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Sherlock, why did you use a crash mat to survive the Reichenbach fall if you have wings?

Ah, allow me to explain.

It had to look like I was falling so I wouldn’t have been able to spread my wings until I was behind the cover building. Which was only 2-3 metres high. In free fall you accelerate, making my speed 2-3 metres above the ground way too high for my wings to handle it. It would have caused them to fold, my feathers to bend and I would not be able to create enough lift to secure my landing. In short- I would have fallen flat on my face and died.

So- I used a crash mat. 

That way my wings remained unharmed and I could safely fly away to dismantle Moriarty’s network.

“You never heard me talk of Victor Trevor?” he asked. “He was the only friend I made during the two years I was at college. I was never a very sociable fellow, Watson, always rather fond of moping in my rooms and working out my own little methods of thought, so that I never mixed much with the men of my year. Bar fencing and boxing I had few athletic tastes, and then my line of study was quite distinct from that of the other fellows, so that we had no points of contact at all. Trevor was the only man I knew, and that only through the accident of his bull terrier freezing on to my ankle one morning as I went down to chapel.“

- The Adventure of the Gloria Scott, Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

://I have a lot of feelings about Victor Trevor okay…