A Year In The Life Of Millie, The Kitty With A Broken Heart

“Millie is the most perfect kitten in the world. From the beginning it was clear something was wrong. She was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart condition with four serious defects. She wasn’t supposed to survive birth but still made a good go at playing with her brothers. She is the sweetest little thing and always wanted her brothers’ company… and then a warm place to curl up in her new home. At a month she was far to small for the “big cat” bowls and the vets were sure she wasn’t going to make it.Millie was always very playful but she kept getting out of breath and we were told she wouldn’t make it to six months. Her kitten collar was far too big and she didn’t like it. She can’t go outside though, so that’s not really a problem. Millie always bounds up to you when she thinks something exciting is happening… or there’s a chance for some tuna. She is best friends with Clyde and often sits on the windowsill waiting when he goes outside. She’s much bigger now and can eat from the proper bowls! She’s also a bit of a monkey. For a few weeks she was very ill and just lay about gasping for breath and one morning she couldn’t open her eyes without help as they were so bunged up. After a very worried night for us, staying up syringing water into her mouth, she started to improve a bit. The other cats take good care of her.
Happy one year Millie. You’re a little miracle.”

Photos/Text by ImightbeGroot on Imgur
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Differing Closets: Why Supporting Harry’s Displays doesn’t mean I don’t support Louis.

Every time Harry picks up or wears a rainbow, I see an all-out war break out on my dash.

I come to you today with nothing but peace and a gentle heart, wanting to make some points, not in an accusatory fashion, but just for the sake of defending BOTH of our boys.

I call myself a “Larrie”. What that means to me is that, not only do I support the romantic relationship that exists between Harry and Louis, I also support and love the two of them as individuals. They are a couple in the closet, but they are also individuals who are closeted, and it behooves me to remember that just as my closet was not the same as any of my close friends, so Harry’s closet is not the same as Louis’. Is it fair? No. Absolutely not.

Harry wears rainbows. He posts about them on social media. He celebrated on Marriage Equality day in The States. Louis does not currently have that luxury, and trust me, nothing pains my heart more than to know that Louis’ closet is currently such that it dictates restrictions on topics that are open game for Harry. I know Louis wants to show support, he wants to encourage people, he wants them to know that he sees them and loves them.

He has tried, in whatever way he can over the years, to do just that. He has faced retaliation for it, and still he remains a proud gay man. He literally has it inked on his skin. I do not think for one fraction of one second that Louis is ashamed or afraid of who he is, and I think he’s cried in Harry’s arms before at the way he’s been portrayed to the public, just like Harry has sought solace from Louis for the way he’s been shown to the world, too. What has been done to both of these boys is despicable and deplorable. 

As important as it is to see them as individuals, the unit nature of their relationship cannot be overlooked or overstated. They don’t call them the “Dream Team” for nothing. They ARE a team. And as such, they work as one. Louis knows the parameters of his current situation, and he knows and understands that things are different for Harry. I know Louis is a good enough person to be proud of his partner when he demonstrates public support for their peer group. I know that Louis tries in what ways he can to demonstrate his love, affection, and devotion for both Harry and all of his fans.

Harry supports Louis, even when we can’t see it. Louis supports Harry, even when we can’t see it. Their reality is far from ideal– in fact, it is a sad one. But it is NOT permanent. It is temporary. Louis’ situation can -and will- change. Harry will be right alongside him as it does. This isn’t a competition over who can be the gayest the fastest, it is a couple who is beginning to stake their claim in their world, write their own stories, and control their own narratives.

We might see darkness with the current events surrounding Louis, but I believe in my soul that there’s hope to be found, too. I see Louis night after night, glowing like the sun as he performs on stage, and I know his day is coming. I celebrate with Harry when he does these things because I know Louis celebrates with him, too. He is making visible the support both of them have and offer to their LGBTQIA+ fans. 

One day soon, I will celebrate with Louis, too. I know it’s coming. And I hope we can all remember that, and remember to love and support both of them. Never forget that if you love Harry, then Harry loves Louis. And if you love Louis, then Louis loves Harry. They are each other’s chosen, their beloveds, and I want to respect that for both of them as much as I can.

I have nothing but your generosity to put my hope in. Nothing. For I stand at Your door holding broken scraps…and yet you open. Save me from this storm. I am the most helpless of all your slaves. And I’m lost. Wandering in the middle of a forest trying to find my way. But all the tress look the same, and each path just leads back to the beginning. No one finds their way out of this forest—except whom You save. Save me. For truly, truly I cannot save myself.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
It's crazy how much can change in a year...

This time last year, I had the BIGGEST crush on my best friend, I was debating whether or not I still wanted to be a lawyer, I was broke, had no car, and I barely had 1500 followers on Tumblr.

NOW, I no longer have a crush on my best friend and our friendship remains stronger than ever, my love life is slowly but surely getting better, I’m attending my DREAM LAW school very, I’m pre-rich, bought my first car on my own, and I have over 4000 followers on here. 

Whatever you do, please don’t give up. Life gets better just be patient.

He said,
   "Thank you for not resenting
     the way that I choose to
     live my life.“
She replied, eyes upturned,
     "There is no room for
       resentment in a heart
       filled with joy,
       filled with love.
       There is only room for
and she watched him
walk away.
—  Sometimes, love stories have a sad ending.

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