Have you considered your ways? Are the steps you’re taking, decisions you’re making, the life you’re living, according to God’s will?

Consider your ways, align it with God’s Word and live in the grace of His Commandments. Be blessed by the Book of Psalms 119. Read and pray about it :)


“We know that we live in God and he lives in us, because He gave us His Spirit. We have seen and can testify that the Father sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God has God living inside, and that person lives in God. And so we know the love that God has for us, and we trust that love.”
1 John 4:13-16 New Century Version

rookerie asked:

can I please have a quest roll? thank you!

Your quest, delivered by an exhausted Breeze Ranger:

  • Put an end to the conflict between the Adventure Giants and Cyclone Ents

Any adventuring party of note tends to attract stories, but the tallest tales are reserved for the Adventure Giants - merry bands of 20-foot wanderers who go round slaying dragons, toppling necromancers’ towers, and diving into whatever dungeons have enough ceiling clearance.

While they’re generally a force for good, they have a habit of fighting instead of talking their way out of trouble. This has landed them deep in the territory of the Cyclone Ents, protectors of the Winding Woodland. None too pleased at the intruders’ attitude, the Ents have cornered the Giants and - with a flick of their boughs - are sending screaming gales into the adventurers’ encampment.

The Giants seem capable of holding their own - but in the meantime, the forest and local weather systems are in turmoil. Someone needs to go into broker peace, but braving the forest risks impalement on any number of stray gusts and sharp branches. Not to mention, you’ll need a way to ensure the attention and respect of these titans.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it:

  • Best the Hope Pirate and end their reign over the Dimple Desert: Approaching the conflict zone through the air would be the safest option - slightly less fatal than the forest, at any rate. Hiring someone to fly you in wouldn’t be cheap considering the danger, so it’d be easiest to seek help from a friend who can get you what you need. Now, where did they last say they were off exploring?
  • Break into the Ethical Airship: Your companion knows of just the craft for your mission - the Ethical Airship has no steering system, instead following its powerful Moral Compass when it learns that people need help. The Airship’s captain, well-meaning as they are, is on a tight schedule - you’ll have to sneak on and redirect the ship yourselves.
  • Put an end to the conflict between the Adventure Giant and Cyclone Ent peoples in the Stand of Length: While the ents and giants are more than ready for a protracted fight, it’s destroying the livelihoods of those who live around the forest. Stage a perfect arrival on the scene to put a halt to the fighting, then while you have their attention convince both parties to de-escalate.

I’ve been staring at my laptop for the past 30 minutes trying to figure out how to start this post.

Perhaps I should begin to explain this picture. Fist of all, I need to say a big thank you for the lovely aunicorndumbass (Liz) for editing it for me, so I could have a lovely version of the original photo framed.

This picture of Lana was taken at FT3, the Xivent’s convention in Paris, last month, to which I went to. 

During the autograph session with Lana, on Saturday, a lot happened. I posted a post here half a hour ago, about the drawing I got signed from her and now wanted to share about something else, extra special for me. It comes to what she has on her neck in this picture.

After Lana expressed how she loved my drawing, I rushed to show her something that belong and had a very personal meaning to me. That was the feather necklace she has in her neck.

I never told her the meaning behind it, because God that would take a long time, but I explained that even though it was a feather, it hadn’t any connection to her, it was very (very!) personal to me, I even pointed out that I would only take it off for showers (lol.) and that I would love to share it with her but only if she felt like she could give it a good use.

I was very honest with my words and even though I did not explain the meaning of it, what it represents, I believe she felt how important the necklace was to me and even how hard it was for me to give it away. 

She smiled big, said “This is gorgeous!” and took it from my hands to put it on her neck herself. I rushed to dare to ask her if it was possible for me to do so, so it’d be “special”, before she got to put it on. She handed it back to me and got closer to me so I could put it on her neck myself. 

God, the feeling of remember and picturing it all like this, reminds me how my heart felt so overwhelmed and happy in those seconds. 

The next day, on Sunday, she was wearing it. Funny fact that I only got to see it exactly when I went to the photoshoot and didn’t see it until it was my turn, as she was on her back to everyone in the line for the photoshoot.

When I saw it on her neck, I placed my hand on her chest and said “Nice necklace!”. It was lovely and a moment that I will cherish forever!

This picture is from that 2nd day!

She also worn the necklace for the 1st day of the Brazilian convention, the Ever After. 

After the FT3 convention, I learned she mentioned about my neclace/drawing moment at the autograph session, to one of the 10 people groups at the Midnight Ball, on Saturday night. Xivent posted several videos from the convention and there’s one where you can see Lana for 5 seconds, touching the necklace and saying a few words about it. After watching it, I was so curious to know what was going on there, that then I got to talk with 2 people who were on that group and told me what happened. All I can say about it one simple word - Surreal!

She is a blessing! I can not find the words to describe this beautiful human being, and you are blessed if she happens to be the person who inspires you too! :)

Lì da qualche parte nel mondo,
in qualche angolo nascosto,
qualcuno ti sta aspettando pur non conoscendoti,
così come stai facendo tu.
Due persone destinate a stare insieme s'incontreranno,
un giorno.“
—Elvira Asile.

Elvira Asile.