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Hi! What stores would the 104th go to if they went to a mall?

Eren: (He’s also partial to Abercrombie only because he was once mistaken for model in one of their stores.)

Mikasa: Sephora. This girl is super into makeup, (and really, really good at it,)  and could spend hours checking out new colors or styles. 

Armin: Hot Topic. He’s really into his fandoms, namely Harry Potter and Doctor Who, so he likes the store that has merchandise for both of those. 

Jean: Dick’s Sporting Goods. Jean’s very physically active; he’s a runner, a swimmer, a general fitness enthusiast. And he loves checking out all the sporting gear, especially when he’s just looking and doesn’t have to worry about finding the right thing. 

Marco: He’s a huge Bath and Body Works fan. He doesn’t even try to hide it. He really loves candles, and could spend hours trying to find the perfect one. 

Annie: Forever 21. She really likes their clothes, (but she does get surprisingly anxious to be in a mall alone, and will usually ask Sasha or Mikasa to go with her. Sometimes she’ll ask along Bertl and Reiner.)

Reiner: American Eagle. Reiner really enjoys shopping for clothes as he associates it with his mom and good memories of the two of them doing just that when he was younger. And he does enjoy American Eagle’s style, (and so does his cousins, whom he often takes to the mall for adventures while babysitting.)

Bertholdt: Teavana, but also any bookstore, because nothing brings him as much joy as tea and books. (Which he needs because he also gets really anxious going into busy shopping malls, so those familiar things calm him down.)

Sasha: The Disney Store. No further comment. 

Connie: Gamestop. He enjoys his video games as much as the next guy, and also associates it with his younger brother, whom he takes to that very store quite often so they can scout out the best new games or hunt for old classics. 

Ymir: F.Y.E (For Your Entertainment.) Ymir’s really into movies and music, and loves stores like this where she can find titles both new and old. 

Historia: Any shoe store, because she loves to find the most ridiculous heels she can to feel tall. She makes a game of it with whoever she’s with, and has to beg Ymir to lift a ban on it when she (Historia) almost twists her ankle. 

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Note: Another from Colleen Hoover because I butterflying love her! I love how this turned out, this is by far my personal favorite. Xx

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Where are the BrOTP fanfics at?

Like, c’mahn, I love my OTP to bits but there’s not enough fanfictions that focus on friendships.

  • Gimme Person A and Person B looking out for each other and being happy just by being together. Tag-teaming in battle. Finishing each other’s sentences and sharing silent conversations.
  • Gimme Person A, B, C+ sharing a fierce group hug after they thought they lost each other and they’re all beaten and bruised but alright.
  • Gimme goofball teenagers who turn into goofball adults and that’s something that will never change and it’s beautiful.
  • Gimme that one person who can’t stand all the sad and pessimism and as the optimist, they do everything they can to motivate everyone and crack a smile or two.
  • Gimme the most stoic person blushing and shrinking under all the platonic love and affection being thrown in their direction because they’re not used to it and they don’t know how to return it. The cute.
  • Gimme conversations about each other’s baes.
  • Saving the baes. Yes. It’s bound to happen.
  • Walking in a room in perfect synchronization.
  • Secret handshakes.
  • Late-night talks after nightmares.
  • “Hey, is that my shirt?”
  • “I don’t know, it was on the floor. We’re the same size. Go figure.”
  • Silly/affectionate nicknames.
  • The tallest person picking up the shortest person and throwing them over their shoulder and carrying them away before the other person can finish their threat/hurt somebody.