hop on a pop

“Not like it matters”

What the actual fuck. How the fuck are they going to have a whole show dedicated to music and how it changes lives and how important it is to people then say that rock doesn’t matter. Just because Rock isn’t as big as Hip-Hop or Pop doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It matters to millions of people. It matters to people who look up to those artists. Not like it matters but rock means something to millions of people and has saved lives of millions of people. Not like it matters but fuck you MTV.


The Robotboys Present: “Robot’s Delight”

Music: Robot’s delight by Robotboys.

ROBOTBOYS are a world famous Danish poppin’ dance duo, WINNER of Denmarks’ Got Talent 2008, touring around the world ever since!

The reason the VMAs aren't as legendary as they use to be...

They ignore r&b, rock, and alternative music and focus on pop/ pop-rock/ hip hop. I like those genres but the shows are so predictable nowadays

NEW TRACK: Kero Kero Bonito - “Graduation”

After releasing many singles in the last two years, UK/Japan electronic-pop group Kero Kero Bonito have finally announced the release of their debut album! It’s called ‘Bonito Generation’, and will be released through Double Denim this October 21st. That’s its album cover above and its tracklist below. They also released a brand new single, “Graduation”, which fits with the theme of the album cover, and it’s also as good as always. Listen to it here.

  1. Waking Up
  2. Heard a Song
  3. Graduation
  4. Fish Bowl
  5. Big City
  6. Break
  7. Lipslap
  8. Try Me
  9. Paintbrush
  10. Trampoline
  11. Picture This
  12. Hey Parents