We want people to stay. We want people to accept us. We pull a Meredith Grey every day of our life as we cry out for hearts to just choose us. We want to fill the space around us with them. We want to pour their acceptance and love into the cracks of our parched soul. We want them to want us. So we keep reaching. We keep longing. We keep fighting. And each time we sacrifice another little piece of who we are. We long desperately for them to come home to us, so we wait, we wait and we pick apart ourselves for the simple fact that they do not choose us. We give them so much power that their silence leaves us questioning our own worth. When all we want is for them to stay. Is that really so much to ask? No. But they won’t always, and we don’t get that power over people. They won’t always choose us, and that is some major dust to try and shake from our bones. But what we do get to choose is how we see ourselves when they do leave. Because the reality is, no matter how often they choose to not choose us, our worth does not diminish more and more. Because no matter how many people walk away, the only parts of our heart that we lose are the pieces we choose to give up in thei absence. People won’t always choose us and we will still be okay.

Have you considered your ways? Are the steps you’re taking, decisions you’re making, the life you’re living, according to God’s will?

Consider your ways, align it with God’s Word and live in the grace of His Commandments. Be blessed by the Book of Psalms 119. Read and pray about it :)

King K. Rool Hope

I saw this:

And i said “what? that’s the OLD King K rool design”

Remember when nintendo made a redesign for the new games?

I’m just hoping this is true and we got king k rool as a fighter and not a costume


Good morning!

I have Hawaii on my mind today🌴🍍 I want to put this view on my list of things to do while I’m there (with Swan). So beautiful!

In other news: I’m still “running” everyday🐌 but I’m more sluggish than ever! Have I hit a wall? Hmmmm… With The Beast and and an ultra marathon around the corner, I’m a teensy bit concerned. I think my body might be protesting!

Ahhhh, runner probs💗 Happy Hump Day🐫🐪

H/t @wonderfulplaces