hop on a pop

The Young Professionals (TYP) are certainly busy bees. The Israeli duo dropped an original last week, and they’re already back with a remix to blow our minds. What song have they remixed? None other than red hot Swedish pop songstress Tove Lo’s infectiously peppy ballad Talking Body. The bouncy vocal chops, trappy beats, and electro soundscape they’ve re-framed the song in give it a mesmerizing vibrancy and addictive rhythm. Talking Body has never been fiercer or more brazen.

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Childish Gambino - Sober

In a return to the surrealistic diner setting of 2014’s “Sweatpants”, here Childish Gambino exists outside of time. The clock on the wall never changes, and he begins and ends the video in the same position, static, lethargic, inward. Between these narrative bookends, Gambino alternately stumbles and grooves, slurs and smooth-talks, directing his attention, as hazy and frenetic as it is, towards a woman who’s at best bemused, and at worst disgusted by him.

This might be meant as a deliberately abstract tableau, as a David Lynch-esque venture into the theater of the absurd, or as a broader comment on the feelings Donald Glover, writer-comedian-actor-rapper, has about an industry that keeps him at its unforgiving beck and call, demanding light hearted performances removed from the contextual malaise of their artist. Whatever your take, the visuals for “Sober” – currently unlisted on YouTube, limiting its audience – gives the sunny song a much darker framework, one as layered as it is sobering.