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1. Swing Set

so, a little while ago, andavs asked me to make her a Not Quite Normal OTP challenge and because, she’s awesome, she said she would actually do the challenge. And then I decided to do it as well because fair’s fair!

BUT, then we decided that we should do an Attempted Mind Meld Challenge. Basically, this means both of us are doing the challenge (don’t worry, I’m writing not drawing) and then posting our work on the same day and seeing how well they line up. We haven’t talked about them at all before posting so really, this is probably going to be a complete disaster. 

Regardless, here’s #1: On a Swing Set

(Post Season 3B, Sterek, Angst to Fluff, 2k)


Stiles never looks up at the sky anymore.

Derek watches for it, waiting, a part of him wondering when exactly he pinned down that small quirk that belonged to Stiles and Stiles alone. He can’t really remember when he first noticed it- maybe his subconscious had noted it right away, when he spent their first few interactions in cars with Stiles while the younger boy looked towards the heavens for help. Or maybe it was later than that, when he spent large portions of his time threatening Stiles into helping him and Stiles’ cocky eye rolls had come hand in hand with his computer skills. Probably it wasn’t until the long summer that Stiles spent at his loft, researching through Scott’s shifts at Deaton’s, staring at the ceiling as if that’s where he would find the answer.

Really, though, he doesn’t notice it until it’s gone. Until it’s after the Nogistune and after Allison and Stiles’ eyes stop flicking upwards.

Nowadays, Stiles moves like a person who is trying very hard to control every tick of his body, while pretending very hard that nothing’s changed. He meets people’s eyes when they speak to him and smiles when he’s supposed to and flails his hands when he is telling a story (though he’s half a beat behind the words instead of two beats ahead). It isn’t a particularly good imitation of his former self but it fools most people – the acquaintances, and teachers, and even Lydias of the world.

His dad isn’t fooled. Neither is Scott. Neither is Derek.

And by all accounts, Derek should be fooled. Because he and Stiles, they aren’t… they aren’t anything. Maybe they were once enemies, maybe they were once unwilling partners, maybe at one point they grew a mutual respect and understanding but…

But it had all faded into some weird gray area. Before… before everything, they had reached an area where it was okay for their eyes to cling to each other, as long as they were in the middle of an argument. An area where they were allowed to touch as long as it conveyed frustration rather than comfort. An area where they could save each other again and again as long as they never mentioned it.

And now… well, now all Derek can think about is the fact that Stiles never looks up anymore and how much that bothers him.

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Reasons why I am spiritually a 65 year-old professor: I read Shakespearean plays before I go to sleep. This is usually around 9:00 pm (my bedtime). I also write long rants when I think the notes are wrong. 

Reason why I am spiritually a 13 year-old boy: Every time a character says “How now,” I write, “brown cow.” 

I Don’t Care (m)

Word count: 5,718

Warning: Namjoon smut

Based on an awesome anon request that I got, which motivated me to write this entire thing in two days… I got too into this.

“Are you ready?” you say.
“Always am,” Namjoon says, looking at you with a casual smirk.
Nervously, you start fidgeting with your seatbelt. “Shouldn’t you, well, be a little nervous?” You look out the window, seeing the streets pass by one after the other. All of their names are starting to sound familiar the closer you get, and memories of your childhood appear as if they were waiting for this moment.
He leans back in his seat, tapping his hand against the steering wheel rhythmically. “Should I? Do you think they won’t like me?”
You are startled by his question. “What? No, I… I don’t know, I was just saying…”
He chuckles, hearing you stutter like that. “Don’t worry, babe. I got you.” And, frankly, he’s right. You’ve never seen him lose his cool and you don’t expect him to do that tonight either. Even when he’s driving, he seems in a state of slumber, his eyes barely open, his slow breath, one-handedly steering all the time without any difficulty.
As he looks at you, he winks, almost as if to calm you down. You are pretty much compensating for his lack of stress at this point. Every worst case scenario that could happen is imagined by your mind, and as you feel your heart sink a little, he starts humming a song.
“That’s it, right?” he says.
Your body is paralysed. “Y-yes.” There it is, inching closer as your mind predicts all kinds of disasters. “Please don’t fuck this up, okay?" 

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Final say on re: chapter 125 “Please ignore”

Granted that some people may not know this about me and my history with rooting for HideKane, or that I’m an ace that just likes to read/write fluff more than smut, they may not understand why I am being so critical of this chapter.

The chapter felt shallow, aside from very small details, we gained nothing knew other than Kaneki and Touka having sex. I know TouKen shippers are all in a fucking high right now squealing over this fanservice to them, and using it as ammunition to attack other ships that are now “impossible” to become canon.

Tell me all you want about how “beautiful” and “right” it is that they finally fucked. But, I have been reading Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul re:, and their relationship has always came off as a sister/brother one, not a sexually tense one. 

Sure a few characters had suggested they would be a great couple, but fucking people in my home town thought the same with my first cousin and I because we have a close sister/brother type bond. Basically I took any “hints” as misunderstandings and comical moments meant to embarrass them, since adults/people do that whether intentionally or not.

Kaneki has mental issues and a background, Touka doesn’t understand or even know. Kaneki isn’t the best person when it comes to judgement, it has been shown throughout the series that he is usually wrong or easily misguided. Touka is a teenager when she “falls” for Kaneki and never had been in or thought of a possible romantic relationship with anyone else prior to/after meeting him. She is inexperienced and cannot discern “lust” from “love”, or tell the difference from “romantic love” from “strong platonic love”.

I read a lot of poorly written fan fiction “romance/erotica” fluff, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, but it’s still “fantasy” compared to the canon story. Which is okay to move relationships with little to no understanding between both parties. But, in a novel or series running as long as Tokyo Ghoul has and by the original creator no less, I expect that the “canon OTP” of the story would have shared a bit more information/time with each other than simply “in the moment” fucking.

Then it’s not the “fucking” part that has me disappointed, it’s the fact that we had no extra information of what the hell was happening outside of their little “bump & grind”. As I said in a separate post, I’m not a fan of just reading fanservice that could have been skipped over. I’m reading this story for the PLOT not for the shiping, not for Kaneki’s sex life.

Tokyo Ghoul’s protagonist is a “side character” even when we focus on him. He see development though indirectly experiencing things. And these indirect experiences is what I care for the most. Not for what character I hope Kaneki bangs or ends up with.

In closing, I’m disappointed we learned nothing new, not that Kaneki had sex with Touka. Yes, I am a hardcore HideKane shipper, but I am also an adult that understands this work isn’t going to/might not cater to my personal fantasies.

I have been attacked by TouKen trolls over my personal fanfictions, on my blog. and through email. I don’t hate TouKen as a ship or Touka as a character. I just don’t feel they are at a point they are ready to deal with the consequences for in the canon story.

I am disappointed this chapter was just/mostly Touka and Kaneki being naked and humping each other. And not being told the rest of the story.


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kacymythom  asked:

Like are. Are u ok? It feels like the only reason u remember is is cause u saw a firefly pic and all of a sudden unlocked some trauma.

I saw a picture and it made me remember something, it’s a normal thing that happens, I promise I’m fine, haha.

(I suppose it seems weird because not a lot of people have memories from that far back?  For whatever it’s worth, I just have a really good memory, and I was being hyperbolic for comedic effect.)

Dancing in the Moonlight (m)

Word Count: 4,607

Warning: Namjoon smut

If there were a way for you to escape responsibility, you’d gladly accept, whatever the consequences might be.

“Now smile and hold your head up high,” the voice behind you says drowning with sternness and expectations.

“Yes, mother.”

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all the things are mutually intertwined, their bond is sacred and almost nothing is extraneous to one another. They are, indeed, harmoniously ordinate and together they give order and beauty to the world itself.

Miranda Barlow Memorial Week: favourite relationship

so i’ve seen some questionable shit in fanfic/fan art in regards to jack and bitty’s height difference and as someone who is Short™ it’s bothering me more than it should… so just to visualize their height difference w/a pop culture example (that was relevant like 5 years ago yikes): Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson

Josh is 5ft7 so roughly bitty’s height, maaaaybe half an inch taller depending on who you ask (bitty vs. his mom)

Liam is 6ft3 so he’s 2 inches taller than jack zimmermann

and here’s what they look like together:

caveat: i’m not gonna pretend like i know anything about the builds of a hockey player or a figure skater, i’m just looking at this in terms of height. (also yes, i am aware, liam is slouching a bit in the second two but i think that first pic is a good representation.)

EDIT: I hope I am making it clear that even these pictures exaggerate the height difference because Liam is 2 inches taller than Jack. This was just the best IRL example I could find.

ANOTHER EDIT: JLaw is 5ft9, an inch shorter than shitty. i’m not going to post pictures of the trio but if you look it up, that should give you a general idea of how jack, shitty, and bitty look together. be sure to take into account that jen is wearing heels in most of the pictures on google, so she’s probably an inch or two taller than shitty in those pictures. 

Also, I often see bitty as being much closer in height to lardo than to jack when he is in fact more in the middle, closer in height to lardo by an inch (6.5 inch difference between jack and bitty, 5.5 inch difference between lardo and bitty. please call me out if i did that math wrong bc i can’t even do basic calculations.) regardless if those specifics are wrong, bitty is definitely not as close in height to lardo as he is often portrayed.


Selling these clear acrylic, double-sided Appmon and Pokemon keychains!
I test printed these and am hoping to clear these so I can open keychain preorders in the future, any support/spread of word is greatly appreciated! :>

Appmon (all taken, thank you! ;v;)
- 10USD each excluding shipping
- approx. 5cm/2 inches in height
- keychain diameter: 2cm

Pokemon (Meganium and Typhlosion; Feraligatr unavailable)
- 8USD each excluding shipping
- approx 4cm/1.5 inches in height
- strap length: approx. 8.5cm/3.3 inches

Shipping costs (registered airmail/local mail) will be:
- Singapore: 3.50 SGD
- Southeast Asia: 3.50 USD
- Rest of the World: 4.00 USD

Payment will be via Paypal; please let me know via Tumblr ask/message, or (ideally) Twitter DM @garrrzzz or email (chongjin94[@]gmail[.]com) if you’re interested.

Thank you so much for reading! ;v;

anonymous asked:

hi can you help me understand all the incarnations of great comet? I know there was two tents but was before that and then what exactly is ART and idk it just confuses me a lot

Hi! I’ll try my best but i’m not 100% certain what you are looking for in terms of clarification so if you have any further questions feel free to send me another ask! 

Note: most of this is taken from this Broadway World article and The Great Comet Wikipedia page 

As this got really long, I had to put it under a read more (apologies to those on mobile).

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All green – not solarpunk vs solarpunk
I just wanted to address some aesthetics which I guess separate solarpunk from generic green concepts. 

Something that always bothers be about ‘futuristic’ designs, whether green or not, is that the designs always seems to look sterile, smooth, textureless, cold, unwelcoming, and very very white

And the common concept cities! They are always so open and spread apart! And you know what that means? It is a city specifically designed with cars in mind. I think that doesn’t always register for a lot of people. Spread out cities = made for car culture, condensed cities = made for public transit, biking, walking, etc.

What I want for solarpunk – and for the future – is warmth! color! texture! craftsmanship!  And a very important feature is that I want it to be built first and foremost for streetcars and the like. Cars are useful and they can stick around, but in a condensed city people won’t need to rely on them as much. In modern American cities, many people need cars because of how cities are designed. 

I hope I am being clear on how solarpunk aesthetics differs from common concepts of a green future! 

anonymous asked:

“I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist.” any louis ship of your choice! or any ship really, if you're not a louis fan!

“I don’t hate you,” Louis says. His eyes are closed, face tipped up towards the ceiling. “I just don’t like that you exist.”

“The feeling is more than mutual,” Nick tells him, mostly amused but a little offended all the same. It’s a familiar feeling that he only associates with Louis.

“It’s mostly your hair,” Louis continues as if Nick hasn’t spoken. “And your voice. Your clothes too.”

“I basically wear the same clothes as Harry.” He’s pretty sure the shirt he’s wearing right now came from Harry’s castoffs.

“Exactly. Harry’s clothes are ridiculous. Harry is ridiculous. You’re ridiculous.”

Nick sighs and forces himself to relax his tense shoulders. “Is there anything about me that you do like then?”

“Fishing for compliments is so unattractive,” Louis points out, finally opening his eyes and focusing on him. Nick absolutely refuses to blush or look away, so they end up in some weird staring contest. “I like your dogs,” he says finally. “And your taste in music isn’t entirely shit.”

“Uh. Thanks.” Nick feels weirdly pleased. His dogs are awesome.

“Now you’re meant to tell me something you like about me,” Louis cajoles, nudging Nick’s foot with his own.

“Fishing for compliments is so unattractive,” Nick singsongs, laughing at Louis’ scowl. “But your uh. Your face. It’s okay. You know. As faces go.”

Louis’ cheeks definitely pinken. “Shut up.”

“You shut up,” Nick parrots nonsensically. He’s got a horrible suspicion that his own face is a bit red too.

It’s a bit surprising to be honest when Louis actually stays silent for a few minutes.

“You could come visit the dogs,” Nick says awkwardly. “If you like. They like popstars, generally. Very popstar friendly, my dogs. They go mad when I play a bit of 1D.”

Louis stares at him blankly. “You’re inviting me round to see your dogs.”

“I mean, I’d be there too.” Nick runs a hand through his hair and winces at how stupid he sounds. “I could make you a cuppa. When you visit. Maybe stick a pizza on.”

It sounds like a date. Fuck, it is a date. He’s inviting Louis Tomlinson round to his for a date. What the fuck is he doing?

“Only if it’s a meat feast,” Louis says eventually. He says it quietly, like he’s a bit unsure. “And Yorkshire Tea. None of that PG Tips or Tetley. I can tell the difference.”

“Alright,” Nick says. Fuck, Louis Tomlinson is coming round his for a date.

Christ. He needs to call Harry to borrow the most obnoxious shirt he owns.

prompt me

Yooooooooo just a heads up- I am hoping to clear my commission queue this week.  Due to unforseen circumstances, I will be reopening commisisons shortly thereafter.  More info to come when they actually open, but if you want a hint at the scope and price points, more under the cut.

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quellafangirlchiamatacecilia  asked:

After Michael became Springtrap and Hazel became Baby/Ennard, did they meet Timmy/Puppet again? And how it was Timmy's reaction after he saw them became the animatronics that they become? p.s I hope that i am clear because i have such a bad english and i am bad at explaining things.

lol he’d be very confused at first

I've been thinking about Zoro's lyrics from chapter 778.

“Over the nine mountains
across the eight seas
there is nothing I can’t cut.”

Eight seas?

We got the two halves of the Grand line: “New World" & ”Paradise

then we have East blue. North Blue. South Blue. West Blue and the White White Sea.

so unless the ”Underworld of the Sea“ counts as a separate ocean; That’s only seven

Unless Zoro is counting in All Blue?