hoover flags



I tried to put as many different flags in this picture as possible!

Reiner: bear pride (does it count without his beard?) | Bertholdt: bisexual | Historia: lesbian (”feminine”) | Ymir: lesbian (“butch”) | Hanji: genderqueer | Erwin: pansexual | Levi: demisexual | Armin: asexual | Marco: gay | Jean: polysexual

i used to play in a band called hoover flags.  one time ben snakepit immortalized us in one of his comics!  my portrait was the most accurate i think because we smoked weed together.  i think we gave him a demo to review for razorcake and he lost it!  oh well, at least he hooks it up whenever im in austin.  if anyone has a digitized version of that hoover flags demo, hook it up!