a tea party with you, Daddy.”

Finn know nothing about little girl’s tea parties. Were there rules? A dress code? Rae didn’t leave him instructions on this one. But her sweet little face is peering up at him, mouth drawn in a frown like she’s afraid he’s about to say no. “Er, alright. What do I need to do?”

She hands him a little tea pot with owls on the side. “Can you get tea?”

“Like… real tea?”

She looks at him as if he’s the dumbest creature alive and he shifts under the obvious judgement of his four year old. “Mummy gets it from the tap.”

Of course. He takes the tea pot from her. “I’ll be right back.”

He shouldn’t be nervous, but he is. It’s only his daughter and a tea pot of water but it’s a big deal because in a few years she’ll probably hate him when he tells her she can’t see some guy (he clutches the edge of the counter and his chest. What if she dates some like Chop?) so he better enjoy this now.

He fills her little tea pot with a fizzy drink and arranges a few biscuits on a plate (the boys come snooping about that time and hug his legs until he gives them both one… they argue all the way back to the living room about how got the bigger one) and sneaks past her room to pull on a blazer, hoping he looks dashing enough to impress his four year old.

She’s delighted and smiles at him over her tea cup, the same way Rae does when he says something particularly sweet in the morning. The stuffed animals are left forgotten as she tells him about her kittens (they’re fine but Porky doesn’t want to wear the bow tie she made him) and how Uncle Archie let her feed the ducks at the park and her favorite color (it’s yellow) and her how she plans to be a ballerina baby doctor in space when she’s all grown up (Finn figure he better start padding her Uni fund now). She tells him about her dance class and how soft the grass is at Uncle Chop and Aunt Izzy’s house and how much she loves her bear and him and why was he crying?

When Rae gets home, the train set will be rolling (and for the moment, the boys aren’t hitting each other). The little pumpkin has her arms wrapped around Finn’s neck, telling him all about her best friend Catie and he’s so enthralled he doesn’t realize Rae’s hom until she kisses his cheek.

“How was it then?”

Rae rolls her eyes. “Still grossly in love, they are. Have a nice day?”

Before he can respond, the little pumpkin tightens her grip on his neck and exclaims, “It was great! Mummy, I have the best Daddy in the world!”

Rae thinks Finn’s answering smile could put the sun to shame.

Men In Blazers, USWNT game 1 discussion.
Men In Blazers, USWNT game 1 discussion.

This is 5 minutes long, and I urge you to listen to this as the Men in Blazers drop truth on the uswnt after their opening WWC game.

Here are some quotes.

“USA were a frenzy of bad decisions. The U.S womens football tradition, I realized this is what gives me my fear, it’s still womens football 1.0. You know, power, endurance, aggression. But there’s this new world order in the womens game. We saw it today in the France vs. England game, from the Germans, Japanese. Where they’ve taken the technical abilities from their mens game, that we don’t have honestly in America. Their (our opponents) games are about ball possession, movement, team play. The USA still seek to be an unstoppable force but for a long time Australia could cope with that all too easily and even enforce their own ideas on that midfield.”

“Without Hope Solo, Australia would’ve been 2-0 up.”

“What worries me is that absent of Hope Solo, we are seeing the rest of the world catch up so quickly with the U.S. I think the U.S have to win this World Cup because I think 4 years from now the world will have caught up severely.”

Okay story time:

We got there around like 11 and the line was already long. @hope-solo is with me and we get in line and sit cause there’s nothing else to do. Then @nardleylloyd joins and we’re just chillin as the line gets even LONGER. Becca’s mutual was also there and she let us cut the line since she was higher up (thank you so much). So it turns 12 and nothing happens.

Then security came and told us to make some room cause Hope was going to walk passed here. We were in the perfect spot to see her come up and shake hands. (I was internally screaming at this point) Eventually she starts walking down and everyone starts losing their shit. People are cheering and reaching out. Hope is so fucking excited and happy. That’s when she says “I missed my fans” She’s high fiving people and she grabs @hope-solo hand (I’m surprised she didn’t die on the spot).

The event finally starts! But workers started to tell us that Hope will only sign Shanti boxes (the ones we were forced to buy) and soccer balls that the store gave away if you bought 5 boxes… So I’m kinda bummed cause I wanted to have her sign the future is equal shirt. The line moves up and we start to hear different things: she’s signing anything, only jerseys, no just the boxes. But then we heard she signed a baby… So we were confused.

We reached the area were she was at and it was amazing. Just the energy and atmosphere. She’s hugging everyone and smiling. Hope takes off her blazer and people start wooing (and by people I mean @nardleylloyd 😂) Hope smiles and says “it’s hot in here!”

The line moved up and soon we were next to see her @hope-solo goes first and it was a special moment (that’s her story). Then it was my turn and I completely forgot about I was supposed to say.

So I walk up with this white box that I’ve been carrying around all day. It was mine and @cypher2 gift to her. I say something like “Here’s another gift for you” and she smiles. She lifts the box and says “It’s an early Christmas- a late Christmas”. I don’t really remember what I said but it was something like: My friend and I got you this gift because you deserve it or earned it.

Hope asks me if she can open it and I’m like yeah. She looks inside and then looks at me. At the time I didn’t hear what she said but on the video I think she says “you guys are going to make me cry today”. She starts to take it out of the box and I quickly try to tell her it’s fucking huge (Mens XL…. Long story) but it’s too late

She holds the jersey up and says: “It’s my 200 cap celebration!” She smiles at me and pulls me into a hug (dead). Hope then says she wants a picture with it. She moves closer and asks if she should have it with the front or back. I’m like whatever you want (I can’t even keep eye contact with her lol)

We take a few pictures with the people who work with her. She asks for my social media and said I put it on the box. I also motioned to @cypher2 and I’s letters in the box. She thanks me many times and I just keep saying my friend and I thought you deserved it. (Her eyes were a bit red now)

I ask her if she could sign my item and she goes “is that the future is equal shirt?” (She kinda sounded surprised). She puts it on my back and signs and then I ask her for a selfie. She agrees and then thanks me again. But I was already leaving cause I was getting way to shaky and now I feel bad for turning around so fast.

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I Have Black Suede Cap Toe Oxfords, with Burgundy Fitted Pants (Kinda like the ones in a recent post you made) Suggestion on what top would go with that Shoe/Pants pair? It's for 10hrs. From now! Thanks

maybe something similar to this. dont wear a scarf, brown braided belt, white shirt and gray chambray or cotton blazer. hope this helps. good luck!

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Hey Cole, Thank you for your message! With shoes, are boat shoes (Sperry's) and loafers good to wear for a preppy look? With socks or without? Also, brands like Vineyard Vines and navy blue blazers? Thanks! Hope you are well Ed

As for the shoes, yes this is but don’t make it your only shoe, mix it up every once in a while. Next, a Navy Blue blazer is a statement, not a lifestyle, wear it on occasion, you’re preppie not a private school kid or some tacky want to be.

Now something that needs to be said is that there are subcultures to the preppy look so Identify to the one(s) that speak most to you.

Frat/ Sorority Prep:
These are the preps with New Balance tennis shoes or Sperrys. These are the girls that wear Lilly from target (or really just any Lilly print anything more than once a week (personal opinion is that Lilly is a statement as a dress, other than that the prints usually should stay on cups and planners. Its good in moderation but don’t beat a dead horse)) They wear neon on occasion and vineyard vines is a go to for them, its a new startup brand that while matching the more relaxed preppy look, still screams “IM BETTER THAN YOU” in price and style. Other brands are any “preppy tshirt company” thats popped up over the years (Southern tide, Southern Marsh) and also The Fraternity Collection and things like Rowdy Gentleman.
This is the kind of prep that is less Gatsby Parties and more “Lets get waisted and play beer pong.” Its a relaxed fun look to match a lifestyle.

New England Prep:
KJP and his Clan are perfect Example. This does not focus on Brands, however when it does its usually a more classy brand (ie: brooks brothers, Lilly Pulitzer in moderation, JCrew, L.L. Bean)
Kiel owned a Thrift shop with Sarah before becoming a fashion/ lifestyle icon. You can see this in the way they dress, they buy older clothes and show that money isn’t the key to style, its knowing a style and finding deals or even just things that look good wherever you can (but never Abercrombie)
These are the Gatsby’s, they live a life style of a Nautical Sailor. Driving Land Rover Defenders, Jeep Cherokee Chiefs or Wagoners. Its one of the few Preppy Styles Thats will stay because of its classic roots in the preppy culture.

“The 1%” Prep:
A prep we all despise but all yearn to be. Solely based off of expensive brands and showing off your wealth. except it’s not in a way that they are flaunting it, they just have so much money that it doesn’t even matter if they show anyone or not because either way they’re still rich. We all strive to live the American dream and someday wish to burst into this precious group with our high ambitions and good work ethics, however the sad truth is most will live a mediocre life, but look damn fine doing it. I wont even name any brands or try to describe this more because you know who they are, and you know you want to be them.

And then there is the Majority of us. Middle to Upper Middle Class kids who want to make a name for ourselves. We blur the lines between all preppy factions. When it comes down to it, your style is only half of the preppy look. You have to act and believe you are better than everyone else, and still be able to be down to earth. Enforce a sense of pride and have a stature that makes you seem unapproachable in the best way possible.

okay but why has no one giffed Hope in the Nine for IX “Branded” episode?