Don’t set up walls too high to climb over. 

I build fortresses around my heart so that no one can get through to it. I promise myself it’s for the best and I’d just “get hurt anyway” if I was a little more open with my trust. 
Let’s all just take a second to pat my hand and say “oh, sweetie…

Maybe you’re in the same boat as me: you see all of your walls and you realize you might need to take them down a notch… but you’re not quite sure how to. And you don’t really want to because you did kinda spend a good while building them up. 
Because, really, those things could probably take on The Great Wall of China in a fight and win.

But things get a little lonely when you’re in there all by yourself. Things aren’t so fun when it’s You, Party of One Forever.

Or maybe you are cool with that. Maybe you don’t mind just doing you forever. In which case, keep building my friend. Don’t let me stop you.

But if you’re not cool with it, I’m right there with you.
And honestly? I’m a little overwhelmed by the size of all of my fortresses.
And I might need some help tearing them down.

Join me, my friend. Let’s empower ourselves with openness and vulnerability.
Leave some room on your sleeve for your beating heart.
Open those arms a little wider.
Breathe in a little deeper.
Share your story a little louder (you know, “for the people in the back”).
Drench yourself in understanding.
Build some gates, not some walls (let the good in, keep the bad out).

The view is much better when you’re looking at people instead of brick and mortar.

We can do this. I’m right beside you, my right fist raised. For freedom we will shout as we tear and break and crumble.
For freedom.

-31Women (Ansley)

So I was at my Aunt’s yesterday and I was babysitting for her, my little cousin Max wanted me to tell him a story for bedtime. So I told him about how Makoto saved the world. Also I drew a little makoto in an egg and said to him that he can’t save the world like Makoto did if he doesn’t believe in hope or get sleep.  He now believes in hope and Makoto Naegi, also,  he wants a little ahoge now and he’s been trying to spike a strand of hair oml.

Your body is your house : Part 2

Your body is your house.
It is your own.
It belongs to you. And no one else’s.

1) Raping someone is not a “mistake”
2) It’s not an accident that “just happens”
3) You CHOSE to take advantage of someone else’s body.
4) You are not the victim of circumstance because you “lost control”

“We’ve all made mistakes when we were young….and we shouldn’t be branded for life with a felony offense or put on the sex offender registry because of it. Putting this kid in jail for 2 years would destroy his life” -lawyer defending his client, a rapist

If you are a lawyer, or a judge, or an attorney, or a parent and you say anything along those lines. so help me, you are less than human in my eyes.

I’ve seen burglars, felons, get more jail time than most rapists.

***Burglars steal valuables; material valuables. The break into PLACES
***Rapists steal valuables; emotional, mental, psychological, physical human valuables. The break into BODIES

If you can convict a man of burglary and and see irreparable guilt in him and sentence him to jail but can’t do the same for a rapist…..That says a lot about what kind of person you are.
It says that you value material things over human life, over a person’s well being.

And that sickens me.

If someone broke into your house and a lawyer told you “oh you know what, yeah they took your grandfather’s valuable watch collection and your mother’s China that’s been passed down for generations, and yeah they broke into your safe and stole your money….and oh yes they did beat up you and your family in the process …..but it was mistake. throwing this kid in jail for 2 years that burglarized your house and assaulted you and your family would ruin his life. why would we make him a felon when he just lost control. He’s not very wealthy. He’s poor. Your back window was unlocked. He’s a victim of circumstance.”

You would lose your mind!!!! could you even imagine someone telling you that???

That’s what we feel like. it’s so demeaning. We are people. we are not objects. We matter. Our body matters. our minds matter.
when you break our body, your break our mind, our heart, and our hope.

you can not possibly with half a heart stand before a jury and say:

“Boys will be boys.”
“It was a mistake”
“20 minutes of action shouldn’t send you to jail for 2 years”
“This could affect this guy for the rest of his life”

Can we castrate all men that rape and call that “girls will be girls”???

This rapist will not be living with the post traumatic stress, nightmares, anxiety, depression, self doubt, self hate, messed up perception of intimacy and sex, and live with constant fear.

we will.

I never want to hear a complaint about a rapist and jail time messing up his life.
He messed up when he raped someone.
he did it knowingly. it was a thought process. he took action and didn’t care about the harm he was inflicting.

people open your eyes.
do you know what you stand for and what you say to a population of thousands of people that were sexually assaulted when you makes excuses and defend the aggressor.

*What you tell one victim.
You tell all of us.
you are sending one vile message: that we don’t matter.

But me, as survivor, I am sending one too:

*your body is your house.
it is no one else’s. If someone breaks into your house, it is never your fault.

you have worth and merit and importance and no one can take that from you. You are strong and beautiful and resilient. you are a gift to this broken world. and the world is better with you in it. So keep your head up and fight back to take back the life the aggressors steal from you.

because this is your house. not theirs


Michael Carini | Behind The Pain+

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(N/B: *è un gioco di parole tra ‘삼백만 탄 왕자’ e ‘백마 탄 왕자’. ‘백마 탄 왕자’ significa ‘un principe che sta cavalcando un cavallo bianco’, ‘백마’ significa ‘cavallo bianco’ e ha la pronuncia simile a ‘백만’ che significa ‘milione’. Quindi J-Hope qui ha fatto un gioco di parole tra ‘cavallo bianco’ e ‘milione’, visto che l’account di Twitter dei BTS ha appena raggiunto i 3.000.000 di followers;
**J-Hope ha fatto degli edit simili quando hanno raggiunto sia 1.000.000 e 2.000.000 di followers)

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Be reassured of God’s sovereign grace. He has blotted out your sin. Just as a person can’t see what is ahead because it is blocked by a cloud, so God obliterates the sins of those he redeems.

God has already provided for redemption. Turn from sin and return to him. The purchase price for you, a sinner, has been paid by Christ’s sacrifice. Repent and receive this promised redemption.

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Hope is a funny thing.
One minute it’s sitting there in front of you.
The next, it vanishes and you never think it’ll come back.
But I promise you,
hope is loyal,
and no matter how many times it leaves,
you’ll always find it again.
—  Dakota Moon, Hope Is Loyal   

Das Leben ist doch wie ein Kartenhaus, das man sich selbst zusammen gebaut hat, doch das Kartenhaus ist noch nicht ganz fertig, es fehlen noch ein paar Karten. Doch das ist nicht das Problem. Das Problem besteht darin dass ein kleiner Windstoß, eine falsche Bewegung alles zerstören kann, was man sich so mühselig aufgebaut hat. Immer wieder wird unser Kartenhaus umgestoßen. Die Frage “Warum?” stellen wir uns so oft, doch eine Antwort bekamen wir nie. Den Sinn können wir nicht erfassen oder wir wollen es garnicht.
Wir versuchen es immer wieder, wir bauen es immer wieder auf, in der Hoffnung, dass es irgendwann hält. Immer und immer wieder bauen wir es neu auf und jedes Mal sieht es anders aus.