Flexibility, Love and Trust

I wrote this today while I was trying to figure out some thoughts and I feel like it might be helpful to others too:

In our society everything seems to have to become better, harder, faster, stronger and we as people also want to lead better, faster and more exciting lives. We all want to break the boundaries of what is possible for a single human to do. We hear stories of the great things people have achieved and we all want to be like them. We want to travel the world, we want to see everything and to do everything. We have been told since we were little that we only have this one life so we’re supposed to make the most of it. But I don’t think that making the most of it means doing as much as possible. That making the most of it means creating a long list of personal achievements to showcase to others via photo album or facebook profiles. And the ones who don’t have the money, the time or strength to go out and reach each and everything are sad. They feel like they’re not really living their lives. Like they are wasting time. Everyone is being told that they have to be someone, achieve something, become better, faster, stronger etc. than the people before them. But here comes a radical thought: You don’t have to. Living life does not mean traveling the world. Living life does not mean doing and seeing everything. Living life does not mean being successful. Living life just means living it. And if you keep pushing yourself or pitying yourself because you’re supposedly not as active or as successful as others, then you’re not wasting time because you’re not doing anything “important”, you’re wasting time because you’re not enjoying it. You don’t have to be successful. You’re not a failure because you’re not famous or rich or a great traveler, artist, scientist or anything else. This is something you have been brainwashed to think. Take that stupid pressure this world has put on you and forget it. Throw it away and try to simply enjoy your life. Good things come to you when you relax. You know what will happen when you’re old and dying: Maybe you will feel like you wasted your life. But that will not be because you weren’t successful. It will be because you always tried to be someone or something else. Try to simply enjoy your life. Try to simply do what makes you happy. You don’t have to reach for the stars. You don’t have to reach anything. You just have to let yourself be yourself. 

Izuru theory (spoilers)

I just realized some. maybe Izuru isn’t evil. I mean what’s the worst thing weve seen him do? We’re told that he murdered class counsel but that wasn’t true. And although he was responsible for the killing school trip it’s not like The A.I.s were doing a lot of good in kurokuma and shirokuma making the kids and adults fight each other. Plus in the end of goodbye despair they do sort of have the choice to go back to the way things were before. So even if it did work on Hinata that doesn’t mean that it did work for the others. I mean Izuru/Hinata is a pretty special case by itself. But all his actions usually have him as a bystander. I think he’s only a remnant because of the Hopes Peak incident. Other than that he’s alway watching until he’s about to be captured by the future foundation and takes the A.I. So maybe Izuru isn’t trying to fill the world with despair as much as he’s trying to fix it now that Junko is gone.

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Atlanta, GA

George: I been here since Katrina. This is where they evacuated me to after the hurricane. The apartment building collapsed and my parents drowned. I was rescued by the National Guard. Spent four days in the Superdome.

I had reconstructive surgery done on my foot. My foot ended up getting infected with gangrene. Today I’m still fighting the gangrene.

It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve met a lot of people and learned a lot of things.

BW: What’s Atlanta been like?

George: Atlanta’s a great city, man. Every city has it’s ups and downs, but for me and my healing process, Atlanta’s been a great city. I’ve been in and out of Grady and Emory hospitals having research done and tests done.

BW: Are you homeless now?

George: Well… momentarily I’m homeless, but things are getting better now. I’ve been doing paperwork for my disability, and things are coming around. I’m also going to receive nine years back pay.

BW: Have you had a place since you’ve been in Atlanta?

George:  Well, I’ve really stayed at the hospitals and in and out of the shelters.  

BW: What are your memories of New Orleans? A lot of good memories?

George: Yeah, I have a lot of good memories, but the one thing that’s gonna stick with me for a while is the inside of the Superdome. A lot of hurt and a lot of pain there, and I was part of it for a minute. That energy was serious…

BW: I bet it was. Like the hopelessness of prison almost. Even deeper because these were people who had lives a day or two before and lost everything. Do you feel like it was traumatic for you?

George: Yeah, because it’s still with me. If it wasn’t for God, I’d have probably taken it a different way, but having God, I know that it’s just a part of life.

BW: Are you hopeful about the future?

George: Yeah, the future is gonna be great. I can’t wait.

BW: What do you want to do?

George: I want to start a tour guide business specializing in historical tours of Atlanta for the kids. This city has a lot to  offer.