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#87- “Hey, I was gonna eat that!” Prompt

From @ashleyvc88 - “And 87 with Sami Zayn”

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Y/n opened the refrigerator and there it was. The thing that had been taunting her. Ever since Sami and Y/n went to Rusev and Lana’s wedding, this small piece of chocolate cake had been sitting there, waiting to be eaten. But Sami kept saying he would eat it after his workout as a treat. It had been 2 days and he still hadn’t eaten it yet, causing Y/n to go insane! Y/n leans down and pulls out the slice chocolate heaven. She thinks to herself

   “If I eat it fast enough and run to the store to buy a slice of chocolate cake, Sami will never know.”

She smirked to herself,loving her plan. Y/n walks over to get a fork than hops on the kitchen counter. Gently placing the fork in the cake, she scoops it up and moans slightly at the delicious taste. She starts taking slightly bigger bites until the piece is almost gone. She was so wrapped up in the cake that she didn’t even hear the front door open.

   “Hey, I was gonna eat that!”

Y/n stops mid bite to see her husband Sami standing in the doorway. He crosses his sweaty arms and looks at his wife. She shamefully puts the fork down. Sami strides over to her and she looks into his eyes.

   “It has been tempting me! You kept saying you were gonna eat it, and never did. I didn’t want it to go to waste.”

Sami tries his best to stay mad but can’t help but chuckle at his desperate wife’s actions. He takes the fork and holds it up to his mouth. He opens his mouth but moves the cake to Y/n’s mouth. She cocks and eyebrow at him and opens her mouth. He places the fork in her mouth and she takes the cake. As soon as she swallows the cake, Sami presses his lips against hers. The kiss is soft and Sami pulls away licking his lips, a soft moan escaping.

   “You taste so good.”

Y/n smirks and wraps her arms around Sami’s neck.

   “Why don’t we go upstairs and you can tell me that again.”


Yeah i know this one is short too, but I feel like i put more detail in this one, and who doesn’t love a fluffly Sami

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Rebound - Snowbound Part 004

These parts WILL be getting shorter at some point (some of them won’t even be proper “parts”), but for now…. 

Thanks so much to those who are enjoying him. He’s one of my treasures (I’m not even sorry about how lame that sounds), so it’s good to know he’s enjoyed by so many. x. 

Part 001

Part 002

Part 002.5 

Part 003

“Mummy, can we go to the park today?”

You shake your head. “I’m not sure yet, bug,” you try to answer as casually as you can while checking your phone. The cup of tea you’d brewed for yourself has all but gone cold in your attempts to nurse it in order to beat back the advances of the eager, energetic child hopping around your tiny kitchen. It’s already 11:00 am, though, and you don’t know how much longer you can drag your feet.


“Why what?”

“Why aren’t you sure?”

“Because I’m not.”

“But why?”

You look to your phone again, waiting and waiting for a message that has yet to come.

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Destiny hopped up on the kitchen counter next to you and watched as you finished making Roman’s lunch. Her only reason for being there was to simply remind you that you, unlike Roman Godfrey, were a good person.

“All I’m saying is that this boy does not deserve you.” Destiny muttered as she munched on a piece of lettuce.


“You’ve made that very clear D, but I still don’t care.” You hummed as you packed it up and skipped to the front door, waiting for Destiny to follow you.


“Fine but when it all goes wrong I’m going to say I told you so every morning.” You said with a faint smile.


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imagine being one of the few people who can make calum laugh wholeheartedly - and often - no matter his mood. you’d make a dumb joke, one that was absolutely ridiculous, and he’d stare at you, trying to keep a straight face, but your laughter was his favourite thing in the entire world, and the way you cracked up at yourself was so endearing that he’d find himself unable to keep it in after a few moments, his mouth spreading into a huge grin, head tilted back as he laughed with you. you’d trip over your own feet (you were as clumsy as a giraffe), you’d dance to hip hop in the kitchen in your fluffy onesie, you’d imitate the boys behind their backs (your Luke voice and Ashton laugh were especially impressive). and you - you’d never feel as happy as you did when your usually calm, collected, muted-laughter boyfriend was laughing this hard because of you

Morgan had gotten so used to having Elliot around. She wasn’t sure how she was going to deal with her eventual absence. While things were still not one hundred percent between the two of them, their relationship was getting stronger again. She was stood in the kitchen, pouring herself a cup of coffee as she heard Elliot come into the kitchen. Hopping up onto the counter, she swung her legs, smiling instantly as she saw her. “Morning, beautiful.” She passed over the coffee pot, before continuing. “So, I was thinking today, I might take you to one of my favorite places.” She wanted to show Elliot everything about her life, where she spent her time, the things she did. “It’s a little cafe, down on the beach front. They do the best tea and cake.” She was slightly concerned about the two of them being in public, but she was dressed down, and the cafe was rarely busy, so the chances of her being recognized would be slim. She didn’t care much about people stopping her it was all part of the job, but she didn’t want Elliot to have to be subject to it. She wanted them to be able to enjoy their time together as normally as possible. She assumed that would be the best way to win her over, after all.

anonymous asked:

Definitely, baby. Let's go to the kitchen and I'll start cooking, okay? *kisses your forehead gently, taking your hand in mine so that we can walk to the kitchen together* -Steve

You’re the sweetest, thank you. *kisses your cheek, squeezing your hand softly as you lead me into the kitchen. I hop up onto the counter, trying to keep warm as you begin to cook* 

asexual-incubus said:

“You are the king’s illegitimate child and I have come to collect you.” (Twin verse, because I’m a sucker for royal/your twin verse.)

“What?” McTwisp said dumbfounded by the others words, looking to his brother to hopefully find an answer. “You must be mistaken. We’re twins.” He said. “Now tell me who exactly you are.” He demanded, standing in front of McTwisp. There was no way in hell they were going with some random guy who showed up at their cabin claiming that they were the literal kings illegitimate children. 

“Ollie don’t be rude.” McTwisp said behind Ollie, placing a hand on his shoulders. Ollie simply glared at him before sighing, admitting defeat. “Come in and explain what you mean. I’ll put on some tea.” McTwisp excitedly as he hopped over to the kitchen, leaving the stranger and Ollie alone. 

“You better not be some freak.” He growled before moving out of the door way to allow him to come in.

For My Brother (Part Four/Final)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OC

Words: 1524

Read Part One Part Two Part Three

“Mommy?” Jase walked into the kitchen where you were fixing lunch for everyone, “Can I have a cookie?”

           “Not before you eat your lunch,” you said, “Go get the others and we can eat. Then you can have a cookie.”

           “Okay,” Jase hopped out of the kitchen.

           Before you knew it, you had four hungry boys sitting around the table ready to eat the barbecue meatballs you had made.

           “Sam’s taking Jase and me to the movies and dinner tonight,” Carter told you, putting a meatball on his fork.

           “He is?” you looked at Sam.

           Sam nodded, “Thought I’d give you and Dean some time to be alone,” he winked, “Without me and the boys around.”

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Recipe Therapy

Everlark and food, and hopefully a continuation. Dedicating this to @lovesbiggerthanpride/ @lifeloveanddance, because she is lovely, kind, and wonderful, and always supportive of my writing. I love you dearly, Melby darling.

Enjoy. xo, CC

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Katniss scowls as she takes a long whiff, drawing in the amazing scents that are currently seeping out of Peeta’s apartment across the hall and into her own. She smells the air, then looks down at her bowl of cereal – sitting right next to a new pile of hospital bills – just as her stomach starts to make its usual grumbling noise.

She’s always hungry these days.

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5SOS Preference #8: Just Friends


“You came,” Calum smiled as you walked through the door. 

“Actually,” You said, hopping onto the kitchen counter, “I haven’t in a week." 

Calum shook his head, laughing to himself as he pulled multiple bowls out from the counter. 

"What are we making?” You asked, hopping off of the counter. 

“You,” Calum said, turning around and pushing a bowl in your direction, “are making the batter for the cake, and I’m making spaghetti." 

"Spaghetti and cake?” You raised an eyebrow at him, “That’s so Calum of you," 

"What’s wrong with spaghetti and cake?” He turned the knob on the stove and placed a pan over the burner, “They go together. Kind of. Plus it’s not for us anyways, it’s for the lady down the hall." 

You nodded, "I’m turning some music on." 

Calum mumbled something about it not being any of that weird poppy shit you listen to and put noodles into the pan of water. 

"There,” You said, turning up the volume and making your way back to the kitchen, “much better." 

"The cake mix is up there,” Calum nodded his head to the music, “if you can reach." 

You flipped him off and he smirked. You opened the cabinet and reached for the box, coming up short. You sighed and stood up on your tip toes, reaching for the box again. Nothing. 

"Having trouble, short stack?” Calum called over his shoulder. 

“Nope, none.” You reached again for the box, coming up short again. 

You stuck your tongue out in concentration and jumped a bit, your fingers barely touching the box before you could grab it.

“Here,” Calum said from behind you, making you jump. 

With one hand on your waist he reached around you and grabbed the box effortlessly smiling to himself, “Looked like you were having trouble." 

"I was not,” You turned around, facing him. He raised an eyebrow at you as if challenging you to say that in a tone he believed. 

“Asshole,” You muttered, looking up at him. 

You became all too aware of his hand on your waist, and the weird feeling flowing through your body where he touched it. He stared at you for a minute and began to lean in. You coughed awkwardly and pushed him away, “Um, I have stuff on my hands. I’m gonna - gonna go wash them real fast. ”

He nodded, turning back to the spaghetti as you left the kitchen. When you got to the bathroom you heard a plate shatter followed by a, “Fuck, Calum. You’re so stupid." 


"This is so wrong,” You giggled before grabbing his face again and bringing your lips to his. 

He leaned into you as you leaned back onto the bed. His hands gripped your waste as you kissed him forcefully. 

He pulled back, and brought his lips to your jawline, sucking lightly. You laughed again, running your fingers through his hair as his lips moved from your jawline to your collarbones and back up again. 

He stared at you for a minute, gently pushing your hair back, “I’ve been waiting for this for awhile." 

You nodded and brought his lips to yours once again. Your hands ran down his back and up again, settling in his hair where you tugged slightly. He sighed into your lips, squeezing your side harshly and pulling you into him. He brought his hand under your shirt, rubbing your side with his hand. You moaned quietly and brought your hands back down his back, tugging on his shirt. 

He pulled back and brought his shirt over his head. You gulped, and brought your hands to his chest. You rubbed your hands over his chest, to his shoulders, to his back and brought your lips to his shoulder, kissing lightly. You left a trail of kisses from his shoulder to his jawline back to his chest before he forcefully brought his lips back to yours. 

He brought his hand to the hem of your shirt, pulling on it and looking at you for permission. You nodded breathlessly. He brought the shirt up over you and threw it to the side before meeting your lips again. 

"God, we’re so drunk,” You mumbled against his lips. 

“Wait,” He pulled back quickly, “you’re drunk?" 


"Was it worth it?” You continued lecturing Ashton. 

He shrugged, “They were being dicks to you." 

"That doesn’t mean try to go against three of them, Ash.” You brought the rag to his eyebrow, wiping away the blood. 

He winced, causing you to laugh. You shook your head and grabbed a bandage, putting it over the small cut. 

“One down,” You tapped his knee, “sixty-two to go." 

"There’s like three, stop being so dramatic,” He laughed. 

“I just don’t understand why you did it.” You reached behind him to turn to sink on and re-wet the rag. You wiped his hair out of his face and wiped the cuts on his cheeks, “You’re gonna have a black eye, ya know?" 

He shrugged again, watching you treat his injuries intently. He laughed when you stuck your tongue out in concentration. 

"What’s so funny?” You questioned, putting neosporin over his cut. 

“Nothing,” He smiled, “I just know how much you hate blood." 

"You’re insane,” You mumbled, wiping his lip gently with the rag. 

He brought his hand to your cheek, running his thumb across it, causing you to look up at him. He stared at you for a minute before pulling you towards him. 

“Ashton,” You pulled away a second after his lips touched yours, “what’re you doing?" 

"Nothing,” He mumbled, jumping off the counter, “forget it." 


"Thanks for doing this, (Y/N).” Luke said, swaying awkwardly to the music. 

“You’re doing it wrong,” You chuckled, “your feet go like this." 

You demonstrated with your own feet and he watched you closely, mimicking your movements. 

"Can we try the twirly thing?” He asked, licking his lips. 

You nodded, stepping closer to him. You readjusted his hand on your hips and grabbed his other hand in yours, “Ready?" 

"Wait, do I just twirl you? How does it work?" 

"Just follow my lead,” You giggled. You grabbed his hand and spun around, bringing his arm up and over you. You stopped spinning when your back was against his chest. Your heart sped up and you bit the inside of your cheek to keep from blushing. 

“Like that?” He asked lowly in your ear. 

You nodded, “Yeah. Like that." 

You stepped away and turned to face him again, "So why did you want dance lessons?" 

He shrugged, "There’s this girl." 

Your heart raced quickly against your ribcage and your hands began to sweat. You nodded, encouraging him to continue. 

"You know that girl, Addison?" 

You nodded, trying to force a smile to cover up the fact that your heart had just shattered. 

"Yeah, she, uh, wanted to go dancing.” He rubbed the back of his neck. 

“Oh,” You grabbed your purse, “awesome. Well, I actually have somewhere to be. Bye, Luke." 

He scrunched his eyebrows at you and you turned towards the door, biting back the tears that stung your eyes. 

{A/N: I think this one is okay, I was thinking of doing a part two but idk. Also, whoever requested that Michael imagine I’m working on it it’s just taking a minute okay i love you guys have a good day/night} 

While the Steve Octopus was a recent discovery made by the Avengers and manifested himself only when tired, bitty, drunk, sleepy or all of the above, the Bucky Octopus soon joined him.

The Bucky Octopus usually happened late morning or close to noon, in which he would slink out of their shared room with a grumpy pout on his face and in dire need of coffee. 

The Bucky Octopus would then hop up on the kitchen counter - choosing to sit there, instead of a proper kitchen stool or chair and lie in wait for Steve to return from his morning run. 

Once Steve came in range, the Bucky Octopus would try to hook him in with a leg and the patented Barnes Pout™ against which Steve had little to no resistance.   Steve would happily settle between his legs and let the Bucky Octopus wrap himself around him and complain that he hadn’t gotten his daily ration of sugar yet.

Kisses would follow shortly and the Bucky Octopus would demand that he and Steve get themselves quickly to the bathroom for a shower. 

The Bucky Octopus is notoriously fond of hot water and having Steve Rogers to shower with.

—  Observations on the behavior of Stucky Octopi, as compiled by Darcy darthstitch Lewis and Natasha greenbergsays Romanoff


Charlie tugged at his stupid sweater, trying hard to look nice for Adelaide but this thing was scratchy as fuck. He used his key to unlock the front door, holding a single rose in his hand, walking inside and closing the door behind him. “Adelaide!” Charlie called, letting her know that he was here, walking into the kitchen and hopping up on the counter, placing the rose down next to him. He rubbed at the tops of his jeans, trying to calm his nerves. Why was he nervous? He and Adelaide had gone out together a million times before… but never on a date. Charlie got down, heading to the fridge and pulling himself out a water, downing half of it quickly. “Jesus… you going to take three hours?! You’re hot all the time, I doubt you need to cake on makeup!” He yelled, leaning against the counter, smiling as he saw Adelaide come down the stairs and walk over to him. 

“A-Are you wearing jeans?” Charlie asked, nearly spitting out his water as he watched her give him a little spin. “Holy shit… I never thought I’d see the day.” He bit at his lower lip, holding back a groan. Charlie moved towards the counter, grabbing the rose and holding out to her, a small smile teasing at his lips. “I know its not the first time I’ve bought you flowers… but since this is our first date… I thought I should buy you flowers in a romantic way.”