Sometimes I feel the way I think you feel right now.
I used to feel it pretty often.It felt like all the time.
But now, I look back at all the really bad days
and I just can’t help but smile at all the great days in between

And I know it doesn’t make a difference
or make anything better right now
Just know that things do get better
They always do
They have to
If for no other reason than to give us some place real high to fall from
Some place real high up.
Some place to bounce back to.
Because we do bounce back.

So stand up and go outside
And feel the warm sun on your face.
You will be ok, I promise.

Eric Victorino

My heart is with my compatriots

Waking up only to discover that your loved ones are living through hell is never easy. An Earthquake is never an easy thing to live with, especially when lives have been lost during the night together with their homes and almost entire towns. Old buildings collapsed to dust, that’s what many people’s houses are now in the center of Italy,

Saying that I’m sad and scared can’t quite describe how I feel when the phone rings to bring the bad news or when the television has been on the same channel the whole morning - seriously, Mum, turn it off, it can’t be worse than this. But no, she keeps it on, not to listen to the number of victims, but to smile bitterly when the journalist announces the rescue of another child who has been buried under the rabble for hours.

And I feel helpless because I can’t do nothing but listen in a daze to the news and text back the friends who are safe.

There is something I can do, actually, but it’s not much. I can only keep my heart and thoughts close to my compatriots who are fighting and working hard to save other people’s lives under this burning sun.

My beloved country, I’m with you.

Hope, Part 3

Author: castielohcastiel

Characters: Reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Relationships: Castiel x Reader

Warning :angst

Word Count :1600

A/N: Sorry for the short boring chapter. Thanks to @willowing-love for beta-ing the shit out of this and fixing my lazy mistakes.

Summary: You wake up one morning, to find that Dean has kicked Castiel out of the bunker. Castiel who has just had his grace stolen. Can you get to the love of your life, before someone else does?


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It had been a few weeks since Cas had left with you, leaving the cabin far behind. The two of had driven off in your car and left the stolen black Honda parked in the driveway. The music blasted along with the air condition and filled the car loudly as the lyrics roared out of the speakers.

My silly girl, I’m beggin’ you. Tell me all the things that I want to hear. My silly girl, I’m in love with you

 You sped down the empty road, not sure of where to head to next. You had started moving your head to the song, fully aware that the man next to you was watching you. But his stares were familiar, even if he was not the same; it was still Cas. 

I had to run to catch you. You always moved so fast. With your cute little smile and your silly laugh, God gave me love at last.

 “What is this?” Castiel questioned as he peered forward to read the iPod hooked up to the radio. 

Staring at the road, you tapped on the iPod “The Descendents. The most underrated punk band that ever existed.”

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Welcome to a Tuesday of Optimism, Change, and New Beginnings
Tarot of the Day: The Fool

This card represents newness, and the blithe and open-hearted energy of a child. She suggests a new beginning and, being a member of the Major Arcana, indicates a life affecting one. This will likely be a new relationship, job, home, or something similarly large.

Every new beginning brings an end to something in your life. Whether you are happy to see this end or have mixed feelings about it, know that the change itself is good. 
If you aren’t already feeling positive about this change, trust the Universe and yourself and you will soon be feeling very optimistic about the situation.

The Fool also speaks to a balance of fun and focus so, if you aren’t ready to commit to a new beginning just yet, embrace the fun - just don’t let fun make you mislabel or overlook the change for your higher good.

You may find yourself full of new ideas for change. Keep dreaming, but don’t commit to ideas that can’t be maintained - make your decisions with “your feet on the ground”. People may not understand your new ideas right away but, if you are sure you are right, press on and try to help them understand.

Whether it’s a change, a new outlook, or a new focus, today, check your footing, be sure of your path, and then go confidently forward free from constraints and with the joy and open-hearted energy of a child

Peace out, Lovelies