hope and trust in the lord

Sometimes God works behind the scenes… sometimes His work is center stage and the star of the show. Regardless of whether you can see Him working in your life or not, He truly is. You are not unnoticed by Jesus. Your prayers do not go unheard. He sees you. He is piecing the puzzle of your life together and the comforting thing about it all, is that He already knows what the whole picture looks like. We can trust Him. :)

Have hope so deeply rooted in Christ, so that when the world falls apart around you, you can still stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Trust in Jesus with your whole heart, not just part of it. Our hope is in the One who, unlike anyone or anything in this world, will never fail you. What I find to be even more beautiful about hoping and trusting in the Lord, is that when pain and heartache becomes a reality for those around you, they’ll be searching for comfort and peace. You know the One who brings joy and comfort. They will look at your life and wonder why your hope is unwavering, and why you are at such peace in this crazy world. He will use these things to speak to others. Trusting in God comes with so many blessings that affect not only your life, but everyone around you.

Danganronpa V3 Personality Theory (but its confirmed pretty much)

Not sure if reddit user hrcmstrbl has a tumblr, but I read their post and kinda wanted to talk about it because I was thinking this anyways SO

“[If] it’s true that their personalities were inverted for the killing game, it just makes everything all the more fucked up.” 

So like can we really talk about the characters for a split second please?

  • O!Kaede has major fucking trust issues yet still managed to create Kiibo and loved the character of Makoto from the killing games (since they are fictional in this universe, meaning he doesn’t exist). Her and Miu also didn’t have a good sister relationship. Probably went into the killing game to bring on despair, since she died in the name of hope. Named Kiibo “hope” as the ultimate troll.
  • O!Shuuichi was depressed which probably drove him into a corner and developed his love/passion/interest w possibly killing but more so murder (if it involves killing or not is still debatable)
  • O!Ouma was ultimate meme lord. Fandom was right. Darn.
  • O!Kaito and O!Gonta were bullies who maybe bullied people who loved bugs/space and became those ultimates as the ultimate joke lmao
  • O!Maki was Chisa Yukizome 2.0. Love kids, loved life, lol happy days but much like Yukizome fell to her ultimate vices and became the ultimate assassin 
  • O!Rantaro wasn’t ultimate survivor so instead of being able to survive maybe he has a serious illness or something where he could die at any second? Kinda unclear on him
  • O!Korekiyo didn’t have a split incestic personality with their sister but instead was very at peace with her death and moved on from it, even though it was a traumatic event in their life. But nope they brought that back and added 100 layers of pain to it
  • O!Tsumugi despised the ultimate despairs and wanted nothing to do w them, probably had a future foundation t-shirt.
  • O!Miu was soft spoken and had absolute good manners. Somehow O!Miu and O!Kaede seem more like sisters then rather than their splits?
  • O!Kirumi prob’ed loved Ryouma deeply instead of hating him. (fuck this one hurts - she killed the guy she loved out of false hate)
  • O!Kiibo probably hated Kaede which explains Kaede’s feelings of not being able to trust anyone.
  • O!Himiko wasn’t lazy, really upbeat and down to try anything once. 
  • O!Angie didn’t believe in religion
  • O!Tenko was team boy over team girl - wanted to love all the boys instead of loving all the girls. This means no canon relationship w himiko.
  • O!Ryouma probably gets really scared over the most life threatening things. Not calm whatsoever, really on edge all the time. Ryouma mentions that he had a positive childhood and was now a shadow of himself. REVERSE THIS. He had a horrible childhood and learned from it and grew into a good, yet timid, person. 

What is confirmed is that “Kaede, Kaito, and Shuuichi because those are the audition videos we’ve seen. Ouma’s comedy/clown group does exist; they showed it in game but made it look like they were spreading despair when in reality it’s the opposite. So this partially confirms that their backgrounds / personalities / motives / etc. have been inverted for the game to an extent.”

So because DR doesn’t exist in this universe bc they are fiction not reality Danganronpa fans sign up to have their minds erased and their personalities replaced, so they can literally become Danganronpa characters, which most likely give them more killing/cunning qualities to make the game show interesting. Most of these characters got royally fucked over because, unlike the cold and evil Ouma we see, he really was just a meme lord who wanted to raise money for a good cause and drink phanta soda.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
—  Isaiah 43:18-19

The sweetest moments we can ever have in this life on earth are the ones that trade sorrow for joy, lift up shame for redemption, and let go worry for peace in surrender to the Lord Jesus.

He will return to complete His glory. Have you welcomed His gift of grace to you?

Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. (Revelation 3:20 NASB)

No matter how late it seems, while there is the now, trusting the Lord Jesus is your sweet hope :) His unfailing love will never leave you where you were found.

You might be weary. You might be tired of seeing everyone succeed and get the answers to their prayers while you wait. You might be frustrated watching other people make it when you know that they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Another day, another month, another year, and even though you might not utter the words aloud, you start to wonder if God even cares about any of the things that are your heart lately.

But when you have those feelings in your heart and when you start to feel as if the desires of your heart are nothing but fleeting dreams, hold tight to this:

Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this:
He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn,
your vindication like the noonday sun.
do not fret when people succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes…
those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.
-Ps. 37:4-9 (NIV)

This passage of scripture doesn’t mean that everything will turn just the way you expect it to. This doesn’t mean that when you take delight in the Lord, all of your earthly desires will begin to manifest and all of your enemies and foes will start to fail one by one. What it means is that taking delight in the Lord, He will provide above and beyond your expectations. He will give you more than you could ever ask. When you trust and obey Him and don’t let the weariness and worry rule your life, your life will begin to change.

It’s hard to watch people around us achieve success and we are not. It’s hard to end another year having not reached the goals you set out to reach in January. It’s hard to have another birthday and all you can think about is how much older you’re getting and how much time you’re losing. But you know what’s even harder? Walking through all of that alone. It’s even harder to let that stuff get to your core and not take it to your Heavenly Father. So whatever season you’re in, take delight in Him. Take delight in the One who gives you everything you need and more.

Words by @morganhnichols for #qwcdevos

The Lord Who made you wants you to make Him the center of your life. Only then, everything else will fall into place.
Roadtrip! with Namjoon

this is my favorite gif of namjoon no joke

Roadtripping with Namjoon would include:

  • “ok so if you won’t let me drive then i get to be the navigator”
  • lord KNOWS
  • that this boy cannot drive
  • but you have to trust him with directions unfortunately
  • thank god for gps
  • there will be so many wrong turns on this trip
  • and honestly 
  • some of them you would just end up fighting about it
  • then making out in the car until it started to get dark
  • namjoon would be adamant about going to florida and he would begggg to go see alligators
  • and you told him that they’re not that exciting
  • but all he would do at that comment is scrunch up his lil nose and pout
  • “but they’re like dinosaurs y/n. i want to see the dinosaurs.”
  • “alright, alright”
  • when it was really late and you knew that you needed to stop, you’d ask him to search up motels and he’d somehow always find the most
  • ass
  • hotels in the area
  • and you’d be too tired to smack him because you needed that money to do cool stuff in florida
  • like water ski and like namjoon wants, pet the goddamn alligators
  • but you wouldn’t mind it when it was like 3AM, and his raspy voice was laced with sleep and his eyes are closed but he’s slightly smiling as you try to talk to him
  • “yeah, mm just go to sleep okay”
  • “but i want to talk to you”
  • “talk to me in the morning baby”
  • “you know i love you a lot, right?”
  • “mm.”
  • and you’d cuddle up to him and by 6am you’d wake up sweaty and gross because the air conditioning stopped working but he’d pull you tighter to his chest if you tried to move away
  • FINALLY when ya’ll got back on the road
  • he would continue sleeping in the seat but before he fell asleep he’d take one of your hands in his and hold it while you drove
  • fsidghfjghfs so cUTE
  • but then you’d get bored and decide to fuck around with him
  • you’d blast the loudest music you could find on your playlist and it would scare the piss out of him
  • he would just roll his head back and stick his middle finger at you as you laughed
  • as you neared florida he’d get so excited and poke his head out of the window like a dog
  • and he’d get so hyped at the sight of the ocean and when you guys crossed a bridge from tampa
  • he’d be super sweet and nice when you guys stopped at your grandparents for a night
  • and even tho your grandparents had separate rooms for you two, he’d text you things like
  • “im lonely”
  • “its so cold in here”
  • “i miss you”
  • and you’d drag yourself to the other room and collapse on top of him, where he’d wrap his arms around you and your grandma would awkwardly find you guys snoring in sync the next morning
  • woops
  • and once you had breakfast you’d begin driving again, off to to para-sailing and he would act like a pro
  • and you’d be deadass scared out of your mind but he kept wooping and being all cute and excited so you had to laugh
  • and finally after being in florida for like 3 days you two finally began to pack up for texas
  • and as you began to drive again, he’d take your hand and fall asleep, this time snoring so loud the music couldn’t drown him out

guys i would give anything to go on a roadtrip with this boy goodbye


Beckett organized a search for the mythical island of Kerma, hoping to find its legendary treasure. However, the quest for Kerma didn’t succeed because he was betrayed by Captain Jack Sparrow, the man he trusted enough to place him in charge of his own ship, the merchantman Wicked Wench. Not only Sparrow didn’t bring him the bearings of Kerma, but he also liberated a cargo of slaves which Beckett’s patron Lord Penwallow needed for his plantation in the Bahamas. Since Sparrow’s act ruined his chance to join the British nobility, Beckett ordered his men to burn the Wench and personally branded Sparrow as a pirate.