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hey Hannah! I was wondering if you'd write something where the team makes Ezekiel feel insecure but no one else notices, except Flynn who notices that he's lacking his usual fervor and tries to talk to him about it. Ezekiel thinks he's just making fun of him and sort of shuts down, making Flynn realize how often Ezekiel has been hurt in his life. Thanks so much love!

Hello! Thank you so much for gracing my little inbox with your wonderful presence <3

This one was really fun to write, especially because it let me jump into a little depth for these characters. I really hope you enjoy!!

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‘But silver lining, Tyson’s right. He just proved that it can be broken…’ ‘The only way to break a prophecy is with a bigger prophecy, or if someone outside the prophecy intervenes…’ ‘Tyson, I’m impressed. That was some excellent lateral thinking.’

Title: “Shakespeare’s #1 Defender”

Fandom: The Librarians (TNT series)

Notes: i’m honestly not sure what this is. writing is kicking my ass, but lol please enjoy this stupid lil fic :P

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A baby tooth, cracked in half.
Bits of tin foil. A pro-choice button.
The family forecast. Six bobby pins.

Your least favorite flavor of gum.
Pepper spray. Peppermints. Pepper
the Drug Dealer’s phone number.

A coupon for ninety-five percent off
your mother’s warnings at Victoria’s
Secret. A forgotten fifteenth birthday.

The wrapper of an almond granola bar
you pretended to eat. An expired bus
pass. Two empty packs of apologies.

One leaking pouch of I Desperately
Want You To Like Me.
A milk carton
with me, the missing kid, on its back.

A coy tube of pin-up peach lipstick.
A gram or two of Things You Thought
I Should Try.
An earring. This poem.

Crumbs of a sentence you wouldn’t
let me say, once. An expired drivers
permit. A leg of your parents approval.

A colorful leaf I thought was neat.
Three sets of flash cards of Things
I Have Learned About Your Life.

The last bite of advice I didn’t take.
A list of people who are proud of
me. One unique fact about myself.
—  WHAT’S IN MY PURSE, by Blythe Baird

Everything’s gonna be fine.
“No, Colonel, it’s not. Because Mr. Carsen failed to tell you how the Eye of Ra works. It requires a human sacrifice.”

Here’s a sketch I did of “The Librarians” — and it is easily becoming one of my favorite shows.


When a person commits an act of goodwill, it does not just create more goodwill, it transforms into something better, into a gift for their fellow man. So I give you, Eve Baird, all of humanity’s goodwill. Now, go and give them back the gift of hope.

Things I want answered in Season 2 (or in fanfic)

-will Jake ever tell Cassandra he trusts her?
-where the hell did Ezekiel come from? (Not Australia. I need exposition) does he have a family? Why did he start stealing? What would he do if he was actually faced with doing something evil?
-what’s gonna happen to Cassandra as the brain grape gets bigger?
-where the hell did Jake’s trust issues come from?
-how did Jenkins and DuLaque become immortal?
-for that matter, can you just give me some Jenkins flashbacks? Give us an entire episode of him angsting after Camelot fell and raging after Lancelot. Please.
-actually, just give us Jenkins. I don’t know how he became my favorite character, but he did, and I wish we got to see more of what he does at the Annex. Tell us about the Brain Jar. Tell us about the fact Mrs. Claus has his phone number. Tell us everything.
-where is Charlene?! I can deal with Judson being gone, but give me back Charlene.
-will Cassandra pick up magic? because that seems to be the tendency.
-is the end of the world still coming?
-is DuLaque dead, or just kinda hangin out somewhere?
-will Eve and Flynn stay together? (I mean, i want them too, and of course they will, but Flynn wasn’t in many episodes, so IDK if that would continue in season 2 if we get it)