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This is half retribution for everything he’s done and half advertising for the Death School.


Lady Sabitha of House Vypren, proved redoubtable for her courage and notorious for her lack of mercy. According to Mushroom, she was a “sharp-featured, sharp-tongued harridan of House Vypren, who would sooner ride than dance, wore mail instead of silk, and was fond of killing men and kissing women.” (requested by ninthbrightshiner)


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A/N: I don’t usually write a lot of angst stuff. Yet here is one. Please grab tissues because I myself cried while thinking of this scenario. clummyhood (sorry for the sad feels)

Trigger Warning though: it mentions death and disease. 

     Bubbles. Air wrapped around in a soap film often times made from water and soap. Sometimes another liquid is involved. The outside of a bubbles surface consists of soap molecules. Two of the layers being soap while a water molecule lies between. It’s what holds the air inside. When the temperature is below freezing 32 degrees F, a bubble could freeze and minutes later pop. They can be in different shapes, but mostly come out spherical. When bubbles are grouped together, they form a train. Sharing a common wall, three bubbles forming together at an angle of 120 degrees. Sticking to one another like gum sticks against the hot pavement. Touching them is like holding air and Calum imagined that’s what clouds would feel like if he ever got close. The rainbow colors in a bubble form from light waves reflecting in the soap films. Bubbles are everywhere. In water soap bottles at a Party City or drug stores, in shampoo, body wash, birthday parties, bubble gum, and sometimes air bubbled chocolate bars. 

Calum had his own type of bubble. The bubble being his family. It had always been bliss being inside the bubble. Taking baths with his wife, shampooing her hair, bubble beards. It was all his sanctuary and he loved it. When the news of a baby coming, Calum got so excited that he blew bubbles from his glass of Sierra Mist in happiness. The baby bump growing each day was nicknamed Bubble. Calum would sit on the side of the tub and watch his wife softly speak to the unborn child. Absentmindedly placing bubbles over her swollen belly. Months later a bouncing, babbling, bubbling, baby boy was brought into the world. Calum’s family bubble growing. Logan was the light of his life. The baby resembling Calum from his pouty pink lips to a full head of dark brown hair. Everything was great and the bubble stayed fresh.

To Calum, bubbles had always meant joy, love, and magic. Yet here he was now, sitting in the doctors office practically seeing his magical rainbow bubble burst into flames. Bubbled flames like the science experiment he witnessed in high school where the chemistry teacher filled a bubble with gas and set it ablaze. It was the same thing that had popped his bubble when his wife died. It had taken years to make that bubble happy again, but it was crashing down once more. This time it was Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), inherited from his mother who suffered from a different type of the same disease. Possibly some “inherited syndromes with genetic changes” the doctor had said. “We should start treating him soon” was the last thing Calum had heard. Tears welled in Calum’s eyes as he looked through the little window at the ten year old boy. He was so young and still had a full life ahead of him. 

“Sir,” the nurse said, breaking through Calum’s thoughts. He bit onto his bottom lip, trying to stop the tears from falling as he looked at the nurse. “Are we scheduling treatment?” she asked. Calum looked back inside the room, staring at the boy who looked just like him, but had his mother’s personality. His gaze looked up at the ceiling as if he was asking his deceased wife for guidance. 

“Yeah. W-we’ll do the treatment,” he sniffed, stepping away from the hospital room door for the first time in hours. It was like all his senses were on high. The squeaking of the cart wheels going down the hallway rang loud and clear in his ears. The flickering of a light bulb going out above creating a ominous feeling in the nearly dark Critical Care ward. It was nearing midnight. Calum and Logan being in the hospital since that afternoon. His son had gotten too ill for it to just be a fever and in a rushed haze, he was brought to the hospital. Ever since then it felt as if Calum’s whole world was crashing down for a second time. Calum hated the hospital with a passion. It had brought good news at one point, when Logan was born, but since then all it had done was fail to save his wife. He feared the same for his son, but had to keep strong. “Why are you up Bubble?” Calum whispered, stroking back the boy’s hair. His eyes were bloodshot and if Calum wanted to stay awake he desperately needed to get coffee.

“This place is creepy,” Logan replied, pulling the wool covers up to his chin. He let out a yawn, eyes drooping a bit. “Am I gonna die like mommy?” the boy questioned. Calum closed his eyes tight at the question. That was it, the one thing that officially broke his heart.

“No, Bud. You’re going to live for eternity,” Calum told him, voice wavering. He wasn’t positive, but there was a chance the treatment will work. “Hey, I’m going to head back home to get a few things. I’ll be back quick alright,” he said, leaning down to place a kiss on the boy’s forehead. Logan nodded, eyes closing once more as he finally succumbed to sleep. “I’ll be here when you wake up,” Calum whispered. He walked towards the door, stopping to look back at his son once more before leaving. When Calum slid into the driver’s seat, he shut the door and stared out into space. He was alone for the first time all day, a cue that meant he could finally let his guard down. That was exactly what he did. Calum broke down in tears, hand hitting against the steering wheel hard as he let out a cry of pain. His body shook as sobs left his lips, head rested against the steering wheel as it all came out. This wasn’t something he could go through again and the only person he could think to talk to at that moment was his sister, Mali-Koa. She picked up on the second ring, “Hello,” she yawned into the phone.

“Logan has leukemia,” Calum sniffled into the phone. This was the first time he actually said the words out loud. More tears welling up in his eyes. The line was quiet for a while. “What do I do?” Calum cried into the phone. 

“You stay strong for Logan, stick by him through treatment, and hope for the best,” Mali-Koa said. She didn’t exactly know what Calum was going through at the moment, but since this wasn’t the first time this disease cursed his family. She knew how he was reacting. Calum nodded at her words, wiping his tears as he started the car up. “You can get through this Calum. Logan is a survivor always has been,” she told him. It was true. The ten year old had gotten in some wacky situations, but always found a way out of it. 

“I can’t lose him,” Calum mumbled, switching over to his earpiece before he drove off. Logan was the only thing he had close to his wife. If he died then there was nothing left. Calum didn’t think he could survive it. 

“You won’t lose him,” Mali-Koa reassured, “Do you want me and mum to visit tomorrow?” He could use all the support he could get right now. 

“Yeah, bring dad too,” Calum nodded. Right now he just wanted his family and friends. That was another thing that occurred to him. The boys didn’t know yet. “Thank you,” he whispered into the earpiece, pulling into the driveway and staring at the now empty house. Mali-Koa said some more encouraging words to her brother. Telling him she’ll be around tomorrow for support. Calum sat in the car for what felt like forever; his mind racing. They were going to make it through this. The treatment had to work. Whatever it took he and Logan would fight. One by one Calum would build his bubble back up again.