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Aaron is a doubter and sort of a spokesman for the slaves, who are fickle.  They love Moses, then they’re upset with Moses.  Aaron starts out doubtful and upset with him, but when he walks into the bed of the Red Sea, I think he shows that if one person shows he believes, that’s all it takes for the whole thing to work.  It’s a nice transformation. — Jeff Goldblum (from The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation)

8 times I knew that Aaron was the fave


Clint McElroy.

I love your idea. I am here for the humanitarian heroes. This is going to be a fun time and I am so excited to see where this experimental game goes.

But Clint McElroy

A floating base?? In the Gulf of Mexico??

Do you know how many hurricanes we get in the Gulf of Mexico, Clint. I hope that base is anchored like nothing else in the world has ever been because whoops, there goes the base again, swept away over the southern US.

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Ever since New York and I can't stop thinking about Liza and Harry ❤️❤️❤️💔Can you write a little something for Liza and Harry ?

Eliza Sutherland can’t believe she’s in New York. She had no plans to leave her flat this weekend, let alone make the trek through Heathrow to the States. But here she is—out of breath and thirty minutes late—running across the street to Studio 8H. She’s practically arguing her way in when Jeff finally shows up and insists she’s the list. She’s annoyed for all of five seconds. She hears his voice float through the halls with grit and grace and her heart stops in a way she wishes it wouldn’t.

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hiiiii, everyone!!! this is the official masterlist for 1DFF authors that update on Tumblr! i feel like this list will always be a WIP so PLEASE do not hesitate to send in new stories for it! the only requirements are that theyre full or mini fics and posted on both platforms! i also wanna give a huge thanks to everyone that sent in their info to make this happen, y’all seriously rock! @1dffofficial

( * ) denotes completed fics. 

Fics under more than one boys name center around both and/or are love triangles.


Such Great Heights by mackabees (@mackabees)

Oh, Arizona by sophrosyne (@harktheharold)

And We Meet Again by oneofhistattoos (@oneofhistattoos)

*If You Give A Boy A Ballpoint by sophroysne (@harktheharold)

the photograph series by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

Mitochondria and his Nucleus by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

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 Fanfiction by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

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*When Harry Met Sally by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

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*First Base by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*The Photographer by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Matched by ladymiresa (@ladymiresa)

Odds On by ladymiresa (@mrsmiresa)

*Evaporate by standingfacingwest (@standingfacingwest)

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Lost Stars by stylmao (@ninetyfovr)

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Around my Bones by gitgat (@lifeisbetterasamermaid)

*A Rhapsody of Sorts by silverglass (@silverglass)

*Sugar on the Asphalt by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

*Tennessee Teacakes by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

*Just Anchor and Hope by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

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Covert Affairs by 1dharrystylesluver (@wild3flow3r)

Life As We Know It by 1dharrystylesluver (@wild3flow3r)

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With the New Crowd by goodcricket (@likeamisfit)

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No. 14 by showingthroughtome (@showingthroughtome)

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Silhouette Dreams by abejas (@abejas-fic)

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Of Sons and Fathers by sel1dff (@full-fics)

A Girl In A Million by sel1dff (@full-fics)

On The Line by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

*Left My Heart Out by wakinguptired @wokeuptired

Different Strokes by mdanielle (@marisa-writes)

Coming Up Roses by primetimewrites (@primetimewritings)

Saudade by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)


Tell You Now by anubis @austenlouis

Time Stands Still by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Beating Hearts by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Hesitant and Hopeful by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Now That You’re Here by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Across Mountains by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

A Girl In A Million by sel1dff (@full-fics)

*Stairway to Heavan by sel1dff (@full-fics)

Fool’s Gold by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

Stars in Your Eyes by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Little Giants by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Bright Baby Blue by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*The Panic Cord by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*Screaming Color by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*You and I Need to Have a Little Patience by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*Left My Heart Out by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Elementary by mdanielle (@marisa-writes)

*I’ll Be Your Safety by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

Settle Down With Me by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

No One Does It Better by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

Latch by ktrsss (@ktrsss1fics)


*zugzwang by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

*quatervois by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

Rubber Ball by sel1dff (@full-fics)

Pride by sel1dff (@full-fics)

*Serendipty by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)

Lexa’s legacy

This song caused an emotional breakdown … Perfect match and perfect video. I cannot believe how badly we were teased, baited, used and when we weren’t needed anymore, tossed away. People say move on, this is just fiction! Yeah, maybe it is just fiction, but how many achievements of human kind were driven by fictions and ideas, stories and legends, heroes and villains? Would you say for all the great thinkers’ and artists’ works who started a revolution changing people’s mind and inspiring others, that they are just fiction? Would you say it for Voltaire, Da Vinci or Shakespeare? We need stories to have hope and the anchor for finding our inner strength that we are here, we exist, we are valid, we are equal, we have the same flesh and bones as anyone else. We are not secondary, disposable, less or the ones who should hide. Our gender, skin colour or sexual orientation  shouldn’t make us less (or more) as under the socially forced layers, we are all the same. 

Love has no gender requirements, love is love and love is needed by everyone. Talent is not skin colour, gender and sexual orientation dependent. Never let people belittle you, never let people handle you invisible. We are here, we are strong and we can change the world. That is what I saw and learnt during the last year.

Our Heda stays in our heart, and her legacy will drive us.

Ste yuj and always remember what we achieved, together, with camaraderie.

I came back for you
I’m doing this to help save you

because I will stand by your side
snarl ready, heart pounding to the tune of your name

because the courage that rests inside my bones
it comes from that blinding grin 

and the hope that anchors my soul
it comes from that gentle touch

and the houses that built us are burning down
and the stars that guided us keep getting blotted out

but as long as you whisper my name
I’ll know exactly how to return home

—  back to you by Abby S
The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 14) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Big Easy Resurrection, Part I”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Chris Argent, Sylvie Ducette, Alan Deaton, Melissa McCall, Gerard Argent, Allison Argent, & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, return of major character, cursing probably, I just assume at this point.

A.N.: This chapter was so much fun to write. I hope you all enjoy your trip to New Orleans.

Summary: Y/n, Scott, and Stiles go down to New Orleans in order for the coven witches to bring Allison Argent back to life.

Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen - Chapter Fifteen

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

Scott, Stiles, Y/N, Lydia, Isaac, Parrish, Derek, Cora, Ethan, Malia, Liam and Hayden sat in Y/N’s living room, discussing what was about to happen. The usual side chatter and snarky comments were not to be found that day.

“So Derek is going to be up here and Liam and Hayden are going to be on call if you guys need extra help while we’re away…. Listen, if we could do this after we dealt with the vampires, we would, but we’re running out of time.” Scott explained to his pack.

“So Gerard agreed to do it… willingly?” Malia asked, lacking tact.

“He agreed. He knows he dying and even though he’s a jackass…”

“I think you mean ‘absolute sociopath’, Scott.” Stiles interjected.

“Okay, yea, even though he’s totally a sociopath, I think that he genuinely loved Allison. He wants to give her another shot.” Scott explained to Malia and everyone else. He was being very stoic and matter-of-fact about the whole meeting that night.

“So the cancer came back?” Parrish asked, uncomfortable about crossing the line into sacrificing people, even if that person was Gerard Argent.

“Yea, and it’s worse than last time, he’s got weeks left.. at best.” Isaac interjected, wanting to back up Scott and Chris’ decision.

“And how are we going to explain the fact that everyone thought she was dead for… years? People saw the body…” Ethan asked, the skepticism in his voice apparent. He couldn’t understand why they couldn’t bring Aiden’s body along and bring him back to life as well.

“Ah, I’m glad you asked.” Stiles answered, a mischievous grin spreading across his face, the kind he got when he knew that he came up with a good plan. “I’ve got Braeden backdating paperwork stating that Allison was in the witness protection program and that the government faked her death to keep her safe.” Stiles rubbed his hands together, as he explained the plan.

“Safe from whom.. is that actually going to work?” Ethan questioned again.

Stiles raised his hand and glared at Ethan. “I could put your name down, you’re insane and dangerous.”

“She’ll make it work.. She is an actual U.S. Marshal again after all.” Derek answered, stopping the bickering.

“It’ll all work, you guys, they’ve been performing this ceremony for centuries… It’ll work.” Y/N reassured the group.

“We’ll be back with Allison by Monday.” Scott said, wrapping up the pack meeting.

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