hoover middle school

au : the breakfast club

high school au.

erin and abby are juniors and the kind of earnest, awkward yet utterly invisible girls that litter high school hallways everywhere. they’re not the nerdiest of the nerds, but they’re just painfully average. certainly not remarkable enough or pretty enough to get invitations to parties or lunch at popular tables. besides, the kids that went to hoover middle school haven’t forgotten about erin “ghost girl” gilbert, and grudges in 1990 battle creek, michigan aren’t easily forgiven.

patty, a senior, is gunning for salutatorian and is a member of close to every extra-curricular club at the school. she knows everyone. she spends so much time in the library studying, doing homework and reading that she’s almost taken it over. besides, the librarian likes to roll the cart TV into the backroom to watch the young and the restless during the day anyway, and patty likes the responsibility.

holtzmann, meanwhile, is hoover high’s resident weirdo. her clothes either look like she made them herself or raided a colorblind grandma’s closet. a child prodigy, she was homeschooled by her aunt (dr. rebecca gorin) until the current school year. she’s way younger than everyone else, constantly has erector set pieces falling out of her backpack and always laughs at the wrong times. loudly.

they all get stuck in detention one saturday morning. erin and abby skipped class after erin found a mean note slipped into her locker and nearly had a panic attack. patty’s history teacher wrote her up after she refused to back down from an answer he said was wrong but she knew was right. holtzmann almost burned down the second floor science lab. no one really knows how.

the teacher on detention duty that day would rather be almost anywhere else, so the girls are pretty much left to their own devices. what they get up to, though? changes the course of their very young lives and creates a bond none of them knew they were looking for…