Psychotherapy works by going deep into the brain and its neurons and changing their structure by turning on the right genes. Psychiatrist Dr. Susan Vaughan has argued that the talking cure works by ‘talking to neurons,’ and that an effective psychotherapist or psychoanalyst is a 'microsurgeon of the mind’ who helps patients make needed alterations in neuronal networks.
—  Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself


Good morning🍂

I’ve been anti-fall for the last week, but I think I’m ready now. Bring on the crisp weather, brown, crunchy leaves and warm blankets by the fire! (I can say this because I’m heading to California in a few weeks) Hahaha– off to the land of eternal spring! Knowing this makes me feel like I’m outrunning fall.

Happy Hump Daaaay!

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Inspired by traditional men’s workwear and vintage uniforms, Swedish fashion label Hope’s utilitarian classics traverse a wide sartorial spectrum that includes classic silhouettes in traditional fabrics as well as voluminous trousers with artful details like unfinished edges and sculptural belting.

Carla Trouser, Hope


Grab yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate cos this is gonna be a long post.

A little background : To my followers who are unaware, I just returned from my 4 month internship/externship overseas. It was a programme I had to do before I graduated. I had a boyfriend then and we were together for 2 years and 2 months before I left. So we did a long distance thing because our time zones were total opposites. When I came back, he told me that his feelings for me has changed and he also found someone else.

We tried to talk things out and I kept telling him that relationships will not always be happy and we will always have times like this of we get through this. However, he kept pushing me away and said he needed more space for himself. He slowly removed his things from my house, and kept his distance. He replied my texts really slowly and would rather be going onto social media such as facebook or snapchat instead of replying me.

He is in the navy and whenever he had sailings to go to for either just a week or a few months, I always waited for him patiently. I also did scrapbooks and things like a 100 letters for him to read everyday or even weekly letters or so. You know, those old fashioned stuff. What hurt me the most was how easily his feelings for me changed when it was my turn to go away for some time and for me, I waited for him so patiently and always stayed faithful whenever he was gone. I did so much for him just to make sure this relationship would stay strong. Before I even left for this internship, I made him letters to read weekly, special happy birthday / anniversary letters, bath scrubs, couple keyrings and so on.

I was really angry and disappointed at first, feeling so helpless and broken. I missed everything we had together. We had so much planned for our future when I finally came back. I wanted to make up for lost time and spend every moment we could together, but all he wanted to do was stay away from me. We planned to go overseas together at the end of the year like how we always did when I was back. We had plans for our future and our family.

I felt so helpless and I held on so tight to reassure him to make it work but all he did was keep his distance.

He wanted to be just friends. It was too painful at first so I rejected it.

I found the strength to move on from it. I found the strength to forgive him. It was not totally his fault, feelings change and I know it was hard.

I told him that I forgive him and he wants to be friends still.

I don’t want this incident to make me hold on to hate. I don’t want all this to ruin my personality.

All my friends tell me that I have been handling it well and maturely. Some of them say that I am too nice and they can never do the same because the scar would be too deep for them.

It was fun while it lasted and we have no regrets of being together. I thanked him for how much love and care he has showed me when we were together. He gave me hope in love when all my previous relationships were bad.

His mom told me to take care and it really saddened her because our families were close, I used to cook and bake for them whenever I could.

I am thankful that I still have this kindness and forgiveness in me. I am thankful that my friends helped to give me the strength I needed. I thank God for giving me the strength to pick myself up and easing the pain.

For now, I do not want to look for any rebound or a quick hook up of some sort. I have all my friends, both females and males to make me happy. I don’t want to ruin any friendship by going into a relationship for now. I do not want to lose my self respect just because of this either.

I have hope and faith for the future. I am happier day by day.

IT’S TIME TO INK LIKE THE WIND!! These beautiful creatures belong to my good friend, @roannasylver. Regan - anxious lizard man - and Evelyn - punk rock goddess - are an absolute treat to draw. They hail from RoAnna’s novel, Chameleon Moon, which is soon to relaunch in its second edition! If you’re unfamiliar with CM, please take a look at RoAnna’s IG account or Tumblr. You won’t be disappointed. <3 I wanted to post this early in case there are any glaring issues I made during my late-night drawing. Critiques are welcome! But they’ve gotta be quick; I’m going to bust this out so it’s ready for tomorrow’s noon deadline. Let’s do this! :D #chameleonmoon #chameleonmoonrelaunch #bookcover #roannasylver #illustration #wip #pencils #coverart #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #novel #writing #fiction #lgbtq #lgbtqia #love #hope #friendship (at Portland, Oregon)

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I passed my glucose test😄

Today I had my glucose test and my 3rd trimester blood tests done, which I should find out the results from in a couple days. I did already find or that I passed the glucose test though!! That’s one less thing for me to worry about. I can’t believe we’re in the third trimester already! My pregnancy is flying by, in less than 3 months our sweet baby boy will be here with us! God is so good!! 😄🙌