Politics without hope is impossible, and hope without politics is a reification of possibility (and becomes merely religious). […] Hope is crucial to the act of protest: hope is what allows us to feel that what angers us is not inevitable, even if transformation can sometimes feel impossible.
—  Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion (184)

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I'm only half awake atm but now I can't stop thinking about '#hollow tune yoongi#he has a complicated relationship with the cat' and OH MY GOD I'm just picturing him going on this grand adventure trying to kick the cat out of his house and finally Jeongguk comes in, walks over, and picks Hope up like nbd


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I’ve just always had this idea in my head since a hollow tune ended that the cat would move in when Namjoon moved in and Yoongi is pissed because ‘this was not part of the goddamn deal Namjoon, what the fuck?’ ‘Hyung, cats aren’t meant to travel around. She’s better off here.’ Hope’s travelled for like two fucking years with no problem but Namjoon’s an idiot and is super stubborn about this of all things. 

So Namjoon just wins the argument somehow bc it’s the one thing he is ADAMANT on and Yoongi supposes he can have this one little thing.

But the cat is a fucking VILLAIN. Yoongi swears it on everything good and holy in this world. He keeps picking Yoongi’s fucking bed to sleep on of ALL THE GODDAMN BEDS IN THE FUCKING HOUSE and there is FUR EVERYWHERE NAMJOON YOU FUCKING FUCK. And it scratches at his door in the middle of the night, scaring the living shit out of him. And it keeps knocking his goddamn drinks onto the ground spilling coffee everywhere. Namjoon cleans it up but it’s beside the POINT it’s the goddamn PRINCIPAL HERE.

He takes the cat drives to the edge of town and leaves her there. Hoseok’s happiness be damned, he’s got Namjoon he’s all the pet Hoseok needs. Hope finds her way home and pads muddy paw prints all over his latest lyrics as vengeance. Yoongi convinces Taehyung to kidnap the cat when he comes to visit, Jin calls and tells Yoongi that’s he’s an asshole and not subtle. 

And then Jungkook comes to visit and coos at Satan’s Goddamn Right-Hand and Yoongi SWEARS THE THING GLARES AT HIM when Jungkook picks it up but Jungkook just thinks Yoongi’s being psycho and it is the biggest betrayal, honestly Jungkook how could you do that to him??

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One night, Namjoon isn’t home, he’s gone off to see one of Hoseok’s shows and Yoongi’s home alone and earlier that day music hadn’t been going so well so he’s down, like really down because it’s been a while since he’s had to deal with this stuff on his own and when he calls Jin it goes to voicemail and Namjoon NEVER charges his phone so he’s really alone and it’s awful. 

He almost jumps out of his skin when he feels the bed sink with an additional weight, is about to throw on the lights when he hears purring and it’s the goddamn cat and this just caps off Yoongi’s night because the damn thing’s probably gonna shriek in his face about being fed despite it having a huge ass serving of tuna for dinner, the spoilt asshole. But instead Hope just curls up beside him, right next to his hand and Yoongi, after recovering from the shock, reaches up and strokes his fingers through her fur and she makes a little content noise so he keeps doing it, letting the action lull him. 

It’s the first time the cat’s come up to him and hasn’t scratched the shit out of his arms. Yoongi gets to sleep that night with his breathing in order and no thoughts of self-loathing crowding his head. 

The next day, Yoongi wakes up to find a dead bird outside his bedroom door. 

He only screams a little bit. 

La única verdad es que yo no quería que me gustaran las chicas, desde pequeña me sentía mal, quería gritar y salir a cualquier parte, me daba terror lo que pensaría mi familia de que yo su, nieta, hija, hermana, prima y amiga fuera gay, quería salir corriendo, hoy vuelvo con lo mismo quisiera no sentir esto y no ser un problema para nadie, me da miedo ser algo que Dios no quiere, hace un año decidí decirle a mis amigos y a mi abuela la única persona que ha estado conmigo, todos me abrazaron y me dijeron crees que por eso te voy a dejar?… paso tiempo y ellos siguieron conmigo, conocí a muchas chicas por Internet que eran lesbianas muchas me dijeron que pasaban por lo mismo que yo, otras que ya estaban con alguien y joder quería algo así también, muchas veces llore por ser algo que no estaba bien para mi familia, tenia mucho miedo y decidí decirle a mi mama y ella me dijo que era una vergüenza para ella y trato de seguir pero hace poco me dejo de hablar otra vez por que no acepta que su hija sea así una chica que le gusta otra chica, hace dos años decido no callar lo que era diciéndole a los que en verdad me importaban que era gay, hace un año ya conocí a mi novia, ella joder es lo que no creí tener jamas, ES UNA MENTIRA JAMAS PENSÉ EN ENCONTRAR A ALGUIEN COMO ELLA… me enseño a amar con el alma, a dar todo por alguien a saber que era que me cuidaran de todo, ahora recuerdo a las chicas que ya estaban con sus parejas y yo decía que quería algo así, y tarde mucho tiempo creí haberme enamorado muchas veces y llore igual, pero ella mi chica, mi novia ella simplemente se robo la vida entera, hoy igual tengo un poco de miedo, pero… se que a su lado estaré bien y que no me sentiré mal por ser alguien que siendo una chica le guste otra chica.
—  No soy de las personas que digan soy gay por que creo que eso no le importa a nadie mas que a mi y a las personas que amo, pero también creo que no debemos sentirnos mal por lo que somos, por lo que sentimos, el amor es el amor, nadie sea tu padre, tu madre, el pastor o lo que sea debe hacerte sentir mal, hoy se que si hay alguien que me dirá algo sera el de arriba y espero me entienda por que de el es mi vida y el decidirá que pasara conmigo, ser lo que te hace feliz eso creo que es lo que debería ser el máximo de todos. 

C O N T E N T M E N T ••• Philippians 4v11-12

A #contented mind is an invaluable #blessing! Why should we be impatient, restless or discontented?! What evil will be remedied by it?!

I #pray for patient submission and #hope when I’m abased; for #humility and a heavenly mind when I’m exalted. To not lose comfort in God nor distrust his #providence, nor to take any wrong course for my own supply in trying times. To not be #proud or worldly in prosperous times.

I’m choosing to accept the waves of #life with #equanimity, so I’ll be at #peace with whatever portion I receive… #MorningAffirmation #NoStressZone

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The moment of hope is when the ‘not yet’ impresses upon us in the present, such that we must act, politically, to make it our future… [H]ope requires that we must act in the present, rather than simply wait for a future that is always before us.
—  Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion (184)

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