Existe ese momento, en el que eres solo tú y el silencio eterno, la infinita noche termina y se abre paso la aurora del amanecer. Siento que en ese momento somos nosotros mismos, en donde dejamos de pensar por un segundo, donde olvidas las lágrimas secas en tus mejillas, ya no recuerdas el dolor en tu pecho. Tan solo eres tú mismo, apreciando la vida en sí misma y teniendo esperanza en el hoy. Existe ese momento, en el que simplemente todo es perfecto.
—  suicidelife-hope

#transformationtuesday is one of my favorite hashtag days. It always brings me to this fat photo of me. That is like finding a photo of Bigfoot or a UFO. Cause I was really good at not taking photos back then lol. I tried to make the same expression and stand a similar way. I am happy I have deflated my body. I hope each day I can work out and make myself strong and healthy. It wouldn’t hurt is I could make my body not look like a piece of chewed bubble gum anymore. I remind myself this is all for my little girl and I know at the end of this journey acceptance of who I am will be a part of it. I hope you all have great stories to share with me I’d love to hear them and I cannot wait to tell my full story to you all. 😁❤️ #beforeandafter #motiveweight #stillchubbytho #bepositive #fatboysdonotrun #workout #fitness #weightlossjourney #mensweightloss #weightloss #keepgoing #staystrong #cantstopwontstop #love #luck #riseandtry #life #dreams #goals #hope #motivation #photovation #inspiration #roadto200lbs #dadbod #doitforthekid #fat2fit2father (at Retro Fitness of Manhattan - 1 New York Plaza)

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Fields of Hope And Innocence Niger The Red Planet Photo Hugh Ardoin

Transplanting the millet is a painstaking yet vital operation

Millet is a fast germinating cereal and is grown in nurseries where it can be watered before the start of the rainy season

It is transplanted when the expected natural rain will hopefully take care of its future growth

Too little rain it will wither and die or grow into a meagre half-crop, too much rain it will just wash away

The Ghosts of Famine and Survival fight like antique gods in the shape of the storms in the sky

Humans thrive below building high towers on the sands of hope, and praying

On this picture shot in July, you can see a nursery under a large tree and the kids working on the transplant

Gods of hope prevailing, the crop will be ready to harvest in October or November

An idyllic view of the stark realities of the harsh life conditions on the Red Planet 

Hugh Ardoin Niger The Red Planet Gallery

Conquer your own flesh and begin to cheer up. It will change your outlook. Instead of looking at past failures, you will be focused on future victories that are promised in God’s Word. Psalm 31:24 says, “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” Making a decision to serve the Lord with gladness will not only affect your attitude, but it will also have an impact on those that you come into contact with each day.- Jesse Duplantis